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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Katie Souza. And Katie, there’s something called soul wounds, and these are just things that we’ve carried with us, hurts, etc., that we’ve carried with us our whole life. Are you finding that this Glory Light gets rid of these soul wounds quickly?

KATIE: Yes. It’s the accelerated tool that Jesus is imparting now in this season for us to be able to put on people’s soul wounds to get accelerated healing.

SID: Well you must have had a lot of soul wounds with the life you lived.

KATIE: Oh yeah.

SID: Tell me one instance where you got free of a soul wound.

KATIE: Well soul wounds are formed by sin. Someone either sinned against you or you sinned against yourself, like I did on numerous occasions. And because they’re formed by sin they give the demonic the legal right to torment you. And that torment can manifest in physical diseases. So I was gong on tour in Virginia, and as I pulled up into the airport, as soon as I arrived in this new territory I had never been in before I started to get really, really sick. I had 103-degree temperature. I had a very severe bladder inflection, yeast infection, could barely think, sore throat, the works. Now in the past when I get sick if I were to get sick that fast I would be roaring and rebuking the demonic and all that. But now I understand what Jesus was talking about in John 14. He said, “The prince of this world is coming, but he has nothing in me that’s in common with him, so he has no power over me.” You see, Jesus came as a man. He had a soul, too, and a spirit. But he had no sin in him. So he had no wounds in his soul formed by sin. So there was nothing in him–

SID: That was a much better way to start life than the way I started and you started.

KATIE: Exactly. But now he’s giving a tool where we can head in that direction.

SID: We get restored.

KATIE: Get restored to what our original creation we’re supposed to be. And so when I saw that teaching I knew that if we can begin to be like Jesus and apply the Glory Light to our soul then there will be nothing in us that’s in common with the demonic, so the demonic will have no power over us. You see, this is what we’ve been missing. We’ve been rebuking and fighting, and warring, and we’re not winning the war and we wonder why. Well if you still have a wound inside your soul formed by sin the demonic still has a legal right to harass you. So here I am getting sick, and I’m thinking, okay, there must be something in my soul, a wound formed by sin that’s in common with the demonic in this region, and it’s giving them a legal right to make me sick. Okay, so instead of warring I lay down and position myself to receive Glory Light on my soul. And in the teaching today we give step by step, really biblical cool instructions to show people how to do that. So I begin to put the Glory Light on my soul and I saw a vision. I saw five wounded beings hiding in rooms. They represented different rooms inside of my soul. And God said, “Go in and get them and bring them out, into the Glory Light.” So I got them all out of these closets and they were all gathered together. And suddenly the spirit of the Lord just surrounded them with glory and with light, and they were healed. Well after that happened I was like, okay, now those wounds are healed. Now I can fight the demonic. So I began to call that spirit to come up and get out of me. And Sid, it came up and it spoke to me in an audible voice.

SID: Really?

KATIE: The nerve. Yes. It was the freakiest encounter I ever had. And it spoke in a voice so loud I would fill this entire studio. It came up and it said this to me, it said, “What do you want?” And I said, “I want you to get out in Jesus’ name!” And he came up out of my body, and as he did I felt his tentacles, I didn’t even know, wrapped around my body, ripping off my body and I was healed.

SID: Now tell me someone else that the Glory Light restored their soul.

KATIE: Well there was a woman in one of our meetings, and we were positioning everyone to soak in the glory and the light. And so she was laying there and she saw a vision, too. She saw herself laying on this stone slab, and on top of her was this rubber doll. It looked just like her, but it was all bloated and fat, and ugly. And these demons had pinned this doll on top of her body and she couldn’t get out from underneath it. And she knew in her spirit that the Lord was telling her, “That is what the demonic has put on your soul, to make you feel like that’s the way we look: bloated and fat, and ugly.” So she just began to focus on the Glory Light and putting it on her soul. And all of a sudden she saw this blaze of light fly in the room and pop the rubber doll, and it deflated, and she was able to escape out from underneath the clutches of these demons. Well that happened like in the very part of the month of December. Okay, now you know that month of December is the month when everybody eats all their goodies for Christmas and all that other stuff. Okay, so she went through that whole holiday season eating the treats and everything else, and without even trying she lost 15 pounds just in three weeks.

SID: So this Glory Light restores us to the way Adam was.

KATIE: Yes. It goes back and systematically it can go through time. It can go to every place where you are wounded, when somebody abandoned you or molested you, or did something to hurt you, or if you got off of drugs or alcohol. It can go back and you put the blood on the sin and the Glory Light on the wound, and you get healed. You know, the man of the spirit of legion, you know why he was able to be under the power of that spirit?

SID: Why?

KATIE: It’s because he lived out of his wounds and his soul. It says three times in that scripture that he lived among the tombs, and night and day he was among the tombs, right? I thought, that’s very interesting. It says that three times. I wonder what that word “tombs” means. And I looked it up and it means, “a monument set up to cause a perpetual remembrance.”

SID: So that’s what buried into our souls, that memory.

KATIE: Yes, exactly.

SID: So the Glory Light burns out that memory.

KATIE: Exactly. You know in that same chapter when Jesus meets up with that spirit of legion, that spirit says this to Jesus: “Oh Jesus, what is there in common between us? Do not begin to torment me.” Remember what Jesus said, right? “The prince’s rule is coming, but there’s nothing in me that’s in common with him.” So he has no power over me. That spirit recognized, “Hmmm, this man Jesus has something different about him. He’s got no soul wounds. There’s nothing in his soul that’s in common with me, so I can’t torment him.”

SID: Katie, when you got to prisons you have to do things quickly, because and that’s what the tools that God has given you, is to speed things up.


SID: Could you pray a prayer for our viewers right now for the healing Glory Light of the Messiah to enter them and heal them right now.

KATIE: I decree right now that the Glory Light is literally going back in time through your soul to every place where you were wounded. Maybe someone abandoned you or deserted you. Maybe a friendship hurt you. Maybe something your husband or your wife has done. The Glory Light is gonna go right now to that place. The blood of Jesus will take care of the sin, but the Glory Light will then heal that wound. And I command that every would inside your soul get systematically more and more healed in the glory until you’re completely healed, and every part of your mind, your will and your emotions. And I speak to the demonic that’s been tormenting you, that’s been attached to those wounds inside your soul. And I say to you now, I release King Jesus on you. King Jesus, he is the king of kings. There is no king higher than him. And every king and every power master spirit that’s attached to the wounds in your soul is gonna have to go when those wounds are healed in the Glory Light. And I command angels to come and shine light into your soul and for them to escort out to the pit the enemy that would assail your physical body, your emotions, mental disorders. These are all are gonna be healed right now as God takes his Glory Light and puts it in your soul right now in Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name.

SID: Do you know I believe that, as a matter of fact, you’re getting a lot of good results with people with mental problems and emotional problems.

KATIE: Yes. Bi-polar diseases have been healed. Depression has been healed. People say they feel like a hand scooping through their mind and clearing out their mind. When people soak in the Glory Light they come out and they talk different. They look different. Mental disorders, it’s your mind, and that’s part of your soul, and the enemy can come. If you have a wound in your soul it can come and manifest on a disease.

SID: As you’re watching us right now that glory is just pouring. It’s like a river. It’s like a river pouring into your deepest most being now in Jesus’ name right now.

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