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Our Guest Tommy Combs

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SID: Tommy, this greater glory, I’ve been using this term for a long time, and you use this term, but it’s actually in the Bible, the greater glory. Tell me about it.

TOMMY: The latter house will be greater than the former house. The glory is going to come like we’ve never seen before. Now, we’ve had people say, “It’s going to be a cumulation of everything we’ve seen in the past.”

SID: I’ve heard people say that.

TOMMY: …who say that. No, no.

SID: I don’t agree either.

TOMMY: No, no. It’s going to be greater than that. I’m talking about it’s going to be the greatest glory moved that we’ve ever seen when God’s presence just shows up.

SID: You say the glory is greater than even healing.

TOMMY: Greater. The miracles will be just … You and I’ve talked before about popcorn miracles, where there’s miracle, miracle, miracle, miracle. That’s what’s going to, what I’m talking about. We’re talking about people coming into the presence of God in such a strong way. I’m talking about the presence of God in your home, the presence of God at your workplace, presence of God in our churches, presence of God in our businesses. The presence of God is so strong that when people are attracted to that, you’re walking down the street in the presence of God attracts people, and they go, “What is it you have? What is it? Tell me about what you have. What is it?” They fall to their knees, cry, and say, “Well, there’s something about you I want to know about.” That’s what I’m talking about. The present glory is going to be so strong.

SID: Now, you talk about something I don’t hear too many people talk about, but there are literally portals, or like Jacob had the the ladder, that go from heaven to earth, the angels come up and down, but they are breaking out in churches and homes. You were telling me of the one you went to in Moravian Falls.

TOMMY: I’m preaching up there at the Gathering Church.

Do you sense the greater glory here?

TOMMY: Angels walking on the stage, walking on the stage behind me in the crowd. I’m thinking, “Boy, they’re getting this, and, Tommy, you’re doing real good.” Now, they’re seeing the angels. They’re seeing the angels back here, is what they’re saying. They’re all excited…

TOMMY: … about the angels. But in that service, a lady drove down from New Jersey, brought her husband who had a brain bleed and a tumor on the brain. She brought him to be healed. At the end of the service, I began to pray for people to be healed.

I curse this in Jesus’ name.

TOMMY: She brought him down.

Be healed now.

TOMMY: Her daughter, 22 years old, been away from God now many years.

TOMMY: Didn’t want anything to do with church, but she drove mom-


TOMMY: … and daddy to that meeting.

It’s gone.

TOMMY: She’s there and God healed him.

It’s gone.

TOMMY: God healed the man of a brain bleed and a tumor on the brain.

Presence of God.

TOMMY: There was so much glory and so much power in that situation, around that meeting, that night; this girl goes back home, falls on her knees, accepts Jesus Christ as her savior. This girl has the number one healing ministry in the state of New Jersey right now…

TOMMY: … because the glory came on the scene.

SID: It’s so important. This is what I believe, Tommy. This glory will be a two-edged sword. If you repent to your sins, it will be the greatest thing that ever happened to you. But if you hold on to those old habits, it’ll be the worst thing that ever happened to you. Tell me about when the Israelis invaded and took over the Canaanite homes. What did they find in the walls?

TOMMY: God said, “You will have houses you didn’t build.” That’s what he told them, told the people.

SID: Right, he prophesied.

TOMMY: They go across the Jordan, they take houses that they did not build. The enemy knew they were coming, so the enemy put idols in the walls and hid idols in the walls of those houses. The priest told them, clean the house, and they would bring the priest in and cleaned the house. If they didn’t get the idols completely out of the house, the house was torn down to be rebuilt. Then, they found the idols in the walls. God wants a clean house. God wants a clean house in me, God wants a clean house in you, but he also wants our home to be pure. He wants our…

TOMMY: … homes to be, but way you do it, and you said the word, the blood. When is the last time you go through your home pleading the blood of Jesus? When’s the last time you went through your home praying in that beautiful prayer language, that heavenly language?

SID: What do you mean? What do you mean by pleading the blood of Jesus?

TOMMY: Jesus said, “Use my name and plead my blood.”

By plead the blood, you say, “I plead the blood of … you speak it. You speak it like, “I pray the blood. I plead the blood. I’m asking the blood to come on the scene.” God moves on faith. Satan moves on fear. You’ve got to move that fear out of your life and get the blood to move for you. The glory, when you get in the blood scene, the blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, oh, God, I feel it now, the blood of Jesus; then, the glory loves that.

SID: It attracts.

TOMMY: The glory of God, it attracts.

SID: The blood.

