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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Pastor Henry Wright from Pleasant Valley Church Thomaston, Georgia. I’m interviewing him on the updated expanded wonderful manual called “A More Excellent Way” it’s subtitled “The Spiritual Roots of Disease, Pathways to Wholeness.”  And his teaching I’ll tell you probably never heard such wonderful teaching then he takes alphabetically the major diseases of society and what are the spiritual roots, how to repent of these roots and be free to receive the healing that you are entitled to, the children’s bread.  On yesterday’s broadcast it’s shocking Henry but you were telling about the statistics of mental disease and you were saying the country that has be highest percentage of mental disease is…

Henry:  America, of all the world 1/3 of our population is involved in some type of psychiatric care.

Sid:  But you know here in America we have everything. Where the average person lives like a king lived 100 years ago.  Why do we have so much depression even in the church?

Henry: Well success does not mean that we’re at peace with ourselves or God or others that’s just a monetary thing.  The big battle again is we talked about heart disease of females already this weak out of 1st John 4:18 it says “There is no fear in love.”  So we do not love fear comes; part 3 of 1st John 4:18 says “Fear has torment.”  Now let’s go into the aspect of what kind of torment there is.  When you get into what’s called psychiatric or mental disease there are examples where they may be a tumor, there may be an organic or birth defect but most what’s called psychiatric disease really should not be considered a disease at all.  I know that that’s going to flip a few people out.  It should be considered a syndrome, so the big stigma of mental disease has been really big.

Sid: But I guess you have to help me, what is a syndrome then?

Henry:  A syndrome is where the body is malfunctioning but there’s nothing organically wrong with it.  In other words you may…

Sid: So if there’s nothing organically wrong with it what’s causing it to malfunction?

Henry:  Well this begins out journey as to what’s causing the hypo, hyper-dynamics of secretion.  You have hormones that are over or under secreted by your endocrine system you have Nero-transmitters and peptides that are over or under secreted. You have neurological activity that is misfiring.  For example, in paranoid-schizophrenia for example all that paranoid-schizophrenia is clinically is the result of a biological manifestation that changes how a person perceives thought involving the over secretion of two neurotransmitters which is nor-epinephrine and dopamine.  But what causes nor-epinephrine and dopamine to be over secreted is very spiritual.  And so you get into all of these…

Sid: What could be some spiritual roots of this over secretion?

Henry:  Well, for example in paranoid-schizophrenia the first part of is the paranoia, and if you look at the general adaptation syndrome with fear anxiety and stress and the medical community in fight or flight.  Nor-epinephrine is always over secreted in fight or flight so the first part of paranoid-schizophrenia is the fear factor of not feeling loved or accepted and will follow families that are dysfunctional in love and could involve driveness and performance.  Then comes the release of dopamine, dopamine is a pleasure neurotransmitters of the body that God created but is also key to rebellion.  And what is rebellion, rebellion is an altered state of consciousness that has arrived at spiritually actually and biologically reinforced by dopamine.  What rebellion says is this “I don’t like you, I don’t like what you represent I’m going to create my own reality of thinking.” In order to sustain yourself there dopamine has to be over-released.  And when you get into the clinical understanding in our ministry of paranoid-schizophrenia sympathetic this is the compound part of the disease.  You get into depression, classic depression, all that classic depression is Sid is this is a biological results.  The biological manifestation of a spiritual and psychological becoming one in not feeling safe and not feeling loved.  If you don’t feel safe about yourself, you don’t feel loved, you don’t accept yourself you don’t like yourself, then the internecine system will miss fire from the hypothalamic intervention and serotonin levels will be the diminished.  And that is what is behind much depression.  Bipolar I’ll tell you something about bipolar, 50% of bipolar diagnosis in America are invalid because they were not properly diagnosed, they were diagnosed by observation.  Well you can have pseudo-bipolar by over exalted diminishing of values of serotonin.  And that doesn’t mean that you have bipolar and so we could talk about that for a long time.

