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Our Guest Guillermo Maldonado

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GUILLERMO: I will believe that you must go through a process. There’s a lot of people watching, asking questions say for example, I don’t understand why I’m still alive? Because there’s a purpose. There’s a great purpose. And as your purpose is, as your process. The level of your process is the level of your purpose. In other words, if you have a tough process, that is so big. Your purpose is so big and God is about to take you into another dimension.

SID: You know, what? You got the devil running a million different directions. If you’re under a refining process, you could be rejoicing right now because God knows that He can trust you.

GUILLERMO: Yes, yes.

SID: And once you come out of this, you will be so used by God. When we return, talk about being used by God. I want to know about the nurse that operates in miracles when the doctors gave up.

SID: You know, I’ve been in the hospital and I’ve had good nurses and bad nurses, but I’ve never had a nurse like the one that went to your teaching seminar. Tell me what happened to her.

GUILLERMO: You know, said by the grace of God I activated I would say millions and millions of people in the supernatural. This is one of the nurses that captured that supernatural lifestyle. She had an issue with her son. Her son had meningitis and the doctor said there’s no solution. There’s no cure. She rejected. She said, “I won’t accept that.” Prayed for him. God healed, God delivered.

GUILLERMO: Then she said, “Now, I know my purpose in life. To be a nurse and minister to those cases where they come to the hospital, the doctors say there’s no solution so let’s send them to the nurse. The miracle nurse.” They call her the miracle nurse. Those sick people come into her, even people that are dead, and pray for them. They got up from the dead. I mean, that’s what she’s doing in the hospital, now. When the doctors and science can’t do anything, she prays for them and people get healed.

SID: Isn’t that awesome? You say that God will anoint you for your purpose. Not just what you want to do. That nurse was anointed for her purpose. Explain.

GUILLERMO: Okay, we all are anointed according to purpose. In other words, the anointing God’s giving is because there’s an assignment.

SID: What does anointing mean?

GUILLERMO: Anointing means divine ability. Divine power to do the impossible. In other words, Jesus said, “I’m going to give you power to do the impossible.” In other words, but this is not just for big bishops or apostles or teachers, this for every believer. In order for you, and for me, to fulfill my purpose in life, I need that divine power. As a matter of fact, that was the criteria for ministry in the Old Testament. Every person that God called into ministry He said, “You must be anointed.” Even the Messiah. His name is the anointed one.

SID: Is it just for the people on TV to be anointed?

GUILLERMO: No, it’s every believer to be anointed. In other words, you will not be able to fulfill your purpose in life unless you are anointed for it.

SID: Well, what would you say to the person that is watching us right now and say, “Well, I am anointed, but I don’t have the money to fulfill my purpose.”

GUILLERMO: Well, whenever you find your purpose, you find your prosperity. In other words, God supplies needs for a moment, but abundance and excess will come when you enter in your purpose. It’s a lot of people living for their purpose, living for their need. And that’s why most of us as preachers, we need to teach the people purpose because when they find their purpose, they will find their prosperity.

GUILLERMO: I don’t worry about it. If God called you, He will provide. He is the provider. He is the provider.

SID: Okay, now let me tell you something. This apostle is operating in the strongest level of God’s glory that I personally have ever witnessed on him before. And it’s got to do with that recent visitation that you had.

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August 27th, 2020 at 2:25 am

Our Guest Bill Dennington

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SID: Now, my guest has been in ministry many years, but he had a life changing encounter that has changed his life in the most phenomenal way. And he has been changing as many people’s lives since he had this supernatural breakthrough as he possibly can because frankly, every believer needs this. What is the sin of bloodline iniquities?

BILL: Well Sid, bloodline iniquity is actually the generational transfer of self-will. The word iniquity essentially, when you look at the roots of it, is self-will.

SID: Meaning the opposite of God-will.

BILL: Exactly. Iniquity was what infected the human bloodline from the garden of Eden, even up till today.

SID: So, someone like you could be dealing with a lifetime problem. And number one, it had nothing to do with you. It had to do with an ancestor whose name you don’t even know, and who’s deed you don’t even know, but you’ve been a believer a long time and you’re still dealing with this. And you know you are, you’ve been able to cover it up, but I want to know about how God revealed this to you. Here’s the point I want to make, when you find out how God revealed this amazing supernatural gift that every believer has, it’s not just for what he’s talking about. It is for everything. I mean, everything that you’re dealing with in your life. You had…there’s lots of people that have anger problems…but you had an anger problem as a young child. What did you use to do?

BILL: When I was just a little guy at the toddler age, my mother told me that I would get so angry and frustrated at certain times, I’d get down on all fours and beat my head on the floor until I had a bruised place on my forehead. Now, that’s not natural or normal behavior for a toddler. And obviously, as I got older, I grew out of that type of behavior but I still had a very serious problem with very intense anger, a short fuse. I’m not just talking about getting mad at stuff, I’m talking about literally going nuclear with my emotion of anger.