TOMMY: The blood attracts the glory.

SID: Tommy, the blood attracts the glory. The idols attract the demonic.

TOMMY: That’s right.

SID: My mother didn’t raise a dummy. Who wants the demonic in my home? When we return, I’m going to ask Tommy to reveal his secrets and pray that the glory of God overtakes you. Be right back.

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Our Guest Robert Heidler

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Sid: I want to read a quote from my guest this week his name is Robert Heidler and he is Senior Pastor of Glory of Zion Outreach Center in Denton, Texas.  He has a very prominent prophet who is in his church Chuck Pierce who many of you are familiar with. I’m quoting from his brand new book it’s called “The Messianic Church Arising.” And when I talk about one new man there are missing ingredients and my guest Robert Heidler is an apostolic teacher.He has captured the best presentation of one of major missing ingredients of the church today.  Let me read you from the manuscript.  “Paul would go into a city; start a church the presence of God would come and then within a few years tens of thousands of people would be saved, and then the entire region would be affected.  By the end of the 1st century the church is spread everywhere because the pagans didn’t have anything that could stand against the power of God in his church.  For 300 hundred years that’s what the church looked like.  Then around 325 the church began to change.”  Robert with all of your studies on the Messianic Church on the first church one of the things that I recall in reading your book it really struck me it says you were so excited about the writings of the first followers of the Messiah that just so pulsated with the glory of God.  And then when you got to seminary and you read many of the latter church fathers there was something different about their writings would you explain?

Robert:Yes Sid when you begin from the apostles who wrote the New Testament, who were Jewish, over to the first gentile church fathers there’s a dramatic difference in what you see because they quote from the New Testament and the Old Testament but they don’t understand it.  There’s very little insight that they show as a matter of fact one church historian commented that going from the apostles in the New Testament to the early gentile church fathers is like going from a beautiful well watered oasis out into a stark dry desert.  And that’s the feeling that you had that there’s something the early church had that the early gentile writers really didn’t know how to grasp hold of.

Sid:If you were put that in one succinct thought what is that missing ingredient?

Robert:The missing ingredient is the life from the root. God spent 2000 years imparting into the Jewish people a knowledge of Himself and how to walk in His presence but the Gentile church beginning at really very early rejected much of that.  And it’s like taking a tree and cutting it off from the roots and slowly the leaves begin to shrivel up and die because they don’t have the life that it needed from the root in order to thrive.

Sid:Well I am so excited about your book because it explains the missing ingredients of how the church could go from such glory, such power that literally the pagans couldn’t stand up against that power to what is today.  We’ll get into that a little later on in the week, but I especially am intrigued by a word that you use and a lot of your writing it’s got the word is called “cycles.”  And in particular the cycles of God which call God’s key to increase and blessing.  Explain first of all what is a cycle.

Robert:Well a cycle I like to describe it like this a cycle is something that goes around and moves you to a destination.  God gave us certain cycles of life and that was one of the things he used to keep us on track to keep us in tuned with his timing so that we would be able to fully enter into what he had for us.

Sid:Now tell me when we take the biblical festivals and I’m going to read a little bit about it right now from Leviticus chapter 23 verse 2. “Speak to the children of Israel and say to them the feasts,” and the Hebrew word means the appointment or the appointed times.  Or as you put it the appointed cycle of the Lord,“which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations these are My feasts.”Then He proceeds to say to do them forever over and over again He says this.  Now a Jewish person that doesn’t know the Messiah knows that you just follow what it says; you do what it says you do it forever.  But a Gentile Christian that reads some of the teaching in the New Testament combines it with some of the traditions and they don’t know diddlyabout these I like to call it “God appointments.”  What have you found the purpose of these God appointments are because you’re a Gentile Christian; what is the purpose for Gentile Christians?

Robert:Well Sid I see, I think it’s important to see that the feasts were  not just rituals and they weren’t just holidays but they were appointments with God they were times when God wanted to meet with His people to accomplish some very specific things in our lives.  And I know as a pastor I have seen that there’s some people that they get saved and they come to know the Lord and they’re very excited but you look at them 5 or 6 years down the road they have drifted away, they’re not excited about the…

Sid:Sounds like the church in the book of Revelation


Sid:It says “You’ve lost your first love.”

Robert:No one sets out to do that, no one says I think I’m going to drift away for the Lord it’s just something that happens.  Living in the world that we live in is like being on escalator going down and if you don’t do anything you will just naturally drift away.  And so God said “Every year I want my people to go through this cycle and I’m going to do something very specific things in their lives that each year is going to keep them drawing closer, keep them moving forward in their relationship with me. So each year as we go through this cycle it draws us closer and closer into God’s glory, closer into His presence.  And now that doesn’t happen necessarily if we’re just going through as rituals or the holidays, but if we really see what God intended in each of these then we really see that there was a specific spiritual transaction that He wanted to do in our lives at each of these holidays.

