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Our Guest Paul Keith Davis

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Sid:  My guest Paul Keith Davis, I’m speaking to him by way of telephone at his office in Orange Beach, Alabama. That is right outside of the Mobile area.  Paul Keith I got a hold of your new book “Angels that Gather”, and this came from a literally you said in 2003 in Albany, Oregon it was like lens came off of your eyes.  What did you mean?

Paul Keith:  It was an amazing day, it took me by surprise as I was walking into a sanctuary of the church in Albany, and literally that’s exactly what happened, it was as it your eyes are just opened another realm was opened up and my natural eyes wide open, I was not in a vision or a dream or a chance and I’m walking across the sanctuary to be honest, and I’m seeing with my natural eyes angels that were I believe always in the room, I was just now able to see them.  And the Lord said that they were very specific and unique type of an angel, angels that gather.  And we found them identified In Matthew 13, primary verse 41 where it says “The Son of Man will send forth His angels that gather out of his kingdom.”  So we know that we’re in a season of harvest and this host of heaven has been sent to co-labor with us to bring in this incredible promised harvest.

Sid:  And what does the harvest mean to you?

Paul Keith:  I believe the harvest has multiple applications, certainly we’ll see harvesting of souls, there will be a wave of evangelism, people that are lost that don’t know the Lord will certainly come into a revelation and saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus, which is phenomenal in itself.  But then the Lord has also been saying to me thought that there are many things that will be harvested.  And I was taken to John chapter 12 where the Lord said, “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth it abides alone, but if it perishes it brings forth multiplied grains of wheat like the original seed.”  And the Lord began to show me that even within the context of the people that are now presently saved that we’re about to see a level increase where we will begin to function in this earth as sons of the kingdom; that means we will demonstrate His nature, we’ll demonstrate his character, we’ll have the level of power and I think that we’ll fulfill the promises of what we call greater works generation.  So the Lord is looking to harvest sons of the kingdom, people that are functioning in a level of maturity and power that we probably have not seen.  All we have seen so far is and what the Lord showed me was, that all we’ve had id prototypes, the Moriah Woodworth Etters, William Branhams, the John G. Lakes, and the Kathryn Kuhlmans. These are prototypes of a generation of what we’re about to see raised up.  But then we see there is going to be a harvest of commissions of harvesting, and I think the Biblical example of that would be the Saul of Tarsus becoming Paul the apostle.

Sid:  I have to ask you a question because I’ve often pondered that as I’ve read it in the Bible, do you believe Steven felt pain when he was being stoned?  I mean as I read it he sees Jesus standing up and rooting for him, it seems to me that he would have almost transcended pain.

Paul Keith:  I believe from what I could tell and I certainly wouldn’t want to make a doctrine of this, it started out in one way but ended in another, if you can follow what I mean.  I believe initially there was some measure of awareness that he was some measure of pain, but I believe in the midst of that he transcended the natural into the spirit.  Because in my vision and of course it was and I’m not say it’s anything outside of what the Bible says but at the end of it it was so caught up in what he was seeing that he was totally oblivious to the stones that were hitting his body.  And in my experience, you know, I had asked the Lord I was very upset because a 38 year old very very good friend of mine died, no apparent reason just fell over in the airport dead.  And I said, “Lord, I need to understand this.”  And He took me and I saw this experience and of course my friend’s name was Steven, oddly enough. I saw as Steven was being stoned, and in my experience Steven looked up into heaven just like he did in the Bible and the Lord stood to His feet just like it says in the Bible.  But at least in my experience the Lord as Steven was perishing and his life was leaving his body the Lord pointed His finger at the devil and said, “That one is going to cost ya.”  And Steven my friend was taken unjustly; it was a violation of the enemy just like there was a violation of Steven when stoned in the book of Acts.  And such an impact that fell on me that I realized that oh, my goodness there is about to be retribution, Satan crossed the line, he should have never touched that man Steven.  Steven went into the soil as a seed and the harvest became Paul the Apostle.  Because I saw that there was an undeniable link between the stoning of Steven and the reaping of Paul.  And the Lord began to teach me about many great saints like Joan of Arc, many of the millions that were butchered and slain throughout the dark ages, millions of millions of people that we read about in Fox’s book of Martyrs, and Smucker’s glorious reformation and we see godly precious saints of God their lives snuffed out.  But the Lord said every drop of blood will be accounted for.  They went into the soil like seed and so part of harvest is that all of those commissioned, all of that anointing that was lost that the enemy thought that he was stealing will be poured out.  That’s what I believe the Ancient of Days will do in Daniel Chapter 7 when it says, “The books are opened.”  What’s in the books?  Every unrighteous act ever committed against the saints of God.  The Bible says in Daniel 7 “The horn of the adversary will wage war with the saints and overpower them until the Ancient of Days renders a verdict in favor of the saints,” and I believe that’s the harvest.

Sid:  Well, on yesterdays broadcast you were talking about Matthew 13 verse 37 to 43 in which there were angels removing the stumbling blocks.  And you said that God’s been dealing with you in this area.  And in fact you had a vision of three snakes coming into you in this vision from your Mother, explain that.

