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SIDHello Sid Roth here your investigative reporter here with Dr. Ray Strand, and I have so many questions for Dr. Strand.  For instance, I said to him earlier, “Doc, what do you think about my cholesterol numbers?”  And he said “I am not concerned about those numbers; I am concerned about Homocystiene.”  What did you mean?

DR. STRAND:  Well, Homocystiene is the cause of 15% of every heart attack and stroke in this country.

SID:  But we never even hear about that word.

DR. STRAND:  I know that and I don’t know why because it is a by-product of protein metabolism and if we simply just add B vitamins, folic acid, B-6 and B-12, Homocystiene levels come down to normal or in a safe range. And yet doctors don’t look at this because it causes tremendous inflammation in our arteries. And what I tell people Sid, heart disease is not a disease of cholesterol, it is an inflammation of your arteries.  And Homocystiene is one of those key causes of that inflammation, along with other things that people should be correcting, to avoid, to improve there risk of getting heart disease.

SID:  Now is this inflammation one of the causes of the increase in Alzheimer’s’?

DR. STRAND:  Yes it is; there is no doubt in my mind.  You see the inflammatory response is what I write about.  And what you talk about is the fact that the inflammation can cause damage and the problem there again in Alzheimer’s dementia, the day we diagnose with Alzheimer’s dementia, 80% of those brain cells are already gone. That is why prevention becomes so important; and you can help prevent that by healthy life styles, that combine exercise, eating right, and supplementation.

SID:  Now in your book you talk about, and this is what I love about it, it isn’t that restrictive. It is something that I can live with; you talk about there are good carbs and bad carbs. There are good fats and bad fats, there are good protein and bad protein, give me a quick example of three in this category.

DR. STRAND:  The best thing, good carbs are whole fruits, whole vegetables, whole grains, you know those are good.   Good legumes, good nuts, but the good fats the menstruated fats the olives the olive oil, avocadoes but the omega three are even better, the omega three you get in flax seed or you get cold water fish, they actually all of these fats lower your cholesterol they lower LDL and raise HDL. So fat isn’t bad, but then the protein depends on what fat is in the protein so we find our best protein,  Comes from vegetable proteins, our next comes from fish, cold water fish, the next best from fowl, because the fat of the bird is on the outside,  it is not marbled in the meat, you just have to skin off the turkey and chicken and then you have a lean piece of meat  even though it is saturated fat well you have to be a little more careful with a red meat and dairy products  but even then that is not the major problem it is the carbohydrate That the processed carbs are the problem. We don’t want to go to a no carb or low carb, you want to eat all of those fruits and veggies that is what that is what creates all of those good vitamins and antioxides and minerals but what we want to do is eat the right kind and any time man has processed it in any way, he sets it up in such a way that we can absorb that sugar so fast, we have got to stay with the foods that are natural and have not been touched by man.

SID:  Why are we getting so fat as a culture as a society?

DR. STRAND:  It is because of the insulin resistance that leads to diabetes, I cover this in my book,

SID:  So by following what you are saying we can avoid getting the diabetes, we can avoid a lot of diseases, but we will loose fat in the process?

DR. STRAND:  Yes, these are healthy life styles that happen to have a side affect of fat loss,

SID:  I like that side effect, I heard that 50% were we don’t know  the side effects from drugs I don’t like that,  but I like the side effect of losing weight.

DR. STRAND:  That is what most of my patience say, so we try to eat for health, we exercise for health, But what happens you get out of that insulin resistance because when you are there, you are resistant to weight loss. And you hold onto fat like a sponge holds onto water. But when you get out of it, you just start releasing  this weight and you are not even trying you don’t go hungry,  you don’t starve yourself, if you go hungry you eat right,  You get out of what I call a carbohydrate addiction. That leads to eating many more calories than we should. You can think better you feel great.

SID:  Why sometimes at night I will all of a sudden feel weak, just out of the blue is that something to do with what you are saying?

DR. STRAND:  Yes that is why nighttime eating is related to insulin resistance, Sid and that is what I talk about that is one of those  hallmark things there or eating more at night or bedtime snacks or waking up real late and having to eat.  So what happens is that is one of the signs, when you get out of it, food is not that much.  You do not demand it because we bring insulin back down we are responding to it normally and things just happen better, blood pressure drops, cholesterol drops, that triglyceride drops.  That good HDL starts to go up and that is why…

SID:  I like that better then the medicine, I have to tell you.

DR. STRAND:  And that is what I am telling you, everybody knows every physician knows there is a thing called first line or first step therapy we should be offering every patient that is developing high blood pressure, heart disease or cholesterol problems a chance to make  healthy lifestyle changes, before we start those medication. Now most doctors now are starting to get that lip service as they write the drug because they don’t feel the patient will make the life changes, or even if they do Sid they don’t feel that they will be affected and they need the drugs anyway. I have been amazed at how many patients that I have who want to make these lifestyle changes and they want to avoid the medication, what better way to avoid an adverse drug reaction, is not to have to take them in the beginning.

SID:  You know it is so simple we need help to get confused,  I say that about intimacy with God,  I say that about physical healing but when it comes to nutrition  I have been so confused and I am so glad  that you are putting some light on this subject that is so sensible.

DR. STRAND:  Well thank you Sid and it has really been exciting to see patients improve and help improve and people who were becoming diabetic not becoming diabetic they just need to know what to do and it is simple Sid, it really is quite simple, it is really kind of eating the way that grandma and grandpa taught us to eat.  It is really getting back to the way and getting away from all of these processed foods and eating foods the way that God made them.

SID:  Thank you Doctor Strand, but you know something,  As you know I have a lot of prophetic friends, and they tell me  there are diseases coming on planet earth  that all the preventative medicine all of the best doctors  the best alternative specialist that we have,  they are not going to be able to help us. But there is a defense, God says, if you will draw close to him, he will draw close to you. Now most people believe in God, most people here in the United States, call themselves Christians, go to church, but very few have intimacy with God, they think it is for something special some holy man or holy woman, no that is what you are created for, you are created for intimacy with God, God is desperate to have fellowship with you, here is what I tell so many people it is simple, get a hold of a modern English version of the Bible. Start with a new copy start reading a little everyday, and say God you promised me the book of James, if I draw close to you, you will draw close to me. And get rid of the sin it is horrible tell God you are sorry for your sins, believe that the blood of Jesus has washed it away  and ask him to be inside of you and be your lord  it is not so complex and as you draw close to him  there are promises that are like a protective shield  and these promises are Gods love,  he wants to clothe you in his love he wants you to walk  in total peace, it is all bottom line intimacy with God,  Get to know him he is desperate to know you.  Visit us at our website at

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