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Sid Roth welcomes Julie True

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Sid:  Well, Mishpochah you know that I’m on a quest for greater, and greater, and greater, and greater, and greater, and greater intimacy with God.  And I’ve never been on drugs, I’ve never been an alcoholic, but I can imagine I have that same compulsion that a heroin addict would have.  I cannot get enough; I want to sell my whole life out to serving the living God.  And every once in awhile I get a music CD, then I start using as my personal soaking music, and I’ve got one now that is doing things for me like no other music has. I want the same thing to happen to you.  I have artist on the telephone right now at her home in Franklin, Tennessee.  Her name if Julie True, and her CD is called “Healing Love,” subtitled “An Interactive Healing Experience.”  And that what my objective is with radio and television, I want it to be interactive I don’t want it to be entertainment sport.  I want it to accomplish things in your life when you’re listening to us either myself, or Julie True, we are going to say something that’s going to change the destiny of your life, it’s going to cause you from going to the right go to the left.  Julie I didn’t even know all the details about this CD because I’ve known James Goll a long time and you were actually at his teaching which then became a book called “Angelic Encounters.”  And you were leading worship.  Tell me the whole story behind this CD because I mean the CD I can just play and people will realize what I’m saying I don’t have to explain it to them.  But tell me the story behind the story.

Julie:  My husband and I have been part of James and Michal Ann Goll’s ministry for the last 3 or 4 years in a real focused way. I was asked to do the soaking time and the worship time at this class that was going to go on for several weeks.  And so any way we just sort of as a thought right before it started we decided to record it.  And there was – everything just fell into place so. We really had in mind that we were going to record some of the songs that I’ve written and that I use in ministry time and you know that’s what we were intending to do, but as I sang my heart in between the known songs what ended up happening was that really what we felt like God’s heart was, was in the spontaneous songs that came from the heart.  What I mean by my spontaneous I just mean there are just songs that I sing in that moment and it was and you know just spirit to spirit.  And so that’s how what this is a compilation of the songs that we pulled out of those weeks of recording and just put them together in a form where we were hoping that it would make it where people could soak and rest and have a meditative type atmosphere to open up their spirit to God.

Sid:  Well you know a picture’s worth a thousand words, I want to play a selection from your CD.  And this is called “Angel’s We Invite You” and since the conference itself that then became a book was on angelic encounters; I’m just curious is feedback you’re getting, are you getting much feedback on this particular song, “Angels We Invite You?”  I would think you would.

Julie:  Oh yes that’s, I get more feedback on that song than any other song on the CD.  And a lot of people are using it.  They put it on repeat that one song and they leave it playing in their house and just invite the angels in.  It’s very simple song, but it’s just to invite the angels in and have had lots of reports from people having angelic visitations in their homes so; and in prayer meetings and soaking times and all kinds of places.

Sid:  Well let’s hear a little bit maybe we’ll hear a little bit more, but this is so rich that, I can tell you what happens I soak to this music and I lose track of time.  Has anyone else said that to you?

Julie:  Oh yes, there’s definitely takes you into a place, a deep place, that is just, it’s restful and…

Sid:  Well, here are the two words that I feel.  I feel peace, and I feel love.  Have you heard that feedback before?

Julie:  Yes, I have, lots of comments about peace and love and being able to sleep and being able to just receive.

Sid:  What do you mean being able to sleep?

Julie:  Well, one person told me that they had read that the number one desire of people in the world is to be able to have a goodnights sleep and to be at peace, and that’s what they are able to do.  I just had a lady the other day that said, “I wake up a lot of times in the middle of the night and I put this CD on and I am able to sleep.”  And  I had another lady that she had, she—her son has demonic types of things happen and she puts it on and he’s able to rest and sleep to that music.  And babies that are able to sleep…

Sid:  Well, I just better tell our people the 800 # to get this CD before we play it on or maybe they’ll just go to sleep.  No I’m just teasing.  Let’s hear our selection from this very powerful healing love CD, it’s called “Angels We Invite You.”

Julie True Worship excerpt “Angel’s We Invite You”

Sid:  That was a selection called “Angels We Invite You” Julie True’s CD “Healing Love.”  And I really believe, I may do what that woman does that told you that she just puts that on to play that one song over and over except I love the other songs so much.  I would love my home filled with the presence of angels.

Julie:  Yes.