Paul Keith:  That was a very unusual experience, I have to admit, and what the Lord showed me was of course what David said, “In sin my mother conceived me.”  And that we were born with a sin nature and as a result of that you might want to call them generational curses whatever all the different terms are.  But they’re just things resident in us that are contrary to the nature of God.  And even when our spirit has been redeemed, born again, our soul which consists of our mind, our will and our emotions still has issues.  And we can see that certainly in Christians today, you know people that are legitimately born again but they might still deal with issues of you know, issues of the flesh.  Whether it be jealousies or ambition or whatever, lusts unfortunately.  We’re seeing great leaders that have had issues emerging because everything that is hidden has been revealed.  And so what the Lord began to deal with me on is some of these fallen issues, and I’ll give you an example, I’ll be a little transparent here on your radio program but one of the issues in our family was anger.  And so the Lord began to deal with me on the issue of anger and I was actually angry with my own father.  And the Lord took me into a vision and I saw a future meeting and I saw the power that was being demonstrated in that meeting and I said, “Lord, how many years will it take before we’re ready to walk in that level of power?”  And the Lord said to me, “I didn’t just begin preparing you for that,” he said “I started preparing you for the day that you were born.”  And I realized that everything that I had happen in my life, the physical, my Dad’s in heaven, and I love him and I appreciate what God allowed even though at the time it was very, very, very difficult. But God saw something in the future and he allowed me to go through that process as a young person the abuse, the physical things that happened the beatings took place.  The Lord allowed although He wept with me He allowed it because He knew that at some point God would redeem that and He would use it and sanctify it and make it a source of strength.  And in my experience the Lord said, “The pain of your past is the preparation of your future.”  And with that revelation the issue of anger was extracted from my soul.

Sid:  Speaking of extracting the anger from your soul you talk about the experience you had with the heavenly operating table.

Paul Keith:  Right, I think that’s where we’ve been to be honest with you.  I travel all over the nation and invariably virtually every meeting we do people are just completely overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness.  They’ve been in the wilderness, they’ve been in severe pruning people have gone through financial crisis, personal crisis, family crisis.  And the encouragement that we have for them is that this has been part of the pruning process. As I was caught up in this experience I saw angels literally stripping away layers of flesh, the fleshly nature.  And until my experience there was nothing left but a little pulsating orb of light, which I knew was the deposit of God.  And then they began to put us back together, but now it was bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh.  And I believe that’s the parabolic picture of where we’ve have been where many saints have had issues of the flesh stripped away.  And it’s been painful, it’s been difficult.  I have some friends that have been through severe pruning, one man in particular was a multimillionaire, had millions and millions of dollars everything was stripped away.  All of his blessings and it’s not because he was in rebellion but it was because that he was because he began to pursue God.  I don’t want someone to think that because they’re pursuing God God will take away their finances.  It had become a God to him though, it had become a stumbling block and because God loved him so much, I believe every bit of that it will be restored but he’s gone through a process now though where he’ll be able to handle for the Kingdom the level of finances that He wants to give him to use for the harvest.  And that’s the example of the process. And the Lord has been putting His finger on issues of the soul and giving us the grace to yield that to Him so that we can actually live before Him on a higher plain.

Sid:  And everyone wants the intimacy with God but they don’t realize that there are obstacles that God wants to get rid of because He wants the intimacy more than we want it…

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Sid Roth welcomes Billy Joe Daugherty

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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to draw on the healing power of the Messiah of Israel, who says, “All things are possible for those who believe,” my guest Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty, Senior Pastor of Victory Christian Center.  And Billy Joe, I’m looking at my notes here and if someone had gone back and say the early ‘70s and say, “Billy Joe one day you’re going to have 751 Bible Schools in ninety-one nations with 75,000 students, what would you have thought?”

Billy Joe:  It was not on my radar that’s for sure; never thought of that.

Sid:  But going back to in ’72 the presence of God literally knocked you back and you had quite an encounter, tell me about that.

Billy Joe:  I had an encounter, I grew up as a United Methodist boy, my wife, at the time my girlfriend father was our pastor and he began to talk about being born again.  And I had a born again experience in 1970, but it was a couple of years later that I begin to hear about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  I was in a Sunday school class for three weeks where a lawyer taught on the Holy Spirit.  And after that three weeks I realized that I could receive that same power Jesus spoke of to His disciples in Acts 1:8 when he said, “You will receive power after the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be witnesses unto me in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and to the uttermost parts of the earth.  And on the day of Pentecost, Acts 2:4 I read, “They all were filled with the Holy Spirit and they began to speak with other tongues.”  That was the disciples, Mary the Mother of Jesus, others who had followed, they burst into the streets, they began to proclaim in other tongues the wonderful works of God.  There was the Jewish celebration taking place called Pentecost so Jews had come from around the world and they heard them speaking in the wonderful works of God.  Peter stood up and preached and said, “This is what the Prophet Joel prophesied, “In the last days I will pour My Spirit on all flesh.”  Well, I’d been hearing these scriptures and really for the first time in my life for whatever reason I didn’t get that growing up.  It may have been taught, I don’t remember it being taught or even discussed.  I wasn’t around people that spoke in tongues and the whole Pentecostal Charismatic experience was, it wasn’t even on my radar.  But I had had an experience a visitation from God where God dealt with me to leave the University I was in, transfer to Oral Roberts University.  And I had been at ORU three weeks and it was all new to me, and I was going to this little church and as that church began to worship God in a public school auditorium where they were meeting, I fell back in my seat; it was the power of the Holy Spirit.  Looking back I believe that it was the time when God baptized me in the Holy Spirit I just was overwhelmed with the presence of God.  The feeling that I got was beyond anything that I had ever experienced and difficult even to describe, just currents of God’s blessing and power flowing through my body.  At the end of this service the minister said, “Those of you who would like to be saved, come forward, we’ll pray with you; and those of you that would like to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.”  And I went forward and the friend that had talked with me even a few weeks earlier about the Holy Spirit and about some of these things he went with me and we went into a classroom along with others.  And he said; “Now I’m going to lay hands on you for you to receive the Holy Spirit and you can begin to speak in tongues and he started to pray in the Spirit and get ready to lay hands on me and before he could lay hand on me, I just started speaking in tongues.  And out of my belly or spirit flowed what Jesus had spoken of, “Rivers of living water,” just a language I had never learned, prayer language.  And people would say, “Well what was the difference it made in your life?”  Well, the most significant difference for me was as I read the scriptures it was like reading it for the first time, understanding was there.

