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Sid: This is such an important week because I have on the telephone Isaiah and Carol Reed. I’m speaking to them at their home in Houston, Texas. Is it really true Isaiah that a newspaper said you were the most dangerous pimp in Hawaii? Is that really true?

Isaiah: Yes sir. The reason that article was written up that way doing my racketeering in the islands, and in Tokyo. They had me under investigation by the Narcotics Division and by INTERPOL. So in their zealousness to arrest me they broke into one of my penthouses without a warrant. I caught them in there, and the long and the short of it is… what happened is it ended up in Federal Court and the judge not only threw out all the investigation they had on me for 2 years, but also the IRS agent was charged and found guilty. He then turned state evidence on Honolulu Police Department their Narcotics Division. Then they had one of their police officers they sacrificed him and he lost his job and ended up fining him $10,000.

Sid: This sounds worse than what you see on Television.

Isaiah: Yeah so the newspaper in the community was kind of upset about it. So what they wrote was they said “They couldn’t believe that one of the most vicious pimps in the island, head of the Rolls Royce gang,” because that’s the kind of cars you know my affiliates drove along with myself. Got away with basically every crime we had ever done for 2 years because of a technicality, which it’s not a technicality it’s in the constitution. You just cannot break in anyone’s house to get evidence whether you believe they do something or not; you have to produce evidence, go to a grand jury then get a warrant from a judge, then get the evidence that you need if you feel as though any kind of felony or anything against any crime is being  done

Sid: How in the world Isaiah did you get to the point you’re describing to me. You come from 5 generations of ministers you were raised in the church. At age 7 you were born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. How does someone get from that point to where you evolved?

Isaiah: Well I believe the culture that attracted me most… you know culture is very powerful and it will come against even the presence of the Spirit of God. Not to preach or anything, but in the Bible it says “Your tradition has made the word of God of none effect.” Traditional, culture, so I chose the culture a lifestyle, a night lifestyle, a flamboyant lifestyle, a lifestyle full of drugs and sex during the era of Studio 54. I chose a lifestyle so whatever was planted in my heart, or whatever influence from my family and from a different culture was diluted as I was more attracted to a more party, and a culture that allured me away from all my teachings.

Sid: Now your mother was praying for you so I just have to believe there were points along this path where you were struggling with God and yourself, or you were just so hardened by this point it just didn’t affect you.

Isaiah: Well the exercise of my emotions had to come against any kind of softness or sensitivity I had towards anything righteous or anything true in order for me to function properly. Because weakness was just like a bleeding fish in the water, and if a shark smelled blood he would devour that victim. So I didn’t want to be a victim I didn’t want to be victimized. So naturally I had to become one of the sharks, one of the things that I most… shouldn’t have been that my mother was trying to pray against. Even once again on the flipside of that it says “Exercise your most holy faith.” Our faith has to be exercised because if you don’t exercise your faith, or just like using the computer if you don’t use it you lose it. So if I didn’t use Biblical teachings; I started using my street savvy and street knowledge and I exercised that and that’s where I draw my strength, I draw my direction, and I put more value my value system was built on that lifestyle and that culture.

Sid: Now tell me about the day you got shot twice and stabbed 16 times.

Isaiah: Well during the course of almost 27 years of dealing drugs I myself was a man of violence. So really what goes around comes around, and by that time I had been living in Tokyo, Japan. The long and the short of that is, I flew from Tokyo to Denver, Colorado to convince another associate of mine as though we had accumulated enough income, enough funds, enough money, that we didn’t need to continue taking any more risks as far as trafficking drugs any more, and definitely flesh, you know, prostitution. That we should more or less use all our money and be squares, retire so to speak. In that lifestyle blood in blood out; there’s only one in and one way out. I thought it was kind of naïve for him to have this kind of white picket fence philosophy and I tried to bring him to the truth. In the middle of that we got into an argument. So I ended up doing the drug deal with the Columbians and Cubans…

Sid: Out of curiosity, at your highest point how much money were you making?

Isaiah: I averaged out maybe 27 million.

Sid: 27 million what, a year?

Isaiah: Yeah.

Sid: That is a lot of money Isaiah.

Isaiah: Well to maintain that lifestyle you almost have to spend at least a third of that. To maintain the flamboyancy, the pay offs, the money laundering, the travel, the… I mean it’s a lot of things that you have to maintain to stay in that degree of lifestyle and that degree of influence.

Sid: So wait a second, you’re making all of that money why didn’t you just agree with your partner and leave the business and become respectable?

Isaiah: To be honest with you I thought there was nothing else I was good at, but control. I think to be even more honest about myself I think I feared not being in control anymore. For me to change would mean I would have to come under control somebody else’s rules that I was unfamiliar with almost 30 years of living in crime.

Sid: Okay so you’re doing this big drug deal with these Columbians you’re doing it by yourself because your partner he wants out. What happened?

Isaiah: Well I go to the drug dealer, its normal really nothing un-normal about it. I’ve been dealing drugs you know for several decades now, and at least been doing business with these guys for about a decade. Concluded the deal, anyway on the way back, you know I’m going to go back to the airport I had a roundtrip ticket first class back to Tokyo. I was kind of glad the deal had went smoothly, but I was still disappointed that my associate wanted to retire. Anyway, I was going over this in my mind one of the guys caught me off guard took a 38 automatic and put it to the right side of my face and pulled the trigger. The bullet went through my head disintegrated my jaw bone went through my ear canal and landed in my brain. I still have the bullet in my brain today. Then he shot me again in my face and that bullet went through my nose through the roof of my mouth down my throat and landed in the top vertebrae of my spine. Then they proceeded to stab me and they stabbed me 16 times in the upper part of my body to make sure that I died. They pulled in an alley through my body in the alley to hide it, but they wanted to leave a message to my drug affiliates, so they threw $100 bills on me to let them know it wasn’t a robbery it was a hit. They pulled off and I bled to death, I died in my own puddle of blood in the alley all by myself.

Sid: How do you know you were dead? Did someone state you were dead, a doctor?

Isaiah: Oh they pronounced me dead; I was dead for 2½ hours. The reason they found me a car pulled through the alley and it ran over me. So…

Sid: Oh my gosh, you’re shot twice stabbed 16 times and a car runs over you. I mean how can anyone be alive? I’ll tell you what hold that thought right there.

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