Sid:Now you are not saying that if someone doesn’t observe the biblical festivals it has anything to do with their righteousness, anything to do with salvation so whatdoes it have to do with?

Robert:Well, it’s a very practical thing, take Passover for example.

Sid:Which is this evening.

Robert:Which is this evening;what Passover is all about is simply this knowing that you are redeemed by the blood of the lamb out of the hand of enemy.That’s what Passover was for the Jews in Moses day, that’s that Passover was in the early church with Jesus as our Passover Lamb.  It’s knowing that we are redeemed by His blood out of the hand of enemy.You know take the area of deliverance ministry I remembered Derek Prince once saying that the number one, the strongest profession that a person can make with their mouth is “I am redeemed by the blood of the Lamb out of the hand of enemy.”  And he said, “Ifhe can bring a person to say that and say it in faith what that does that breaks the power of the enemy in their life.”   And so every year at Passover God wants to bring that around make it very firm in our memory, firm in our life that we are going into this year knowing that we are, the power of the enemy is broken the oppression of the enemy does not have to be on us during the year but we can walk in the power of redemption through the blood of the Lamb.  And that does something each year as you go through that it allows you to go into the year in a new level of faith every year.

Sid:Now Robert in your book “The Messianic Church” this is so revolutionary to most Christians, what kind of reaction are you getting; you did the book in booklets previously and then added a lot of new things and put it together in a book.  What reaction are you getting?

Robert:I am having people write and call and just say “This book changed my life.”  Peoplesense that they’re not experiencing what the Bible promised; they look at their lives and their saying there’s something missing and of course there are a lot of things missing because we have lost a lot over the years.  But this is one of those things, it is one of the things that God had intended us to have, he gave it to us.  He gave us our Jewish roots, the feasts, the Sabbaths, the understandings of God that He imparted into Israel.  He gave those as resources as gifts to strengthen us in our walk with the Lord.If we don’t have those things it doesn’t mean that we’re going to Hell but it means that there’s something missing and we’re not able to experience the full blessing God wanted us to have.

Sid:Robert one last thought.

Robert:Well, Sid I am just so excited at what God is doing in the church because He really is restoring the One New Man and the Jew and the Gentile when they are brought together in God’s covenant there is a strength and there is a wholeness there that we can never have separated.  And it really truly is creating a sanctuary, a tabernacle where the presence of God can dwell and where the power of God can be released in the earth.

Sid:Listen you are saying such powerful things…

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Our Guest John McTernan

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Sid:  Now a subject that I have been studying and thinking about lately is a subject that few people talk about it’s called “The Day of the Lord.” I mean that’s it, that’s the final judgment but there are warnings before the Day of the Lord hits and these warnings it seems it’s almost like the warnings has if she’s expecting a child that it’s ready to come to birth. Well, we’re in the birth pangs of the Day of the Lord at this moment.  So I’ve asked my friend John McTernan to talk to me about what he sees going on.  And what really triggered it John is a month or so ago when the Chick-Fil-A incident occurred and one man who owns a chain of carry outs made a statement to a Christian publication “I believe in the Bible” in reference to marriage; that was it.  Not anything to do with his business it’s his personnel belief. It caused such uproar that major and leaders of cities of major cities in the United States said, “We no longer want your franchise in our city.”  And I feel that we hit morally, Biblically, rock bottom in the United States of America.  Now I’m curious John what did you think when that occurred?

John: Well Sid the kind of stunned me because these were publically elected officials like you said, mayors or major cities, Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C., other smaller cities also in Philadelphia there was a reaction.  And what they’re saying is they don’t want God in these cities.  And they because of the conflict between Biblical, the authority of the Bible and marriage which is ordained in the Bible, and the homosexual agenda of same sex marriage they’re saying to this man “We don’t want you and your business in our city.” By inference it means everybody that believes like him.  I can’t think of a time in American history when anything like that ever happened, now of course individuals could say it and maybe some organizations could say it but elected public officials it shows that America has reached a really high level stage of rebellion against the Lord and is rejecting the Bible.

Sid:  And when I think of your John McTernan I have to tell you the vision that I receive is an Old Testament Prophet that is like a John the Baptist that is going around saying “Repent the Kingdom of God is at hand.”  And I can see you running around saying “Repent, the Day of the Lord is at hand.”  What is going on if you can put this into words inside of you in your spirit; what are you feeling, how long have you felt this?

