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Sid Roth welcomes Dr. Ray Strand

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SIDHello Sid Roth here your investigative reporter here with Dr. Ray Strand, and I have so many questions for Dr. Strand.  For instance, I said to him earlier, “Doc, what do you think about my cholesterol numbers?”  And he said “I am not concerned about those numbers; I am concerned about Homocystiene.”  What did you mean?

DR. STRAND:  Well, Homocystiene is the cause of 15% of every heart attack and stroke in this country.

SID:  But we never even hear about that word.

DR. STRAND:  I know that and I don’t know why because it is a by-product of protein metabolism and if we simply just add B vitamins, folic acid, B-6 and B-12, Homocystiene levels come down to normal or in a safe range. And yet doctors don’t look at this because it causes tremendous inflammation in our arteries. And what I tell people Sid, heart disease is not a disease of cholesterol, it is an inflammation of your arteries.  And Homocystiene is one of those key causes of that inflammation, along with other things that people should be correcting, to avoid, to improve there risk of getting heart disease.

SID:  Now is this inflammation one of the causes of the increase in Alzheimer’s’?

DR. STRAND:  Yes it is; there is no doubt in my mind.  You see the inflammatory response is what I write about.  And what you talk about is the fact that the inflammation can cause damage and the problem there again in Alzheimer’s dementia, the day we diagnose with Alzheimer’s dementia, 80% of those brain cells are already gone. That is why prevention becomes so important; and you can help prevent that by healthy life styles, that combine exercise, eating right, and supplementation.

SID:  Now in your book you talk about, and this is what I love about it, it isn’t that restrictive. It is something that I can live with; you talk about there are good carbs and bad carbs. There are good fats and bad fats, there are good protein and bad protein, give me a quick example of three in this category.

DR. STRAND:  The best thing, good carbs are whole fruits, whole vegetables, whole grains, you know those are good.   Good legumes, good nuts, but the good fats the menstruated fats the olives the olive oil, avocadoes but the omega three are even better, the omega three you get in flax seed or you get cold water fish, they actually all of these fats lower your cholesterol they lower LDL and raise HDL. So fat isn’t bad, but then the protein depends on what fat is in the protein so we find our best protein,  Comes from vegetable proteins, our next comes from fish, cold water fish, the next best from fowl, because the fat of the bird is on the outside,  it is not marbled in the meat, you just have to skin off the turkey and chicken and then you have a lean piece of meat  even though it is saturated fat well you have to be a little more careful with a red meat and dairy products  but even then that is not the major problem it is the carbohydrate That the processed carbs are the problem. We don’t want to go to a no carb or low carb, you want to eat all of those fruits and veggies that is what that is what creates all of those good vitamins and antioxides and minerals but what we want to do is eat the right kind and any time man has processed it in any way, he sets it up in such a way that we can absorb that sugar so fast, we have got to stay with the foods that are natural and have not been touched by man.

SID:  Why are we getting so fat as a culture as a society?

DR. STRAND:  It is because of the insulin resistance that leads to diabetes, I cover this in my book,

SID:  So by following what you are saying we can avoid getting the diabetes, we can avoid a lot of diseases, but we will loose fat in the process?

DR. STRAND:  Yes, these are healthy life styles that happen to have a side affect of fat loss,

SID:  I like that side effect, I heard that 50% were we don’t know  the side effects from drugs I don’t like that,  but I like the side effect of losing weight.

DR. STRAND:  That is what most of my patience say, so we try to eat for health, we exercise for health, But what happens you get out of that insulin resistance because when you are there, you are resistant to weight loss. And you hold onto fat like a sponge holds onto water. But when you get out of it, you just start releasing  this weight and you are not even trying you don’t go hungry,  you don’t starve yourself, if you go hungry you eat right,  You get out of what I call a carbohydrate addiction. That leads to eating many more calories than we should. You can think better you feel great.

SID:  Why sometimes at night I will all of a sudden feel weak, just out of the blue is that something to do with what you are saying?

