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Our Guest Larry Sparks

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SID: Hello, I’m here with Larry Sparks and I’m going to tell you something. There’s so many people that have been hurt. They’ve been in a congregation that goes too far in the faith arena. They’ve been in other congregations that go too far away from the faith arena. They been in congregations that have gone into error, and what they’ve done is, they’ve thrown the baby out with the dirty bathwater. Well, Larry Sparks was like that and he went through that season. He finally said, “God, there has to be more. God, show me the truth about breakthrough faith.” What did God show you? What is breakthrough faith? Let’s start with that.

LARRY: God gave me a very clear definition and actually gave me a picture of what it looked like, and I like to operate in pictures and illustrations because it clearly shows us, what does this look like? He took me to Mark, chapter 2. There’s a story in the Gospels where there are these four men who have a paralyzed friend and they come to Jesus. It says they heard that Jesus was in town. They heard that He was around, so that tells me, well, we need to be talking about what God is doing, because the testimony is actually what drew them to hear Jesus. They heard Jesus was a miracle-worker, so they bring him…

SID: You know, we don’t need this high-powered PR. All we need is the goods! The world is crying out, ‘I wanna see the goods! I wanna see the real thing!’ I’m not gonna be happy ’til the 7 p.m. and 6 p.m. news, rather than having the junk we see, I want them to say, ‘Someone’s leg just grew out! I mean, it was amputated! It just grew out! We got it documented!’ Now, that is news! That’s good news!’

LARRY: Yes, yes, and the testimony drew them to this house and they saw Jesus there. These four guys had their paralyzed friend, carrying him, but they couldn’t get to Jesus because it was too crowded. So what did they do? This is where I had my breakthrough moment, watching what these four men did with their paralyzed friend. They climbed to the top of the house, they broke through the ceiling, and they lowered their friend down to Jesus. That situation, I mean, could you imagine if that happened in the modern church today? If people brought people, sick people, into the church, broke open the ceiling, lowered them down? If anybody had something to say worth hearing, it was Jesus. If anyone shouldn’t have been interrupted from preaching, it was Jesus. But they interrupted Him; they lowered down their friend, and we know the rest of the story. Jesus said, “Well, your faith has made you whole.” And that really gave me a picture and a definition of faith.

SID: So, when someone says, when the Bible talks about one prayer, only one, that says, “If it be Thy will,” what would you say to them?

LARRY: I would say look at Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ; the same yesterday, today, and forever. Jesus has never changed, and also we see that the Bible says Jesus is the expressed image of the invisible God. What does that mean? It sounds very theological. All it means is that Jesus did everything God showed Him to do. Jesus revealed the perfect will of God. What did Jesus do? He healed all who were sick. He forgave those who had sin. He delivered all who were tormented. Jesus reveals what God’s will is, and so you know, Sid, so many people came to Jesus, even in the Gospels, and said, “Master, if it be Your will, heal me.” I think of a leper, a man who was stricken with leprosy, who came to Jesus and said, “If it be Thy will,” and Jesus said a statement to me that just gives me the answer of…on this. “If it be Thy will”, Jesus said, “I am willing. Be clean.” And I believe the same Jesus today, for those of you who are afflicted and sick and just dealing with things that you know, it’s like, ‘This is not God’s will for me!’ Jesus is speaking to you right now. He says, “I am willing. I am willing to heal. I am willing to deliver. I am willing to remove you from that…take you out of that place of bondage, fear and anxiety.” He is willing, Sid. I believe it.

SID: I have a question. I’m reminded of a young man…you’re young already. You’re 31, but I mean, before that, a very young man that got burned out on religion, and that’s what happened. How in the world do you have passion today? How in the world do you keep pressing in today?

LARRY: There are actually very practical things that I do in my everyday life that help me to sustain passion for God, because I don’t feel like this all the time. There are days I’m sure we all feel it; words like, ‘I feel like my faith is dry, I don’t want to spend time with God, I don’t want to spend time in the Word.’ I’m just being honest, but what I found, and I teach about this all over the place and I see amazing breakthrough, is that there are keys, that when we do these certain things, that fire for God and that hunger for God is immediately, immediately ignited. For one, connecting with testimony. When we actually connect ourselves, when we read or watch videos or expose ourselves to what God is doing…

SID: Time for a commercial. Watch, It’s supernatural! That’s what he’s saying. Go ahead.

