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Our Guest Craig Hill

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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah; we want everyone everywhere to have their marriages be the way God designed them to be.  Everyone listening to me wants a better marriage.  I am interviewing Craig Hill who has written one of the most supernatural books I have ever read on keys to have supernatural communication between husband and wife so that you can be one; so that your prayers will not be hindered; so that the Kingdom will be fulfilled in your life, in your family’s life.  You know Craig; it’s not just the people we’re talking to right now, their children and their children’s children will be affected by whether they have a good marriage or not.

Craig:  That is absolutely true Sid because things, whether we like it or not they absolutely do flow generationally from one generation to the next.

Sid:   Now you have a story in your book that is so appropriate, it has to do with the revolutionary war; tell me about that.

Craig:  Yes, that was one of the first revelations that I got when Jan and I were struggling in our own marriage and we had so much difficulty in communication.  We were wounding each other and the thing that I couldn’t understand Sid, is that I am trying as a husband so hard to bless her, to love her and to make her feel loved and yet I’m hurting her and wounding her; why is that happening all the time?  And right about that time I saw a movie on television that was about the revolutionary war and suddenly the Holy Spirit just quickened something supernaturally to me that I had never understood before.  And the story was this, it was just about the beginning of the American Revolution and here were the British Red Coats marching up the road toward Concord and Lexington and the American Militia had come out to meet them and the two troops were standing face to face facing each other and the two generals were getting in between talking with each other.  Unbeknownst to anybody was an arms dealer who was in the bushes behind a wall over to the side.  Now this arms dealer didn’t care about the British, he didn’t care about the Americans he didn’t care about politics at all; he just wanted to start a war because his purpose was to see arms to both sides.  So while no one was looking behind this wall the arms dealer took a shot, shot and killed the Second Command British Officer who fell over dead.  Well you can imagine what the British Commander immediately did, he assumed that his officer had been shot by one of the American Militia so he immediately terminated his negotiation and gave an order to his men, “Fire!”  And so the British soldiers fired upon the American Colonist, the American General of course then issued an order to his men, “Fire,” and they both did and the war was on.  Now that very first shot that was fired was called the shot that was heard around the world because it was the shot that started the war, or started the American Revolution; but the amazing thing was and I don’t know if this is historically accurate or not, but the amazing thing was that that shot was not fired by either side, it was fired by a disinterested arms dealer hiding behind a wall, that really didn’t care about either side just wanted a war.

Sid:    He just wanted to make money from the war.

Craig:  Absolutely and the amazing thing is, if you ask either commander, if you ask the British Commander did you start this?  He would say, absolutely not!  Unprovoked for no reason they shot my Second in Command and we responded in self dense.  If you were to ask the American General did you start this?  He would say absolutely not, for absolutely no known reason totally unprovoked the British General gave an order to his men to fire upon us and we returned fire in self defense so both parties were totally convinced that they were firing in self-defense, not realizing what had happened.  And the revelation I got Sid, is that this is exactly what the Apostle Paul is talking about in Ephesians Chapter 6 verses 10-12 when he says that “Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but we wrestle against spiritual rulers of the darkness of this age; against powers and against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places and that we are to take up the whole armor of God.”  And what suddenly dawned on me was what was going on in my marriage was that there were unseen spiritual forces in the kingdom of darkness that were using my mouth and using my actions to send a message to my wife; you have no value, you’re worthless, I don’t love you, I don’t care about you.  And the clincher was I didn’t know that it was happening when it was happening.  And of course the problem for every husband is, “How on earth are you going to repent of something that you don’t even know happened?”  When my wife would say, “You hurt me, you don’t love me, you don’t care about me.”  What that felt like to me as a husband was a false accusation.  And I would say, “Why would you say that, I’m doing everything I know to try to love you, to try to care about you.”

Sid:  You must have been so frustrated.