John: Well Sid that’s a real interesting question and throughout my ministry with the Lord I kind of learned like Isaiah talks about the burden of the Lord, and I’ve experienced that, I’ve experience it just prior to 911.  I remember for about a week or two before 911 I had this heaviness and I was warning, I was telling people something terrible is coming on America and it’s right on top of us.  But what happens Sid starting… I can remember vividly January 1st of this year New Years when I saw the year 2012 something hit me deep in my spirit and it’s kind of like dread came over me this like burden but it wasn’t as intense as 911, but it was constantly there and it hasn’t left.  This entire year I’ve got this ominous feeling that something dreadful is happening or going to happen to America.  And as the year progressed I mean we’ve had incredible drought, record breaking drought and heat, our crops are being destroyed all over the country, massive forest fires, we’ve had incredible tornadoes and of course the economy is continuing to tank.

Sid:  Let me for those that aren’t familiar with you John I want to take you back to a pivotal date in your life October 11th 1987. What happened?

John: Well, Sid that’s the day that the Lord called me into this ministry.  It had to do and I remember it vividly because I had just moved to Pennsylvania like a week before. I was watching TV and on the news it had to do with a huge homosexual gathering in Washington, DC.  At that time it was the largest gathering in history of homosexuals and their supporters.  It kind of upset me I turned the TV off I didn’t think of praying, I didn’t intercede before the Lord, I never even thought of the Lord.  A week later well…

Sid: By the way, you know what you’ve just done you have described the average; I hate to say this, good Christian in America because at this point we have been desensitized to sin.  It’s become so rampant throughout all of our media that that’s the way most good Christians react; it’s not the way they should but it’s the way they do.  Okay, so you saw it, you felt a little disgusted you said, “Awe look what’s going on,” and you went about your own business, then what happened?

John: Right Sid, you hit the nail right on the head and then it was six business days later the stock market crashed, the big crash in 1987 when it fell 508 points but the whole week before it the stock market went into record decline so immediately after that homosexual march in Washington the stock market began to melt down until it finally fell 508 points. I was watching the TV and the news announcer he was literally quivering in his voice; you could see his lip quivering “Is this going to be the start of another great depression, is this going to be an economic meltdown?”  And Sid the Lord intervened in my life right there, He took me back I had a vision of the week before and watching the homosexual gathering in Washington, He put the two together and I could hear His voice Sid inside me clear, it was crystal clear.  I was having a conversation with the Lord and He told me that this stock market crash was connected with the homosexual event that this was a curse coming on the country, that I didn’t fear Him.  If I feared Him I would have intercede, I would have cried out to Him, Sid I fell on the floor before the TV and I repented.  I said, “Lord I didn’t know what it meant to fear You.”  He said that, “The United States is naked and open before Him in judgment for the sin.  And that’s when He called me into this ministry and I began to see these tremendous correlations between Gay Pride Day and massive earthquakes.  Supreme Court decisions about abortion and earthquakes, hurricanes hitting on Supreme Court decisions.  Then in 1992 the Lord showed me the link for touching Israel as we begin to divide the land the same judgments were happening. So these great disasters that were hitting America would directly connected to abortion events, homosexual events.

Sid:  But wait a second John, some people would say “Wait a second, these aren’t acts of God the earth is just a self destructing, it’s old, and there are horrible events that happen all the time throughout the world; and you’re just tying it in it’s coincidental with Israel, abortion, and homosexuality.”  What would you say?

John: Well Sid it’s the timing, if I could show the ten worst disasters ever in America history are connected to these events like 24 hours.  If that’s not enough I could show twenty, thirty, forty, fifty.  I have over 100 of the greatest natural disasters including stock market crashes that hit America are directly connected to these events.

Sid: Well, that’s good enough for me I can tell you that. I am so excited to release to you we have just done 3 DVDs and John McTernan came to our studio in Charlotte, North Carolina our mentoring center.  And the first DVD is America, it’s Israeli, Jewish, relationship very, very few Christians know from “The Origins of America Why God Blessed Us,” and you’re going to get the facts.  And then DVD 2 “America’s Fatal Mistake Regarding Israel.”  And it is absolutely amazing God has given so many warning judgments to America; every American must, must understand this!  The 3rd DVD is “The Coming Day of the Lord.” You see everyone know about the day of the Lord but they don’t know that the Bible clearly states what nations will destroy other nations, what will happen to countries.  We can even figure out what’s going to happen to America, what’s going to happen in the Middle East, it names countries and people that will be obliterated.  And I haven’t met any Christians that have all of this information as well as John McTernan.  Now short of the Bible one of the most important prophetic books I know was written by my friend John McTernan it’s called “As America Has Done to Israel” I want you to get these three DVD teachings and the book….and I’m going to tell you something if you could read the newspaper a year from today what difference would it make in your life?  Major difference!  You’re going to read the newspapers a year from today by watching these 3 DVDs.