Sid:  Billy Joe, why is it that at when I became a believer in the Charismatic Movement was in full bloom so to speak, it was very common to talk about being filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in unknown tongues.  Today it’s almost demoted to the backroom in Charismatic and Pentecostal churches; I don’t get it, how did that happen?

Billy Joe:  Well, it hasn’t happened here, we do it right in front of everybody; we don’t take them into a backroom.

Sid:  That’s the way it used to be, though.

Billy Joe:  And I think it’s just the awareness of people has diminished in that need.  For us we deal with so many situations and people that are in desperate need they’ve got to have the power of Holy Spirit.  And I think that’s the issue that people have forgotten the power is in the Spirit of the Living God, Sid we’ve got to bring that back and refocus folks.  It’s not in our intellect, it’s not in just knowledge and information; it’s not in just the fellowship that we’re around different people or the songs that we sing; it is in the power of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Sid:  You know Billy Joe; I believe that there are people listening to us that are saying to themselves, I wish I had that same experience that Billy Joe just described.  I believe that if you prayed for them right now that they’d have that experience.

Billy Joe:  Yes, I believe that too.  For those of you who have that desire, as I pray you open up your heart and then your mouth and then begin to speak and declare God’s glory and His blessings, His praise, and then the Spirit of God is going to come out of you in a band new language.  You see the Bible says, “Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened.”  Jesus has taught that specifically related to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Right now I pray for you to be filled with the Holy Spirit according to the Bible pattern that as you’re filled you begin to speak with other tongues, a loud right where you are.  In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth be filled to over flowing and open your mouth and begin to declare a loud.  (Billy praying in his prayer language)  That’s it, you open your mouth, you just heard me praying in my prayer language, it’s a language that gives glory and honor and praise to God.

Sid:  And for the person that said, “I’d like to do that but I don’t know what to say.”  So far you’re 100% correct; it isn’t in your mind, so of course you don’t know what to say.  You’ll only hear it if you start speaking it by faith out loud and I like to tell people speak this language as quickly as you can so that you don’t get your mind in the way, it’s coming from your spirit.

Billy Joe:  Yes, it’s so important that we do like Peter when Jesus said, “Come.”  Peter said, “Lord if it’s you Lord, bid me come” as Jesus came walking on the water and Jesus said, what else could he answer it was Him, He just said, “Come.”  And Peter stepped out, what is he going to walk on, and you say, “What am I going to say?”  You just step out of the boat of your own mine and your own reasoning.  You say, “What am I going to step on?”  Stepped on the promise of God, what was Peter stepping on?  You know it was nothing but water out there; but he stepped on what Jesus said and as long as he held on to it he walked on the water.  And for you that are stepping out right now, out of your own intellect, your own language, you’re speaking in a new language which is very clear in scripture, they were speaking the wonderful works of God.  They were praying when we don’t know how to pray the Spirit makes intercession for us; Roman’s 8:26 & 27.  So it’s a wonderful prayer language it’s a wonderful praise language, and it’s important to step out right now. (Billy Joe speaking prayer language) I’m just praying in my prayer language right now, and those are words that God knows, we don’t know which language if may be but there’s some 17,000 at least languages in the world and then there’s the language of angels.  Our daughter was with us in a crusade in Dominican Republic she began to speak in tongues on the platform as we were praying for the sick.  And there were Dignitaries there, the Attorney General, the Senator from that region was there and the major and they all heard her; one man came up and said, “Where did you learn that language?”  And she said, “Well, I’m just speaking in tongues, he said , “No, that’s a language of the tribe that is right up in those mountains,” and he pointed and because he had lived in that region, had been to that tribe, had learned part of their language.  He was hearing our daughter Sarah, our oldest daughter speak in that language; it was a sign and a wonder to those men.  They did not leave the platform of that major crusade until the last person was gone, and usually Politians are there…

Sid:  And you know Billy Joe what you’re describing is normal and it’s about time believer’s become normal, tell me about your book that we’re making available “You Can be Healed.”  What kind of feedback are getting on it?

