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Sid: As I said last week I’m teaching on the most important end-time teaching that God has ever given me because it’s in preparation for the One New Man.  That’s when Jew and Gentile become one in Messiah that will spark the greatest revival the world has ever seen.  Now when it comes to Jewish people there are so many misconceptions among Christians.  For instance, have you ever heard of something called replacement theology?  That basically says “Christian replaces the Jew because the Jew failed to receive Jesus so all the promises for the Jew go to the Christian and all the curses go to the Jew.”  You can’t know the word of God and come up with that.  Romans 11:29 as I pointed out last week “For the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable.”  That is a strong word, and I don’t see how you can read Romans 9, 10 and 11 and think the church has replaced Israel; impossible in fact let me do a little experiment instead of saying “Israel which it clearly says let’s substitute the word church on just one verse and I’ll show you how ridiculous it is.”  Romans 11:28 “Concerning the gospel the church is an enemy.”  Concerning the gospel, the church is an enemy.”  You know I could keep on going but you get the point.

The second misconception: It’s hard for me to believe but many Christians believe the Jews killed Christ.  Acts 4:27 just one of many scriptures. “For truly against your servant Jesus whom you anointed (now it tells you who killed Jesus) both Herod.  Awe, he’s the one that did it, Pontius Pilate (oh, both of them did it along with the Gentiles).  Oh it was Herod, Pontius and the Gentile and the people of Israel; oh the people of Israel.  Oh the people of wait a second if you get the Gentiles and the people of Israel together you got the whole world.  Jesus wasn’t kill by the Jews Jesus was killed by the whole world; He laid down his life for the sins of the whole world.

Third misconception: “Jewish people know the Old Testament better than Christians.”  Says who?  Most Jewish people they know the same Sunday school stories most Christians know, but any Christian that’s been a Christian a long time that’s a real Christian knows the Bible much better; the Old Testament much better than most Jewish people.

Fourth misconception: “The Jewish people aren’t interested in Jesus or spiritual things”  Who says?  Did you know that in the New Age the majority of the leaders, guess what religion they are?  Jewish, guess what the majority religion of people in the New Age are?  Jewish. Why?  Romans 10:2 talking about the Jewish people “They have a zeal for God but not according to knowledge.”  We have a built in zeal according to the Bible we’re the natural branch it’s so easy but if Christians won’t share the gospel with us the devil is not ashamed of his gospel. And multitudes of Jews are being sucked into the New Age and the occult and horrible things because Christians aren’t willing to share the truth.

Fifth misconception: “Jewish people are under a curse and cannot be saved until after the rapture.” Not exactly; yes we Jewish people were under a curse for disobedience.  You can read about it in Deuteronomy 28 but if you study the scriptures curses end.  When does this curse end?  At something called the fullness of the Gentiles. The Greek word for fullness could also be translated maturity. When Gentile Christians get mature this is what’s going to happen; Romans 11: 25 tells you when that curse is going to be over.  The curse or spiritual blindness, and it doesn’t say curse or spiritual I added that but it says “Blindness in part has happened to Israel; or the curse of spiritual blindness has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles (or the maturity of the Gentiles has come in).  I believe the curse was lifted called the fullness of the Gentiles in 1967.  Why? Because Luke 21:24 tells us “And they (that’s the Jewish people) will fall by the edge of the sword and be lead away captive into all nations (that’s the curse) and Jerusalem will be trampled by the Gentiles, that’s still part of the curse until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.  Or “The fullness of knowledge of the Gentiles involving the Jew in Israel come to fruition.” Have you noticed lately for the first time since Jesus made that prophecy Jerusalem is in Jewish possession.  What’s going to happen when Jerusalem is in Jewish possession?  Now that was 1967 “Gentiles will start getting revelations of the Jew and Israel.” And Romans 11:25 says “When that occurs, when Jerusalem was in Jewish possession the curses over and the Spiritual blindness is over and Jewish people will start coming to the Lord.” How do I know that Jewish people started coming to the Lord? I’m the fruit of it, many of my friends are the fruit of it, there was a major outpouring of God’s Spirit when 1967 when Jerusalem was in Jewish possession.  And that’s why so many Jewish people are now believers in Jesus right now but not enough.  Why?  If the curse is over why are Jewish people still not coming to the Lord. Well, as I can look it over there are three major reasons.  One is we are a hurt and wounded people that have been estranged from our God for thousands of years called soul wounds and coupled with that we’ve had what is called Christian anti-Semitism.  Last week I told you that some of the church fathers and what that taught so it takes three things to get rid of these Christian anti-Semitism.  The soul wounds that we incurred while we were under the curse and the things that are necessarily for Jewish people to come to know the Messiah is number one not love but the God kind of love. God loving the Jewish person through you to the fact where they almost tangibly can feel that love of God pouring throughout your heart right in to them.

The second is signs and wonders; why signs and wonders?  You can then earn the right to share the gospel when they see these miracles and a lot of people they’re praying for signs and wonders right now they don’t know it’s to fulfill their calling in Romans 11:11 “Salvation has come to the Gentile Christian to provoke the Jew to jealousy.”  The best way to reach a Jew is to have the love of God poured out of your heart into that Jewish person to heal those soul wounds, and then let them see with their very eyes signs and wonders. Which God is ready to and willing to equip you with right now if you’re willing to share Jesus with Jewish people.

And then the third is a proper presentation of the third is a proper presentation of the gospel.  Allowing a Jew, they are not going to stop being Jewish and I’m not talking about Rabbinic Judaism when I say Jewish.  Jewish is something so much greater than Rabbinic Judaism.  Rabbinic Judaism was actually created after the temple was destroyed because you had only two choices believer in Jesus or their Rabbinic Judaism which could not be following because there was no temple there was no animal sacrifice so the Rabbis had to create a new religion. It’s not really called Judaism it’s called Rabbinic Judaism.

Well I believe that as you present the gospel properly after earning the right to present the gospel properly by demonstrating signs and wonders and having tenderized their heart from the thousands of years of persecution and being separated from the living God. It’s not that God wasn’t with our Jewish people they wouldn’t have survived it God wasn’t with our Jewish people. It wasn’t that God didn’t love our Jewish people he says in Isaiah “Jerusalem I’ve engraved thee on the palms of my hand, I shall never forget you.”  But all of those soul wounds can only be healed by an outpouring of God’s Spirit.

So those three things supernatural love, signs and wonders and a proper presentation of the gospel.  But we’re out of time today but tomorrow I want to talk about the end-time book in the Bible. Oh some of you are saying Revelation.  Wrong, it’s the book of Esther; you’ll understand tomorrow…

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