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Our Guest Tommy Combs

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Sid:  My guest Tommy Combs I’m speaking to him at his office in Dora, Alabama suburb of Birmingham.  Tommy told us on yesterdays broadcast the most amazing thing at 10 years of age shortly after he became born again he contracted Hepatitis C; his liver shut down; he just had days to live.  Oral Roberts just happened to come on the television and his mother just happened to touch Oral’s hands and agree that her son would be healed and a blue mist came into the bedroom and when this blue mist touched Tommy he was totally healed.  I mean this blue mist was so real Tommy is it true that an orderly came running in with a fire extinguisher?

Tommy: Yes, doctors and nurses at the nursing station left their nursing station ran to my room because the light had exploded with such an explosion. An orderly actually brought a fire extinguisher with him.  Because he thought that some machine or something in the room had exploded with fire; and there was fire in the room alright it was a healing fire of our Savior Jesus Christ that’s what it was.

Sid: And then even more exciting than that God deposited the gift within you that you didn’t even understand and had to be developed; it was sort of like knowing things.  Now out of curiosity before that blue mist came into your room did you have that gift?

Tommy: No, did not have the gift; did not understand the gifts, did not understand the gifts of God even after that day.  It had to be developed, had to study had to learn it was part of me and had been part of me that day on till this day the gifts of God operate through our ministry and what we do for God.

Sid: Okay, I’m going to take you now to 1992 and you were on a tour of Israel; you found yourself in the Garden of Gethsemane and what was going on?

Tommy: I was with our good friend Perry Stone he spoke to us about the garden what happened there where Jesus prayed there and then he told us go somewhere and pray.  So I walked over under some olive trees next to some rocks and sit down on a small rock form there and begin to pray to God and ask Him to lead us, guide us and direct us.  And he spoke to me in that still small voice right into my mind and said “Tommy you’re not doing what I want you to do.”  Now I had been in the church many years teaching Sunday school my wife and I started Christian School she was the principal.  We were tither’s and offering; he was building churches all through South America sending on trips around the world supporting the gospel to be preached all around the world.  And God speaks to me that day in the Garden of Gethsemane and says “You’re not doing what I want you to do.”  Well I had enough sense to ask the question.

Sid: I mean that’s kind of a scary thing for God to say that to you.

Tommy:  Just spoke to me, and I said “Okay, what do you want me to do?”  He said, “I’ll tell you tonight,” it’s 4:00 in the afternoon and we are going on some more visits to some holy sites around the city of Jerusalem and He says “I’ll tell you tonight.”  Well at 8:00 our tour group ends up in the upper room; I think it’s right above David’s tomb which you can go in visit it where they say maybe this was the place where the last supper took place, the Passover supper, maybe this is the place on the day of Pentecost so we celebrate that as that room it happened in.  We go in and we stay about thirty-five – forty-five minutes of a service; during that service our good friends from Gainesville, Georgia Jensen Franklin’s preaching and he preached about fifteen minutes and called me out.  “Tommy Combs come up here please” I walk to the front.  He says “Give me your hands” and I held my hands out in front of my body.  He said, “God’s said to tell you something,” see God will confirm things with other people.  He will tell you something and someone else will help you confirm that what God is saying to you.

Sid:  Now God did not want you to say “I’m going to test this to see if this is God.” He already made it clear that He was going to speak to you that evening. This must have been a very important revelation.  So, what did he say to you?

Tommy: He said to me, “Give me your hands,” I held my hands in front of my body.  He took anointing oil, he anointed my hands with oil and said these words, “God said to tell you when you lay hands on the sick He would heal them,” not I would heal them, “God would heal them.”  And then he laid his hand on me and I’m on in the upper room I am out under the Spirit of God in the upper room service. That’s when I knew that God had called me to lay hands on the sick.

Sid: But up to this point had you been praying for the sick?

Tommy: Praying for the sick in church services like we all do in some of our church services.  You know they come to the altar at the end of the service to pray you would ask them you know “What can I help you pray about.”  There would be numerous needs there but never had I seen anyone healed of blindness and cancer leave their body, anything like that.