Sid:  Julie, tell me a bit about yourself, have you been singing many years?  Have you been, you play the keyboard, tell me a bit about your history.

Julie:  I grew up with wonderful parents and with a love for God but I was not allowed to play worship music.

Sid:  Well, there really is a devil if you’re not allowed to; I can see why the devil would box you in bit allowing you to play worship music.

Julie:  Well, it’s kind of funny, yeah, we were allowed to play any kind of music except music except worship music with the keyboard.  And so it was…

Sid:  But why was that?  I don’t understand?

Julie:  Well, there is this thought that the verse in the New Testament that says to sing and make melody in your heart to the Lord because it doesn’t mention instruments then they were concerned that was offensive to God.  And so instruments are mentioned in the Old Testament, but it was just one of those things, really it has been something that the devil completely stole from that whole religious thing.

Sid:  But when you look in the Bible and you look at the Jewish roots of the faith you have the most magnificent worship and dance and all these things are being recaptured.  But I understand that when you had an immersion in the Holy Spirit, known as baptism in the Holy Spirit, things changed for you.

Julie:  Oh, totally. We just realized that God was bigger than the sign on our Church building.  I mean that’s kind of what happened we just went WOW!  We’re not confined by the, you know God’s not looking at his people as one little group here, one little group here.  He sees all of His children and then we just got opened up to freedom in Him.

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Sid Roth welcomes Todd Coontz

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. There seems to be extremes. No one wants balance. And when it comes to money there’s an extreme of one group of people that say the only way you can serve God is to be penniless, give everything away and perhaps go to India or China, and live exactly like them. And if you have money you’re not right with God. Then there’s another extreme that says unless you have a top car and a private jet you’re not right with God. What’s the answer, especially with the times we’re coming into? You don’t have to be a prophet to realize that the United States of America is not a nation unto itself. I mean, we’re all connected. And the debt situation, if it wasn’t a government that could print their own money, if it was your business you wouldn’t go to work tomorrow if you owed so much money. And that’s why I asked Todd Coontz to be my guest, because he has spent 20 years in wealth management in the natural arena, and also in the supernatural arena. And I’ve got some questions that are bothering me actually that I need answers to. When I see someone get on religious television and say, “If in the next 24 minutes you’ll send a thousand dollars you will get out of debt,” I have to tell you it’s a big turnoff to me. Does God want every Bible believer to be a millionaire? I want to find these questions out. But Todd Coontz, we met coincidentally. I believe that it was God, and to be candid with you, I would have never done a program like this unless we had met and become friends on a social basis and I began to see the integrity that you walk in. But what I want to find out is a bit about your background. I know that you had a very tough childhood. You were on Ritalin three times a day. You were hyperactive. They didn’t know what to do with you. But at age 10, you had a visitation from God. Tell me about that.

TODD: You know, at the age of 10, I was hyperactive, on Ritalin three times a day. And on a Friday night God saved me, on a Saturday He healed me, and on a Sunday I preached my first message. God called me as a preacher. You know Sid, I was voted least likely to succeed twice. I flunked the second grade twice. I had reading problems, math problems.

SID: You think you have problems. How would you like to start life like that? But Todd had a secret weapon. You know what the secret weapon was? A praying mother. Am I right?

TODD: Oh absolutely. You know, I would come home from school each day and children would be making fun of me. I would come home crying, and my mother would take me in her arms and she would say to me, “Todd, it doesn’t matter what others say about you. You can be anything, you can do anything and nothing can stop you with God on your side.”

SID: I want to go back to your visitation. God actually spoke to you. What did He say?

TODD: I’ll never, never forget it. I was 10 years old laying in the bed, and I looked up and Jesus stood at the foot of my bed, and he began to speak to me, and he said, “Todd, I have called you to be an evangelist.” And he said, “Through your life there will be millions going to the Kingdom of God. Millions will be saved.”

SID: How does a 10-year-old handle a work like that?

TODD: It was supernatural. I’m here today because of that visitation. I cried and could not stop crying. I cried all night long. I went to my mother and told my mother what had happened, and she began to cry. The presence of God was so strong. My reaction was just in tears. That’s the only way I knew how to explain it, because it was such Divine moment. It was a presence enveloped with love, and I could sense, I guess the best way to say it was peace, so peaceful.

SID: We Jewish people have a word for that. It’s called “shalom,” peace. Okay, what about the hyperactivity and the Ritalin three times a day?