Craig:  I was completely frustrated because everything I was doing I was doing was to try to convince her that I love her and yet what she continually was tell me is, “You don’t love me, you don’t care about me.”  And what it felt like to me was that there was absolutely nothing I could do that would ever please my wife.  You know Sid, the Holy Spirit is speaking to me right now; there is a man listening to this broadcast whose in exactly that situation, you have done everything you know to do to try to convince your wife that you love her and all you hear from her is, “You did this wrong, you did that wrong, your displeasing to me and the Holy Spirit says that if you will grab hold of these principals and you will begin to walk in them supernaturally that God will heal and change that marriage.”  Is it okay Sid, if I just pray for that man right now?

Sid:  Please, it’s the Holy Spirit’s platform, not mine.

Craig:  Father, I pray for that man listening to the broadcast right now, and you know that it’s you because your heart if pounding on the inside, and you’ve done everything that you know to please you wife.  Father, I pray that you would supernaturally begin to heal that marriage.  That you would give this man Your supernatural insight and wisdom to know exactly know what to say to his wife, how to penetrate the shell that she’s put around her heart.  And all the accusation that’s coming from her toward him, I pray that You would break through that and that today would start something supernaturally new in that relationship in the Name of Yeshua.

Sid:  You know, these principals are so wonderful that are outlined in his book, “Two Fleas No Dog” let’s give some people extraordinary hope that are hopeless right now Craig.  Tell us about the couple that was divorced for six years from Wisconsin that came to a teaching where you taught the principals of the book, “Two Fleas No Dog.”

Craig:  Yes, this couple came to one of the retreats, marriage retreats that we did where we were teaching these principals and it was funny Sid, because they actually came, they were living in two different towns nearby.  They sat on different sides to the room and it was obvious that somebody else had compelled them to come; neither of them want to be there; but somehow or another they actually did come.  And we watched their faces as these principals were shared we could see it wasn’t just the principals but the Holy Spirit was doing something supernatural in the hearts of this man and this woman.  And by the end of this weekend they were sitting next to each other; they were looking each other in the eyes; they were repenting and asking forgiveness for the ways that they had hurt each other.  And you know one of the first things that they both came to realize was that neither of them wanted this divorce; neither of them wanted the pain that they had caused each other in their marriage and actually what was taking place was that the arms dealer was the only one that wanted it and had set them both up without them realizing it or knowing it.  They had been used by the enemy to wound and deeply hurt each other.  And for the first time they began to realize and understand, the woman began to realize that my husband didn’t want to hurt me; and the husband began to realize my wife’s intent was not to criticize and judge and push me away and hurt me.  And they both realized that they had been set up and used by the arms dealer.  An incredible thing happened, at the end of the weekend, they came to us and said, “We want to be remarried, could you refer us to a church in this area where we could both go and begin to restore our relationship, get some ongoing counseling and restore our marriage?”  They did do that and about three months later they were married again to each other and that was a couple of years ago and they have been doing very, very well since.

Sid:  You know, I was shocked when I read the statistics that you outline in your book that one in two Christian marriages end in divorce; but one in 1,100 end in divorce if people pray together.

Craig:  That’s exactly right, and I think that people don’t realize how powerful prayer is and it’s not just prayer it’s the intimacy that is created by prayer.

Sid:  And you explain how a husband and wife can have intimacy in prayer way beyond anything they ever thought, some of the principals of how to pray together.

Craig: We give people in the book, Sid a very simple strategy of if they would pray together using three specific topics or ways of praying as we share in the book for six minutes a day, it changes from 1 in 2 to 1 in1,100 that would be divorced.  Now that’s an incredible change, and what it really had to do with is people looking into each other’s eyes; people inviting the Living God to come and be present in their marriage and learning to be thankful for each other.  Learning to bless each other; learning to keep short accounts and when they do wound and hurt each other to understand who it is who set them up and how to deal with that enemy.

Sid:  Now, I read a section in your book that I have never heard taught, as a matter of fact coming from a Jewish background, I think I would understand Passover better than a Gentile Christian, I have been celebrating Passover all my life.  But the whole concept of the blood on the doorpost and it’s taught backwards in Judaism and backwards in Christianity.