Billy Joe:  People everywhere are experiencing healing because it is simple.  It lays out the scriptures and then gives powerful testimony and explanation of how people can be healed regardless of their condition.  You can be healed, Brother Roberts wrote a wonderful endorsement in it, Suzanne Hinn, Benny Hinn’s wife and we’ve been close friends with both of them.  They realize how important it is that people get the scripture and testimony together and that’s what it’s for.  I thought about a person laying on a so called deathbed, been given a terminal statement concerning their healing, unable to be healed.  What would you say to them?  I would tell them right off the bat “You can be healed.”  And that’s the nature of this book.

Sid Roth:  Well, as you explained it, it’s so clear, it’s so simple but then it’s the anointing, it’s the presence of God that destroys the yokes of unbelief.  And you just systematically point by point get rid of all the obstacles that the devil’s using to stop people from being able to draw on the healing of God and not only them being healed but being able to pray for other people.

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Sid Roth welcomes Evangeline Weiner

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Sid:  I guess I’d have to say that is an understatement for my guest, Evangeline Weiner.  And Evangeline we have never really met, but I’ve known your father for many years.  Her father’s Bob Weiner and mother is Rose Weiner.  Her father is known for having started college groups all over the world, Marantha Ministries.  And he’s also known as a man of faith.  And so you’re a second generation of someone and in fact I would have to believe as a young child you were taught faith.  What was it like being around the Weiner residents?

Evangeline:   Ha-ha, yeah I would say that growing up that way we were always by my parents even to you know to go after whatever God asked us to do at a young age.  And even you know that nothing you know that he didn’t have a big Holy Spirit and we had a small Holy Spirit, but whatever God asked us to do we could do no matter the age and so whenever we were brought around we were part of the tea.  You know we were always essential members of the team and you know we would have our, if there were people needing healing we would be right there praying for our own people to get healed.  And I remember even being in Russia and…

Sid:   You’re like five years old; did you see a lot of miracles?

Evangeline:  Yeah, like even, even at five because we started going to Russia when I was five and actually before that even I remember praying for people in Ocala, Florida and me and my Dad both had our own prayer lines.  And anyway some of you might think that’s funny to trust a five year old, but he was trusting you know in the God in us.  And you know it’s not about us but anyway, so I was praying for this one lady who had cancer under her arm and at five I remember that cancer falling off.  I had prayed for her and she came running back saying, “I was healed, I was healed.”  And her cancer the lump that was under her arm was gone.

Sid:  We’re introducing Evangeline’s book called “The Calling of a Generation,” and I would retitle it “Full of Faith” because if you need to start fresh in your faith and I happen to know something about you, you do.  Let me introduce you to Jennifer Toledo, one of the women that’s featured in this book.  I have Jennifer Toledo on the telephone and she’s ready to set the world on fire, she graduates college, she goes off to Kenya Africa and you didn’t realize it but you bumped into one horrible situation, describe it.

Jennifer Toledo:  Yes I did, I ended up in Northern Kenya in the Triconya Desert and just very unlike anything that I ever expected.  It was just not modern Africa; I mean it is a Nomadic Tribe, just incredibly rough conditions.  There was famine and draught, and extreme violence and extreme weather, you know it was between 110 and 120 degrees year around; just really horrific conditions.

Sid:  But then you found out that one of the reasons that the conditions were so horrible is that the Triconya Tribe had made blood covenants with the devil for thousands of years.

Jennifer Toledo:  Yeah, you know what kind of what I thought it really couldn’t get any worse, I found that out and I said, “No Jesus, what am I going to do?”  And it’s true, this tribe had for generations lived in blood covenants with Satan and there was this continual fear in the people.  They had to offer blood sacrifices continually to appease the demons and the people really were living in so much bondage and it wasn’t just the tribe, the people, but the land also was in covenants with Satan.  And you know honest I felt like a young woman I felt just totally out of my league, I just felt like this was something I just was totally unqualified to do.  And you know one day I was in my hut just crying out to God saying, “God, I’m just totally inadequate for this.” And He just spoke really clearly and He just said, “You know what, you are absolutely inadequate, don’t forget it because that’s your greatest strength.”  And then He just reminded me that he still uses David’s to bring down Goliaths.  And I said, “Okay God I’ll believe, what do You want to do for this land?”  And that really began the journey.

Sid:  And a Bible teacher arrived by the name of Arthur Burke and he gave you a new concept and that was, “If you could enter into a stronger covenant then it would defeat this covenants with Satan for over thousands of years.”

Jennifer:  Yeah, yeah absolutely.  We began to really just press into the Lord and say okay God, you know it felt so up hill and we’re going “Okay God, how do we see breakthrough come to this land?”  And one of the strategies the Lord gave us was to invite a dear friend by the name of Arthur Burke who I really didn’t know at the time, he has this incredible anointing just in understanding the redemptive qualities over a region and calling them out.  And so we invited him to come out and he joined us and yeah, but yeah basically that was the strategy that the Lord gave us.  He said, “Gather all the leaders of the tribe because generations before, all the leaders had come together to place the tribe in covenants with Satan.”  And so “Gather all the leaders, repent.”  And the strategy the Lord gave us was very simple, He said, “The only way you get out of a blood covenant is that you enter into a stronger blood covenant and that’s the blood covenant with Jesus Christ.”