TODD: Well you know, like I said, on a Saturday night, I said, “God, if you can save me then you can heal me.” And the preacher said, “Absolutely Todd.” So he prayed with me and my mother, and I got up from that altar and I’ve never taken a pill since. God completely and totally healed me of hyperactivity.

SID: Okay. You’re an adult. You get into financial problems. You’re making, according to my notes, you’re making $800 a month and your expenses are $1500 a month. That’s not as bad as the United States government, but it’s bad. You’re not going to exist. And you got desperate and you prayed to God. What happened?

TODD: It was a horrible time in my life. You have to understand that I was a Christian. I was a believer. I was a preacher at the time. But I remember in my two-bedroom apartment in Aiken, South Carolina, looking at my stack of bills equaling $1500 month, I remember being very, very frustrated. I remember looking up to Heaven and saying, “God, how can someone who has so much give me so little.” And I’ll never forget the Holy Spirit speaking to me and saying, “To get what God has you have to do what God says.” That phrase changed my life because I knew God. I knew Jesus as my savior, but I did not know him as my Jehovah Jireh, as my provider. You know, the Gospel, the Bible has two parts, and I share this when I teach biblical economics God’s way, the person of Jesus and the principles of Jesus. The person of Jesus gets you ready for the next life. His divine principles get you ready for this life. One is the love of God, John 3:16. The other is the law of God, Deuteronomy, Chapter 28. One is the life, one is the king, one is the Kingdom. I knew him as my savior, but I did not know him as my Jehovah Jireh. I was breaking his biblical laws.

SID: Okay, and one thing in particular was tithing.

TODD: Tithing, Malachi, Chapter 3, “Will a man rob God that you rob me of tithes and offerings.” See, my outgo was 1500. My bills were 1500 a month, but my income was only 800 a month. And I said to God, “You don’t need my money. I need it more than you need it. Why would you want—”

SID: Hold that thought. I have an idea that some of you have said the same thing to God. But wait until you find out Todd started following the biblical principles. His life so turned around. I mean, it is amazing. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.

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Our Guest Todd Coontz

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Todd Coontz, and I’m asking him some pretty difficult questions. Todd, what about a widow that gives her last cent because she’s seen someone on television that says, “If you’ll give right now you’ll get out of debt.” She doesn’t get out of debt. She’s penniless now. What would you say to her?

TODD: Well Second Kings, Chapter 4, Verses 1 thru 7 is an illustration just like that. A widow woman who had just a little bit of oil, when she cried out to God, and she was in a desperate scenario, by the way. When she cried to God, God dispatched a man of God, Elisha, who gave her that crazy instruction that often people have heard preachers give, and that was to take the oil, go borrow many vessels, take your two sons, lock yourself in a closet and pour the oil. When she obeyed God, God gave her more than enough. God will often tell you to do something that is very illogical, that seems crazy, but you have to obey. You have to do it by faith. And when you receive by faith, when you give by faith, you receive by faith. And I believe with all of my heart that many people are getting harvest from seeds that they’ve sown that they have not recognized. You don’t always get money when you sow a seed for a harvest.

SID: That’s a very important point. People think that God is heavenly slot machine, but there are so many ways He’s going to give you a harvest from that gift that you give. I’ve got to go to a couple of other questions. The Bible is very clear about the love of money, that it’s more difficult for a wealthy man to get to the Kingdom of Heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. So it’s kind of scary. Why would anyone want to be wealthy?

TODD: Well the key to that verse is the love of money. You don’t have to be wealthy to love money. I’ve met as many poor people who love money as rich people. See, money is neutral. It’s neither good nor bad. Money takes on the personality of the person who has it. You give the Mafia money and evil things are done. You give Al-Qaeda money, evil things are done. You give money to someone like this ministry or to a ministry that’s feeding hungry children, or building orphanages, they take the money and it becomes something good in the hands of good people. Money is neither good nor bad. It takes on the personality of the person who has it. So I believe that God wants to bless us for the sole purpose, for the sole reason, the foundational reason so that we can bring in the End Time harvest of souls, so we can preach the Gospel.

SID: Okay. It seems to me the appeal for money is more moving towards greed as opposed to moving towards expanding God’s Kingdom. What do you feel?

