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Sid: Now if Misty Edwards who I’ve been talking to all this week is an example of the young people out at IHOP you’re really raising a wonderful generation of believers.  But Misty where did you get such a love for the Jewish people?

Misty: Oh, this is one of my favorite topics I love the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.  As I began to study you know the word of God after I joined the House of Prayer; I grew up kind of … I wasn’t what I call replacement theology I was more like don’t think about it theology; I never thought about Israel it was never in my conversation, it was never a sermon that I heard.  So whenever I started the house of prayer I started reading the scripture for the first time really in my life you know from Genesis to Revelation Israel is everywhere, I mean it’s everywhere and so essential.  And then the more I began to study specifically the end-time plan of God it’s just centered around Israel.  Israel is a stage and so you know Israel is the doorway in which Jesus is going to return to the planet. And in my love and in my zeal for Jesus I began to love His family and the doorway He chose to come the first time and the second time.

Sid: Well, I’ll tell you something that impresses me most Christians don’t get it, but then those that get it don’t go far enough they do what I’m very pleased because I have dual citizenship, I’m an Israeli as well as an American.  They have bless Israel nights and they pack it with Christians and Jews, but they kind of agree not to talk about there’s only name given unto men in which we must be saved the name of Jesus.  And now is the time to be talking about that. I’m impressed that you and the people of IHOP pray for the salvation of Israel.

Misty: Yes.

Sid: Why is that so important to you?

Misty: Oh, I think that’s central because it’s the remnant of Israel who love Yeshua and are crying out “Come Lord Jesus return” that will bring Him back to the planet.  I mean it’s Jesus that’s coming back and you know that if a Jewish person doesn’t love Jesus there is no other way to eternal salvation.  And so love for them, I want them to know their Messiah as God.  And so praying for the salvation of Israel I believe is one of the primary reasons the Lord is raising up a worldwide worship and prayer movement, it’s a global movement.  It’s far bigger than just Kansas City, but all across the earth the Lord is raising up a company of people who are like watchmen on the wall crying out for the salvation of Israel and also willing to lay down their lives for the sake of this salvation.

Sid: Well, you know in the…we were talking yesterday about Matthew 25. Matthew 25 talks about the separation of goats and sheep.  Goat nations and sheep nations, sheep nations follows the shepherd the goat has a mind of his own.  And the bottom line as I read that and it just exploded in me was “What makes a nation or an individual a sheep nation; what makes an individual a goat or a sheep?”  And this is what Jesus says in Matthew 25:40 “As you have done unto the least of one of these my brethren you’ve done unto me.” And I looked up the word brethren and it means “His brothers and sisters from the womb”, the Jewish people. So I believe the dividing line of phony believers and authentic believer in the last days will be a true Biblical understanding and heart for the Jewish people in Israel.

Misty: I agree with that and I believe because it’s offensive to a lot of believers; offensive that Jesus chose one people you know.  It offense the mind, it offends the heart and the Lord says “Are you really in it for Me; like do you really have an allegiance to Me and if you do then you will love who I have chosen; you will agree with Me if it comes down to His Lordship and His right to choose and His right to choose the people that He chose.  So I believe it is the dividing line and those of us who love Jesus will love what He’s doing.  And just in more of an emotional way these are His real brethren His flesh and blood so why wouldn’t we love, why wouldn’t we stand with His flesh and blood?

Sid:  We’re coming to the wrap up here’s a young girl you knew life was short you have to believe it’s even shorter now that you are in your 30’s.  Tell me why is it people don’t talk about the day of the Lord and Jesus the judge. I mean that’s not politically popular in churches today.

Misty: It’s not I believe there is a lot of misunderstanding around you know the face of Jesus the judge.  A lot of people think you know all of that judgment has already occurred but if you read those passages I mean it’s so…if you take them at face value it’s so clear what’s coming to the planet. And His zeal to bring forth His kingdom of love you know he’s going to eradicate the earth as evil, of pride of arrogance and He’s going to exalt the humble and He’s going to set up His throne in Jerusalem and rule the universe from Jerusalem and that’s going to be not an easy take over.  He’s not going to just wave His hand and do that you know He’s coming as a man; as a warrior to fight on behalf of the poor and fight for Israel.  And it’s going to be an intense transition but I believe it’s literal and it’s going to happen.

Sid: Do you believe that you’re going to be alive when Jesus returns.

Misty: Oh, I would hope so; you know I…

Sid: I mean is this the generation?

Misty: I believe that it’s my generation, maybe the next ones right under me, but I have a sense this generation. I haven’t had a thus sayeth the Lord moment, but just from looking around at the signs of the times from reading the scripture everything is pointing in that direction.

Sid: Well, you talk about we’re entering into a time of a great shaking.  What do you mean about that?

Misty: I believe that we’re already in you know a political, economic, religious shaking but I believe that according to the book of Revelation, and the book of Daniel, the book of Isaiah, Matthew and Jesus Himself that there will be a time of great trouble across the entire earth economically, politically, spiritually.  And it will be at the hand of God ultimately, I mean there’s always the devils involvement you know the sin of man creations own groan other several factors that are coming that are creating this crisis but ultimately God is taking the earth and shaking everything that can be shaken as He’s trying to get the attention of the world to deal with Him.  They have to make up their mind what they believe or what they want.

Sid: You were praying for America and one of the few times in your life you heard the eternal audible voice of God, what did He say to you?

Misty: He said I was praying intensely crying out for mercy, we were a very anointed prayer time and I was focused on mercy entirely and I hear the thunderous voice of the Lord.  And He says “What’s it to you if I raise up a man like an axe in my hand to judge my church; what’s it to you My shepherd lie, they lie about My deity, they lie about my humanity, they lie about My first coming and they lie about My second coming.  They lie, what’s it to you if I raise up a man like in axe in my hand to judge My church?” I was completely thrown off, completely it was not the direction I was thinking or praying, and I just began to weep and cry out you know according to Jeremiah 23 “That the Lord would raise up shepherds who are after his heart who are not making money off the sheep, or distorting the truth in order to be more socially relevant but loyal to the truth, loyal to Jesus.  And even now when I’m saying it I just feel like I could weep crying out for these shepherds.  He is against the lies that are rising up in the church.

Sid: If you love her music; if you love the way she speaks I believe she has a spiritual DNA to get you to hunger like you’ve never hungered before for the presence of God.  Tell me real briefly about this song “Light of Your Face”

Misty: Oh, “Light of Your Face” is taken from the priestly blessing over the priest of Israel would sing it or say it over the people.  “May the Lord bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you.”  And I just turned it around into a prayer it’s one of my favorite prayer requests before the Lord and one of my favorite things to prophecy.

Sid: “Light of Your Face” worship excerpt.

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