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Our Guest SJ Hill

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SJ Hill

Sid:  You know when you think about a family you think about love, you think about envy aspect of love.  And there is a love relationship that many of you want, many of you intellectually understand but you’ve never made that leap of experiencing God’s love, of experiencing His heart.  That’s why I’m so excited about my guest teacher this week SJ Hill. I’m speaking to him from Kauai, Hawaii in a city called Princeville.  And I’ve got his latest book it’s called “Burning Desire” subtitled “The Story of God’s Jealous Love for You.”  And on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about that most people think that God of the Old Covenant is so different than the God of the New Testament.  They’re wrong of course, and they don’t even understand the romance that is going on.  Would you teach a little about that SJ?

SJ: Sure as I said yesterday I believe human history as we know it began with a wedding and human history as we know it is going to conclude with one. And with our western world view it’s just hard to picture the Bible as this eternal sacred romance. And I use the word romance in its purest sense, I don’t think we should have all kinds of hang ups about that word because it was God’s idea for a man and a woman to experience romance and passion and to me it’s not insignificant that in Ephesians Chapter 5 the Body of Christ, the Church, is actually referred to as the bride.  But any way what transpired between Adam and Eve has tremendous prophetic significance.  To me it’s no small thing that the Apostle Paul referred to Jesus, Yeshua, as the last Adam because what was going on in Genesis Chapter 2 was so much more than just that that spoke of a love relationship between the first original couple.  You know for example God the Father put Adam to sleep and from his open side came forth a bride.  We look down through the centuries and during a period in history God the Father put His own unique Son Yeshua to death and from His open wounded side on the cross came forth the bride, the Body of Believers.  I think it’s incredibly significant what was taking place in the garden and what would be fulfilled in the life of Jesus.  I mean there’s so much more to this you know II Corinthians 11 says that “Eve was deceived and not Adam.” Yet Adam couldn’t stand the thought of living without her so with his eyes opened he followed her into death.  And in a very similar way Jesus was not deceived he wasn’t seduced by the sin of the world but because He couldn’t stand the thought of living without us forever He followed us into death, paid the ultimate bride price so that we could live with Him and enjoy Him forever.  And the theme continues, I mean as you go into Genesis chapter 24 and you’re introduced to the story of Isaac and Rebecca it’s a beautiful type and shadow of what was fulfilled through Yeshua. You know just to highlight a couple of things about that story, a story that actually took place.  Abraham send his servant into another country to find a bride for his unique son Isaac and without going into a lot of detail the servant brought with him gifts and there was a certain criteria that had to be fulfilled. And Rebecca met the criteria and to make a long story short her parents gave her permission to go with Abraham’s servant into a place she had never been before to meet someone she had never seen before to be married to him. And I just absolutely love that story because it so reminds me of what we experience as believer’s in Yeshua.  Father God has sent the Holy Spirit into another country into the earth, He’s come bearing gifts and He’s now choosing a bride for Father’s unique Son Jesus from both Jews and Gentiles.  And we’re now on a journey Sid, we’re going someplace we’ve never been before to meet this one we’ve never seen before but the Holy Spirit has been warming our hearts to the beauty of this God-man Yeshua and even though we’ve never seen Him before; even though we’ve never met Him our hearts even now are burning and longing to see Him face to face.  And we’re going to a place to be married to someone that we have never seen yet this One who has touched us deeply,  and keeps egging us on. You know and as you continue through the scriptures you have the story of Boaz and Ruth which is a beautiful story of how God the Father was going to open up the good news to Gentile people and allow Gentile people from all the nations of the earth to make up a part of the bride.  The whole book of Hosea is a very graphic picturesque illustration of God’s marriage to Israel and how her adultery and unfaithfulness grieved his heart and so he calls on one of his friends Hosea to actually marry Gomer, a woman given to harlotry. And I honestly believe that he fell in love with her because he had to feel to some degree the broken heart of God when Gomer betrayed him.  But all that toke place in that book is such a dynamic illustration of God’s burning heart because when Gomer left Hosea the word of the Lord comes to him and says “I want you to go and redeem her, I want you to go and buy her back because this is what I’m going to do to My wife Israel.”  And then I love the prophetic language of Hosea chapter 2; I believe it’s a word for us today.  He said “You will no longer call me master, but you will call me Husband; I’m going to lead you into the desert, I’m going to speak to your heart, I will give you your song back and in that day you will no longer call me Master, but you will call me Husband.  And the word Master there is from the word Baal and that word can mean Husband but it means Husband in the sense of Lord, or Master.  It’s not a good term in other words, we’re talking about a cruel task master so what God is saying is “I don’t want you to compare Me to the Baal’s of the other nations, I’m not a hard cruel task master, your still scared of Me but you still don’t understand my passion, my consuming fire of love.  Your misunderstanding my  judgments and there is coming a day when you will call me Husband as your heart is melted by the revelation of My beauty and My love for you and You will no longer try to serve Me out of fear.  And so as I look at the Older Covenant Sid I just keep falling in love with the Torah, with the scriptures, I just…