LARRY: Oh, it’s true! It’s true! We need to actually feed on the testimony of God because like you were saying, Sid, we’re inundated. We’re inundated. This culture is inundated with hopelessness and bad news, but we are supposed to be constantly feeding ourselves, nourishing ourselves on testimonies of God’s power, of His healing, of deliverance, because they remind us He’s real, and the same God who did in one situation will do again. He’ll do it again.

SID: Do you know what I find? When someone shares a testimony, what God did for them, other people get it!


SID: It’s sort of, like, it’s contagious. Tell me some other things we can do.

LARRY: Another thing, very simple, and I’m very grateful God did this for me, is, we need to align ourselves with people of like faith, you know, for those close intimate relationships; our spouse, our best friends, those people that we allow to speak deeply into our lives. They need to be people who are pushing us toward God, not pulling us away from God, because there are days and there have been situations in my life. I know I’m talking about faith here; I’ve had seasons where I’ve experienced obstacles and resistance, where I didn’t have faith, but my wife had faith and she is the one who just reminded me of God’s goodness, of who He is, of what He said. She was a person of strong faith. What…I was dealing with weak faith, and having…

So we need one another. We need…we’re desperate for one another!

SID: You teach on declaring and decreeing. What is that?

LARRY: We need to say what God is saying. You know, one definition I give to faith because faith is simply imitating God. What does that look like? There’s a very quick process. It starts with intimacy. It doesn’t start with a principle. It doesn’t start with some formula. It starts with knowing the Father, knowing God, knowing what He’s like, being, just, captivated by His beauty and His person. When we know who He is, we spend time in His presence in intimacy, then we become able to imitate Him. We’re able to say what He’s saying. Our minds become renewed. What does it mean to renew our mind? To think about the things that God thinks about. What does He think about? We just read the Bible. It’s filling our mind with the truth of the Word of God. We say what He says, we think what He thinks, and when we speak what He says, Jesus said, “My Words are Spirit, and they are Life.” I believe that when we actually speak the Word of God, we’re not just stringing together sentences and grammar and verbs and nouns. When we actually speak the Word of God, what He’s saying, power is released. “My Words are Spirit, and they are Life.”

SID: I want power released when we come back. Larry is a student of past revivals, and I tell you, God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. What He did then, He wants to do today, and some of these principles have been buried and lost, but we’re going to bring them to the surface when we come back. Don’t go away.

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Our Guest Dr. Pat Holliday

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pat holiday

Sid: My guest here in the studio is Pat Holliday. She has a congregation in Jacksonville, Florida. What’s the name of your congregation Pat?

Pat:   Miracle Outreach Ministries.

Sid: That’s a pretty good name.

Pat: Yeah.

Sid: But speaking of miracles I forgot to ask you something. You said you were in 1975 you went to Jerusalem and you had a mighty encounter with God to the point where you were speaking in unknown tongues in Hebrew. You don’t speak any Hebrew and you led 25 Jewish people to the Lord and they were actually speaking back to you in Hebrew. You didn’t even know what they were saying, but the one thing that you knew when you laid hands on these people they had a power encounter with God. But God not only healed you in Jerusalem, and by the way let’s provoke a lot of people to jealousy. What did he do with your face?

Pat: He wiped His hands across my eyes and when you’re in the occult it gives you dark circles and wrinkles. It took away all of the wrinkles from my eyes and all of my family and my pastor thought I had had a face lift.

Sid: Well but the Lord also told you something about your husband who was unsaved and was he battling cancer at the time?

Pat: Not at that time.

Sid: Okay.

Pat:   But at that time he was battling his disk in his back and half of his body was paralyzed.

Sid: Oh my goodness.

Pat: And then God healed that and then later the cancer.

Sid: Well he got healed from that what happened with the cancer?