TODD: I believe the foundational reason for sowing into the Kingdom of God, Luke 6:38, Genesis 8:22, Galatians 6:7, Malachi 3, the primary reason is for the furtherance and the preaching of the Gospel. This word “greed”, the only cure for greed is giving. You know, the world has a system that is bankrupt.

SID: I’m going to talk to you. You have large sums of money pouring into your ministry. What do you do with your money? How do you avoid greed?

TODD: Oh that’s a great question. Giving. Last year alone, the ministry provided over a million meals for hungry children. We repair cleft lips for children, provide water to Haitians. I was one of the first persons who had given to this particular, in Japan, when the tsunami hit. Giving is the key.

SID: You got to know Oral Roberts.

TODD: Yes.

SID: The last three years of his life you spent a great deal of time with him.

TODD: Yes.

SID: What would you say is the greatest key that he gave you that you want to tell our people?

TODD: Expectation. If there’s anything that I want to tell you today that you need to get a hold of, is the word “expectation”. Sid, expectation is the breeding ground for miracles. Expectation is the breeding ground for the supernatural. The God that we serve is a God that performs miracles. And I don’t know there at your home what you’re going through, what you’re facing, but expectation is the key. Expectation magnifies your faith. Expectation can limit your faith. Expectation is the heartbeat of faith. If there is anything Dr. Oral Roberts taught me, he taught me expectation. Believe God because He’s a good God. He’s a good God.

SID: You told me something else. The minute Oral gave money, tell me what went on inside of him.

TODD: We were sitting having lunch one day and I said, “Dr. Roberts, what’s one of the greatest secrets you’ve learned about Genesis 8:22, the law of generosity, seed faith?” He said, “That’s easy.” He said, “Sowing a seed for a desired result, naming my seed against a need.” And then he said, “Todd, when I sow my seed I forget about. I never think about it any more.” I said, “You don’t think about it?” He said, “My mind transitions to receiving mode.” He said, “As a farmer sows a seed he now no longer thinks about the seed. He thinks about the harvest.” Dr. Roberts said, “I think about the harvest, I dream about the harvest.” He said, “I look for the harvest.” He said, “Todd, if you don’t look for the harvest it will pass you by.”

SID: Do you realize that without faith you can’t please God? And that’s what Todd is explaining. Now Todd received a tremendous impartation from Dr. Oral Roberts. And I would like Todd to pray for you. I want you to pray the spiritual scales come off of the eyes in reference to money, because we’re coming into a time that there will be a great wealth transfer, but not to everyone, because without faith you can’t please God. And I want that anointing to just penetrate you right now. Would you pray?

TODD: Yes. God has given me a breakthrough anointing, and I want to pray over your life today. I don’t know what you’re going through, what you’re facing. But I’m going to ask God to remove the scales from your eyes and give you a revelation, a revelation that God wants to bless you for the purpose of the Kingdom. Father, we come into your presence today. We understand that you are a covenant God, you are a supernatural God and nothing with you is impossible. I pray now for my friend watching right now by television, I come into a covenant with you there at your home and I decree according to the Word of God that a breakthrough anointing will fall upon your life, the scales would be removed from your eyes, and you would see what you have not seen before. Father, I pray that your blessings will come upon your people according to Deuteronomy 28. I decree it today in Jesus’ name. Amen and amen.

SID: Todd, you have clarified so many points. I believe that as the anointing penetrates and you do what God told Todd to do, you read the Bible and you do what God tells you to do, you will get the same results that Todd has.

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Sid Roth welcomes Vitaliy Fishberg

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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah, his name is Dr. Vitaliy Fishberg, he’s a Russian Jew that had an encounter with Jesus similar to Paul.  For three days and three nights he was so saturated with the Spirit of God; he couldn’t eat, he couldn’t drink. All he could do is fall deeper and deeper and deeper in love with Yeshua; with Jesus.  Now Vitaliy just before I called you, you were in prayer, what happened?

Vitaliy:  Suddenly my mother came and disappeared my prayers and I wasn’t at my best and I said, “Mother, if five minutes I will have recording” but she said, “Now go outside, you have to worship.”  And when I came out from my house I saw huge circular rainbow appeared right above my house.

Sid:  Circular?

Vitaliy:  Yes Sid. Huge circular rainbow appeared and also right before that when I was in prayer angel came to me and angel spoke to me something.  Ha-ha, could I tell you what angel said to me?