DR. STRAND:  Yes that is why nighttime eating is related to insulin resistance, Sid and that is what I talk about that is one of those  hallmark things there or eating more at night or bedtime snacks or waking up real late and having to eat.  So what happens is that is one of the signs, when you get out of it, food is not that much.  You do not demand it because we bring insulin back down we are responding to it normally and things just happen better, blood pressure drops, cholesterol drops, that triglyceride drops.  That good HDL starts to go up and that is why…

SID:  I like that better then the medicine, I have to tell you.

DR. STRAND:  And that is what I am telling you, everybody knows every physician knows there is a thing called first line or first step therapy we should be offering every patient that is developing high blood pressure, heart disease or cholesterol problems a chance to make  healthy lifestyle changes, before we start those medication. Now most doctors now are starting to get that lip service as they write the drug because they don’t feel the patient will make the life changes, or even if they do Sid they don’t feel that they will be affected and they need the drugs anyway. I have been amazed at how many patients that I have who want to make these lifestyle changes and they want to avoid the medication, what better way to avoid an adverse drug reaction, is not to have to take them in the beginning.

SID:  You know it is so simple we need help to get confused,  I say that about intimacy with God,  I say that about physical healing but when it comes to nutrition  I have been so confused and I am so glad  that you are putting some light on this subject that is so sensible.

DR. STRAND:  Well thank you Sid and it has really been exciting to see patients improve and help improve and people who were becoming diabetic not becoming diabetic they just need to know what to do and it is simple Sid, it really is quite simple, it is really kind of eating the way that grandma and grandpa taught us to eat.  It is really getting back to the way and getting away from all of these processed foods and eating foods the way that God made them.

SID:  Thank you Doctor Strand, but you know something,  As you know I have a lot of prophetic friends, and they tell me  there are diseases coming on planet earth  that all the preventative medicine all of the best doctors  the best alternative specialist that we have,  they are not going to be able to help us. But there is a defense, God says, if you will draw close to him, he will draw close to you. Now most people believe in God, most people here in the United States, call themselves Christians, go to church, but very few have intimacy with God, they think it is for something special some holy man or holy woman, no that is what you are created for, you are created for intimacy with God, God is desperate to have fellowship with you, here is what I tell so many people it is simple, get a hold of a modern English version of the Bible. Start with a new copy start reading a little everyday, and say God you promised me the book of James, if I draw close to you, you will draw close to me. And get rid of the sin it is horrible tell God you are sorry for your sins, believe that the blood of Jesus has washed it away  and ask him to be inside of you and be your lord  it is not so complex and as you draw close to him  there are promises that are like a protective shield  and these promises are Gods love,  he wants to clothe you in his love he wants you to walk  in total peace, it is all bottom line intimacy with God,  Get to know him he is desperate to know you.  Visit us at our website at

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Sid Roth welcomes Dr. Ray Strand

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SIDHello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dr. Ray Strand and we have found such outrageous things.  We have found that 50% of the side affects of new medications that we have; we’re the guinea pigs!  We are the ones that find out what these side affects are. Dr. Strand I have been wondering a few things a lot of things.  I hear so many people that go into hospitals for surgeries and etc., they end up getting  pneumonia; they end up getting different types of aliments from there stay in the hospital that sometimes can be life threatening. Why does this happen?

DR. STRAND:  Well you know we have a lot of patients who are ill in the hospital and we are treating them with all of these very potent antibiotics, i.v. antibiotics. And so you get resistant bugs that are more dangerous in the hospital that are out in the public, we call them nosocomial infections. So you can go in for something totally different, pick up an infection, and this is just an inherent risk, of hospitals.  They are trying to do everything right but the problem is then you get a very serious infection or you get a serious problem. And the more we seem to do…

SID:  Have you ever heard of staph infections whatever that is?

DR. STRAND:  Yeah, Oh yes, and Grant Hill in Orlando; we are finding out had a major staph infection after his last ankle surgery. We see this all of the time and these bugs are very difficult to treat Sid.  So it is serious; so you want to try to avoid having to go to the hospital if at all possible.

SID:  Now the most important question that I have for you.  As a medical doctor, how much training did you have in nutrition, alternative health, etc. in medical school?

DR. STRAND:  Well I would probably say none; maybe five minutes; but we are just aren’t taught that, we are taught…

SID:  Wait a second, I just don’t believe that.  I believe you are taught something different from my experience.  Here is what I believe; I believe that you are taught to tell people that, not to fool with those alternative things, either you are taught it, or by osmosis, every doctor outside of a few that I have ever met, has told me I am wasting my time in these things.