Pat: Well when the cancer came the Lord told me that he was going to live and at that time I didn’t believe it because I knew what the doctor said. So he did live, I told Shambach when he came to town that “Well he can’t die because he sleeps in the bed with me and the anointing keeps him alive.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Pat: But what happened is he lived 18 years after the Lord healed him from that cancer.

Sid: What kind of cancer did he have?

Pat:   It was just in the stomach. All of the doctors were just amazed because he was in the pharmaceutical business and they knew him very well. So he survived that. But what happened to me, I was traveling and evangelizing in the Caribbean and having a ball of my life. But my husband said “I know I’m healed but I don’t want you to leave me,” you know he was insecure. So I gave up my evangelistic ministry at that time and joined Dr. Eboni in Jacksonville who is my present pastor and taught in the seminary for 8 years. He used to have a miracle service coming out of his church. So it’s like the Lord took me out of sight for all of this time but it was during this time that I wrote a lot of books that are going to be published.

Sid: So in affect there are a lot of people that have been on the shelf for a long time that God is now bringing up. Are you available to speak in churches… But Pat very few Christians understand the deliverance ministry. At the time that you got into it who taught you, I mean you read a book, you read a simple book on deliverance to get free yourself but you literally learned by the Spirit of God.

Pat: By the Spirit of God.

Sid: Tell me about one deliverance.

Pat:   There was a group that came from church to swim in the pool and to be baptized and after the meeting 2 young boys stayed back. This one your boy that was like retarded and so his brother said “He needs a miracle.” And I said “Well God can give him a miracle. And I touched him and he fell out under the power. And back in those days everybody wasn’t moving with that anointing only Kathryn Kuhlman and a few people. You know Sid she said “This is going all over the world and the devil cannot stop it and that’s what she was talking about was the slaying power of the Holy Ghost. And so I was explaining to this boy what had happened. And I said “Oh he fell out under the Spirit God’s going to heal him.” This boy says “Mrs. Holliday I was at a prayer meeting the other night and I was on the floor and they were trying to cast a devil out of me and I was hitting my head up against the furniture” and he said “I just can’t get it out of my mind.” I said “Well let me pray for you God doesn’t want you tormented like that.” And I touched him and he fell down on the floor and his whole face started contorting and I had read a few books by then and so I said “You come out of him in the Name of Jesus” like that. And the spirit left and when he came up off the floor his face was just shining like Moses when he came down the mountain. You know Sid God used to bring people to my house from counties away and they would knock on my door and they said “Jesus told me come here that you could help me.” And I’d look at them and I say I don’t know what to do” you know. But they would come in and the Lord would tell me what to do. And I had seen homosexuals delivered, lesbians, I had seen anything and everything that you could think of. And back in those days preachers were saying homosexuality you were just born that way. Well it’s a demon, that’s all it is it’s a demon just like AIDS. And I can tell you cancers a demon too I’ve cast it out many times.

Sid: Let me ask you a question, there seems to be a new phenomena, if you will, a new trend going on today. Young children are taking antidepressants or they’re hyper and they have to be given Ritalin and all of these drugs. I think it has something to do with what is invading the home on television. Invading the children through movies, what do you think?

Pat: And Harry Potter, I believe it’s real because we had a young man to come to the church Friday and he was totally demon possessed 6 years old.

Sid: Six years old!

Pat:   And he was totally, I’m telling you like an adult. Totally demon possessed and God delivered him, but the children…

Sid: One of my secretaries was telling me about a young boy that his parents don’t even know these curse words was cursing like a sailor.

Pat: Hmm, hm.

Sid: It was a demon.

Pat:   And they’re picking it up off of these cartoons also on television.

Sid: Oh, these cartoons are so New Agey.

Pat:  And witchcraft, it’s just loaded.

Sid: But what about movies like “Lord of the Rings?”

Pat:   Well “Lord of the Rings” is a movie that is really bad, it’s got a lot of demonology in it. And it’s twisted if you understand, it’s a mixture of Christianity a little bit.

Sid: So why do pastors say it’s wonderful, national radio pastors.

Pat: They just don’t know any better. Do you know that there were some national radio pastors that said that “Harry Potter” was okay?

Sid: Oi vey!

Pat: If I told you I know what that means Sid I used to date a Jewish man. Oi vey.