Sid: And you know what’s coming to mind “Have you ever had occasion to teach God’s love for the Jew in Israel from the perspective of what you’re speaking from Hosea to a Jewish person that doesn’t believe in Jesus?

SJ: You know I never have, but my heart burns to do that.

Sid: I can see you doing that and I can see you really fulfilling the scriptures of provoking the Jew to jealousy.  You know SJ some Gentile Christians can listen to our discussion and actually feel second class and that’s why I love the parable of the prodigal son. And I see the older brother as a type of the Gentile Church that’s been working so hard for 2000 years and the father is a type of God the Father, and the younger brother that squandered his inheritance is a type of the Jewish people. And when that Jewish person comes back there is a bit of a jealousy and a rivalry that is going on, and actually in a sense I can see the heart of the older brother he’s been working so hard and now the big fuss, what’s this big fuss over the Jewish son that’s coming home.  And the great love the Father has for this Jewish Son and I can see the father who is a type of God the Father looking in the eyes of the older son and he’s saying “Son why are you jealous” and this is an exact quote from the parable he says.  “Everything I have is yours.”  I’ve got to say that again,

SJ: (Laughing)

Sid: “Everything I have is yours.”  SJ I just think we can’t grasp the love of God can we?

SJ: No we can’t, no even before we were talking on the radio today I’m saying to Father “You know who is even qualified to even talk about Your fathomless love? It just blows you away, but I love that slant on the prodigal son I’ve never heard that before but if you don’t mind I’m going to use that.

Sid: Go for it in fact I’ll send you a copy of my book the “The Race to Save the World” in which that’s in there. But I’m very, very interested in your book “Burning Desire.” My passion is in fact this morning I was saying something similar to you I was saying “God, I don’t love You enough, I want to fulfill the Shemah.  I want to love You with all of my heart, with all of my soul, with all of my strength but I can’t do it unless You help me.  Yet your book the story of God’s jealous love for you I believe is a catalyst for that.  Have you gotten feedback from others?

SJ: Yes, people love the book, it’s an easy read it tackles some pretty tough issues but it’s simply written, and as I said earlier “I just really think that this is going to open up the older covenant, the scriptures.

Sid: Listen, I believe it’s going to totally cause anyone that reads this to rethink their traditional unfortunately Greco-Roman mentality.  It’s going to change, it’s going to be a whole new paradigm for them and they’re going to fall in Love with God!  They are going to be partake of this great divine romance.

SJ: Absolutely.

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Our Guest Karen Wheaton

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Do you know, it’s going to be so natural to walk in the supernatural that we are going to see the same works that Jesus did and that’s when he said, “Even greater works.” I have a problem and I need God’s help with this problem. Now some people say, Sid, you really have problems. No. I need God’s help with this particular problem. My guest is Karen Wheaton and I was talking with her at dinner, and this woman has so many amazing supernatural experiences with God. I want her to share them. But this woman is such a broken vessel being used for God that when she sings the Glory of God will go right into your living room, right into this studio. So what to do. God help. You know Karen, the Bible says that the gentile believers will provoke the Jew to jealousy. You don’t realize this, but you are so provoking me to jealousy. Listen to this. Five generations of parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, all the way back five generations that know God and believe in the miraculous. Tell me one quick story about your mother’s favorite miracle or the one that was your favorite that you heard about.