DR. STRAND:  That is right.  For 23 years of my practice, I said it just created expensive urine if you took some of these things.

SID:  I heard that, from doctors.

DR. STRAND:  Yah, Yah it is a waste of money, it doesn’t do any good, there’s no health benefits; and I don’t know if we are really taught that, but you just say that and as you learn it.   And the only things that can save you are drugs, or a radical surgeries, or chemo. We are so drug oriented and disease oriented, that is where our focus is, but we are really not teaching people how to avoid these diseases in the beginning.

SID:  Well worse than that, what you told me is once you get these vital signs that you have got diabetes, you’ve got your heart trouble, you’ve got your cancer; obviously the damage has already occurred.

DR. STRAND:  Yah physicians’ diagnosis disease as they are at the end stage.  With cancer, with heart disease; the first sign of heart disease Sid, over a third of the time, is sudden death.  I mean by the time that we figure it out, it is usually too late, and we pull out our big guns, of aggressive surgery and medication.  And yet we as physicians need to be spending more time and more effort encouraging our patients too you know to develop healthy life styles; because we know a lot of these diseases are related to our poor life styles.  So that we could avoid the medications and these problems, you know later on in the future, or regain our health if we have lost it.

SID:  Why is diabetes, I am going to pick on this particular one, on the increase?

DR. STRAND:  Well there is a reason: the medical community has for a long, for thirty years, a generation, has been recommending a low fat high carbohydrate diet, but over 90% of the carbohydrates we take in are highly processed; and the body can absorb the sugars from those foods faster than if you are slapping table sugar on your tongue. That spikes our blood sugar, stimulates release of insulin, we abuse our insulin, and over time Sid, we become less sensitive to our insulin.

SID:  So Adkins was right?

DR. STRAND:  Well he is right in the fact that the problem is carbohydrates, I do not believe in eliminating any food group because I believe the way our God created our body, is a fact that it needs carbohydrates.  That is where we get our vitamins, our antioxides, and our minerals, from our fruits and vegetables.  Fat is not bad there are good fats and there are bad fats. There is good protein and bad protein. We just need to know which ones to take in, and which ones we need to avoid and that and then all of a sudden we eat a balanced diet that is healthy and this is where we are starting to understand we can avoid a lot of these chronic degenerative diseases, number one is the diabetes.

SID:  So what you are saying and you have been saying every word coming out of your mouth is, we need to be proactive, rather than passive and just what ever happens, happens.

DR. STRAND:  Yah so many people just try to live life and then they go in basically at the end stage with these serious diseases and say doctor save me. Where they need to start taking on there own personal responsibility and realize hey I have to maybe do some exercise.  I have got to exercise this body.  I have got to feed it properly.  And then we need to know that we need to be taking some nutritional supplements; because there are health benefits for taking high quality, well balanced nutritional supplements.

SID:  Now let me ask you a question; you have come a long way from the doctor that said it is expensive urine.  Briefly, what happened in your life to cause that change?

DR. STRAND:  Well it always happens in your family.  My wife suffers from a disease called chronic fatigue fibromyalgia, and we lived with it for years.  There is no treatment for it.  We give symptomatic medication, but she came down with a serious pneumonia back in 1995. And what happened was in spite of taking nine different drugs.  We did get rid of the pneumonia, seeing four different specialists.  She was left with this serious chronic fatigue and she couldn’t get out of bed for more than an hour a day.  And she is a horse trainer by trade…

SID:  And she has a husband that is an MD.

DR. STRAND:  That is right, and she thought that when she married a doctor her health would improve, but boy was she wrong. It was so sad to see, but it was at that time, after four months of this, someone brought over some vitamins.  And they said try this, they helped my husband; and of course my wife knew how I felt about the vitamins; and I was even amazed that I said “Honey you can try anything because we are not helping you.” And Sid, within weeks she was better.  Within months she was off all nine drugs; she is better now then she has been in years.   And it is like the Lord took a wet noodle and slapped me across the face and said “Pay attention to this”, and that is what I have done.  I have researched the medical literature.  I spent ten years delving in literature studies, that normally a doctor doesn’t read because we always see the drug studies, but there are a massive amount of studies out there in our literature, that show us what we should or shouldn’t be doing. And that is where I have come and that is where the outgrowths of the books that I have written.