Sid:  Okay, so 40 days later and I’m sure you’re aware of this Tommy 40 is a very important number in the Bible, so you were in the upper room that’s tied in with Passover, 40 days later you’re back in Birmingham and you’re minding your own business, I guess driving on the interstate and God speaks to you again.  What does He say?

Tommy:  The same still small voice comes right to me and says “What are you going to do about this man; gave me the man’s name and said, “What are you going to do about it?”  And you know I had not seen the guy in 6 or 8 years and I know him but I haven’t seen him in many years.  So I call my mother on the cell phone and I say “Mom, God just gave me this man’s name I’m driving down the interstate and God just spoke to me about this man.”  She said, “Tommy, that man is dying with pancreatic cancer at UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama he has a week to live, 10 days at the most.”  I turned around at the next intersection, went downtown Birmingham, went to UAB Hospital, went upstairs and found him.  He’s laying in a hospital bed; tubes in his arms, he’s absolutely dying.  I said, “What’s happening?”  He said, “I’m dying.”  I said, “What’s the problem?”  He said, “I have pancreatic cancer.”  I said, “What’s the doctors doing?”  He said, “Watching me die, there’s nothing they can do, they are just observing me trying to learn from this terrible disease that’s took my body.”  I said, “I don’t think you’re going to die; I think God’s going to heal you.”  And he just shook his head at me like yes you know.  I took my coat off I had a coat and tie on, I took my  coat off and I layed on him, I took my hands and I laid on his body and I reached over and laid across his bed with my body and God healed him, total healing of pancreatic cancer.

Sid: Now any healing is a miracle, but what was wrong with his…did he have any of his pancreas left?

Tommy: No, the cancer had eaten his pancreas; his pancreas was totally gone.

Sid:  So in order for him to survive he’d need a creative miracle a new pancreas.

Tommy:  He would need a new pancreas and that day God gave him a new pancreas.  He could have went home that hour, they kept him two days.  They gave him test after test, x-ray after x-ray CAT scan you name it they gave it to him and they say “You do not have any pancreatic cancer, no cancer is in your blood.”

Sid: How does a handle when someone has no pancreas and then all of a sudden they have one when someone is dying and you’re using them as a guinea pig to find out about pancreatic cancer and all of a sudden they… “What did the doctors say?”

Tommy: The doctors said exactly what you and I were saying, the doctor’s said “Son, God has healed you.”  That’s what the doctor told him, “God has given you a new pancreas, we didn’t do anything, God has healed you.”  He went home in 2 days totally healed with a brand new pancreas no cancer in his bloodstream, no residue of cancer in his bloodstream.

Sid:  So Tommy what’s going on inside of Tommy Combs when he sees a miracle of that magnitude?

Tommy: I go back to the upper room; I go back to when God spoke to me in the Garden of Gethsemane.  I go back to that and God used that healing to build me to where He wants me to be.  Now there’s not anything I cannot believe God for; any healing I can believe God for.  My faith is on upper, upper, upper level I am there where God wants me to be because I know Jesus is the healer.

Sid: Tommy, you’ve had so many amazing experiences since but there’s something that kind of is just personal and it intrigues me.  In my notes it says that you started several orphanages and one is in Chernobyl. Why Chernobyl?

Tommy: I went to do a Bible teaching school up near Chernobyl, and while I was there I taught in the school for new preachers that we were developing put them through Bible school.  So as I was there I got to visit the area, I wanted to visit Chernobyl and when I did I came to this village, I came to this sight and there was an orphanage there with no support.  Children were stillborn with blind, stillborn with no fingers or hands; the reactor is actually still burning in the earth.  And so there I met the lady that ran the orphanage and she touched my heart and so we started supporting the orphanages and we’ve been doing that for over 10 years.

Sid:  Sounds Biblical to me.

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Our Guest Katie Sousa

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Sid:  Hello, this is Sid Roth with Katie Sousa. Katie I was listening to your teaching of some of the things that happened at the airport and how offended you got.  I was in an airport last night and I just told you that the only reason I wasn’t offended is I was too tired to be offended.  But tell me some of these stories because everyone’s going to be able to relate to this, but it’s not just humorous that she went through it and it wasn’t for her; trust me it wasn’t humorous, but it is a humorous story.  It’s the fact that you can get rid of those past wounds in your soul which is stopping you from everything God wants in your life.  God is a good God; God’s promises are for good in your life, and many people are walking almost like a nonbeliever, yes they’ll end up in heaven, but they have such scars in their soul and they don’t understand why their prayers are not being answered.  They don’t understand why they are not walking in the favor of God; they don’t understand why they’re not hearing God, they don’t understand why they’re not having dreams and visions and words of knowledge from God.  They don’t understand why they’re dealing with chronic sicknesses you know their whole life as a believer.  They don’t understand why they have addictions whether it’s something horrific addiction like pornography, or horrific addiction that will end up killing you like gluttony.  But there’s reasons for this and it’s so simple, tell me how it easy it is to get offended Katie Sousa.