Sid: Oh okay.

Pat: But see they don’t know because what they’ve done is they’ve taken a little portion of the Bible and they beat it and beat it for the money. And some of them are living sumptuously like kings and queens and they’re calling for the people to give them the money. The people give them the money thinking that they too are going to be rich. And…

Sid: Your just talking about the gospel of greed.

Pat:   Yeah.

Sid: That’s what I call it.

Pat: Exactly.

Sid: I call it the gospel of greed and I wonder sometimes if Christians were to give money to expand God’s kingdom if they knew they wouldn’t get a reward until they got to heaven. And you know what if they feel they need the reward in this life. And by the way the scripture says they will, but if that’s why they’re giving it’s the gospel of greed.

Pat: I agree.

Sid: I don’t know how we got there but…

Pat: But the point is that’s the majority of what’s being taught. They don’t teach about Jesus, they don’t give altar calls, they don’t ask them to come up and be healed.

Sid: Well many of them do but still there’s a mixture there. Pat let me ask you about someone that is depressed all the time could that be a demon?

Pat: It could be a demon from the outside of a person or from the inside of a person. And demons of oppression and depression are some of the most serious demons because the person loses life, they lose their joy, they get twisted image of Jesus. But it can easily be cast out, it’s the easiest thing.

Sid: That’s the sad part they don’t have to take an antidepressants and get medicine the rest of their life.

Pat: Yeah, they don’t have to take it anymore.

Sid: But most pastors unfortunately either have this doctrine that a Christian can’t be oppressed or have a demon, or they don’t know anything about it, or they’re afraid of the whole deal.

Pat: That’s right and if they look at what’s going on in their church they’ll know something demonic is happening because people are not sitting and stable under any pastor today they’re going from one little field to the other.

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Our Guest Dr. Pat Holliday

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pat holiday

Sid: My guest right here I the studio Pat Holliday from Jacksonville, Florida where she has a congregation. And we’re talking about a subject that has literally swept under the carpet in most dignified congregations unfortunately. A third of Jesus’ ministry was casting demons out of people. So where did these demons go? Did they no longer exist? Are they only in foreign countries? I think that they’re just a little more sophisticated here in the United States. Now you told me that within the last year you’ve had at least 5 pastors call you, tell me about that.

Pat: Well they come and they’re in trouble spiritually because they have ignored one third of the Lord’s ministry of deliverance. What happened one of them called me and he said “I want to come over to the church tonight,” he said “I have been a Pentecostal preacher for 15 years.” He said “I’m out of the ministry I was going to kill my son tonight.”

Sid: But that is so hard for me to believe, I know you so I believe it but that is hard for me to believe Pat.

Pat: Yeah, and he said “But the Lord spoke to me and He said “If you cross that line I will never speak to you again.” So he said “What can I do?” He said “Go over and see Pat Holliday.” And he came over and we ministered to him, his son’s still alive. He’s not back in the ministry at this point but his son is still alive. Then I had a man, a pastor, to come to the church one night and I came early, I never come early. And he was just sitting out in front of the church and he said “Pastor would you minister to me?” I said “Sure,” so I took him in the church and Jezebel had come into his church.

Sid: What do you mean by that?

Pat: Jezebel, they’re in… all over the country right now. The devil is sending Jezebel in to make the pastors fall.

Sid: You mean about people with demonic spirits in them.

Pat: Hmm, hm.

Sid: And they’re called Jezebel spirits. So their idea is to have the pastor fall into sexual sin.

Pat: Exactly.  

Sid: That’s happening by the way all over.

Pat:   Yeah, and so I ministered to this this man. He set in front of the front seat during the service and saying “I love this ministry, I love this ministry.” Because you see when you get delivered remember how you felt when you first received the in filling of the Holy Spirit that’s how you feel, you feel wonderful. Your joy comes back; your spirit is strong for God after deliverance. But you know another area that I want to talk to you about is the infiltration of the church. The infiltration of the church…

Sid: By who?

Pat: By witches, they’re coming right in, coming right in.

Sid: So do they come in disguised as an angel of light?