SID:  Well you know what I think is so important is Dr. Strand, is a medical doctor a specialist in alternative medicine, and a strong Christian. I believe that he has some insight for us that will change our destiny.  Be right back after this.

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Our Guest Dr. Ray Strand

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SIDHello Sid Roth here your investigative reporter here with Dr. Ray Strand and I say it is outrageous!  It is almost hard to believe that the third leading cause of death in the United States of America; you would think it would be things like cancer, heart trouble.  No!  It’s medication; is that true Dr. Strand?

DR. STRAND: That is correct.  The biggest drug problem that we have in this country are legal drugs; because it is the third leading cause of death, over 180 thousand deaths each and ever year in the US alone.

SID:  What is the reason, what is the real reason for this?

DR. STRAND: Well the real reason is there is inherent risk to medication.  There’s just, anytime even if you take penicillin, aspirin, Tylenol; there is just an inherent risk of drugs because it is a foreign substance to the body.  And sometimes a body does not like it and it has adverse reactions.  And we try to eliminate it; the doctors are always trying to look at weighing the risk of doing something, with the health benefit; and so we are always caught in this but people need to understand that there is an inherent risk to drugs. And that we need to understand this to avoid it, because over half of these Sid should and can be avoided if people just knew what to do.

SID:  Now were you, as a new MD, were you shocked when you first realized this?

DR. STRAND: Well yah, and I think that physicians even today are really scared by that and don’t believe that statistic; because we don’t keep track of them, but these are studies that have been well done, well documented.  And in my practice, you know, when I first got into medicine, I think that we are a little bit naïve.  You know, we think that we are going to cure the world, and save all these lives.  And when you first hurt someone with a medication, it is a real shocker.  And my situation was actually with a neurologist’s daughter, who came in with a serious pneumonia, we gave her a drug an antibiotic called Erythromycin, and then for her fever just gave her some Tylenol.  But she went into liver failure so bad, we had to fly her to the University of Minnesota Children’s hospital. And what they told me that this was frequent to see people with Tylenol even alone having liver damage severe enough to…

SID:  But wait a second Doctor – Tylenol?  You get this over the counter.  Bufferin – you get these, I mean that should be safe; you don’t even need a prescription for it.

DR. STRAND:  You know and that is what people think, because they are over the counter and I can get them without a doctor’s prescription, they should be safe, but yet over 80% of those drugs that you get over the counter were once prescription medication. And they do have some serious adverse affect we need to know and understand.

SID:  Tell me about another situation.

DR. STRAND:  Well another situation, is you know we use drugs for children that were really never tested on children

SID:  Wait never tested, you mean the drugs that we give children, were tested just in adults?

DR. STRAND:  That is correct, in fact, 80, 85% of the drugs are never tested that we use on children, in children.

SID:  That could have a horrific affect on a child.

DR. STRAND:  Well yes it can they are smaller they have a different metabolism system and now the FDA is recognizing that problem since 1998 they are trying to encourage drug companies to test in children, but most drugs these pediatricians have to use they just have to figure it out basically on there own. But another drug was a drug called Propulsid that’s now been taken off the market.  It was used for reflux, acid reflux in adults but we use it for children who are spitting up; especially preemie babies, but it had a very bad side effect, called sudden death and it took us years to figure that out.

SID:  You know I come from the school of thought as a little child I go to the doctor, the doctor knows everything.  But you know, and I know now that I have my gray hair, better that there is a lot of guess work involved.

DR. STRAND:  You know Sid, I think that people need to understand they should not have blind faith in the pharmaceutical industry, in the FDA, in their doctor, or in the pharmacist; because the greatest link in this chain of events in taking medication is the patient.  And you have to be really a little bit suspicious because they know there own bodies.  They know when  things are not quite going right or they might be reacting, and they need to be telling your doctor, and they need to be suspicious about it and they need to be upfront with everybody, and understand to avoid the serious problems that can happen.

