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SIDHello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dr. Ray Strand and we have found such outrageous things.  We have found that 50% of the side affects of new medications that we have; we’re the guinea pigs!  We are the ones that find out what these side affects are. Dr. Strand I have been wondering a few things a lot of things.  I hear so many people that go into hospitals for surgeries and etc., they end up getting  pneumonia; they end up getting different types of aliments from there stay in the hospital that sometimes can be life threatening. Why does this happen?

DR. STRAND:  Well you know we have a lot of patients who are ill in the hospital and we are treating them with all of these very potent antibiotics, i.v. antibiotics. And so you get resistant bugs that are more dangerous in the hospital that are out in the public, we call them nosocomial infections. So you can go in for something totally different, pick up an infection, and this is just an inherent risk, of hospitals.  They are trying to do everything right but the problem is then you get a very serious infection or you get a serious problem. And the more we seem to do…

SID:  Have you ever heard of staph infections whatever that is?

DR. STRAND:  Yeah, Oh yes, and Grant Hill in Orlando; we are finding out had a major staph infection after his last ankle surgery. We see this all of the time and these bugs are very difficult to treat Sid.  So it is serious; so you want to try to avoid having to go to the hospital if at all possible.

SID:  Now the most important question that I have for you.  As a medical doctor, how much training did you have in nutrition, alternative health, etc. in medical school?

DR. STRAND:  Well I would probably say none; maybe five minutes; but we are just aren’t taught that, we are taught…

SID:  Wait a second, I just don’t believe that.  I believe you are taught something different from my experience.  Here is what I believe; I believe that you are taught to tell people that, not to fool with those alternative things, either you are taught it, or by osmosis, every doctor outside of a few that I have ever met, has told me I am wasting my time in these things.

DR. STRAND:  That is right.  For 23 years of my practice, I said it just created expensive urine if you took some of these things.

SID:  I heard that, from doctors.

DR. STRAND:  Yah, Yah it is a waste of money, it doesn’t do any good, there’s no health benefits; and I don’t know if we are really taught that, but you just say that and as you learn it.   And the only things that can save you are drugs, or a radical surgeries, or chemo. We are so drug oriented and disease oriented, that is where our focus is, but we are really not teaching people how to avoid these diseases in the beginning.

SID:  Well worse than that, what you told me is once you get these vital signs that you have got diabetes, you’ve got your heart trouble, you’ve got your cancer; obviously the damage has already occurred.

DR. STRAND:  Yah physicians’ diagnosis disease as they are at the end stage.  With cancer, with heart disease; the first sign of heart disease Sid, over a third of the time, is sudden death.  I mean by the time that we figure it out, it is usually too late, and we pull out our big guns, of aggressive surgery and medication.  And yet we as physicians need to be spending more time and more effort encouraging our patients too you know to develop healthy life styles; because we know a lot of these diseases are related to our poor life styles.  So that we could avoid the medications and these problems, you know later on in the future, or regain our health if we have lost it.

SID:  Why is diabetes, I am going to pick on this particular one, on the increase?

DR. STRAND:  Well there is a reason: the medical community has for a long, for thirty years, a generation, has been recommending a low fat high carbohydrate diet, but over 90% of the carbohydrates we take in are highly processed; and the body can absorb the sugars from those foods faster than if you are slapping table sugar on your tongue. That spikes our blood sugar, stimulates release of insulin, we abuse our insulin, and over time Sid, we become less sensitive to our insulin.

SID:  So Adkins was right?

DR. STRAND:  Well he is right in the fact that the problem is carbohydrates, I do not believe in eliminating any food group because I believe the way our God created our body, is a fact that it needs carbohydrates.  That is where we get our vitamins, our antioxides, and our minerals, from our fruits and vegetables.  Fat is not bad there are good fats and there are bad fats. There is good protein and bad protein. We just need to know which ones to take in, and which ones we need to avoid and that and then all of a sudden we eat a balanced diet that is healthy and this is where we are starting to understand we can avoid a lot of these chronic degenerative diseases, number one is the diabetes.

SID:  So what you are saying and you have been saying every word coming out of your mouth is, we need to be proactive, rather than passive and just what ever happens, happens.

DR. STRAND:  Yah so many people just try to live life and then they go in basically at the end stage with these serious diseases and say doctor save me. Where they need to start taking on there own personal responsibility and realize hey I have to maybe do some exercise.  I have got to exercise this body.  I have got to feed it properly.  And then we need to know that we need to be taking some nutritional supplements; because there are health benefits for taking high quality, well balanced nutritional supplements.

SID:  Now let me ask you a question; you have come a long way from the doctor that said it is expensive urine.  Briefly, what happened in your life to cause that change?

DR. STRAND:  Well it always happens in your family.  My wife suffers from a disease called chronic fatigue fibromyalgia, and we lived with it for years.  There is no treatment for it.  We give symptomatic medication, but she came down with a serious pneumonia back in 1995. And what happened was in spite of taking nine different drugs.  We did get rid of the pneumonia, seeing four different specialists.  She was left with this serious chronic fatigue and she couldn’t get out of bed for more than an hour a day.  And she is a horse trainer by trade…

SID:  And she has a husband that is an MD.

DR. STRAND:  That is right, and she thought that when she married a doctor her health would improve, but boy was she wrong. It was so sad to see, but it was at that time, after four months of this, someone brought over some vitamins.  And they said try this, they helped my husband; and of course my wife knew how I felt about the vitamins; and I was even amazed that I said “Honey you can try anything because we are not helping you.” And Sid, within weeks she was better.  Within months she was off all nine drugs; she is better now then she has been in years.   And it is like the Lord took a wet noodle and slapped me across the face and said “Pay attention to this”, and that is what I have done.  I have researched the medical literature.  I spent ten years delving in literature studies, that normally a doctor doesn’t read because we always see the drug studies, but there are a massive amount of studies out there in our literature, that show us what we should or shouldn’t be doing. And that is where I have come and that is where the outgrowths of the books that I have written.

SID:  Well you know what I think is so important is Dr. Strand, is a medical doctor a specialist in alternative medicine, and a strong Christian. I believe that he has some insight for us that will change our destiny.  Be right back after this.

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