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Sid:  God has directed us to so many wonderful mentoring tools for you, but I have to tell you what is quickly becoming my favorite is a book that I’m holding in my hand.  The title is “A Message from God.”  You see on June 19th 2004, Retha McPherson from South Africa her life was picture perfect.  A Hollywood story; she’s got a wonderful family; she is voted Mrs. South Africa; she’s got a wonderful business; things are perfect and she on the day everything changed.  Retha what happened?

Retha:  Yes, Sid this is exactly my life what you’ve explained and we had a motor car accident and my children fell out of the car and we couldn’t find them.  And eventually we found my older son.

Sid:  By the way, how did you happen to have the accident?

Retha:  There was a mobile in the road without its lights so as we entered on the highway the vehicle was standing without lights.  So my husband hadn’t had a choice, he just tried to swizzle out for this vehicle and then our vehicle starts rolling and my children fell out.  My elder son had a head injury and he was in a coma right away.  So we took him to a hospital, the helicopter took him and they said that the prognosis was very bad and that eventually there wasn’t any hope for him.  He had a mid-frame brain stem in the right and the left side was blood and he was damaged very, very severe.

Sid:  But I understand that God’s hand was working in this situation even at the worse, even when you found your son.  How old was he at the time? 

Retha:  At that stage he was twelve years old and as I found him in the bush and I was lying over him a car came out of the bush to try to avoid the accident and I jumped up because I knew, if I did not do that the vehicle would hit us.  And as I looked into this vehicle’s lights my whole body starts shaking.  And not as if you are cold but like really shaking.  And the next moment there was a heat on my whole body.  And I could feel the heat coming from my head and it went right through to my whole body; and after the heat there was the peace what God spoke in the word about.  And that peace stayed with me from that day until today.  And what I had there was eventually what I found out after a couple of months that this is moment that Jesus came and He picked my son up and He took him to Heaven.

Sid:  It’s now your other son, Josh I found this fascinating in the book; he was okay, just a few cuts, but Josh he said Jesus caught him in the air?  Explain that.

Retha:  The first weekend after Aldo was in a coma so he was in a coma in the hospital, the first weekend I went home and for the first time and I held him very close.  He was at that stage two and half years old, very tiny boy.  And his words to me he was explaining how the vehicle rolled and he kept on rolling and he says the next thing he says, Mommy and then Jesus caught me when I fell out the vehicle.  And I was like in my thoughts, this is cute you know, this is how we taught our children; Jesus is with us all the time, but I didn’t realize the seriousness in this.  Today, I know that that was true.

Sid:  Now, help me out.  There’s this accident; they don’t offer much hope; your son has brain stem damage.  He’s now in a coma; what does the doctors say once he went into the coma what should you expect?

Retha:  They really said we could expect the worse and that the organs normally give in and it was a long time until we had help on the scene, accident scene.  So for a brain injury that is very very bad.  So they said you know this is a question of time.  So the first week past and I stayed opposite ICU in this room and the first week past and I went this weekend to Joshua home and I came back and I was really looking for a hope in people’s eyes in the doctor’s eyes and there was just no hope.  Today, I know that there is just no other hope than Jesus.  If you still have another plan and a b c, I tell you are wasting your time.  The only plan is Jesus Christ and Yeshua because He is so alive you see.  And I didn’t know, well I knew Jesus cause, I don’t know here but in Africa you’re born in a Christian house, so you’re a Christian. But, there’s such a difference than being a Christian and having intimate love, passionate relationship with a living God.

Sid:  You know that is the thing that I got most out of your book.  I mean the miracles, how God is using your son to communicate literally with the world his heart.  But the thing the book did for me is I understand about passionate intimacy with God; but that’s the norm and not the exception.  Here in America we give someone their own television show if they have intimacy with God.  But everyone is supposed to have it and I think we’ve been lied to.