SID: You know, it’s hard to believe because I don’t know you well, but I’ve spent time with you yesterday. I don’t see that person. I don’t even see it under the surface.

BILL: The iniquity is gone. When I got born again in 1977, that anger didn’t leave me. Now, there were some sins that I was involved in that I got completely delivered of. I literally had a love affair with tobacco, and I’d eat it, smoke it, chew it, you name it. I loved tobacco, supernaturally delivered from that. I was supernaturally delivered from alcohol. I was a borderline alcoholic at the point that I got born again at age 22, but the anger didn’t leave me. It was just as strong after I got born again as just what it was before. So, my wife and I were married in 1982 and she became the brunt of my short trigger. And the first five years of our marriage were not fun. I realized if I don’t get a handle on this, I’m going to destroy my marriage. So, I cried out to God and asked him, you’ve got to help me with this.

Well, he began to teach me how to use my faith to control the anger, but I wasn’t delivered from it. And as long as I stayed strong in the word and strong in faith and didn’t let up on it, I’d be able to catch myself and not let the anger run wild. But if I ever got lazy in the word or tired, then that thing would take over again, and obviously that—

SID: And here you are in ministry, you’re a believer all these years and you cannot get a grip on this anger.

BILL: Exactly.

SID: What did you think was going on?

BILL: Well, I had all kinds of thoughts about it. I thought maybe I’ve got a devil or whatever. I didn’t know. I was willing to go through whatever kind of deliverance I needed to go through to get free from it, but—

SID: But you wouldn’t have gotten free with what most Christians call deliverance.

BILL: No, no, because it wasn’t a spirit. A spirit was taking advantage of the iniquity that gave him the legal right to.

SID: It’s a legal thing.

BILL: It’s a legal thing.

SID: You did nothing wrong.

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August 13th, 2020 at 6:19 am

Our Guest Marilyn Hickey

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MARILYN: Do you know healing is the “bread of the children.” Isn’t it? That’s what Jesus said. So we’re going to eat some bread early, because healing is for us in a daily way. Plus all believers are to lay hands on the sick. Not just certain names, and I know there are healing evangelists, I don’t argue with that. But all believers are to pray for the sick. So this is what God wants us to do. And let me tell you it’s hard for people to argue with a miracle. A Buddhist gets healing, his ears are opened that are deaf are you’re going to tell him that Jesus doesn’t heal? Too late, right? So I have found that healing works in every country. With the Hindus, every religion. Healing works with the Muslims. Healing works with the Buddhists. I’ve done healing meetings in China, getting ready to go again and it works with the atheist.

Because when you get a miracle you know and you’re praying in the name of Jesus it’s Jesus who gave you the miracle. So many, many people get saved because they receive a healing miracle. And it works right here. People say, “Well, you have greater miracles over there.” Not really. I have bigger crowds so I have more miracles. But I don’t have greater than here. And let me just share with you how important it is for you to heal the sick. When I first began to travel, you know women didn’t teach, you know they didn’t teach the Bible, they didn’t do those kind of things. When I first got involved with television was in Denver Colorado. I had to meet with a board, nine men, and I was going on channel, I wanted to go on channel 9, and so they looked at me and they said, “Well, we can tell you are not television material.”


MARILYN: They said, “You should stick with the radio, you’d never make it in television.” But I knew in my heart God wanted me to do this. Now remember, this is” the only people I know who were on at that time were Billy Graham, Oral Roberts and one pastor in our city. But when God is for you, who can be against you? Put your hand on your hearts: [say] I won’t forget. God is for ME! So who can be against me! So a Catholic man spoke up, he said, “Oh, I think we oughta try to her, I think she’ll pay her bill.” So here I am, 42 years later, none of those men are in television, I still am!


MARILYN: See this is the key thing, that He’s for you. So point to yourself again, say: I won’t forget. (Audience says “I won’t forget”) He is for me. (Audience says “He is for me”) Now I didn’t start in a big flashy way. I was invited to a small Assembly of God church in New Jersey. And I said to the pastor this was my first time to speak in a church. I had never spoken in our church, not that my husband wouldn’t have let me, we didn’t even think of such a thing, so we were shocked when I got the invitation. And so I said to him, “How long do you want me to speak “cause I’m frightened?” And he said “As long as you’re anointed.” He said, “And when you’re not I want you to sit down. And if you don’t I’ll tell you.”


MARILYN: Wow! I was wiped out with this to start with. So I got up, I’m preaching, and way at the back, and they met in a gymnasium, was a man in a wheelchair. I could only see him from here up, and why I did this? I said, “In the name of Jesus, get up and walk!” This is during the sermon. Well he didn’t walk. So I got really anointed, really loud, “IN JESUS NAME, GET UP AND WALK!” He didn’t walk. And the assistant, one of the assistant pastors was standing beside him. I said, ‘dave get him up!” And Dave went” [shook his head no) I said, ‘Dave, where’s your faith? Get him up!” He said, ‘marilyn, he doesn’t have any legs.”


MARILYN: That’s was the way I started my healing ministry.

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