Craig:  That’s exactly what I discovered some years ago as I began to study that out Sid, and that really came from an understanding; on of the first understandings that God gave me in my marriage was that our marriage was a blood covenant.  Meaning that it was something that was irrevocably, it was something that I was going to persevere in for life, but when I saw this picture of Passover, I was shocked as you were.

Sid:  Before you even get there, explain the difference between a contract and a blood covenant.

Craig:  Yeah, I think what’s happened in our society is that people had more of a covenant some years ago, but it’s degenerated into the concept of a contract.  And as I began to study those out a covenant is something is unilateral, unconditional and irrevocable.  A contract is something that is very conditional, revocable and certainly not unilateral.

Sid:  Oh evay we’re out of time.

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Sid Roth welcomes Surprise Sithole

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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. And I have to tell you I have been so looking forward to this interview. My guest is Surprise Sithole, and Surprise, how did you get the name “Surprise”?

SURPRISE: I got the name because of this spot here on my side (points to head).

SID: I see it.

SURPRISE: Yes, when I was born, they were not expecting to have somebody with gray hair coming out.

SID: That’s unusual in Africa.

SURPRISE: Yes. Yes, yes.  So when I was coming they say “Oh! It’s a Surprise.”

SID: I see. Now when you were six months old, a dog ripped your eye out. Tell us about that.

SURPRISE: Yes. That’s why you see this scar here. You can see the scar. When I was six months, old a dog was eating the food and then I was just approaching, crawling to the dog food, and the dog ripped, bite me here and the eye fall out.

SID: Completely out of your body?

SURPRISE: Completely out. So my mother with a piece of cloth run and get the eye and put it back, and tied it here, and it stayed there for two weeks. And after the two weeks they opened and my eyes were fine.

SID: Now you were born in Mozambique?

SURPRISE: I was born in Mozambique, yes.

SID: You have to understand, Surprise came from more generations of witch doctors than he can remember. But when you were young man, you heard a voice. Tell me about that.

SURPRISE: Yes. When I was a young man, I heard a voice. We were sleeping in a small mud hut, and the voice was so loud. “Surprise, Surprise, wake up! Move out from your village. Surprise, Surprise, wake up. Move from your village.” Well when I woke up my father and my mother, they were sleeping. I woke up. “Who is this one that is speaking?” “Move from your village. If you don’t move, you die. Move from your village. If you don’t move you die.” I woke up. I went to the house of my friend, Garfar, that night. And I told Garfar what had happened to me. I said, “I’m going away from the village.” Garfar said to me, “I will go with you wherever you go.” Okay, so we took off. It was a very small trail in the jungle; forest is where we were living, a lot of mosquitoes, a lot of malaria bugs, and all kinds of that stuff. So we started walking on a small trail. We got lost. We stayed in the jungle for two weeks. Later on, we are there at the bottom of Malawi in a village called Villanova. So when we appeared there, there was a man that he had a dream. His name, this man is Lucas. This man had a dream. “Go to one of the trees, acacia tree. Go to that acacia tree. You will see two boys coming from the jungle. Get them into your house.” And then this man, the following day after his dream, he went to that tree. And while he was on that tree, we were coming near, me and my friend, Garfar. And then he said to us, “I was just here to wait for you. Let’s go to my house.”

SID: I mean this is pretty supernatural! He hears a voice. He leaves his home. A man meets him. Did this man know Jesus?

SURPRISE: Yes, he was a Christian.

SID: He led you to know Jesus.

SURPRISE: The following day, yes.

SID: And what he found out is if he had not been obedient and left his house, what happened to everyone in your house?

SURPRISE: This is what happened. The following day, we gave our life to Jesus before that man, Mr. Lucas. And then because we were two weeks in the jungle; now later on the fisherman was just going to Malawi to sell the fish, and he said, in the village, such and such family they all died. How they died, the village people took a bile of crocodile. The bile of crocodile is very poisonous. They put it into the maze meal. They mixed it with the bile of crocodile. They take the food to give to my family.

SID: So your family was all poisoned.

SURPRISE: Yes, they were.

SID: If you had lived there, you would have been poisoned.