SID:  But, let’s take a look at some of these institutions which I have read about in some of your books.  Let’s look at the FDA.  I never knew, that it is the pharmaceutical companies that are funding the FDA to test one of their drugs to see if it is good or not.  Isn’t there just an ulterior motive in all of this?

DR. STRAND:  Well you know it was probably…

SID:  I know you want to be protective, but I have to tell you that it appears that way to me doctor.

DR. STRAND:  Well it does.  They passed a law in 1992, called the Drug User Fee Act, and so a drug company, to put in a new drug application had to pay the FDA two hundred and fifty thousand dollars; a quarter million.  Well that was…

SID:  Why didn’t our government just fund it why did they have to pay it?

DR. STRAND:  I don’t know.  I mean we are spending all of this money why do we do that?  The sad thing is now that user fee has become so popular that over 50% of the FDA’s budget come from the pharmaceutical industry that they are suppose to be protecting us against and making sure that these drugs are safe and effective. You know we get into the effective but we are not so sure about the safe; because once the FDA has approved a drug, they know less than 50% of the adverse drug reactions when they release it to the public.

SID:  So wait a second now, that sounds really dangerous.  Less than 50, so how do they find out the other 50%?

DR. STRAND:  Well that would be the question that I would ask.

SID:  I have figured that out already; us!

DR. STRAND:  Us!  We are the guinea pigs; that is how they find it out and I call it the great clinical trial; you!  Because that is how we find it out.  The trouble is Sid, that we as a physician or the medical community does not have to report this back to the FDA even if we are suspicious that the drug caused a problem. It is a voluntary reporting system, and less than 1% of these ever get reported back to the FDA. So it is a very archaic system and even then it gets reported back to the committee who originally approved the drug; so they are not an unbiased person in this whole realm of drug reactions and that is why it takes several years for drugs like Vioxx to come off the market.  Or people…

SID:  I have often wondered about all of these television commercials that we are having now on drugs now, and we don’t even know 50% of the side affects.  I mean a famous rabbi said if a blind man leads another blind man; won’t they probably fall into a ditch?  Fifty percent of us are falling in a ditch on drugs that are new, because we don’t know the side affects.

DR. STRAND:  Yah and the sad thing is, is that the FDA puts this on us and we are trying to approve these drugs and yet we don’t know what they are causing.  But the question should be why are the drug companies advertising on television, the magazines, and all of this, to a public, that they can only get the drug, only if the doctor prescribes it?  Well the studies show Sid that if you go in and ask for a specific drug that you saw on television, 90% of the time you come out of the doctor’s office with that exact drug.  That is why the drug companies are advertising to the public.

SID:  Oi Vey!  Listen we are being sold, on our television sets to buy drugs, and they don’t even know 50% of what is going wrong with the individual who takes these drugs. I mean, I am telling you this is very serious business!  But there is an answer.  Don’t go away, we will be right back.

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Sid Roth welcomes Katie Souza

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Katie Souza. And Katie, there’s something called soul wounds, and these are just things that we’ve carried with us, hurts, etc., that we’ve carried with us our whole life. Are you finding that this Glory Light gets rid of these soul wounds quickly?

KATIE: Yes. It’s the accelerated tool that Jesus is imparting now in this season for us to be able to put on people’s soul wounds to get accelerated healing.

SID: Well you must have had a lot of soul wounds with the life you lived.

KATIE: Oh yeah.

SID: Tell me one instance where you got free of a soul wound.

KATIE: Well soul wounds are formed by sin. Someone either sinned against you or you sinned against yourself, like I did on numerous occasions. And because they’re formed by sin they give the demonic the legal right to torment you. And that torment can manifest in physical diseases. So I was gong on tour in Virginia, and as I pulled up into the airport, as soon as I arrived in this new territory I had never been in before I started to get really, really sick. I had 103-degree temperature. I had a very severe bladder inflection, yeast infection, could barely think, sore throat, the works. Now in the past when I get sick if I were to get sick that fast I would be roaring and rebuking the demonic and all that. But now I understand what Jesus was talking about in John 14. He said, “The prince of this world is coming, but he has nothing in me that’s in common with him, so he has no power over me.” You see, Jesus came as a man. He had a soul, too, and a spirit. But he had no sin in him. So he had no wounds in his soul formed by sin. So there was nothing in him–

SID: That was a much better way to start life than the way I started and you started.