Sid:  But along the way it wasn’t exactly the way that you thought the script would be, you almost died.

Jennifer:  It’s true, I did.  You know the night before we gathered all the leaders together the Lord really spoke to me and just said, “Jennifer, I am so proud of you for believing for this, but you need to know that you’ve really stirred up the enemy if you go forward with this the enemy will try to take your life.”  And I didn’t, I mean obviously I knew that it was very serious, but I felt like God was giving me a real decision and I had to press in and say “Okay, God I know that my life is in Your hands, Satan cannot steal my life, I will gladly lay my life down for this tribe but the enemy can’t steal my life.”  I knew I just had to tell the enemy, “To take it up with God,” and I did I got very sick, but God amazingly and miraculously healed me.

Sid:  Oh you have to tell me about when you were without hope, who walked into your room?

Jennifer:  After our time of breaking the covenants and I ended up in the hospital and you know basically I was told that I wouldn’t have any chance of survival and they wanted to do surgery on me and my chances were very minimal and I had just the most beautiful encounter with Jesus.  And in my sleep Jesus walked into my room and performed surgery on my body and completely restored my body.  And literally raised me off my deathbed and you know it was such a testimony of His goodness and having just seen what had happened in the Triconya and then Him personally meeting me, just the beauty of who He is.

Sid:  Just out of curiosity did any of the doctors question your miraculous recovery?

Jennifer:  Ha-ha, you know of course, they were shocked because they had been doing all the tests on my body and not able to you know find a cure in the natural; and so when I just told them, “I had this visitation and I saw Jesus do surgery on my body.”  And when they retested me so many of the doctors and nurses would come into the room and just ask me about it and yeah, my doctor just wept and just really just really committed his life to the Lord.  It was a very beautiful moment, a very beautiful moment.  But Sid the most amazing thing too is just out of all of that we got to see the whole tribe come into freedom.  And when God told us to come into blood covenants with Jesus, all these leaders as a sign of doing that they took communion; they poured communion on the land and we just declared that the Triconya Tribe was going to come into the blood covenants with Jesus.  Because it was amazing you could feel something shift in the Spirit when we did it and it was just, it was…it seemed so silly in the natural, but it was just obeying the Lord, you know the strategy He gave us.  And what we did we asked God, we said, “We really  need signs that Your in this,” because you just don’t pick a battle with somebody’s who has blood covenant with Satan and not have God in it.  So we’re like, “God we need to know that You’re in this so would you give us two signs;  will you give us a sign that You’re pleased, You know sign Your name to this thing and would you give us a sign that you really brought down the demonic stronghold in the land.”  And sure enough after all these leaders came into covenants with Christ, you have to understand this is the peak of the draught, the peak of the summer, it was such horrid conditions; it hadn’t rained for like two years in this region.  And after we prayed this, it was like watching a Bible story, it was amazing literally the heavens opened and it began to pour down rain right in the desert.  And you don’t have to tell people God’s pleased; you don’t have to tell African’s that when it rains God is pleased.  And so people were showing themselves on their faces just worshiping God and we knew that was our first sign that God was pleased and was really into this.  And then shortly after we got our second sign, this huge bolt of lightning just came just of the sky and hit this mountain, Goat Mountain.  Which is the high point of all the demonic power for the land it’s where all the sacrifices are offered and instantly when that hit you could feel the power shift in the region.  The witchdoctor’s were freaking out, they were running down the mountain and we knew that it was like God had brought down, you know it was defined for us that God had brought down the demonic stronghold of the land.

Sid:  So, what’s that land like after this stronghold has come down?

Jennifer:  Yeah, we tracked and similar factors in the area for a year and it began to rain so this is crazy, Kenya by nature is a tropical area, but Triconya desert is so dry, it began to rain so heavily that they received that year, the Triconya received more rainfall than anywhere else in the rest of Kenya.  And you know a year later where the span as far as you can see with your natural eye it was just grass, the animals were fat.

Sid:  Did many people come to the Lord?

Jennifer:  Oh yeah, I mean so many you know not just…so many people got saved and came to the Lord, but out of that so many people were provoked to the reality of the supernatural and what God can do.  And I think the Triconya Team that was raised up ended up over the next couple of years raising up about 40,000 intercessors from all around because the Triconya is bordering several countries and they just began to just raise up all these intercessors.  And because so many witchdoctors got saved and so they were telling us you know that when they got delivered and set free and kind of were in a process of restoration, they began to just share you know the strategies of the enemy and incredible information about how to begin to pray and see the Kingdom of God come.  So they really raised up all these teams of people to go in and bring healing and restoration into communities; it is incredible what God did.

Sid:  Jennifer, thank you so much.

Jennifer:    Absolutely, yeah.

Sid Roth:  Now how would you like to be as full of faith as Jennifer Toledo?

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Our Guest Andre Ashby

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Sid:  I can almost see God molding this one new man, it’s not a Jewish person, it’s not a Gentile person it’s the full body of Yeshua.  It’s been a long time coming but one of the ways the One New Man is going to be molded by God is through the forerunners, the Levites, the worshipers.  It’s because the battle is won in the Spirit, it’s not won with man’s might, it’s won in the Spirit of God.  And I have a true worshipper of God on the telephone, his name is Andre Ashby.  And Andre I’m reminded of the scripture it says, to him who is forgiven much, they love much.