Sid: So just out curiosity if someone has this misdiagnosis then they live their whole life that way and they didn’t have to?  Is that what you’re saying?

Henry:  Absolutely, I give you a testimony of South Africa of May of this year could I?

Sid: Please.

Henry:  I was in South Africa at LL Ministries in South Africa in Pretoria. A lady brought her adult daughter who had been diagnosed as bipolar and was on mediation and was reacting to the medication. And she was devastated because bipolar is almost like a death sentence in psychiatric disease.  And so she brought her adult daughter to me and said “Could you pray for her?”  And I said “Well, let me ask you, how were you diagnosed, were brains scans done?” “No.”  “Was genetic testing done on the X chromosome?”  “No.”  “Then how did they diagnosis you?”  “Well, they saw that I was depressed.” “And so they put you on the drug Lithium because that’s what they’re going to do. Right? Now you’re reacting to the drug.” “Yes.”  “Does your mother have bipolar?” “No.”  “Has she ever had depression?” “No.”  “You don’t have it.”  And the minute I said “You don’t have it but I said but you’re under a battle because you’ve come under some unloving unclean spirits that has been putting you down and accusing you to yourself and you’ve been listening to that at the soul level and you’ve become one with it; now what happened in your life that you don’t like yourself?”  “Well I have me a bucket of tears.” The long story of this…do you want to hear this is a powerful testimony.  I ministered to her right on the spot; got her released from the false diagnosis, got her ministry around the area of not loving herself, that was on a Thursday.  She went back to her psychiatrist on Friday totally no depression and said “Will you check me again to see if I have bipolar?”  And they went back… this is her psychiatrist, and they looked and said “We don’t know why we diagnosed you bipolar you don’t have it.  Go home get out of here;” they canceled the prescription.  The issue is this is very very common in the world and it’s because we don’t understand what’s happening.  You can give somebody a drug Sid even in psychiatric but if you haven’t dealt with the issues behind it then what in the world are we doing?

Sid: What about schizophrenia, give me a testimony.

Henry: Had a man in Minnesota a few years ago; I taught on schizophrenia in one of my conferences. I quoted 1st John 4:18 that says “Perfect love casts out fear.”  And I went through all this whole profile.  And this man had lost one brother to death from suicide and he had another brother that should have been locked up but he was still loose and couldn’t even communicate with him. And he had this thought from God, I wonder if I’ll begin to love my brother if God could use my love as Pastor Wright said could drive out this fear that would cause him to become sane?  I didn’t know about this testimony until a year and half later in Dallas when I was teaching.  And this showed up in a conference and gave me this incredible testimony. He said “Pastor Wright if 1st John 4:18 is true and you said it would work with schizophrenia every Saturday I took 2 to 3 hours of my day before to avoid my brother now I found some place to talk to him.  I would just hang out with him and Pastor I’m here to tell you in one year I gave up every Saturday afternoon for one year and in one year God and love in my ministry to my brother took my brother from advanced paranoia schizophrenia to functional holding down a full time job on no medication totally sane, totally in his right mind because of the truth. Perfect love casts out fear. That’s a beginning of cracking…

Sid: Henry I am so excited about your manual the updated version of “A More Excellent Way” why should someone read this?

Henry:  Because in it are the clues to why we’re sick and how to get well.  And wouldn’t you like to have a clue about your problem.  It’s an insight Sid, there’s always exceptions in what we see, but if anybody who gets this manual and the first thing you do is look up your disease, say what I have to say…And you say “Well, how dare he say that and you throw the book against the wall and you haven’t read it all then you have done yourself a disfavor.”  Hey what are you… Listen the cost of this book Sid is equal to only about half the cost of a drug prescription.  It’s only about 1/3 the cost to the average doctor’s office visit, and equal to 1.3 trips to McDonalds. This book will help you understand what’s behind disease. It will take away the mystery of disease and help you get to a place that you can remove the things from your life that need to be removed. Get God in your life because He can help you understand what creation should look like. Remove the things that are not of God and your health will return to you.

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