Sid:  You better.

Vitaliy:  You know what, actually I was so much encouraged to hear it, angel brought reward of the Lord to me.  And angel said to me, “Now because of this radio program worldwide spiritual atmosphere is about the intimacy with the Lord will change much.”  And each person who have open heart and goodness and seek for intimacy and who are spiritually hungry with the Lord will receive powerful touch through these radio programs.  Their lives will be changed forever anointing makes all the difference it’s not about what they’re saying it’s not about our life it’s about the anointing on the program.  And when I saw the rainbow, actually I received the phone call I from a pastor friend. He’s praying for me right now because I said it was so important and I was waiting so much to have this recording.  This brother Sid, the Lord who I love so much and he called me and he said “You know Vitaliy I saw with my spiritual eyes very clear that you were surrounded with the golden glory all over you.”  “And I feel like waterfall of God’s glory upon you and I saw with Jesus,” this man actually he’s Pentecostal, but he does not see so much visions.  So it was one of his first visions, but he told me that I was surrounded so much by the glory of God and he felt like waterfall of God’s glory upon me and upon you Sid and it’s upon all of our radio listeners.

Sid:  Well, what is normal is about ready to happen on planet earth, what is normal is what we read about in the Bible, what is abnormal and what we see in religion.  It’s time for religion to be normal, and let’s kind of wet their appetite. I know you’ve said to me Vitaliy, and we’ve done special CD of some teaching and prayer of impartation.  But you said to me that your greatest passion is for people to fall more in love with Jesus till literally there is a fire of intimacy when you pray for people and which you did on this special CD that we’re offering.  Tell me some of the miracles that are happening in your life.  Tell me about the woman that needed knee surgery.

Vitaliy:  Actually this year I started see a lot of creative miracles in my ministry and for one woman of our church, I mean many of my people, they are Russian people and they are poor immigrants, they don’t have anything.  They don’t have medical insurances, you know, yes most of them they cannot afford this.  I don’t go into details here but I just say that this woman you don’t have any insurance…

Sid:  In other words, if God doesn’t heal her she’s in trouble.

Vitaliy:  Yes. She was working as a home attendant, very difficult job tried to pay her living you know.  Also she had family in Ukraine who are dying of hunger you know because in the Ukraine the situation so terrible the economical situation is so this poor woman had to work here and also she is almost 70 Sid, and to send money to Ukraine.  And she came to me now she cannot work anymore because she doesn’t have any knee joint so she would have to get to surgery to have another knees.

Sid:  Like another knee replacement,

Vitaliy:  Knee replacement so basically when I pray and not in faith but in Christ’s compassion you know what Sid, I don’t know about you, but I’m young sometimes.  When people say okay I don’t have kidney I have to go to the hematologist, or my liver is shut down completely.  Sometimes I don’t have faith you know, I don’t have faith to pronounce that they be healed in Yeshua Name.  And when I laid my hands I just had strong, strong compassion for this poor woman and for her family.  So when I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, actually nothing has happened, but in three days she started to feel a serious heat and she was sweating all over her body. Basically suddenly she received brand new knees; and if you look at brand new knees.

Sid:  And how long ago was this?

Vitaliy:  Basically it was just two months ago.

Sid:  Well, that sure beats knee surgery I can tell you that, knee replacement surgery, ha-ha.

Vitaliy:  In similar situations it was the kidney’s you know like when people, had kidney failure.

Sid:  Tell me about one that had his kidney restored.

Vitaliy:  Actually I had one man who was severely diabetic you know, and doctor said to him, “You have to go to the hematologist because your kidney not working anymore.  He said, “No, I don’t want to do this” you know. When he came to me and I will just lay my hands in faith I pronounce that God will give him new kidneys and it was done you know.  So now he has totally new kidneys and also many many amazing creative miracles now happening .  And actually you know how it’s happened Sid?

Sid:  How?

Vitaliy:  Suddenly I started to get golden dust on my arms you know and you know actually even many times before I had this golden dust but now it started to appear regularly and this golden dust was coming not from outside; but actually it is funny to say but it was coming from the inside out.

Sid:  I can understand that, I’ve met people that this is like their hair is normal and all of a sudden their hair is filled with gold dust.

Vitaliy:  Ha-ha-ha, also you know what?  Sometimes when I was praying, when I was praying and actually when I saw visions about Israel suddenly I saw so much gold dust on my arms it wasn’t only gold dust but it was golden oil.