Andre:  Yes.

Sid:  You had everything stacked against you, not just something, you had everything stacked.  How in the world did you survive?

Andre:  The only way I survived is Jesus basically became my best friend.

Sid:  Well, for the people that don’t understand, let’s go back, you were actually born from a rape; your Mom didn’t want you and you lived with your Great Uncle and Aunt how was that?

Andre:  That was difficult, they were alcoholics and I would wake up seeing my, and I would wake up seeing my Momma, my Auntie laying in a puddle of urine because she couldn’t make it to the bathroom because she was so inebriated.  So it was difficult, they fought all the time and guns and knives, it was crazy.

Sid:  Did you have other brothers and sisters or half brother and sisters and did you at least have good family relation with them?

Andre:  I only really grew up with my half sister because my great uncle who took me in was my great grandmother’s brother who took in my half sister.  So I grew up knowing her, but the rest of my family I wasn’t very close to at all.

Sid:  But then, I guess because of their very very dysfunctional behavior both being alcoholics you went to live with your great grandmother who was in her ‘80s, now how does someone in her eighties manage a young kid like you?

Andre:  Well, actually she didn’t, actually I kind of raised myself.  I went to live with her because my uncle and auntie, they died seven months apart.  So I went to live with her because she was the only person that would take me in you know.  So from the age of eleven I kind of raised myself, so yeah, it was very difficult for an eighty year old to take care of a little kid.

Sid:  So, at about four years of age you had a dream that is the only reason I believe I’m taking to a sane human being right now.

Andre:  Yeah, I actually starting about four years old I had the same dream repeatedly over and over and over again.  And it was, me in a room in a room standing before a window and me talking to the Lord and him telling me that He would never leave me, he would never forsake me and he’d be with me you know forever.

Sid:  Just out of curiosity, were you taken to the church all the time, I mean where did this dream come from?

Andre:  No, no one talked to me about church, no one talked to me about God, it was God I guess Himself, introducing himself to me.  It’s really interesting because when I was born the lady who was the birthing nurse knew my mother; she lived in the same area with her.  And she also lived around where my great-grandmother lived because they all lived in the same area.  So when I went to go visit my great grandmother while I was living with my uncle and aunt I would see Mrs. Great, that was her name.  And she would tell me, she would say, “Tyrone, that’s what they called me, that’s my middle name, she said, “When I touched you the Lord spoke to me and she said, “He told me that you are a sovereign vessel and He’s going to use you.”  So It was God Himself who pursued me, I never had anyone other than Mrs. Great that would say that to me, no one as a little kid talked to me about God.  It’s just that I always had an awareness of Him.  And I…

Sid:  Well, you referred to God as your Best Friend; did you back then as a child?

Andre:  Yeah, He was my best friend, you know the scripture, you know that talks about when your Mother and Father put you out, He will take you in.  I have to say, I’ve lived that and He’s proven Himself to be a Father and a Mother and a Brother and Sister.  His testimony about me is basically against what the world says I should be and actually that’s a relation I began to understand from Revelation 19:10 where it talked about the Spirit of Prophesy is a testimony of Jesus.  I know that Bill Johnson, he says that “When a person gives a testimony as a prophetic window about a healing to take place again.” But the Lord spoke to me and he said, “Andre that’s true but it’s more than that” He said, “When the spirit of prophecy comes the testimony of Jesus, it’s my testimony about you that’s in direct contradiction to about what the world says.”  So when the world says that I should have been a drug addict, a sexual aholic, or anything the Lord says “No I put my hand on you and this is who I’ve called you to be.”

Sid:   Now, I find it interesting you joined the Seventh Day Adventist Church and you started singing there in their choir.  When did you find out that you had a gift of singing?

Andre:  Probably about five-six years old.  I always loved to sing, it was always a joy for me to sing.

Sid:  But at the Seventh Day Adventist Church, one of their deficiencies, they have a lot of assets, but one of their deficiencies is they don’t understand the ways of the Spirit and when you would sing solos people would literally feel electricity so they said, “So since God doesn’t do these things it must be the devil.”

Andre:  Ha-ha, yeah and that was really confusing to me.  Because like I said, “I always loved the Lord and I’ve never walked away from Him.”  Of course I’ve done things I wished I hadn’t, but I’ve never walked away from Him.  And when people would come up to me and say “Andre or Tyrone when you were singing the devil tried to get me.”  And I was like “The devil tried to get you?”  And I would go to the Lord and I would say “Why are you letting the devil get people when I’m singing?”  And they would say, “Well, it’s like electricity went from the top of my head to the sole of my feet.”  And I was like, I didn’t know that was the Holy Spirit, I mean I didn’t know what was going on, all I knew was that I loved Jesus an when I sang, I felt close to Him.

Sid:  Well, I’ll tell you something else that it’s amazing that you didn’t have the ability to write songs until a prophetic word came on you and one of the songs you wrote is called.   And we’re featuring this week your CD called “Before the Throne,” is the song I would like to play a selection from is “Changed by Your Love,” tell me about that song.