KAREN: My mother has had so many miracles. When my sister was two years old, she was dying in a hospital in Michigan. And Mother saw the condition of her little girl. She said that she turned around, went to the house, opened the basement door to go downstairs, made up her mind. She said, Mother said, “When I opened that door, with every step I took walking down to the basement, I thought to myself it does not matter how many days I’m in this basement. It doesn’t matter how many meals I miss, I will not come out of this basement until I have a miracle.” And she said the amazing thing was that it didn’t take days, even though her mind was made up for days. She said, “When my knees touched the floor the Holy Ghost came and spoke through my mouth and said, ‘I’ve come to thee.'” She said, “I got up and went back to the hospital and my little girl asked for a drink of water, and was healed miraculously by the power of God.”

SID: That’s normal. I wish the whole world was normal, normal as defined by the Bible. When you were eight years old, you started speaking in supernatural languages. Describe to me in just a moment what you felt like.

KAREN: I saw my mother, my grandmother filled with the Holy Spirit. I wanted that power in my life. And as an eight-year-old child I sought Him on a Sunday night, on a June summer night in Hamilton, Alabama, with my hands lifted in that altar, I can remember like it was last night, Sid, with tears rolling down my face, with a hunger saying, “Oh God, fill me with the Holy Ghost. Fill me with the Holy Spirit.” I had a little lady sitting next to me going, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. I didn’t know anything about that. You got to be raised traditional.

SID: No, you have to be Jewish. Hallelujah, praise the Lord.

KAREN: [laughing] All right. You got me. I can tell you this though. Jesus said, “Out of your belly would flow a river of living water.” And let me tell you, children don’t get a junior Holy Ghost. They get the same spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead. I can tell you the moment he came into me and he began to flow through me like a river, I spoke in a language not my own, but a language of the Spirit.

SID: Did you hear that? Eight years of age. I’m going to release you to worship God with every fiber of your being. The song is, “I Have to Believe.” And you see, the words that you’re going to hear are a necessity for you. I have to believe because everything that I have seen that God has done for me. Karen Wheaton, “I Have to Believe.”

KAREN: [music, singing]: I have to believe that He sees my darkness. I have to believe. He knows my pain. I have to lift up. My hands to worship, worship. His name I have to declare  that He is my refuge. I have to deny that I am alone, I have to lift up my eyes to the mountain. It’s where my help comes from. Oh yeah. He said that He’s forever faithful. He said that He’s forever true. He said that He can move mountains. If He can move mountains He can move my mountain. He can move your mountain, too. Oh, I have to stand tall when the wind blows me over. I have to stand strong. When I’m weak and afraid, I have to grab hold, ahold of the garments, the garments of praise. I know, I know, I know ’cause He said that He’s forever faithful and He said that He’s forever true. He said that He can move mountains. If He can move mountains. He can move my mountain, He can move your mountain, too.  I have to sing praise when the hour is midnight. He unlocks these chains that bind up my soul, my sin and my shame. He has forgiven and made me whole. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, cause He said that He’s forever faithful, and He said that He’s forever true. He said that He can move mountains, He said that He can move mountains, He said that He can move mountains. If He can move mountains He can move my mountain. He can move your mountain, too…

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Our Guest Misty Edwards

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Sid: Now if Misty Edwards who I’ve been talking to all this week is an example of the young people out at IHOP you’re really raising a wonderful generation of believers.  But Misty where did you get such a love for the Jewish people?

Misty: Oh, this is one of my favorite topics I love the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.  As I began to study you know the word of God after I joined the House of Prayer; I grew up kind of … I wasn’t what I call replacement theology I was more like don’t think about it theology; I never thought about Israel it was never in my conversation, it was never a sermon that I heard.  So whenever I started the house of prayer I started reading the scripture for the first time really in my life you know from Genesis to Revelation Israel is everywhere, I mean it’s everywhere and so essential.  And then the more I began to study specifically the end-time plan of God it’s just centered around Israel.  Israel is a stage and so you know Israel is the doorway in which Jesus is going to return to the planet. And in my love and in my zeal for Jesus I began to love His family and the doorway He chose to come the first time and the second time.