SURPRISE: I like to eat, so…

SID: So get this. A voice tells him to leave. What did you…?  Coming from all those generations of witch doctors, had anyone told you about Jesus before this?

SURPRISE: Before then, we didn’t know anything about Jesus, no.

SID: Are you the first one in your family?

SURPRISE: I’m first generation, yes, believer.

SID: Okay. You told me that you had a dream or almost a vision just before you received Jesus. Tell me about that.

SURPRISE: The dream was a vision. When Mr. Lucas was telling us about the Creation, he was explaining the Creation said the Creation, so, so, so. And then he started talking a little bit about the plan of God. So suddenly, I saw my eyes was just like changing, not in there any more. So I was seeing I was in the ledge. And this was the Hell. And then I’m ready to go into it. So then I started crying and shaking. And Mr. Lucas said, “No, as long as you breathe you have a chance.”

SID: How did you even know about Hell?

SURPRISE: Oh, well he was talking, while he was talking the plan of God.

SID: What did see with your eyes?

SURPRISE: What I really saw in my eyes, I was standing like in this place. It was on the ledge and this is very deep, steep, something and the smoke is coming out, and the flames of fires coming out, and then I was ready my life to go into it. So then I started shaking.

SID: So you were like being pushed over a ledge.


SID: Did you feel like it was real? Was it like flames of fire?

SURPRISE: Well I felt that I was shaking and crying tear down.

SID: Now today, Surprise, remember how he got his name; he was a big surprise. Africans in Malawi, in Mozambique, they don’t have gray hair when they’re born like that. And he has prayed for eight people that were dead that have come back to life. His associates have prayed for over a hundred. And I understand they don’t even count someone that they were dead and they came back to life unless they were dead for a while. Tell me what they look for to count someone as dead.

SURPRISE: At least a day.

SID: At least a day they have to be dead.

SURPRISE: At least a day because some people just had a heart attack, fainting.

SID: Okay. I want to find out the first time he prayed for a dead person that came back to life. Don’t go away. We’ll be back.


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Sid Roth welcomes Matt Sorger

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Sid:  And you know earlier this week Matt Sorger had an experience in England in which literally a fiery burning angel came into the meeting, you got to tell me about that Matt.

Matt:  Yeah, Sid we were having a morning meeting that day and later a night meeting.  It was in the morning service I was standing in worship and the spot next to me on my left side was empty there was no one sitting there.  Suddenly during the worship time I felt a burning heat coming from my left side and I thought to myself at first there is a pillar of fire standing next to me in the room.  And I put my hand out to the left and as my hand went into the air the air was burning hot, it was a different temperature than the other air; then I pulled my hand out and it got cold, put my hand in it got hot again.  And then the Holy Spirit spoke to me, He said, “I’ve sent a seraphim fiery angel into the meeting today.”  So then God moved powerfully during that service.  But then later that night we were coming back to the church; I was in the restaurant with the Pastor and few other people before the service started and my body started getting hot again and I took my jacket off and I just was feeling this tremendous heat.  When we walked into the church I stood up to preach and when I went to open up my mouth God literally struck me mute.  He would not let me talk and I’m standing there in front of a crowd packed out church full of people and I go to talk you know and they’re waiting for me to say something but no words are coming out.  I totally lose the ability to speak and lasted for about two hours.  As I stood there on the platform behind the pulpit that seraphim angel came into the meeting and the fire of God started to feel the atmosphere.  The physical temperature got so dramatically hot, people started taking off their extra layers of clothes, they started opening up the doors the windows.  And for two hours the tangible fire of God moved through that church.  People were set free, they were purged, they were delivered.  It was a visitation of the fire of God.

Sid:  Is that sort of encounter going to be happening more and more because we’re really in the last of the last days right now.  What is God showing you that will be happening on planet earth as far as the supernatural?

