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SID: Hello, SidRoth your investigative reporter here with Samuel Kanco. Samuelis a fourth generation witch doctor; which meant as much power as it’s possible for a witch doctor to have; he was operating in this.Samuelwhen you were a witch doctor you would put curses on people what would happen to them when you’d put a curse on them?

SAMUEL: When I put a curse on them they would get sick, they would die, they would be destroyed.

SID: I’ve always heard that if you don’t believe it, it won’t happen.

SAMUEL: No, whether you believe it or not will happen.When the curse has been pronounced on your life, the curse will work according to the purpose through which it has been sent for.And so when they are pronounced on your life and you don’t have Jesus, whether you believe it or not the curse will have an effect on your life.And either you will die, or destroyed, or be paralyzed so it was working

SID: Samueldid you kill people?

SAMUEL: Did I kill people;a lot of people.

SID: Ok I am going to… and while you were a witch doctor is it true that you could turn into different animals?

SAMUEL: Yes, five different animals.Between the ages of 10 and 11,I could do that very easily; because I became one of the messengers by my father who sent us to do dirty work.And so you need to be able to tend to different types of animals, to be able to reach the person you ought to reach or to be able to do the kind of dirty work that you’ve been assigned for.So you need to transform into these.I had five different type of animals.

SID: Now you told me that these spirits would not let you sleep for long periods of time; only a couple hours a day.

SAMUEL: That’s right, that’s right.You see when you are working for the devil you are allowed to sleep only two hours.Two hours.When you are working for the devil he is a hard taskmaster.

SURPRISE: Alright there was one time when you went to sleep and something very amazing happened.

SAMUEL: Something wonderful happened.

SID: Tell me about that.

SAMUEL: Now let me tell a little bit of my background for the sake of the listeners.I have no background of any church, any form whether it is cool, it is hot, it is counterfeit, it is artificial;I didn’t have that opportunity to have any background of any church at all.Now my great-grandfather…

SID: Now you were raised in West Africa.

SAMUEL: I’m a Ghanaian raised in West Africa and I come from a typical idol worship home.Witchcraft home, typical my great-grandfather was into, it my grandfather was into it, my father was into it, and I was about to initiated and take over for my father.And but like I said one day I wasn’t feeling fine.It was 5 o’clock in the evening so by 7:30, 8 o’clock I would go to bed because I wasn’t feeling fine.And fortunately for me I wasn’t on duty that day and so that day I wasn’t to leave my body and go and do anything for anybody so I had that opportunity to go and sleep.Then while I was sleeping between 7 and 8 when I went to sleep; while I was sleeping between 12 and 1 someone woke me up.Then when I woke up I was angry.I said today I’m not on duty.

SID: So a spirit woke you up

SAMUEL: A spirit woke me up and I said I am not on duty, why bother me? So I wanted to contact the spirit.Now if you are in the spiritual kingdom or if you are working with the devil, you are working with a host of spirits.So when I got up the voice ceased so I wanted to connect and then find out why were they calling me.I connected the east, I connected the south, the west and the north, and there was no response.I entered the second heaven.I wanted to connect and see whether there’s something there nothing so I said ok since nobody’s minding me then maybe the wake-up call was a mistake.So I went back to sleep again and by a 4:35 he woke me again and this time he was ordering me to go and have my bath.But you see in our job we don’t bathe.I mean if I’m going to put a curse on somebody it has nothing to do with bathing.

SID: With being clean.

SAMUEL: With being clean I mean.

SID: So did you take your bath?

SAMUEL: Oh yes, I argued with it but you see when you’re working with the devil you do before you complain.So I know the rules so I went and had my bath then he says ok then, put on your nice clothes.I did that and he said now ok, I want you to go to an Assembly of God church.And I said hey, we don’t work in the day we are the forces of darkness, we work at night.Now the laws of the land would take care of the physical things that would happen, but the laws haven’t got anything to do with the spiritual.No laws in the land has something to do with spiritual things, but they have laws that take care of the physical things.So if I go there now and start doing something the law would catch me because it’s physical.Then a hand went through my back and grabbed my pants and lifted me up like this.Now I realized that it wasn’t a normal spirit I worked with it was when he pushed me out of my room a head haunted, like all the spirits were haunting me nooo, ohhh, ohhhh….

SID: They didn’t want you to go?

SAMUEL: They didn’t want me to go so they were haunting me.

SID: I’ll tell you what, hold that thought right there let me explain something to you this was not those evil spirits; this was another spirit he didn’t recognize but he was taught to obey it, and this spirit pulled him, by the scruff of his neck so to speak into an Assembly of God church.He gets in there…we’ll be right back after this word.

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