Andre:  Actually it was a song I wrote with a friend of mine, Scott Brenner and it’s basically talking about how the love of God changes you.  And if we can, the things that I’ve come to realize is if we can get an understanding of the love of God, if we can get an understanding of His passion for us no matter what we walk through in our life it changes us into His image.  So when we understand His love, we become like Him.

Sid:  I’m feeling a presence of God’s Spirit right now, how about you, Andre?

Andre:  Yeah, me too, I really feel His presence.

Sid:  Somehow God wants this message that He doesn’t just love Andre, he doesn’t just love Sid, He’s got enough love to go around for everyone.  Let’s hear, “Changed By Your Love.”

Excerpt of “Changed By Your Love.”

Sid:  Andre I know that many people have said to you that you carry the presence of God, but you really do.  Why do you carry so much presence of God?  How come?

Andre:    Well you know, I think part of it is God’s sovereign choice and the other part is yielding yourself to His Spirit and allowing Him to be who He wants to be through you.

Sid:  What is your passion for people that hear your music, what’s your passion from them?

Andre:  That they would fall more in love with Jesus that they would be healed emotionally, that God would touch the deepest recesses of their heart.  That they would know that there is a God who loves them, who is so passionately in love with them that He gave the best of heaven so that they would be redeemed to Him.

Sid Roth:  I mean, I think that that’s the biggest lie of the devil keeping that fact out of the consciousness of believers.  I mean we fall into that natural realm rather than recognizing what’s going on in the supernatural realm, how much God loves us, how special we are and how He has a destiny in our life.  In fact that’s something else that I hear about your music, that literally people will push into their destiny as they worship God listening to your music.

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Sid Roth welcomes Karen Mayer Cunningham

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Sid:  My guest Karen Mayer Cunningham, I’m speaking to her at her office in Houston, Texas and we’re talking about her son James who was diagnosed with Autism.  And I understand Karen that there’s different types of Autism but you were explaining his behavior was so bazaar.  How in the world did you cope with it?

Karen:   I didn’t cope well, I coped in all the wrong ways, I coped by over working, not being at home whenever I could, and drinking.  And taking antidepressants, which is a horrible thing a horrible combination, but I did not know how to function.

Sid:  Okay, on yesterday’s broadcast we ended with he was enrolled in Special Ed.

Karen:  Correct, and we were so excited he had just became accepted into this program so August 1997 he goes off on his first little day of Special Ed.  And he has his little backpack and we send him across the street and we’re so excited this is going to be exactly what he needs.  And by October things went terribly wrong at the school.  Most of the other Special Ed kids that he was with had various conditions, diseases or disorders and so their behaviors were different.  James was the only one that was physical, aggressive and explosive at times.  He was working on eating the rubber in the class, chewing on their toys and I think for lack of a better phrase, all the other Special Ed kids were well behaved as it were.  And so in October I’m at my Salon and I get a phone call from my husband that Child Protective Services has just come to our house and they have gone to the school and taken James and checked him all over for bruises and want to ask us a series of questions.  Would right now be a good time or do I need to get my thoughts together?  And so when my husband said this on the phone I didn’t know what to do, a wave of heat came over me, I was angry, I was mad, I was upset, I was scared.  And he hands the phone to the child protective services lady and she begins to ask me a series of very personal abrupt leading questions.  “Do you watch the playboy channel?   Are you intimate in front of your child?  Do you think that this is normal that he eats the sheet rock?  And on and on and on and at the end she says, “Well, your answers match your husband’s answers, we’ll leave you a brochure here today of where you can come and see your child with your attorney if we take him into custody.  What you’ll need to do in the next forty-eight hours is you’ll need to take James to your pediatrician and check him for anal tears and enlarged genitals and the pediatrician must write a blind letter back to the state.  Because their assumption was that any child that acted this out of control must be being sexually abused.  And I was undone, I didn’t know what to do for my child, I was doing everything that I knew to do and here we have another attack, a state agency who had obviously received a report from somebody that thought that this child was being hurt.  We would never hurt our child, and so we had to call the pediatrician the next day and when the pediatrician lady office asked you what are you coming in for, she is expected to hear ear infection, temperature, or something like that.  And when we told her it was just dead silence on the other end of the line.  And so we did take him to the pedestrian and they did write the letter to the state and four months later we got a call on Sunday afternoon that there was no validity to the accusations and that the investigation was closed.  And at this point I don’t think that there’s was much more than I could take.  I just didn’t think that I could withstand this onslaught from people, professionals, my child and I needed to find a way to get some control over this but there was nothing about it that was controlled.

Sid:  So what happened next?