Matt:  Well, you know God has a vision and His vision is of the whole earth will be covered with knowledge of the Glory of God.  And I believe as time accelerates, as we get closer to the end there is an acceleration happening; you see it all around.  You see it even in what’s happening in nature and I think you know that it’s good to mention you know we see a lot of earthquakes, we see a lot of lot of tornadoes; we see these crazy tumultuous things happening within nature itself.  It’s a sign that it’s accelerating to the point of Christ return because all of nature is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God.  And when we talk about the sons of God were talking about the church.  And you know when you study that in the Greek son of God means, mature son; so when we talk about the earth being covered with the Glory were talking about God raising up in the last days as time is accelerating right now.  God is raising up mature sons, mature daughters who will know how to walk in the Spirit; how to be lead by the Spirit; how to walk in the Glory; how to live in the Glory; how to release the Glory and how to see how God’s presence and power literally be released over nations; over regions; over whole aspects of society.  And I believe that these days of acceleration we’re going to see an acceleration of His Glory an acceleration of people really being lead by the Holy Spirit; walking in the power of the Spirit because these are the mature sons.

Sid:  Now you told me that we’re coming into, for lack of a better words a choice of people are going to have to choose to get rid of the giants in their life or fall to these giants.  I mean there’s no in between and especially with there’s going to be a transition of spiritual leaders.  What did God show you?

Matt:  Yeah, we are in a very I want to say crucial time right now, crucial time, almost life and death in some situations.  There are right I believe right now leaders, spiritual leaders, people in the body; we are at a point of facing our giants.  Every person will have some sort of giant in their life; it could be some area of their personality that they are dealing with; an area of their flesh; it could be a trial, a temptation and an issue; a character issue.  It could be any number of things but the Lord is calling us right now to face our giants head on.  If we will face our giants head on like David confronted Goliath there will be, for those who will make the choice confront their giants, deal with their giants and by God’s power see those things taken down in their life.  After David defeated the giant the crown of authority of kingship was brought to David.  His choice to confront the giant literally drew the crown of promotion into his life and brought him to his next level of fulfillment of His destiny.  So as people right now make the choice to face their giants, deal with their issues; deal with their issues in private with the Lord, there will be a promotion and an increase drawn to them in their life.  But for those who choose not to deal with their giants there will be consequences for that.

Sid:  Now one of the things that you shared earlier this week is you had a private visitation just before Oral Roberts promotion to heaven in which he taught you about love and laid hands for a special impartation.  Tell me an example of what’s been happening in your life.  For instance the woman in Wales that was so skeptical how did love affect that healing?

Matt:  Yes, you know Sid, we’ve seen love be the key, the key for the real genuine power of God, this woman, you know we were in a meeting and the altar was filled with people, we were praying for the sick and the Lord showed me this woman sitting way back in her chair.  And he told me to go pray for her.  And I said, “Lord, I said if she needed prayer she would up here at the altar, I don’t think she wants prayer, she is sitting down.”  And God said, “Go pray for her.”  So I left the altar and I walked back to where she was sitting and I looked down at her and I said, “Can I pray for you?”  And she looked up at me and she said, “No!  I don’t want you to pray for me and she was angry and mean and bitter and just had a lot of stuff going on.”  And I looked up at God and I said, “God, I told you she didn’t want prayer.”  And the Lord just again spoke to me, “Pray for her.”  So as I looked at her again and I said, “Can I pray for you?”  She began to tell me all of the sickness that was in her body and she kept going on and on and on.  And she said, “I’ve had every person pray for me, I’ve gone to the doctors, I even had this part of my organ taken out of my body and I still have all the pain, I still have all the sickness that the doctors can’t help me, God won’t heal me.” And she was just in a very depressed, very dark place, so I just closed my eyes and I started praying in the Spirit because I had to get out of the natural, if I let myself get caught in where this woman was, it would hinder me from being able to pray for her.  So I closed my eyes, started praying in the Spirit, as I was praying I the Spirit suddenly in my heart I started to feel this love rise up in me.  I didn’t care if this woman was telling me off, if she wanted to slap me, all’s I could feel and I literally felt it was God’s love for her.  His heart, His overwhelming love for this woman and the power of God was released on her.  I mean she stood there with her eyes open; she wouldn’t even bow her head to pray.  But you what God loved her so much and he saw through all of the issues of her life, he saw the hurt in her heart and the pain in her heart and you know what?  His love overcame it all, and suddenly this power of God came upon her and that woman was totally healed.  And not only was she healed, but she started laughing, she started laughing and crying and she said to me, “All the pain is gone,” she said, “But not only is the pain gone I could feel the presence of God again and I haven’t felt Him in five years, I felt so dead I’ve haven’t felt alive, I haven’t felt God in five years and I feel His presence throughout all of my being right now.”  So the Lord, not only healed her but He revived her, stored her and it flowed out of God’s love.