Sid: Well, I’ll tell you something that impresses me most Christians don’t get it, but then those that get it don’t go far enough they do what I’m very pleased because I have dual citizenship, I’m an Israeli as well as an American.  They have bless Israel nights and they pack it with Christians and Jews, but they kind of agree not to talk about there’s only name given unto men in which we must be saved the name of Jesus.  And now is the time to be talking about that. I’m impressed that you and the people of IHOP pray for the salvation of Israel.

Misty: Yes.

Sid: Why is that so important to you?

Misty: Oh, I think that’s central because it’s the remnant of Israel who love Yeshua and are crying out “Come Lord Jesus return” that will bring Him back to the planet.  I mean it’s Jesus that’s coming back and you know that if a Jewish person doesn’t love Jesus there is no other way to eternal salvation.  And so love for them, I want them to know their Messiah as God.  And so praying for the salvation of Israel I believe is one of the primary reasons the Lord is raising up a worldwide worship and prayer movement, it’s a global movement.  It’s far bigger than just Kansas City, but all across the earth the Lord is raising up a company of people who are like watchmen on the wall crying out for the salvation of Israel and also willing to lay down their lives for the sake of this salvation.

Sid: Well, you know in the…we were talking yesterday about Matthew 25. Matthew 25 talks about the separation of goats and sheep.  Goat nations and sheep nations, sheep nations follows the shepherd the goat has a mind of his own.  And the bottom line as I read that and it just exploded in me was “What makes a nation or an individual a sheep nation; what makes an individual a goat or a sheep?”  And this is what Jesus says in Matthew 25:40 “As you have done unto the least of one of these my brethren you’ve done unto me.” And I looked up the word brethren and it means “His brothers and sisters from the womb”, the Jewish people. So I believe the dividing line of phony believers and authentic believer in the last days will be a true Biblical understanding and heart for the Jewish people in Israel.

Misty: I agree with that and I believe because it’s offensive to a lot of believers; offensive that Jesus chose one people you know.  It offense the mind, it offends the heart and the Lord says “Are you really in it for Me; like do you really have an allegiance to Me and if you do then you will love who I have chosen; you will agree with Me if it comes down to His Lordship and His right to choose and His right to choose the people that He chose.  So I believe it is the dividing line and those of us who love Jesus will love what He’s doing.  And just in more of an emotional way these are His real brethren His flesh and blood so why wouldn’t we love, why wouldn’t we stand with His flesh and blood?

Sid:  We’re coming to the wrap up here’s a young girl you knew life was short you have to believe it’s even shorter now that you are in your 30’s.  Tell me why is it people don’t talk about the day of the Lord and Jesus the judge. I mean that’s not politically popular in churches today.

Misty: It’s not I believe there is a lot of misunderstanding around you know the face of Jesus the judge.  A lot of people think you know all of that judgment has already occurred but if you read those passages I mean it’s so…if you take them at face value it’s so clear what’s coming to the planet. And His zeal to bring forth His kingdom of love you know he’s going to eradicate the earth as evil, of pride of arrogance and He’s going to exalt the humble and He’s going to set up His throne in Jerusalem and rule the universe from Jerusalem and that’s going to be not an easy take over.  He’s not going to just wave His hand and do that you know He’s coming as a man; as a warrior to fight on behalf of the poor and fight for Israel.  And it’s going to be an intense transition but I believe it’s literal and it’s going to happen.

Sid: Do you believe that you’re going to be alive when Jesus returns.

Misty: Oh, I would hope so; you know I…

Sid: I mean is this the generation?

Misty: I believe that it’s my generation, maybe the next ones right under me, but I have a sense this generation. I haven’t had a thus sayeth the Lord moment, but just from looking around at the signs of the times from reading the scripture everything is pointing in that direction.

Sid: Well, you talk about we’re entering into a time of a great shaking.  What do you mean about that?

Misty: I believe that we’re already in you know a political, economic, religious shaking but I believe that according to the book of Revelation, and the book of Daniel, the book of Isaiah, Matthew and Jesus Himself that there will be a time of great trouble across the entire earth economically, politically, spiritually.  And it will be at the hand of God ultimately, I mean there’s always the devils involvement you know the sin of man creations own groan other several factors that are coming that are creating this crisis but ultimately God is taking the earth and shaking everything that can be shaken as He’s trying to get the attention of the world to deal with Him.  They have to make up their mind what they believe or what they want.

