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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to realize that the spirit world is more real than the world that we’re looking at with our natural eyes.  We want everyone everywhere to realize that heaven is real and my guest make heaven and the spirit world so real, I read their book last night.  It’s called “Heaven is Real”, and my guests are Ron and Glen Pettey. Ron literally died on an operating table.  He was having brain surgery and he went to heaven, but before we did this broadcast because Ron has discernment, he can see evil, he can see good he literally I said, Ron what do you see in your room where you’re doing your interview?”  And he said, “I see angels all over the place, and I see evil all over the place.”  Describe what the evil looks like Ron.

Ron:  Well, the angel’s there’s a glow from the neck down, the evil has no glow, it’s dull.

Sid:  And Glenda the minute you heard that there was evil in the room what did you do?

Glenda:  Well, I grabbed the anointing oil, which is a combination of Frankincense and myrrh, and I asked the Lord to just bind these evil spirits and I sent them to the foot of the cross.  This is a new thing for us to step out in this authority.  I had no idea that there were evil spirits in this room; this is a prayer room that we pray over many times, and keep it very pure and clean.  So at any rate those evil spirits are gone now.

Sid:  Ron, will you look into the invisible world in your room and describe to me what you see right now.

Ron:   Nothing but peace. There is a very large angel that is actually a little taller than the doorway, he’s walked back and forth many times, and his head passes through the doorway there.

Glenda:  Right, and he’s been sent as an angel of peace, he’s not either one of our guardian angels he’s an angel on assignment.

Sid:  But you know what’s so wonderful because you have this gift of discernment you can see into the invisible world, you see the reality of anointing with oil in the name of Jesus.

Ron:  That’s right, that’s right.

Glenda:  We’ve seen that many times and the Lord showed it to us several years ago how important it was.

Sid:    Okay, now when Ron had died and had his visitation to heaven that he writes about in the book “Heaven is Real.”  When he came back into his body tell me about that.

Glenda:  Okay, he was in heaven at that point and when it was finally apparent to him that they were not letting him in, that second angel had come back to him and said, “Ron your mission is not complete you’re being sent back and I’m going with you it’s not yet your time, okay.”  Ron immediately said then “I want to see my wife.”

Ron:  Hoping that was a request that they couldn’t fulfill because I didn’t know I was married.

Glenda:  Yeah, he just wanted to throw something out as a last effort to go in.  Well, that angel said, “Okay, that can be arranged.”  Well then the next moment Ron and the angel were hovering in the operating room. Ron looked down and saw his body on the operating table and the angel motioned to him.

Ron:  Get back inside.

Glenda:  And Ron resisted and he looked over and resisted and the angel said, “Now!”

Ron:  He said it in such an affirmative voice that I just, I just obeyed.  I just said, “Okay.”

Glenda:  And then Ron told me he entered from the head, I cannot imagine how this is possible but his spirit reentered his body.  And actually too Ron as you are seeing your body in that room the doctor had actually climbed on top of me on the operating table and he was using the fibulator and I think he had to use those three times.

Ron:  And my guardian angel that was with me I said, “I have to enter that body?”  And you know the way the question, and he said, “Yeah, that’s the body that you belong to.”  Then I said, “Okay” and I went back into my body.  And evidently that’s when the doctor that was on top of me pressed the two paddles to my chest, or wherever, and I came back to life.

Glenda:  Of course I would say that Ron was unconscious from that time on.  The next conscious moment then that he has is one of those visiting moments there in intensive care when I walked through the door. The angel had, you know he had asked the angel “I want to see my wife.”  And they angel had already agreed so then at that point when I walked in the angel just gestured over to me that here she is.

Sid:  Now, because Ron had amnesia what did you think when you saw your wife, did you recognize her?

Ron:  Yes, I did, I mean because my angel said, “Here she is.”  That’s all I knew.  That’s all I knew about her.

Sid:  But you didn’t recognize her by looking at her you recognized her because your angel told you.

Ron:    That’s right, that’s right.  That’s the only way I knew her just because my angel introduced me to her.

Sid:  Now, what did you think when you saw her?

Ron:  Wow! You picked out a good one.

Sid:  Now, you had about ten years of amnesia, tell me about the time Glenda when amnesia disappeared.

Glenda:  We had moved back to Ron’s hometown in Lufkin, Texas and after we had been here just a few years we had joined a little church that was just a very safe place for us to be.  The church had very few programs, very easy place for our family of six to attend. Then one day they had a fish fry planned an outdoor Saturday afternoon fellowship.  That was the very day, one of the days over the ten year period, several times once a year maybe once every two years, Ron would come to me and say, “Hun, where’s your purse?”  And I would not know why he needed my purse, that very Saturday morning he had come to me and said, “Hun, where’s your purse.”  Well, I told him where it was and then moments later her would come back and take my head and say “Glenda, I can’t take the pain anymore, my memories worse”  He had constant headaches, constant head pain.  Well, I would always coax him through this moment by saying “But Hun, remember it’s not your time to go your mission isn’t complete and you have a family here”, and I would pray through that moment, pray through that pain, and he would get over it somewhat and he would recover.

Sid:  But it must have been a very difficult time for you.

Glenda:  It was.

Sid:  I mean, for ten years having a husband that had really no memory.

Glenda:  That’s right and then in bouts of such severe head pain as well.

Sid:  Well, he had difficulty just remembering short term things where things were.

Glenda:  Right, short term and long term. Many times through the ten years I would drag out our wedding book and I would say, “Do you remember our wedding?”  And of course I’m pointing to pictures with us in it.  Well he really couldn’t remember, I could tell by the look on his face he really could not remember those events at all.  At any rate this Saturday morning he did not respond to my prayer and he was getting worse, and that afternoon there was a fish fry planned this Saturday afternoon fellowship.  And it was my last effort to get him out of the house and around people, this was an emotional, spiritual, I would have to say spiritual emergency.  I felt like this was not a physical emergency, paramedics would not have helped or a surgeon; this was something else I just needed the help of other people.  Well we went to event; after were there a few hours he was no better. I was getting worried that we were getting returning home in the same shape that we had come.  Well, the event was catfish had been prepared, fried, lots of fried catfish.  All the members had brought salads and desserts, a beautiful spread of food, and Ron is diabetic from trauma from the pain surgeries at this point.  He had had his insulin shot and I said Honey you’ve got to eat and people were even beginning to come back for seconds he had resisted so long.  Well, as he was going down the serving line he came to a big white turkey platter with a little fried flounder on it that was just there as a joke to the pastor’s wife and when he saw that flounder…

Ron:  I said, “That is a flounder, I have been floundering”, and at in that instant the Lord opened my head up took the headache out and poured the memory back in.  I can remember so distinctly looking at Glenda and for the first time in ten years I called her by name because I normally call Hun or something like that.  And I looked at her and said “Glenda, it’s back” and at that instant it was just glorious.

Glenda:  Glorious I’ll have to say.  He revealed to me that afternoon that evening that when he had asked for my purse he knew that my driver’s license would have my name.  So he was going to read the license to read my name so that he could come back and actually call my name.  I never knew that in those years before that why we always had this scenario of asking for my purse than coming back in and telling me how bad his pain was.

Sid:  What did it mean to you when you realized that he had his memory back?

Glenda:  Oh, it was unbelievable.  He was standing straight and tall just glowing.  He said, Glenda, its back.  And people around heard him say that.  And they looked over and he looked ten years younger it was incredible, it was the most amazing moment I would have to say, just the most…

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