Pat: They come in disguised as Christians, sometimes they give the biggest tithes. Sometimes they’re the ones…

Sid: They’ll make them a deacon any day.

Pat: They’ll make them a deacon and they’ll get the Children’s Church. Now…

Sid: I have actually interviewed people that were formerly witches that taught Sunday school.

Pat: Amen.

Sid: Unfortunately.

Pat:   See, I used to visit over at this big church and there was a woman, a young girl actually and when I would come in she would run from me and she was the teacher of the children. And so one night Lester Sumrall came to town and I went over to see him.

Sid: I knew Lester boy did he have a dynamic deliverance ministry.

Pat: Amen. So she made the altar call and there were two of three elders around her praying. And so she had her eyes closed and so when I saw that her eyes was closed and she couldn’t run I just jumped up and ran up there, the pastor knew me very well. Laid my hands on her and cast that spirit out. And you know what she told the church, her confession was I belong to the local coven and I was teaching the children in this church. And when Pat Holliday came in here I knew that she could see me. And I ran from her but tonight I got free.

Sid: You know Pat I know the Holy Spirit has taught you a great deal about deliverance, but I image you learned a lot when you went to a number of third world countries especially Africa. You wrote a book about one man I believe a 4th generation witchdoctor. In this book I read this that he literally could turn when he was a witchdoctor he could turn into an animal. Is that true?

Pat: He could turn into 5 different animals which is very common in witchcraft.

Sid: I have heard this from… I have actually heard this from a man by the name of David Hogan in South America. He said he literally saw a witchdoctor on a motorcycle turn to half animal and half man before his eyes. Now people think he’s crazy.

Pat: Yes, but you see those deep generational witchdoctor… there’s things that just shocked me and I had been in the deliverance for 30 years when I went over there. But I can tell you that I have testimonies from other people from those counties that they say that this is true aside from this man that I wrote the book about.

Sid: Tell me one unusual deliverance in Africa.

Pat:   Well there was so many. There was a man that they carried in and they sit him over to the side. Now Sid witches can steal your mind, okay. They work in the mind. So a witch had stolen this young man’s mind and he was like a lunatic and they were just sitting him there holding him. So the Lord showed me that he needed prayer for his mind. So I went over and I laid my hands on him and cast out the spirits that were controlling his mind. But then the Lord… Have you ever heard of Wynn Whirly?

Sid: I’ve interviewed him man many years ago.

Pat:   Well Wynn Whirly was the first person that I ever heard talk about the fragmentation of the mind.

Sid: Do you think a lot of insanity is based on that?

Pat: Exactly, I do. So what the fragmentation of the mind is the devils take the mind and they keep that part of the mind that they take. And so what I did is I called his mind back from the north, east, south and west and commanded the witches to release it and that man is sane today. I had another one the same way that and that boy’s in college, and the other young man is working in Brother Kanco’s Ministry.

Sid: This was the man that was a 4th generation witchdoctor.

Pat: Yes.

Sid: We’re going to be interviewing him for our television show.

Pat:   Wonderful. You know when you go to his church there can be 25 to 30 witches sitting in there challenging him. And what happens is and me too when I go there. When you get under the anointing Sid what happens the demon’s start manifesting. His workers just bring them down to the front and they will just hold them on the ground and you just cast them out.

Sid: Hm.

Pat: Very easy.

Sid: I would imagine there’s got to be some of the greatest miracles going on in a church like that.

Pat: You know they just recently had… they brought a man to him that was in the morgue and God raised the man from the dead. When you go…

Sid: Now this isn’t the Reinhard Bonnke had a guy, it isn’t the same one.

Pat: No, this is a different one, this is Kanco that’s going to be on your show.

Sid: Oh, okay.

Pat: And he’s seen 1000’s of miracles and when I go over there I see 1000’s of miracles. I see miracles everywhere I go to be honest with you in America.

Sid: Listen if the demonic realm can turn a man into animal, how much greater power in the Name of Jesus?

Pat: That’s right.

Sid: You know I think it’s time to…how fearful should a Christian be of a demon?

Pat: Not at all, but you know when I’ve got films of me over in Africa with the witches running from me.

Sid: (Laughing)

Pat: And America running from me.