Retha:  Amen, for years and I was really crying about that.  The day came when they said to me they were going to put off the machines, there’s no hope.  Now I ran up opposite the ICU, I stayed in a room and I fell on my knees and I cried out to the living God.  And I’m forty years and I tell you for the first time in my life I realized the Word of God says you want people who call Him in Spirit and in Truth.  And that is so true so that wasn’t my flesh, it wasn’t my heart.  It was my heart crying out to God and He spoke to me in a hearable voice, you could hear him.

Sid:  In an audible voice?

Retha:  Absolutely audible.  The first thing and you know I did a strange thing.  I took my coat and I put it over my head and today I know it was like my Moses.

Sid:  Oh guess what?  Jewish people take the tallit or the prayer shawl and we put it over our head and many people believe when Jesus said when you pray go into your closet and pray; what He meant was take the prayer shawl and put it over your head and pray.  So you’re just being Jewish and didn’t know it!

Retha:  Yes, I know and Sid I can tell you so many things after wards what God told me about that.  So this is the way I do it today.

Sid:  So you put your coat over your head so that you would have privacy to pray. 

Retha:  Yes.

Sid:  Okay, and what did you do?

Retha:  I called out to God and then He answered me in a loud voice and He says, take off your shoes you’re standing on holy ground.  And then after that, He said to me, do you believe that Jesus Christ has paid the full price?  And as a normal Christian I just said yes.  But Sid, I can tell you today, I move around the country and around the world; I see, well this is me saying this, that I believe only 10% of the Christians, calling themselves Christians understand the blood of Jesus.  You see, because people are so in bondage, people don’t understand the blood.  People don’t understand what Jesus did for them.  And God saw my heart and understands that I don’t understand the blood of Jesus.  So what He did is He showed me in this vision how Christ was on the cross and how He took, you know all those beats for me.  And I cried out to Him, I said Lord, this could not be for me do you know who I am and all my iniquities and this crook church just came in front of me and I did not know the word that well.  And He says, 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He sent his only begotten Son for those that believe in Him.  And I was devastated; I knew that this was for me.  And my life changed the day I found out how much Jesus loved me and how much God loved me and the faith that I’m walking in today, the only reason why; because I know the love they have for me.

Sid:  Tell me the revelation you got from the vision about the crucifixion of Jesus.

Retha:  Yes, after that Jesus took the last stroke and He shout out He says it’s done.  And after that and I saw out of Heaven it came the veil came down and it was very very very big.  No man can ever tear that apart.  No man can ever and then it was torn open.

Sid:  This was the veil in the temple that they said was rent and it was rent from top to bottom and it was too thick for just a man to do that.  And so I understand what’s you’re saying by my study of scripture; you understand from the vision God gave you, go ahead.

Retha:  Yes, no man can ever do that, which I know today.  And then I was standing on a place where I exactly knew where I were and for me that is strange because I didn’t know the Bible that well, but today I know.  Whenever you are in God’s presence you always have first hand revelation.  That is why the moment I stood there I knew exactly where I was.  I saw the article of the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies and then God spoke to me.  He said my child; He says Jesus paid the full price for you so that you can enter into my presence.  Hebrew 4 “Come to the throne throne of grace to receive grace.  He says, Jesus Christ is the way, He’s the truth and He’s the Life.  And no man will come to God if it’s not through Jesus.  And I could see the outer court is the way and the truth and then the life.  And then the scripture came to me, John 10:10 which says, the devil did come to steal, but Jesus came so that you can have life and life in abundance.  The amplified says until it overflows.  You see this is what Christians don’t understand today.  They are seeking God for their hand and they don’t understand the abundant life.  The abundant life’s got nothing to do with your bank balance.  It’s got to do with the streams of living water. 

Sid:  You know you hit a real area that bothers me.  Here in America seems like the gospel is only give to get rather than give to have intimacy with the King of Kings.  Listen, were out of time right now, will pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.  But she had a revelation on the blood of Jesus that you’ve got to hear.  This book “A Message from God,” God Himself said this book should be published.  It will give you the hunger to take that next move to have intimacy with God.

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