Sid:  …Matt, very briefly the anointing is so strong I’m tell you in the Name of Jesus oppression is leaving people, you must leave you spirit of oppression right now.  Matt pray for healing, for miracles right now.

Matt:  Thank you Lord; Father, I thank you right now that you’re anointing is going over the airwaves your tangible presence, we take authority over sickness, we take authority over oppression, over depression, Lord over every form of sickness and disease and infirmity and we say in the Name of Jesus Christ, be healed, be loosed from your infirmity, be loosed from that depression, be loosed into God’s healing and wholeness and freedom, in Jesus Name.  We declare it over you now.  Thank you Lord.

Sid:  There are people; it’s especially a spirit of oppression Matt.  And we agree two or more agree touching anyone thing and in Jesus Name we agree that back has just been healed and that neck has just been healed.  But we agree in Jesus Name you spirit of oppression you must get off of people right now.

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Our Guest Joan Hunter

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Sid:  Now two of my most favorite people in the healing ministry Charles and Francis Hunter, many of you are familiar with their ministry.  They were really pioneers in the healing ministry.  And just recently Francis has been promoted and she went home to be with the Lord.  And I have on the telephone her daughter, Joan Hunter.  And I asked, Joan did her mother know that she was ready to go and what did you say Joan?

Joan:  Yes, she did.  She told me that you know, she knew that she was getting ready to go and she says, don’t worry, you know my last breath here and my next breath will be with Jesus.

Sid:  And, but even though there’s still the human element and there’s a natural process called grieving.  And there are many that are listening to us Joan that have gone through this grieving process or are still in the grieving process but I have seen over the years that sometimes it almost gets demonic and they’re in the grieving process much longer than they should be.  How did this work with you?

Joan:  Well, in my particular case any time that there is a traumatic experience, say death, many times; all the times it will affect the heart.  And can open up the door for a spirit of trauma and a spirit of grief.  And I felt that grief coming on me about a week or two after my Mom had gone and I said, “Grief you cannot make your home in me.”  And I said, “Any spirit of grief, any spirit of trauma, is commanded to go.”  I felt my voice weakening, which a lot of time trauma will settle in the voice and in the vocal chords.  And I said, “Father right now in the Name of Jesus, I command every bit of trauma and grief to leave my body in Jesus Name.”  And it instantly left and I said Hallelujah and my voice was completely back to normal, just instantly like that and it was absolutely awesome what God has done in my life through this time.  That I say, okay you don’t have to deal and put up with a spirit of grief, and now I have actually proven it, that you don’t have to put up with it and that you can get rid of it.  And now there’s a time of loss and I miss my Mom and I miss her calling me and leaving me voice mails and saying you know “How many miracles did you have, and how’s the service and things like that.”  It’s you know I want to tell her about my new book and how well it’s doing, but she’s not there to tell and so there’s a natural missing of the communication that I had with my Mom here on the earth, but the heaviness, the grief, the sorrow, the trauma of my Mom with her death is just not there.  And it is so miraculous what God has done in my life.  As you know in my life, as you know through the years my life is a testimony of that if God can do it for me, God can do it for anybody.

Sid:  Yeah, you know what I’m thinking about as you’re speaking, because I’m thinking about your Mother and oh, I go back many, many years with your Mother and Father.  I remember as a new Jewish believer going to one of their meetings and they would hands on people and they’d be slain in the Spirit and it wasn’t that well known, back then.  It was kind of a rarity for that to happen.  And I remember, she said, “Well anyone else that once to do it we want everyone to just come up and lay hands on people and I remember going up; I was just in the audience and laying hands on people and they started being slain in the Spirit.  I was so astounded.