Sid: Well when you do our television show we’ll let them see that on “It’s Supernatural Television.”

Pat: You see they shouldn’t be but they’re afraid because they don’t have teaching.

Sid:  The only reason a Christian fears is because they have a lack of knowledge.

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Our Guest Perry Stone

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SID: Sid Roth here with Perry Stone. And there is a teaching, it’s an old teaching, that’s resurfacing right now. It’s called Preterism, and it basically states that the Book of Revelation is already completed. You don’t even need that book any more. Now you throw out the Book of Revelation, you throw out the Old Testament and you throw out the Word of God. Now Perry Stone, what would you say to someone that walked up to you and said, “Look Perry, 70 A.D., you know what happened in Israel? Everything took place in the Book of Revelation.”

PERRY: First of all, let’s talk about who they are. These are individuals that believe that Matthew 24, the Book of Revelation, most of it was fulfilled in 70 A.D. Why do they say that? Well you had the destruction of the temple, destruction of Jerusalem, the Jews being scattered and then Josephus talks about these cosmic signs, stars shaped like a sword, the voice that came in the temple saying, “Let us depart hence,” a comet that was seen over the city. So what they do is they take the cosmic signs that Josephus wrote about, they take the fact the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed and the Jews were scattered and they basically say all of Matthew 24 was fulfilled. But the problem you have with that, there’s a couple of problems. Problem number one is the Bible says, “There will be a generation that will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of glory and the tribes of the earth will morn.” Show me where that happened in 70 A.D. It did not happen. Number two, anybody who’s a Preterits watching, they know this because the people who have revived this doctrine, this is their biggest weakness. They believe the Book of Revelation was written 68 A.D., just about two years before the destruction. Therefore, when John, for example is told to measure the Temple of God in Revelation 11, they say, well that was the temple in Jerusalem. It had to be written by 68 A.D. because the temple was destroyed two years later. Here’s the problem you have. The early church followers, three of them, talk about the Emperor Domitian, who was the emperor in 81 A.D., when he came to power. Now the temple is destroyed in 70 and the emperor, that was the emperor when John wrote the Book of Revelation comes in 81 A.D. and he dies about 94, 95, it blows the theory away. There’s nothing a Preterist can stand on when they understand that history reveals the Book of Revelation was written in 95 A.D., 25 years after the destruction of the temple. And Sid, the scripture they use in Revelation 11 about measuring the Temple of God is a temple in the tribulation period, not one that existed in 70 A.D.

SID: So if it’s so blown out in the water, why does anyone believe in this Preterist thing?

PERRY: Because they don’t know the Bible or they don’t know how to properly interpret, you know, the Book of Revelation.

SID: Who gains by someone tossing out the Book of Revelation and tossing out the Old Testament?

PERRY: Well no one gains.

SID: Yeah. And there is someone that gains: the devil.

PERRY: The enemy gains.

SID: The devil gains.

PERRY: The kingdom of darkness gains because there’s a lot of reasons why people should study the book. Because I’ve looked at it from the historical perspective, the allegorical perspective. I’ve looked at it from the four main perspectives. The only way to interpret the book properly is futuristic from Chapter 4 to Chapter 22. And Sid, here’s the reason why. Because if you look at the numbers of people who are dying in the tribulation, a third, a third, a third, never in the history of the world, and I want everybody to hear this, never in the history of the world is there a time that you can find where those numbers ever came into existence yet.

SID: What about another old doctrine that is floating around now. It’s called Kingdom now. We are going to take over the political realm, the art realm, every realm of the world and present Jesus the earth on a silver platter. What’s wrong with that thinking?

PERRY: Okay. It’s the same thinking the Pharisees had. The Pharisees had it mixed up because they said they wanted a Messiah who would conquer Rome, put Israel in a political power position. So when Yeshua came, he came as a lamb, not a lion. He comes as a lion at the end of the tribulation. Okay. So they had it mixed up because when they saw him they said, we want to make him a king, we want him to conquer Rome. He didn’t do that. What did the disciples say when he was going back to Heaven? Will you restore the kingdom to Israel? They wanted a political kingdom, but they got a spiritual kingdom. Now the Kingdom of God, is on Earth through the church. But here’s what we’re doing, setting people free from demon spirits, healing the sick. We’re delivering people from sin, getting them ready for eternity.

