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Sid Roth welcomes Vitaliy Fishberg

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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah, his name is Dr. Vitaliy Fishberg, he’s a Russian Jew that had an encounter with Jesus similar to Paul.  For three days and three nights he was so saturated with the Spirit of God; he couldn’t eat, he couldn’t drink. All he could do is fall deeper and deeper and deeper in love with Yeshua; with Jesus.  Now Vitaliy just before I called you, you were in prayer, what happened?

Vitaliy:  Suddenly my mother came and disappeared my prayers and I wasn’t at my best and I said, “Mother, if five minutes I will have recording” but she said, “Now go outside, you have to worship.”  And when I came out from my house I saw huge circular rainbow appeared right above my house.

Sid:  Circular?

Vitaliy:  Yes Sid. Huge circular rainbow appeared and also right before that when I was in prayer angel came to me and angel spoke to me something.  Ha-ha, could I tell you what angel said to me?

Sid:  You better.

Vitaliy:  You know what, actually I was so much encouraged to hear it, angel brought reward of the Lord to me.  And angel said to me, “Now because of this radio program worldwide spiritual atmosphere is about the intimacy with the Lord will change much.”  And each person who have open heart and goodness and seek for intimacy and who are spiritually hungry with the Lord will receive powerful touch through these radio programs.  Their lives will be changed forever anointing makes all the difference it’s not about what they’re saying it’s not about our life it’s about the anointing on the program.  And when I saw the rainbow, actually I received the phone call I from a pastor friend. He’s praying for me right now because I said it was so important and I was waiting so much to have this recording.  This brother Sid, the Lord who I love so much and he called me and he said “You know Vitaliy I saw with my spiritual eyes very clear that you were surrounded with the golden glory all over you.”  “And I feel like waterfall of God’s glory upon you and I saw with Jesus,” this man actually he’s Pentecostal, but he does not see so much visions.  So it was one of his first visions, but he told me that I was surrounded so much by the glory of God and he felt like waterfall of God’s glory upon me and upon you Sid and it’s upon all of our radio listeners.

Sid:  Well, what is normal is about ready to happen on planet earth, what is normal is what we read about in the Bible, what is abnormal and what we see in religion.  It’s time for religion to be normal, and let’s kind of wet their appetite. I know you’ve said to me Vitaliy, and we’ve done special CD of some teaching and prayer of impartation.  But you said to me that your greatest passion is for people to fall more in love with Jesus till literally there is a fire of intimacy when you pray for people and which you did on this special CD that we’re offering.  Tell me some of the miracles that are happening in your life.  Tell me about the woman that needed knee surgery.

Vitaliy:  Actually this year I started see a lot of creative miracles in my ministry and for one woman of our church, I mean many of my people, they are Russian people and they are poor immigrants, they don’t have anything.  They don’t have medical insurances, you know, yes most of them they cannot afford this.  I don’t go into details here but I just say that this woman you don’t have any insurance…

Sid:  In other words, if God doesn’t heal her she’s in trouble.

Vitaliy:  Yes. She was working as a home attendant, very difficult job tried to pay her living you know.  Also she had family in Ukraine who are dying of hunger you know because in the Ukraine the situation so terrible the economical situation is so this poor woman had to work here and also she is almost 70 Sid, and to send money to Ukraine.  And she came to me now she cannot work anymore because she doesn’t have any knee joint so she would have to get to surgery to have another knees.

Sid:  Like another knee replacement,

Vitaliy:  Knee replacement so basically when I pray and not in faith but in Christ’s compassion you know what Sid, I don’t know about you, but I’m young sometimes.  When people say okay I don’t have kidney I have to go to the hematologist, or my liver is shut down completely.  Sometimes I don’t have faith you know, I don’t have faith to pronounce that they be healed in Yeshua Name.  And when I laid my hands I just had strong, strong compassion for this poor woman and for her family.  So when I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, actually nothing has happened, but in three days she started to feel a serious heat and she was sweating all over her body. Basically suddenly she received brand new knees; and if you look at brand new knees.

Sid:  And how long ago was this?

Vitaliy:  Basically it was just two months ago.

Sid:  Well, that sure beats knee surgery I can tell you that, knee replacement surgery, ha-ha.

Vitaliy:  In similar situations it was the kidney’s you know like when people, had kidney failure.

Sid:  Tell me about one that had his kidney restored.

Vitaliy:  Actually I had one man who was severely diabetic you know, and doctor said to him, “You have to go to the hematologist because your kidney not working anymore.  He said, “No, I don’t want to do this” you know. When he came to me and I will just lay my hands in faith I pronounce that God will give him new kidneys and it was done you know.  So now he has totally new kidneys and also many many amazing creative miracles now happening .  And actually you know how it’s happened Sid?

Sid:  How?

Vitaliy:  Suddenly I started to get golden dust on my arms you know and you know actually even many times before I had this golden dust but now it started to appear regularly and this golden dust was coming not from outside; but actually it is funny to say but it was coming from the inside out.

Sid:  I can understand that, I’ve met people that this is like their hair is normal and all of a sudden their hair is filled with gold dust.

Vitaliy:  Ha-ha-ha, also you know what?  Sometimes when I was praying, when I was praying and actually when I saw visions about Israel suddenly I saw so much gold dust on my arms it wasn’t only gold dust but it was golden oil.

Sid:  Now speaking of visions of Israel, in the Bible there is something called translation where someone is in one place and they are translated to another place, or they go in the Spirit to another place.  Has this happened to you?

Vitaliy:  Actually many, many times the Lord Jesus Yeshua appeared to me and most like trance.

Sid:  Yes.

Vitaliy:  And He took me, and I saw myself as a boy and He was calling me, please come with me, I want to show you something interesting.  And we flied to Israel, and I saw the land of Israel and afterward He started to take me different historical moment so I was able to see King David, I was able to see Moses. I was able to see even the Lord Jesus when He was boy, and the moment when He was entering where Jerusalem with the donkey.  Actually that moment I saw very very clear I saw it was a lot of people; it was with palm, palm leaves and His, the disciples of Lord Jesus was not paying much attention of me.  But the Lord Jesus, actually I was standing behind Him He saw me and He was smiling to me, He was pleased by this experience.

Sid:   The experiences that you have that are normal are what is normal in the Bible…

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