KATIE: Exactly. But now he’s giving a tool where we can head in that direction.

SID: We get restored.

KATIE: Get restored to what our original creation we’re supposed to be. And so when I saw that teaching I knew that if we can begin to be like Jesus and apply the Glory Light to our soul then there will be nothing in us that’s in common with the demonic, so the demonic will have no power over us. You see, this is what we’ve been missing. We’ve been rebuking and fighting, and warring, and we’re not winning the war and we wonder why. Well if you still have a wound inside your soul formed by sin the demonic still has a legal right to harass you. So here I am getting sick, and I’m thinking, okay, there must be something in my soul, a wound formed by sin that’s in common with the demonic in this region, and it’s giving them a legal right to make me sick. Okay, so instead of warring I lay down and position myself to receive Glory Light on my soul. And in the teaching today we give step by step, really biblical cool instructions to show people how to do that. So I begin to put the Glory Light on my soul and I saw a vision. I saw five wounded beings hiding in rooms. They represented different rooms inside of my soul. And God said, “Go in and get them and bring them out, into the Glory Light.” So I got them all out of these closets and they were all gathered together. And suddenly the spirit of the Lord just surrounded them with glory and with light, and they were healed. Well after that happened I was like, okay, now those wounds are healed. Now I can fight the demonic. So I began to call that spirit to come up and get out of me. And Sid, it came up and it spoke to me in an audible voice.

SID: Really?

KATIE: The nerve. Yes. It was the freakiest encounter I ever had. And it spoke in a voice so loud I would fill this entire studio. It came up and it said this to me, it said, “What do you want?” And I said, “I want you to get out in Jesus’ name!” And he came up out of my body, and as he did I felt his tentacles, I didn’t even know, wrapped around my body, ripping off my body and I was healed.

SID: Now tell me someone else that the Glory Light restored their soul.

KATIE: Well there was a woman in one of our meetings, and we were positioning everyone to soak in the glory and the light. And so she was laying there and she saw a vision, too. She saw herself laying on this stone slab, and on top of her was this rubber doll. It looked just like her, but it was all bloated and fat, and ugly. And these demons had pinned this doll on top of her body and she couldn’t get out from underneath it. And she knew in her spirit that the Lord was telling her, “That is what the demonic has put on your soul, to make you feel like that’s the way we look: bloated and fat, and ugly.” So she just began to focus on the Glory Light and putting it on her soul. And all of a sudden she saw this blaze of light fly in the room and pop the rubber doll, and it deflated, and she was able to escape out from underneath the clutches of these demons. Well that happened like in the very part of the month of December. Okay, now you know that month of December is the month when everybody eats all their goodies for Christmas and all that other stuff. Okay, so she went through that whole holiday season eating the treats and everything else, and without even trying she lost 15 pounds just in three weeks.

SID: So this Glory Light restores us to the way Adam was.

KATIE: Yes. It goes back and systematically it can go through time. It can go to every place where you are wounded, when somebody abandoned you or molested you, or did something to hurt you, or if you got off of drugs or alcohol. It can go back and you put the blood on the sin and the Glory Light on the wound, and you get healed. You know, the man of the spirit of legion, you know why he was able to be under the power of that spirit?

SID: Why?

KATIE: It’s because he lived out of his wounds and his soul. It says three times in that scripture that he lived among the tombs, and night and day he was among the tombs, right? I thought, that’s very interesting. It says that three times. I wonder what that word “tombs” means. And I looked it up and it means, “a monument set up to cause a perpetual remembrance.”

SID: So that’s what buried into our souls, that memory.

KATIE: Yes, exactly.

SID: So the Glory Light burns out that memory.

KATIE: Exactly. You know in that same chapter when Jesus meets up with that spirit of legion, that spirit says this to Jesus: “Oh Jesus, what is there in common between us? Do not begin to torment me.” Remember what Jesus said, right? “The prince’s rule is coming, but there’s nothing in me that’s in common with him.” So he has no power over me. That spirit recognized, “Hmmm, this man Jesus has something different about him. He’s got no soul wounds. There’s nothing in his soul that’s in common with me, so I can’t torment him.”