SID: Which party is that exactly? Is that Democrat or Republican?

PERRY: There you go. And so the kingdom is now spiritual. And today people have got it mixed up again because they think that we, the people, make a political kingdom. We take over the government. One guy told me it’s getting better and better. I said, if it’s better and better I don’t want to see worse and worse. I mean, you know—

SID: How can someone say it’s getting better and better?

PERRY: I’m telling you, it makes no sense.

SID: I can’t afford it.

PERRY: So here’s the point I make with that. There is a kingdom, yes, the Kingdom of God is on Earth and it’s working in us now. But it’s a spiritual kingdom delivering people from the power of demonic activities in sin and Satan. The Messiah will come. You can’t have a kingdom without a king. The king will return. In Revelation 19, the timing is at the conclusion of what’s called the Great Tribulation. The saints of God will rule and reign with him for a thousand years. Then we have the actual kingdom on Earth, political and spiritual. Because when he becomes king he rules the earth with wrought of iron. We’re not ruling Earth with a wrought of iron, because we can’t rule because our king has not returned yet.

SID: What about the Rapture? What a divisive area. But what an exciting area when you spend 80,000 hours studying the Bible. The only book, the Old Testament was the only book the first church had. We’ll talk about rapture when we come back.

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Our Guest Perry Stone

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SID: Now if I was give you a book that has thousands, literally thousands of precise predictions of what will happen in the future, and if I showed you that thousands of them have already come true, would you like to look at the last third of the predictions that haven’t had a chance to come true, or would you toss that book out? Many Christians have tossed out the Old Testament, have tossed out the Book of Revelation and won’t have a clue about the last days. And I’m concerned about you. I want you to be the head and not the toes. I want you to overcome. I don’t want you to just be a patsy for the Antichrist system that’s coming. Perry Stone, just tell me a few of the prophecies that haven’t come true yet.

PERRY: Okay. Daniel 9:27 is seven years of which a treaty has to be signed with Israel, with surrounding nations. That is has absolutely not happened yet. That’s where the foundation comes for the seven-year tribulation period, is Daniel 9:27. Now look at some prophecies, for example the big one in my opinion, you have Isaiah 17:1, a destruction of Damascus, which is going to take place. That’s just a second one, for example, that has not yet happened. Damascus is one of the oldest continuing cities in the world as far as going all the way back to the time of Eliezer and Abraham. The third scripture that I’d say is definitely, you can see the formation, the fermentation of the nations is what I call it, is Ezekiel 38 and 39. This is called the war of Gog and Magog. For example, Persia, which is Iran, heads up that battle. And then you have countries like—

SID: Isn’t it interesting that Iran is surfacing as a world dominant player right now. Russia is surfacing as a world…. I mean, isn’t everything coming into place?

PERRY: Let me just say it this way. When the, they call it the Arab Spring took place in Egypt, I told my staff, I said, if we’re really in the time of the end, Libya has to fall next. And they asked me, they said, why do you say that? I said, go to Daniel 11 and read where it talks about the Antichrist. Now this is the chapter that deals with the man who’s coming in the future called the Antichrist. And it says, that he’s over the treasures of Egypt, the silver and gold of Egypt and the Libyans and the Ethiopians will be at his steps, meaning they will be following his footsteps. And you know, the situation happened in Egypt and then it was followed up in Libya when Qaddafi was killed. And it’s left a void. There’s a tremendous void in those two countries. Now in the future, we don’t know the timing of this. Only God has the timing. But in the future there will come a, I encourage people, for example, to read Isaiah 19. It says, the civil war would be in Egypt, brother against brother. It says, there will be no jobs in Egypt. Now part of that’s happening now. But there’s a second head of that where it says, Egypt is given over to a cruel lord. That’s according to most scholars, the Antichrist. So the point is that when we see the alignment in the Middle East, we see the prophecies taking place in Israel. These are so specific by the prophets that it’s not a guesswork thing.