Katie:  Oh, every single day; we’ve been counting since we’ve been on this quest to be 100% presentable in every situation we go into.  We shout okay, we are going to count how many times we had the opportunity to be offended and we’re not going to get offended.  And so the classic challenge here of course is the airport because we’re on tour and we’re in the airport all the time.  And so I mean in the airport there is; I know you know this Sid.

Sid:  I know but I have to tell you something that happens to me so much it’s so embarrassing.  I go up to get my ticket and there’s some confusion and I’m getting irritated and they say “Are you the Sid Roth that’s on television and radio?”  And I feel, I want to crawl under the counter and hide; can you relate? (Laughing)

Katie:  (laughing) You really got bothered and they could tell that you’re irritated and all of a sudden they’re like you’re Sid Roth, huh.

Sid:  (laughing)

Katie:  Yeah because for us it’s really worse because people know who we are.

Sid:  Okay, tell me your airport stories.

Katie:  Oh, my gosh well you know just going through a TSA could make you lose your Christianity right there, you know the x-ray machine and going through the bags and everything else.  And when they send me through you know the buzzer and not the x-ray machine I’m so relieved but the things is as I go through the metal detector it always seems to go off.  It is like this arrow pointed at me, “Bother her, have it go off” and they come up and to me and they don’t always say those words that I hate to hear Sid because I’m an x-con.  They say, “Could you step aside so we can pat you down.”  I mean okay I did five years in federal prison that’s the last thing I ever need ever again, is pat you down.  And so I right away there’s my first opportunity to get really bothered, and you know I step over and they say the famous words, you know “Put your hands in the air and put your feet apart” and you know it’s like right there I don’t think those words mean the same thing to me as they do to them.  And I’m trying to fight getting bothered, you know I’m looking at the guys baton on the side and I was a fighter on the streets and I’m thinking “I’ll just take that baton out and beat this guy like a red headed stepchild.”  I mean, I had to fight my hope and soul from responding and getting completely bothered.  You know whenever we go through the whole process of getting our luggage searched and everything else we are always late and then you have to run to your gate.  And I remember Amy and I were running to our gate we were late and you get on the people mover and you know it’s the moving sidewalk in the airport right.

Sid:  Oh I know about that, I was on one last night.

Katie:  Okay then you know you, you know that there actual airport mover etiquette right?

Sid:  Oh, I know that but it doesn’t seem as though anyone else knows it.

Katie:  Well, if it is even says it on the little ramp, it’s like a little stamp it says on one side stand here and it says on the other side pass here.  So if anyone just wants to ride they’re suppose to stand on the right so that they can let people in a hurry pass by them on the left.

Sid:  And of course they’re in a hurry because they’re trying to catch their plane because if they miss their plane they’re going to miss their whole purpose of their trip.  And it’s a serious thing, sure.

Katie:  But that alone gets you offended because when somebody gets in your way your thinking, come on you must know that I’m running for a reason, okay.  And that happens all the time I’ll be booking it.  That day we were booking it down the airport people mover, I mean you can get up to twenty-five on those things because they move so fast and we’re jamming down it and a woman whose standing on the right is talking on her phone totally obliv to everybody’s presence and she steps out right in front of us and I mean I literally had to come to a screeching to a halt behind her and as I did she’s completely unaware that I almost just mowed her down.  And I’m in back of her trying so hard not to scream something like “Okay this is not a ride in Disneyland, don’t you know that there’s airport people mover etiquette, get out of the way!” And I can’t do that of course I am trying to completely babysit my goal.  And it’s just this huge challenge, this daily challenge and I had to stand behind her and literally collect myself from saying something rude to her because she was not paying attention she cut me off.  But that’s just a great example of what happens I mean that women has no idea she even made me offended or bothered.  She that’s what happens too, people do stuff to us and they don’t even realize that we’re offended at them.

Sid:  It’s you know because it just happened to me last night, it’s very crowded, it’s late at night and people are so oblivious. You’re walking the right way not on the people mover but you’re just walking the right way and they decide they went to go somewhere else and they walk right in front of you which if you had taken a step you would bump right into them and they don’t even know they’ve done it!