Joan:  You were a real believer at that point!

Sid:  Oh, I was but one of the thoughts that I have as I’m speaking to you is how inadequate you felt to step into their shoes and as a matter of fact what did you share with me about your Mother’s mantle?

Joan:  Well, stepping into what God has called me to do being their daughter was hard enough.  And people tried to make me a second generation Francis Hunter.  And as in comparison to me being a first and only generation of Joan Hunter and what God has called Joan to do.  And as I sharing with Sid about the mantle was that two weeks before my Mom died she has this beautiful necklace with diamonds and everything and the center of it is a heart.  And she said, I want to put it on you, her fingers were no longer nimble, she just couldn’t do it and so I learned forward as the caregiver actually put the necklace on me and she symbolically put the necklace on me.  And she says wear this for me and she says with my necklace, I give you my mantle.  And instantaneously from that moment on there has been; two weeks before she left a dramatic difference in the services of getting an increased anointing because of the mantle.  And it has been amazing.  And even the number of people that are getting slain in the Spirit in the services has increased and the miracles that have happened and just in the last two weeks, I’ve seen thousands of healings.

Sid:  Well, I have to say this publically, we had when you did our radio and television show last, we had more miracles occur than anyone that I had ever interviewed.  And so I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with this increase for the radio and for the television.  But, I’m also reminded of a young girl that was literally forced by her mother to come out of her comfort zone.  Is that true?

Joan:  Yes, and I remember traveling with Mom and Dad you know when I was in my early twenties and I’m past my mid fifties now, but when I was in my early twenties and I knew that people didn’t come to see me, they came to see them.  And it was like dealing with people you know wanting to see Mom and Dad rather than you know, I don’t care who prays for me I just want Jesus to heal me.  And to this day I will never compare to my mother.  But I’m not supposed to compare to my mother.  I’m supposed to be, I’m her daughter, I have a lot of similarities because she is my Mom, but I’m not my Mom.  But having to deal with such a strong personality as she had and, but that could and it did cause me to go to the background to not be seen to go to the big curtain and hide.  But when I knew that God had called me to come out from behind the curtain, to come out from my comfort zone and my hiding and that God could use me just as much if not more than my mother.

Sid:  And you were very public about, you were devastated by a divorce and thought that would be the end of your healing ministry.

Joan:  That would be the end of every ministry, sure.  And you know with being forced with divorce, it’s ten years ago, it’s hard to believe, but you know he was living a double life as a homosexual and because of that life style, God had released me to get the divorce because you know in covenant with somebody you’re also involved in that lifestyle whether you are actually participating in it or not.  It is a form of condoning it and God just said, “I’ve freed you up.” And it was like, people were telling God can’t use you anymore because you’re divorced.  And I’m like how come these people are still getting healed and this is happening?  But people say that you can’t use me.  And at that point I just talked to God and I said, “What am I suppose to do and he said, “Just remember there not the ones that called you, I am.”  And that gave me so much freedom knowing that God was the one that called me, God forgave me of the divorce even though it wasn’t my fault, any part of it, you know in actually getting the divorce was forgiven.  And it enabled me go on and to be all that God had called me to be.  And even though his unfaithfulness to God and to me, meaning my ex-husband that did not mean that I was not faithful to God.  And God has seen my faithfulness through these years.  And he has certainly met my need in every area and it’s just been incredible.  It’s very easy to succumb to the word divorce and this that and the other and the loss of your spouse.  And you know children and whatever and parents and we can succumb to that and allow it to shut us down or we can in turn allow it to build us up into all that God has for us.

Sid:  …this is the way I look at it, you spend forty years in the healing ministry, most of that time with your parents so we have their generation, what they imparted to you and then what the Holy Spirit imparted to you to build upon what the foundation they gave you.  So it’s almost two generations of studying healing and being and understanding every facet of healing…

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