Sid:  Now speaking of visions of Israel, in the Bible there is something called translation where someone is in one place and they are translated to another place, or they go in the Spirit to another place.  Has this happened to you?

Vitaliy:  Actually many, many times the Lord Jesus Yeshua appeared to me and most like trance.

Sid:  Yes.

Vitaliy:  And He took me, and I saw myself as a boy and He was calling me, please come with me, I want to show you something interesting.  And we flied to Israel, and I saw the land of Israel and afterward He started to take me different historical moment so I was able to see King David, I was able to see Moses. I was able to see even the Lord Jesus when He was boy, and the moment when He was entering where Jerusalem with the donkey.  Actually that moment I saw very very clear I saw it was a lot of people; it was with palm, palm leaves and His, the disciples of Lord Jesus was not paying much attention of me.  But the Lord Jesus, actually I was standing behind Him He saw me and He was smiling to me, He was pleased by this experience.

Sid:   The experiences that you have that are normal are what is normal in the Bible…

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Sid Roth welcomes Ron & Glenda Pettey

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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to realize that the spirit world is more real than the world that we’re looking at with our natural eyes.  We want everyone everywhere to realize that heaven is real and my guest make heaven and the spirit world so real, I read their book last night.  It’s called “Heaven is Real”, and my guests are Ron and Glen Pettey. Ron literally died on an operating table.  He was having brain surgery and he went to heaven, but before we did this broadcast because Ron has discernment, he can see evil, he can see good he literally I said, Ron what do you see in your room where you’re doing your interview?”  And he said, “I see angels all over the place, and I see evil all over the place.”  Describe what the evil looks like Ron.

Ron:  Well, the angel’s there’s a glow from the neck down, the evil has no glow, it’s dull.

Sid:  And Glenda the minute you heard that there was evil in the room what did you do?

Glenda:  Well, I grabbed the anointing oil, which is a combination of Frankincense and myrrh, and I asked the Lord to just bind these evil spirits and I sent them to the foot of the cross.  This is a new thing for us to step out in this authority.  I had no idea that there were evil spirits in this room; this is a prayer room that we pray over many times, and keep it very pure and clean.  So at any rate those evil spirits are gone now.

Sid:  Ron, will you look into the invisible world in your room and describe to me what you see right now.

Ron:   Nothing but peace. There is a very large angel that is actually a little taller than the doorway, he’s walked back and forth many times, and his head passes through the doorway there.

Glenda:  Right, and he’s been sent as an angel of peace, he’s not either one of our guardian angels he’s an angel on assignment.

Sid:  But you know what’s so wonderful because you have this gift of discernment you can see into the invisible world, you see the reality of anointing with oil in the name of Jesus.

Ron:  That’s right, that’s right.

Glenda:  We’ve seen that many times and the Lord showed it to us several years ago how important it was.

Sid:    Okay, now when Ron had died and had his visitation to heaven that he writes about in the book “Heaven is Real.”  When he came back into his body tell me about that.

Glenda:  Okay, he was in heaven at that point and when it was finally apparent to him that they were not letting him in, that second angel had come back to him and said, “Ron your mission is not complete you’re being sent back and I’m going with you it’s not yet your time, okay.”  Ron immediately said then “I want to see my wife.”

Ron:  Hoping that was a request that they couldn’t fulfill because I didn’t know I was married.

Glenda:  Yeah, he just wanted to throw something out as a last effort to go in.  Well, that angel said, “Okay, that can be arranged.”  Well then the next moment Ron and the angel were hovering in the operating room. Ron looked down and saw his body on the operating table and the angel motioned to him.

Ron:  Get back inside.

Glenda:  And Ron resisted and he looked over and resisted and the angel said, “Now!”

Ron:  He said it in such an affirmative voice that I just, I just obeyed.  I just said, “Okay.”

Glenda:  And then Ron told me he entered from the head, I cannot imagine how this is possible but his spirit reentered his body.  And actually too Ron as you are seeing your body in that room the doctor had actually climbed on top of me on the operating table and he was using the fibulator and I think he had to use those three times.

Ron:  And my guardian angel that was with me I said, “I have to enter that body?”  And you know the way the question, and he said, “Yeah, that’s the body that you belong to.”  Then I said, “Okay” and I went back into my body.  And evidently that’s when the doctor that was on top of me pressed the two paddles to my chest, or wherever, and I came back to life.

