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GUILLERMO: I will believe that you must go through a process. There’s a lot of people watching, asking questions say for example, I don’t understand why I’m still alive? Because there’s a purpose. There’s a great purpose. And as your purpose is, as your process. The level of your process is the level of your purpose. In other words, if you have a tough process, that is so big. Your purpose is so big and God is about to take you into another dimension.

SID: You know, what? You got the devil running a million different directions. If you’re under a refining process, you could be rejoicing right now because God knows that He can trust you.

GUILLERMO: Yes, yes.

SID: And once you come out of this, you will be so used by God. When we return, talk about being used by God. I want to know about the nurse that operates in miracles when the doctors gave up.

SID: You know, I’ve been in the hospital and I’ve had good nurses and bad nurses, but I’ve never had a nurse like the one that went to your teaching seminar. Tell me what happened to her.

GUILLERMO: You know, said by the grace of God I activated I would say millions and millions of people in the supernatural. This is one of the nurses that captured that supernatural lifestyle. She had an issue with her son. Her son had meningitis and the doctor said there’s no solution. There’s no cure. She rejected. She said, “I won’t accept that.” Prayed for him. God healed, God delivered.

GUILLERMO: Then she said, “Now, I know my purpose in life. To be a nurse and minister to those cases where they come to the hospital, the doctors say there’s no solution so let’s send them to the nurse. The miracle nurse.” They call her the miracle nurse. Those sick people come into her, even people that are dead, and pray for them. They got up from the dead. I mean, that’s what she’s doing in the hospital, now. When the doctors and science can’t do anything, she prays for them and people get healed.

SID: Isn’t that awesome? You say that God will anoint you for your purpose. Not just what you want to do. That nurse was anointed for her purpose. Explain.

GUILLERMO: Okay, we all are anointed according to purpose. In other words, the anointing God’s giving is because there’s an assignment.

SID: What does anointing mean?

GUILLERMO: Anointing means divine ability. Divine power to do the impossible. In other words, Jesus said, “I’m going to give you power to do the impossible.” In other words, but this is not just for big bishops or apostles or teachers, this for every believer. In order for you, and for me, to fulfill my purpose in life, I need that divine power. As a matter of fact, that was the criteria for ministry in the Old Testament. Every person that God called into ministry He said, “You must be anointed.” Even the Messiah. His name is the anointed one.

SID: Is it just for the people on TV to be anointed?

GUILLERMO: No, it’s every believer to be anointed. In other words, you will not be able to fulfill your purpose in life unless you are anointed for it.

SID: Well, what would you say to the person that is watching us right now and say, “Well, I am anointed, but I don’t have the money to fulfill my purpose.”

GUILLERMO: Well, whenever you find your purpose, you find your prosperity. In other words, God supplies needs for a moment, but abundance and excess will come when you enter in your purpose. It’s a lot of people living for their purpose, living for their need. And that’s why most of us as preachers, we need to teach the people purpose because when they find their purpose, they will find their prosperity.

GUILLERMO: I don’t worry about it. If God called you, He will provide. He is the provider. He is the provider.

SID: Okay, now let me tell you something. This apostle is operating in the strongest level of God’s glory that I personally have ever witnessed on him before. And it’s got to do with that recent visitation that you had.

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