Sid: You were praying for America and one of the few times in your life you heard the eternal audible voice of God, what did He say to you?

Misty: He said I was praying intensely crying out for mercy, we were a very anointed prayer time and I was focused on mercy entirely and I hear the thunderous voice of the Lord.  And He says “What’s it to you if I raise up a man like an axe in my hand to judge my church; what’s it to you My shepherd lie, they lie about My deity, they lie about my humanity, they lie about My first coming and they lie about My second coming.  They lie, what’s it to you if I raise up a man like in axe in my hand to judge My church?” I was completely thrown off, completely it was not the direction I was thinking or praying, and I just began to weep and cry out you know according to Jeremiah 23 “That the Lord would raise up shepherds who are after his heart who are not making money off the sheep, or distorting the truth in order to be more socially relevant but loyal to the truth, loyal to Jesus.  And even now when I’m saying it I just feel like I could weep crying out for these shepherds.  He is against the lies that are rising up in the church.

Sid: If you love her music; if you love the way she speaks I believe she has a spiritual DNA to get you to hunger like you’ve never hungered before for the presence of God.  Tell me real briefly about this song “Light of Your Face”

Misty: Oh, “Light of Your Face” is taken from the priestly blessing over the priest of Israel would sing it or say it over the people.  “May the Lord bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you.”  And I just turned it around into a prayer it’s one of my favorite prayer requests before the Lord and one of my favorite things to prophecy.

Sid: “Light of Your Face” worship excerpt.

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Sid Roth

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Sid: As I said last week I’m teaching on the most important end-time teaching that God has ever given me because it’s in preparation for the One New Man.  That’s when Jew and Gentile become one in Messiah that will spark the greatest revival the world has ever seen.  Now when it comes to Jewish people there are so many misconceptions among Christians.  For instance, have you ever heard of something called replacement theology?  That basically says “Christian replaces the Jew because the Jew failed to receive Jesus so all the promises for the Jew go to the Christian and all the curses go to the Jew.”  You can’t know the word of God and come up with that.  Romans 11:29 as I pointed out last week “For the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable.”  That is a strong word, and I don’t see how you can read Romans 9, 10 and 11 and think the church has replaced Israel; impossible in fact let me do a little experiment instead of saying “Israel which it clearly says let’s substitute the word church on just one verse and I’ll show you how ridiculous it is.”  Romans 11:28 “Concerning the gospel the church is an enemy.”  Concerning the gospel, the church is an enemy.”  You know I could keep on going but you get the point.

The second misconception: It’s hard for me to believe but many Christians believe the Jews killed Christ.  Acts 4:27 just one of many scriptures. “For truly against your servant Jesus whom you anointed (now it tells you who killed Jesus) both Herod.  Awe, he’s the one that did it, Pontius Pilate (oh, both of them did it along with the Gentiles).  Oh it was Herod, Pontius and the Gentile and the people of Israel; oh the people of Israel.  Oh the people of wait a second if you get the Gentiles and the people of Israel together you got the whole world.  Jesus wasn’t kill by the Jews Jesus was killed by the whole world; He laid down his life for the sins of the whole world.

Third misconception: “Jewish people know the Old Testament better than Christians.”  Says who?  Most Jewish people they know the same Sunday school stories most Christians know, but any Christian that’s been a Christian a long time that’s a real Christian knows the Bible much better; the Old Testament much better than most Jewish people.

Fourth misconception: “The Jewish people aren’t interested in Jesus or spiritual things”  Who says?  Did you know that in the New Age the majority of the leaders, guess what religion they are?  Jewish, guess what the majority religion of people in the New Age are?  Jewish. Why?  Romans 10:2 talking about the Jewish people “They have a zeal for God but not according to knowledge.”  We have a built in zeal according to the Bible we’re the natural branch it’s so easy but if Christians won’t share the gospel with us the devil is not ashamed of his gospel. And multitudes of Jews are being sucked into the New Age and the occult and horrible things because Christians aren’t willing to share the truth.