Glenda:  Of course I would say that Ron was unconscious from that time on.  The next conscious moment then that he has is one of those visiting moments there in intensive care when I walked through the door. The angel had, you know he had asked the angel “I want to see my wife.”  And they angel had already agreed so then at that point when I walked in the angel just gestured over to me that here she is.

Sid:  Now, because Ron had amnesia what did you think when you saw your wife, did you recognize her?

Ron:  Yes, I did, I mean because my angel said, “Here she is.”  That’s all I knew.  That’s all I knew about her.

Sid:  But you didn’t recognize her by looking at her you recognized her because your angel told you.

Ron:    That’s right, that’s right.  That’s the only way I knew her just because my angel introduced me to her.

Sid:  Now, what did you think when you saw her?

Ron:  Wow! You picked out a good one.

Sid:  Now, you had about ten years of amnesia, tell me about the time Glenda when amnesia disappeared.

Glenda:  We had moved back to Ron’s hometown in Lufkin, Texas and after we had been here just a few years we had joined a little church that was just a very safe place for us to be.  The church had very few programs, very easy place for our family of six to attend. Then one day they had a fish fry planned an outdoor Saturday afternoon fellowship.  That was the very day, one of the days over the ten year period, several times once a year maybe once every two years, Ron would come to me and say, “Hun, where’s your purse?”  And I would not know why he needed my purse, that very Saturday morning he had come to me and said, “Hun, where’s your purse.”  Well, I told him where it was and then moments later her would come back and take my head and say “Glenda, I can’t take the pain anymore, my memories worse”  He had constant headaches, constant head pain.  Well, I would always coax him through this moment by saying “But Hun, remember it’s not your time to go your mission isn’t complete and you have a family here”, and I would pray through that moment, pray through that pain, and he would get over it somewhat and he would recover.

Sid:  But it must have been a very difficult time for you.

Glenda:  It was.

Sid:  I mean, for ten years having a husband that had really no memory.

Glenda:  That’s right and then in bouts of such severe head pain as well.

Sid:  Well, he had difficulty just remembering short term things where things were.

Glenda:  Right, short term and long term. Many times through the ten years I would drag out our wedding book and I would say, “Do you remember our wedding?”  And of course I’m pointing to pictures with us in it.  Well he really couldn’t remember, I could tell by the look on his face he really could not remember those events at all.  At any rate this Saturday morning he did not respond to my prayer and he was getting worse, and that afternoon there was a fish fry planned this Saturday afternoon fellowship.  And it was my last effort to get him out of the house and around people, this was an emotional, spiritual, I would have to say spiritual emergency.  I felt like this was not a physical emergency, paramedics would not have helped or a surgeon; this was something else I just needed the help of other people.  Well we went to event; after were there a few hours he was no better. I was getting worried that we were getting returning home in the same shape that we had come.  Well, the event was catfish had been prepared, fried, lots of fried catfish.  All the members had brought salads and desserts, a beautiful spread of food, and Ron is diabetic from trauma from the pain surgeries at this point.  He had had his insulin shot and I said Honey you’ve got to eat and people were even beginning to come back for seconds he had resisted so long.  Well, as he was going down the serving line he came to a big white turkey platter with a little fried flounder on it that was just there as a joke to the pastor’s wife and when he saw that flounder…

Ron:  I said, “That is a flounder, I have been floundering”, and at in that instant the Lord opened my head up took the headache out and poured the memory back in.  I can remember so distinctly looking at Glenda and for the first time in ten years I called her by name because I normally call Hun or something like that.  And I looked at her and said “Glenda, it’s back” and at that instant it was just glorious.

Glenda:  Glorious I’ll have to say.  He revealed to me that afternoon that evening that when he had asked for my purse he knew that my driver’s license would have my name.  So he was going to read the license to read my name so that he could come back and actually call my name.  I never knew that in those years before that why we always had this scenario of asking for my purse than coming back in and telling me how bad his pain was.

Sid:  What did it mean to you when you realized that he had his memory back?

Glenda:  Oh, it was unbelievable.  He was standing straight and tall just glowing.  He said, Glenda, its back.  And people around heard him say that.  And they looked over and he looked ten years younger it was incredible, it was the most amazing moment I would have to say, just the most…

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