SID: Katie, when you got to prisons you have to do things quickly, because and that’s what the tools that God has given you, is to speed things up.


SID: Could you pray a prayer for our viewers right now for the healing Glory Light of the Messiah to enter them and heal them right now.

KATIE: I decree right now that the Glory Light is literally going back in time through your soul to every place where you were wounded. Maybe someone abandoned you or deserted you. Maybe a friendship hurt you. Maybe something your husband or your wife has done. The Glory Light is gonna go right now to that place. The blood of Jesus will take care of the sin, but the Glory Light will then heal that wound. And I command that every would inside your soul get systematically more and more healed in the glory until you’re completely healed, and every part of your mind, your will and your emotions. And I speak to the demonic that’s been tormenting you, that’s been attached to those wounds inside your soul. And I say to you now, I release King Jesus on you. King Jesus, he is the king of kings. There is no king higher than him. And every king and every power master spirit that’s attached to the wounds in your soul is gonna have to go when those wounds are healed in the Glory Light. And I command angels to come and shine light into your soul and for them to escort out to the pit the enemy that would assail your physical body, your emotions, mental disorders. These are all are gonna be healed right now as God takes his Glory Light and puts it in your soul right now in Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name.

SID: Do you know I believe that, as a matter of fact, you’re getting a lot of good results with people with mental problems and emotional problems.

KATIE: Yes. Bi-polar diseases have been healed. Depression has been healed. People say they feel like a hand scooping through their mind and clearing out their mind. When people soak in the Glory Light they come out and they talk different. They look different. Mental disorders, it’s your mind, and that’s part of your soul, and the enemy can come. If you have a wound in your soul it can come and manifest on a disease.

SID: As you’re watching us right now that glory is just pouring. It’s like a river. It’s like a river pouring into your deepest most being now in Jesus’ name right now.

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Sid Roth welcomes Katie Souza

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Katie Souza. And I’m so excited. She has gotten revelation on how if you can get rid of the top dog, the top demon that’s got a stronghold over your life you can get him then all the other demons flee. And you had to learn this because you deal with people in prisons, large numbers. You can’t deal with them one on one. You had to understand these principles. And she calls it the King Killer Anointing. Explain.

KATIE: Well if you go to the top, I mean Jesus said it. If you take out the strong man then you can ransack his house. So Jesus did it, too. And in Ephesians 6 it shows us the order: despites, powers and master spirits. Despites are kings. No king is a king unless he has a kingdom underneath him. So you go to the top and then the rest will begin to just submit to you. This is one of the keys to mass deliverance, to be able to do things, deliverance on an accelerated manner. With Mom, she was our example and we learned from her. And there was something blocking her healing. And when I asked the Lord what it was He began to give me this download. She’s not the only one that’s having a blocked healing. And when I asked God to show me who is the specific king that’s over Mom right now I got quiet, and in my mind I heard Isaiah 14. Well I went to it, Sid, and it was about king. His name was a satanic king of Babylon. Now in the natural Nebekenezer, King of Babylon was the king that took the Israelites into physical captivity. Right? In the supernatural that’s what the satanic king of Babylon does, too. Same job. He takes God’s people into physical captivity through sickness and disease. When you read Isaiah 14 it says all these words that show his job description that are totally tied in with physical disorders. It says that he, “weakens us”, that he “causes us pain and he lays prostrate”. It means that he is a king whose assignment is to cause us to be in physical captivity. So when I got this revey about him I was like, okay God, I don’t even know how to fight him, which the stuff we’re offering today, we give step by step medical instructions so they’ll know exactly how to–

SID: That’s wonderful.

KATIE: Yeah it’s amazing stuff. So I had the most important thing. I had the Word of God. So I took Isaiah 14 and I said okay, I’m gonna fight this king and I’m gonna win with the scripture. And I began to decree it against him in the position of warfare. And my whole body started to just be on fire. My back was on fire. My legs were on fire. And one of the things it says in Isaiah 14 is that we can take a taunt up against him and command him to fall from his position in power in second heavens ‘cause that’s where his throne is. So I began to do that and I commanded him, “Fall in the name of Jesus! Fall! Fall! Fall!” And suddenly in an open-eyed vision I saw this being. It was him and he was falling down through the clouds from the sky to the ground. And I was like, wow God, what is that? And the Lord reminded me of this story when Jesus set up the 72 with the Matthew 10 anointing, the same anointing I had gotten at Bethel. And it says that when they came back they said, “Even demons submitted to us in your name.” And Jesus said this: “I saw Satan fall like lightening from the sky.” He knew that Satan’s kingdoms, his kings in the kingdoms, had fallen from the positions of power when his disciples when out with this anointing.

