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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with David Herzog. And David is known as someone that has launched into a realm called the Glory Realm. And the Glory Realm is the presence of God with such a tangible presence that it’s almost like you could reach your hand if your hand is missing a thumb, let’s say, you reach your hand in that Glory Realm and the thumb would grow out. It’s the most wonderful things happen when you enter that Glory Realm. You see, when you speak words they have an influence on everything, but it’s slow. I mean, it could be ten years, 20 years, 30 years before these words come to pass. But if you speak words in the Glory Realm it’s instant. Now David, you have had people that are bald get their hair back. You have had people that lose instant weight loss. How many pounds is the maximum that someone has lost?

DAVID: We had a guy in Jackson, Tennessee lose 70 pounds in one meeting.

SID: Seventy pounds?

DAVID: Seventy pounds.

SID: That’s almost hard, I mean he was almost not there any more.

DAVID: Well he was still there, ‘cause he was still pretty heavy, huge. He ran around. I said, “Someone here, you’re about to lose a lot of weight. Get out of your seat and run.” The guy takes off running. It’s like a Mac truck was coming through the room. Everyone moved out of the way. And when he grabbed his pants there was so much space in between. He weighed himself, 70. We had another guy, 60 pounds. But then a few weeks later he went to get his trucking license. He had to get a physical, and by the time he had lost his 60, four weeks later he had lost actually a hundred. They said, “No sir, you’ve lost a hundred pounds.” So it kept going off after the first weight loss.

SID: Well I’ve been in one of your meetings, and before my eyes, I saw a woman’s hair change color. Why do these such unique things happen in your ministry?

DAVID: Well I noticed one thing. I asked the Lord years ago, “Lord, how come we don’t see more creative miracles? Everyone is in the healing ministry, but where are the body parts being recreated?” And God told me, “Because my people don’t see me as the Creator. They don’t preach me as the Creator. I don’t manifest creative miracles that they would see me not just as the healer, but as the Creator, that I’m still the Creator, I would manifest as Creator.” If we would see Him as Creator, worship Him as Creator and preach Him as Creator from that Word would be accompanied creative miracle signs.

SID: Well as you and I were discussing before we went on the air, the Glory Realm is like the highest realm of God. I want to find out how David got into that Glory Realm. You and your wife Stephanie graduate Bible college, and you both have the same vision. Tell me about it.

DAVID: Yeah, I met my wife and we were going to get married, and we both had the exact vision to go to France, which is amazing, you know. Who wants to go to France, right, besides a vacation? So she says, “I’m called to France. I’m supposed to minister there.” And I’m “So am I.” And so long story short, we go there.

SID: Wait. How much money did you have?

DAVID: Not a lot. A few hundred dollars. Not much money.

SID: That’s, I’ve been using this word a lot lately, you should know it by now, that’s chutzpah. That’s Jewish nerve.

DAVID: That’s what we were going on, too.

SID: When it’s crazy. Go ahead.

DAVID: And we go over there and, you know, nothing was working for us. The first year was hard. No one was getting saved. There was no money. And then I fasted for three days, which is pretty easy to do with no money. Like a forced fast, you know.

SID: Right.

DAVID: And I said, “God, how do I win this country, this nation, this continent?” And he shows me Romans 11, and He said, “If you will reach my people, the Jewish people in Israel I will give you the nations.” Paul was called to Europe, the Roman Empire. And God says, “Here’s your key to reach Rome. Reach the Jew first and I’ll give you the Roman Empire.”

SID: Okay. So you and your wife leave, it wasn’t too difficult, France, ‘cause you had nothing going for you, no money. You go to Israel and you wind up in of all places the Upper Room. What happened there?

DAVID: In the Upper Room we’re worshiping God and I get knocked out by the power of God on the floor. I’m weeping uncontrollably. And an African-American girl from our team prophesized to me and says, “Now today, your ministry begins.” And I’m thinking, oh I’ve ministered before. But in the Lord’s eyes it’s to the Jew first. Now you’re touching Israel for the first time. Now your ministry begins. It’s like being in Heaven. It was like everything before that was practiced, but now it’s serious because you’re touching My people. And we led 13 people to the Lord on that trip.

SID: Okay. So now you and your wife Stephanie return to France.


SID: Where you have no money, nothing going for you. And what happens?

DAVID: We go to France. We live there for about a month or two. Then we go to Toronto and we go some crazy meeting where people are getting touched and crying, and laughing, and I thought it was a little weird. But I got prayer. I left and suddenly this new anointing comes on my life. People are getting healed, saved, demons are coming out, and the joy is hitting them. People are just full of joy uncontrollably wherever we go. And that lasts for a couple of years. Then we keep hitting multiple revivals. Then a holiness revival breaks out. I show up in a church and unsaved people and believers run up to be saved with such conviction and a six-month revival breaks out.

SID: What actually occurred in France as a result of that catalyst of going to Israel first the same way Paul went to Rome first?

DAVID: Yeah. The Lord said, “Because you reached my people in Israel I’m going to give you now the nation you’re in.” I get back to France and within a couple of weeks I’m in this new move of God for five years non-stop. Every week doors are opening, signs of wonder, salvations. Immediately from nothing to full-blown, like I’m one of the top five evangelists in the country now, and then ending in the fifth year in a six-month revival, the longest running revival in 50 years just from one trip to Israel where we got Jewish people saved.

SID: What type of miracles did you see during that period?

DAVID: During that revival I remember the first weekend a girl was picked up off the floor, 13 centimeters off the floor, what someone called it she levitated. I just call it she arose. Isaiah 60. She was weeping for souls and people saw her lifting–

SID: By the way, anything in the new age is a counterfeit. You can’t have a counterfeit unless you have the authentic. And what David is talking about is the authentic.

DAVID: Yeah. So this girl is praying and weeping for souls, and she lifts up off the ground, 13 centimeters off the ground. I guess someone had a ruler or something to measure it, you know, but it was about 13 centimeters. And she flipped over like a pancake in the air and came back to the ground. And people around her freaked out. A few of them took off running. But others were just amazed. It was a very special time. When she went down souls ran up to be saved, just French people running up–

SID: These signs and wonders don’t just happen for no reason. There’s a reason behind it. It’s for people to see a demonstration of the Kingdom of God and then want to know the King. I want you to believe in such signs and wonders. I want you to move in the Glory Realm. Be right back after this word.

DAVID: I think it, you know what? It’s still growing right now. Put the camera on his head. The hair is growing right now. You’re watching hair growing right now as we speak.

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