Katie:  Yeah, or they do it and they don’t care, so it’s like the scenario that goes both ways but the point is it’s our decision whether we want to get offended because when we do Sid that sin will wound our soul and it can do all kinds of things to our lives including making us physically sick.

Sid:  Give me an example of how you got physically sick by allowing that wound to get inside of your soul.

Katie: In James 5 it says, “When you confess your offenses to one another you will be healed.” I looked up that word healed. It means to be healed of diseases.  Then I looked up diseases, and it is a vast variety of all kinds of different disorders. It means ailments, sicknesses, diseases, disorders, toxins, bacteria, viruses, and parasites. That’s what the word disease means. So when you let yourself get offended; because when you confess your offenses you will be healed.  When you let yourself get offended all of these wide varieties of disorders can come upon you, including bacterias and toxins.  I have noticed when I let myself get offended, especially if let it continue without shutting it down and repenting and getting healed of it, then I will start to get sick with the flu, I will start to get all kinds of bacterial diseases.  I have seen other people get sick with viruses.  I mean we have had so many healings happen in our meeting.  I had a woman that had strep so bad in a meeting, she wrote a text at 2:00 to her friend. That she showed me, that 2:00, the morning before the session, and she said in her text, “I am so so so sick, I am dangerously ill.  I need to go to the emergency room. I cannot make it to the session tomorrow.” Her friend was like you need to go your going to get healed. She came and got that strep completely lifted off of her in an instance when she got healed of an offense. I have seen people with the flu and everything else get instantly healed.  I have been instantly healed of like flus, bacterias, bladder infections, yeast infections when I repented of the sins of offense by putting  the blood on my sin, and I put dunamis in my soul. Because dunamis makes you excellent  to soul.

Sid:  Alright tell me about that person that had their jaw dislocated for ten years.

Katie:  There was a woman who came to our meeting, I taught on offense and how it wounds our soul and causes you to be sick. She got taken in the spirit to remember a time when she sat at a table with her parents, and they were telling her that would never forgive her for all the horrible things that she had done to them in their life. At the same time, they were saying to her, she is remembering how her father as a child would pick her up spin her around by her legs and throw her against the wall. Because that happened to her repeatedly her jaw got knocked out of place. She had many surgeries on it, but even after the surgeries when she would open her mouth the jaw would swing to one side.  Well that night in the meeting she gets healed of offense by putting the blood of Jesus on the sin and the dunamis power from the resurrection on the wound that the sin made. Her soul becomes excellent, and I have a word of knowledge about the jaw being healed and she gets instantly instantly healed. She comes up on the stage she is opening up and it is going straight, straight not dragging to the side. You heard about the woman with the tooth right, what happened with the filling of the enamel?

Sid: No, tell me.

Katie: Okay, we teaching on offense and how Proverbs 26 says, “Our words of a slanderer are like deadly wounds that go down in the inmost part of the belly.” That word “inmost part of the belly” means the soul.  It means that when you speak of slander, which we do when we are offended, it becomes like deadly wounds to our soul. It wounds the person’s soul we are talking about, and it wounds our soul because we are the ones speaking those sinful words of offense.  I was teaching on that and the Lord gave me a word of knowledge that the next day, everybody is getting healed by doing the 2 steps we teach. The blood from the cross for the sin, the dunamis power from the resurrection for the womb the sin made. We are teaching on that and everybody is getting healed.  I get words of knowledge I hear that enamel is growing back in somebody’s mouth. Well a woman had a cavity fall out of her tooth, and she could feel the ragged rough edge with her tongue, and the hole in her tooth. She remembered, during this teaching, that she was very offended at like one of her best friends. Whenever she would pray with her friend she could feel that offense rise up in her. Well I had that word of knowledge, she’s getting healed of the wounds that came from her words that came out of her mouth.  Then all of a sudden she feels this sensation in her jaw where the tooth is. She puts her tongue up there and she can no longer feel the jagged edge. So she goes, “Oh my gosh did something happen?” So she runs to the bathroom and she looks and the hole was filled in completely with enamel.  She is so shocked, she goes out and has her friend check.  She is like, “Yeah, it is not there I do not see a hole.” She goes back in to check again, and she comes out to ask her friend to check again. It is still the same.  She does that 3 times. She finally comes up and goes, “Enamel grew into the hole in my tooth because I repented of offense, and got the wound that came from my sin of offense healed.  Now my tooth is completely filled, and I am shocked.” She was shocked.

Sid:  Katie, we have absolutely have to get people to have all of those wounds from the past removed, and be able to unoffendable, totally unoffendable.

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