SID: Well that’s what you saw in your vision.

KATIE: Exactly. And from that moment on, Sid, supernatural miracles just started breaking out.

SID: Let me start out with your mom. You’re in another country. You’re in Australia. What happened?

KATIE: Well that happened six months later. Okay. She had first gotten healed of an addiction to delaudid that she had been addicted for ten years. And then I go to Australia–

SID: Out of curiosity, was it a gradual getting free of that addiction?

KATIE: Within three days. About 30 days later she had a breakthrough, and in three days she was delivered.

SID: How long had she been addicted on it?

KATIE: Ten years.

SID: Wow.

KATIE: The same, it’s like heroin. It’s a prescription equivalent of heroin. And when she got healed of that then there are all these other people that we removed the Babylonian king off. They begin to get major breakthroughs. Instant healing of viruses. Instant healing of pneumonias. We had a guy with an incision that got infected and it had pus in it. We broke the Babylonian king off him, commanded it to be healed, his hand got warm. Totally healed. He went to the doctor the next day and they were like, “Your hand is perfectly well.” People with heroin addictions instantly healed of their withdrawals. People with DTs instantly healed. Once we found out about this king and we started to remove him off people signs and wonders started breaking out everywhere we went.

SID: Now you have another tool that is so important. We’ve talked about it previously. It’s called the Glory Light. Explain that to me.

KATIE: Well Malachi 4:2 says, “The center of righteousness,” meaning Jesus the Messiah “arises with the healing in his wings and his beams.” The beams there are talking about beams of light and the wings that represents the prayer shawl, which represents the Glory Cloud. So Jesus arises with healing in his glory and his light. And you were talking about Australia earlier. Well when I went to Australia the Lord said, “Now I want you to start moving in that revelation and releasing light.” You can even release it long distance ‘cause light travels 186,000 miles per second, right? So he said, “I want you to start releasing Glory Light on your mom’s hip,” the

other hip she had.

SID: From Australia?

KATIE: From Australia, okay, to get it healed. So I began to press into my faith to release the Glory Light. And so I called her two days later. Now she doesn’t know I’m doing this, and she goes, “I’ve had this angelic being coming into my room and he’s beaming light into me.” And I was like that’s what I’ve been praying for. And so the Lord began to show me how her other hip, which they were going to take out because it was being degenerated by the disease, was being restored. And so I’m in the plane. God’s saying that hip is being restored in the Glory Light. He goes, “But now the leg bone is out of the socket.” He says, “So now I want you to do some thundering.” I said, “Thundering?” So I go, “Okay, what’s thundering?” I did a word search in Bible Gateway, and it was in the scripture about the valley of dry bones. In the verse it says, “And there was a thundering, a shaking and a rattling, and the bones came together, bone fits bone.” So I fly home. I run into her house. I don’t even tell her what I’m doing. I began to command the bones to come together, bone fits bone so that the leg bone would go into the hip socket. She’s laying there. She has no idea what I’m doing and she goes, “Ow! Ow!” I go, “What’s going on?” She goes, “I have a pain.” I said, “What kind of pain?” She goes, “Well it wasn’t really a pain. It was more like the feeling of when the ball of a truck goes into the hitch of a trailer.” Didn’t have to touch her anything, Sid, and the bones came together.

SID: Now you were just learning about the Glory Light of God. What type of miracles are you seeing as you release the Glory Light of God?

KATIE: We’re seeing all kinds of things happen. Skin, bones, ocular eye diseases. We’ve had a couple people healed of eye disorders.

SID: You had the melanoma you were talking about.

KATIE: The light was in that glory, too, and it dried up and came off my leg. Within three days it just dried up when the glory light was applied.

SID: I want to hear more about this. We’ll be back in just a moment.

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