SID: You know, talking about specific, wait until Perry tells you about the destruction of nuclear war in Zechariah about the skin. Explain that.

PERRY: You want to talk about that? Okay. There is a scripture, there is a real odd scripture in the Bible that says, “The Lord will allow a plague to come upon the people that attack Jerusalem,” and it would be “that their eyes melt in their socket, their tongues melt in their mouth.” You’re thinking, okay, what could this be? Without going into details, I know this for a fact. There is a bomb. It has been invented. I also know it has been tested and I’m not going to go to any sources for that. It’s called a neutron bomb. What it basically does is it, let me just explain it in simple terms. What it basically does is when it explodes it leaves, it can leave a building intact, it can leave a vehicle intact. But it actually melts the skin on the human being and it leaves them in skeletal form.

SID: The Bible actually says their standing in skeletal. How could Zechariah thousands of years ago have known about a neutron bomb? Most of you don’t even know what a neutron bomb is. But I have to ask you about the rapture. What does the word “rapture” mean?

PERRY: From the Latin translation of the Bible, the New Testament is written in Greek. First Thessalonians 4, the phrase, “We should be caught up,” that Greek word means to be snatched up suddenly, snatched up by force, snatched out of danger’s way. When St. Jerome translated the Bible from Greek to Latin, the word “called up,” he chose the Latin word where we get the English word “rapture” from. And it basically means in the setting of the context of the scripture, it means to be literally called up. Because the Bible said that when he comes, Christ comes, Messiah comes, we’ll be called up to meet him in the air. So people often times will say to me, you use a term that’s not found in the Bible. I said, you know, believers use terms all the time. We talk about trinity. We talk about second coming. We talk about millennial. None of those words are in the Bible. But we use them as English words to describe what is written in the Bible, to describe an event, to describe what that word means. So often we’ll use that particular word because people are familiar with that word around the world. So that’s why that word is used.

SID: Now you believe in what is known as a pre-tribulation catching away.

PERRY: Right.

SID: Or rapture. What is the strongest reason that persuades you that that is correct?

PERRY: One verse is in Luke where Jesus says, “Pray that you be counted, escape all these things and stand for the Son of Man.” Then the Lord tells the church in Revelation, “Because you’ve kept the word of my patience, I will keep you from the hour of testing coming upon the whole earth.” But one of the things, and here we go again, you have to start in what we call the Old Testament. You will discover eight examples. It starts with Noah then it goes with Lot, then it goes with the 144,000 Jewish in Revelation, and then it goes all the way through when the Babylonians came in and the righteous were marked with the seal on their head and protected. There is an escape found eight times in the scripture of individuals who escape judgment. Now Nahum says this: “God has not, God appoints his wrath for his enemies.” And Paul said, “God has not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation through His son.” There’s so many scriptures.

SID: Isaiah 26.

PERRY: Yes. And in our Revelation teaching I show the scriptures of why I believe it’s Preterits, because we’re not appointed to the wrath of God and we are, I’m going to say it this way and this is going to be a little controversial. But this is basically what I’m saying. The Father has a bride who is Israel. You can read that in the Old Testament. He says, “I’m married to Israel.” But the son has a bride, which is the church. And before God can rescue His bride, the son has to rescue his bride. Now he comes from the church and then God turns His attention back to His bride and brings salvation and deliverance to them. And there are scriptures for all of this, but that’s a big statement that’s just been made. I know the people are kind of going to have to muse on that one a little bit.

SID: How about if I give you one minute to explain your revelation of 666.

PERRY: Oh wow. Well if you look, you know what, it’s going to take more than a minute. But I will say this. Honestly, and I’m going to make this short in one statement, it can be linked to the Islamic religion, and that’s the short version.

SID: Okay. I’m going to tell you something. I want you to fall in love with God’s Word. I want you to fall in love with God. I’ll be candid with you. The issue is not when the rapture occurs before the tribulation, in the middle, at the end. The issue is are you going to be raptured? That’s the issue. Do you know God? If you don’t make Jesus your Lord. Believe that He died for your sins. Say with your mouth, I make Jesus my Lord. Because of his death and resurrection, and blood my sins are atoned for and I am clean in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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