Fifth misconception: “Jewish people are under a curse and cannot be saved until after the rapture.” Not exactly; yes we Jewish people were under a curse for disobedience.  You can read about it in Deuteronomy 28 but if you study the scriptures curses end.  When does this curse end?  At something called the fullness of the Gentiles. The Greek word for fullness could also be translated maturity. When Gentile Christians get mature this is what’s going to happen; Romans 11: 25 tells you when that curse is going to be over.  The curse or spiritual blindness, and it doesn’t say curse or spiritual I added that but it says “Blindness in part has happened to Israel; or the curse of spiritual blindness has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles (or the maturity of the Gentiles has come in).  I believe the curse was lifted called the fullness of the Gentiles in 1967.  Why? Because Luke 21:24 tells us “And they (that’s the Jewish people) will fall by the edge of the sword and be lead away captive into all nations (that’s the curse) and Jerusalem will be trampled by the Gentiles, that’s still part of the curse until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.  Or “The fullness of knowledge of the Gentiles involving the Jew in Israel come to fruition.” Have you noticed lately for the first time since Jesus made that prophecy Jerusalem is in Jewish possession.  What’s going to happen when Jerusalem is in Jewish possession?  Now that was 1967 “Gentiles will start getting revelations of the Jew and Israel.” And Romans 11:25 says “When that occurs, when Jerusalem was in Jewish possession the curses over and the Spiritual blindness is over and Jewish people will start coming to the Lord.” How do I know that Jewish people started coming to the Lord? I’m the fruit of it, many of my friends are the fruit of it, there was a major outpouring of God’s Spirit when 1967 when Jerusalem was in Jewish possession.  And that’s why so many Jewish people are now believers in Jesus right now but not enough.  Why?  If the curse is over why are Jewish people still not coming to the Lord. Well, as I can look it over there are three major reasons.  One is we are a hurt and wounded people that have been estranged from our God for thousands of years called soul wounds and coupled with that we’ve had what is called Christian anti-Semitism.  Last week I told you that some of the church fathers and what that taught so it takes three things to get rid of these Christian anti-Semitism.  The soul wounds that we incurred while we were under the curse and the things that are necessarily for Jewish people to come to know the Messiah is number one not love but the God kind of love. God loving the Jewish person through you to the fact where they almost tangibly can feel that love of God pouring throughout your heart right in to them.

The second is signs and wonders; why signs and wonders?  You can then earn the right to share the gospel when they see these miracles and a lot of people they’re praying for signs and wonders right now they don’t know it’s to fulfill their calling in Romans 11:11 “Salvation has come to the Gentile Christian to provoke the Jew to jealousy.”  The best way to reach a Jew is to have the love of God poured out of your heart into that Jewish person to heal those soul wounds, and then let them see with their very eyes signs and wonders. Which God is ready to and willing to equip you with right now if you’re willing to share Jesus with Jewish people.

And then the third is a proper presentation of the third is a proper presentation of the gospel.  Allowing a Jew, they are not going to stop being Jewish and I’m not talking about Rabbinic Judaism when I say Jewish.  Jewish is something so much greater than Rabbinic Judaism.  Rabbinic Judaism was actually created after the temple was destroyed because you had only two choices believer in Jesus or their Rabbinic Judaism which could not be following because there was no temple there was no animal sacrifice so the Rabbis had to create a new religion. It’s not really called Judaism it’s called Rabbinic Judaism.

Well I believe that as you present the gospel properly after earning the right to present the gospel properly by demonstrating signs and wonders and having tenderized their heart from the thousands of years of persecution and being separated from the living God. It’s not that God wasn’t with our Jewish people they wouldn’t have survived it God wasn’t with our Jewish people. It wasn’t that God didn’t love our Jewish people he says in Isaiah “Jerusalem I’ve engraved thee on the palms of my hand, I shall never forget you.”  But all of those soul wounds can only be healed by an outpouring of God’s Spirit.

So those three things supernatural love, signs and wonders and a proper presentation of the gospel.  But we’re out of time today but tomorrow I want to talk about the end-time book in the Bible. Oh some of you are saying Revelation.  Wrong, it’s the book of Esther; you’ll understand tomorrow…

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