Karen:  What happened next is I thought you know they did the best they could and a few months later low and behold there’s another report to CPS.  We had taken our son to a wonderful hospital called Scott & White on to a neuropediatric specialist who had given us Quinidine is a blood pressure medicine and James took a bottle until he was almost six and then he would take a bottle every night.  And she said, “The Quinidine would reduce his blood pressure so he could relax some and actually go to sleep.”  James slept very little, usually about four hours a night and so we were excited we did not want to give him any psychotic drugs; we wanted to still help him.  We didn’t want to just, you know dope him up.  And so we were willing to that and she said, “That there was also one more thing, that for some kids maybe one in 10,000 if you give him some Prozac it reduces their rage.”  And so we were excited about that when he’s raging there is no way to communicate with him or reason with him.  She said, “But you’ll know the first day you’ll crush it up in his bottle and you’ll know that day if it works or not.”  And so we wrote a letter to the teacher, because at this point we’re writing notes back and forth to the teacher.  And I wrote that James will be taking this medicine; let me know how it goes.  The teacher writes home, “James withdrew and was catatonic all day.”  Well, what she was probably happy about he wasn’t flying around the room and eating the walls.  I wasn’t happy about that and so I wrote back that he would not ever be taking this medicine again.  And that low and behold we were reported to CPS that we were not giving our handicapped child his prescribed medication.  Well, at this point you have stirred up the wrong bear, now I’m mad.  And so CPS called us and she said,” Obviously you have somebody that knows your family and the word she used is trigger happy, but by law we have to follow up on every you know, every complaint.  So I drove down to CPS and I had never been through CPS and you ride up with a security officer, all the doors have to be deadbolts on them.  And I walk into a young ladies room, she must be twenty-two years old, had just finished college and I’m in a pile of tears emotional, crying, holding his folder and I said, “Do you know what autism is?”  And she said, “I think I had a class on it in college one time.”  She gave me more no hope and she said, “We can see that you and your husband are definitely trying to help your son and we have no complaint against you at this time.”  What she did do for me is she directed me to MHMR, Mental Heath Retardation and Any Baby Can in the Social Security Office.  Well, this is something that had never been done for me by the school district.  Why had the school district never offered this services to me, I had no idea.  And so I went to the Administrative Office and told them in my normal way that today would be the last day that any of this happened.  And they transferred him to a different school the next week and he started to really progress and do well in that school in a totally different environment.  But James at that point was going to Any Baby Can would take him for a whole day a month, we got twenty hours straight Respet from the state where a Respet worker would come in and take care him and we could leave.  And we were getting about a $500 a month SSI check at that time in 1997 and he had a state physiatrist and we just started getting some help from the state agencies that nobody had ever told us about.

Sid:   Oh, it’s nice that you’re getting help but you’re living a nightmare.

Karen:  We’re living a nightmare.  We’re getting this help but his behavior doesn’t change.  It’s palpable during the week because he gets up and goes off to school and just for a few hours he’s awake at home.  But the weekends were a nightmare, he has no structure, we’re at home, people don’t have structure at home, they just life their lives and he is out of control.  We have a new baby in the house, Page and he’s eating all of her toys, all of her pacifiers and we’re just undone, we have no marriage, we have no communication, it’s just a war zone and he is progressively getting bigger every day.  He’s a big kid and it’s getting worse and worse and we’re coming to a point that we realize that yes we have all these great programs in place.  Yes the state of Texas has given us every possible bit of help that they can.  But pretty soon we’re not going to keep him, pretty soon we’re going to have to put him in an institution; we cannot physically control him.  We cannot gage when his behavior begins or ends, at this point we’re not going anywhere.  Literally our school is across the street, he goes to school and he comes home; we don’t go out to eat we don’t go to a restaurant; we don’t take him to the grocery store; we keep him at home; we are all in prisoned by his condition.

Sid:  Okay, by 1999 Karen, you begin attending a Spirit Filled Bible study, you become Spirit filled and you find out about a deliverance team called “Gospel Revelation Ministries.”  Tell me about that.

Karen: Oh, it was just amazing and in January of ’99 this lady that was one of my clients invited me to her Bible study.  And I was raised in church, I grew up Southern Baptist, had never not gone to church because my relationship with God was sort of fear based.  I thought that God was sort of waiting for you to mess up so He could bonk you on the head and I thought we had to act right, be in good with God.  And since most of my life I didn’t act right, I was pretty sure that I wasn’t in good with God.  And so I started attending this Bible study and they were speaking in tongues; they were raising their hands and worshiping the Lord and there was just this freedom there and it was true.  It was new to me I had never seen it but it was truth and I wanted that, I wanted to have freedom; I wanted to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  And she did a Bible study for us which was amazing and she very quickly told me that there was a deliverance team out of Plano that came to Austin for about six weeks jaunts and they would just see families back to back that had any issues that needed intensive prayer.  I didn’t know what it was but I just figured that I definitely needed it.  I knew that I had a life time of baggage and if I could just reconcile all of my past then, then then I would be able to raise this handicapped child.  Yeah, that’s what God wants me to do; He wants me to be this great handicapped child advocate.  So I signed up for personnel ministry and I met the team March 29, 1999 and their first opening was July of ’99 so I went through personnel ministry.  I thought that it would take ten or fifteen minutes, it took about eight hours.  They teach that adults have little resistance that owns their own behaviors and what becomes roots and strongholds in their lives.  But we went through, I went through deliverance and the team prayed and that all those that were attacking me that held on to me were strongholds and would have to go in Jesus name to the dry places.  And I felt like I could do this and at the very end of the ministry, Sheila Ramsey whose the head of the team, she put her arm on my arm and patted me and she said “I believe that the Lord is saying that we can take James through deliverance for autism.  And bless her heart; I am sure I went “Ah.”

Sid Roth: I’ll tell you what, we’re out of time right now but Mishpochah a miracle happens, her son gets totally healed, I mean totally healed.  … Whatever impossible and it was an impossible situation, whatever impossible situation you’re facing there’s hope for you.

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