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Sid:  I’ll tell you what; you’d think that after all of these years that a Gentile believer in Jesus could not provoked me to jealousy with all that I’ve seen and all the people that I have interviewed.  But I have Mel Bond on the telephone right now and I told Mel the minute I met him by way of telephone, you are provoking me to jealousy!  Mel we have a mutual friend, name is Eddie Rogers and in fact I’ve interviewed Eddie and Eddie had the privilege of going to Nicaragua with you and he said that there was something like 4 or 5,000 people and he saw such an outrageous miracle.  I did a secular live talk show this morning on radio and I was talking about this miracle that I have an eye witness that saw the miracle of that person, that little girl in Nicaragua and rather than you talk about it or me talk about it Eddie Rogers was there and I just interviewed Eddie.  I want you to hear what he saw with his own eyes and I’ll tell you a head of time; I’ll prep you ahead of time; you’ll have difficulty believing it.  I don’t I know that it’s true!  Let’s go to that interview. 

(Clip of Eddie Rogers on the telephone with Sid)

Sid:  I have Eddie Rogers on the telephone; he’s been a guest on its Supernatural – Messianic Vision previously.  And Eddie went Mel Bond to Nicaragua and he was an eye witness.  What you told me is Mel went to the Pastors and said find me the two most difficult cases, and there was about 4 to 5,000 people there and what do you remember Eddie?

Eddie:  I remember it being a very hot sultry night with volcano ash raining down upon us from about ten miles away and these people had been standing there for probably four hours or more waiting for a prayer.  And his idea was just bring the two most difficult cases up; and then when God demonstrates His power on the stage then they can believe that He’ll do out there where they were.  So the first case was a young girl about six years old that was born blind, she had no eyeballs, no pupils, no irises she had eyes, but it was totally whiteout and the mother brought her up on the platform and was sitting in a chair.  And Pastor Mel said told everybody to bow their head and close their eyes and I’m standing ten feet away and I’m thinking if something’s going to happen I’m going to witness this, I’m not bowing my head and I’m not going to close my eyes.  And he stretched his hand out and began to pray and as I began to watch her eyes it looked like two whirlpools were forming in the center of her eyes; it was like a spinning motion and perhaps two to three minutes later I really don’t know the time context of it out popped these two beautiful brown eyes.  It was just a spontaneous pop and there they were and this girl all of a sudden she was looking around, she was looking at the lights, she was looking up and her mother just started weeping.  And I was weeping to think that this young girl is seeing her mother for the very first time in her entire life, the woman that has carried her and gave birth to her and now she’s seeing her for the very first time.  And that was probably one of the most awesome miracles I have ever seen.

Sid:  But, what did it do for your faith to see that?  I mean eyes materialize, while you’re watching.

Eddie:  It’s really incomprehensible, you know even thinking back on it all these years, again it’s one of the most highlights that I can ever remember seeing anywhere, it built my faith up.

Sid:  What about the second case, the second most difficult case?

Eddie:  The second case was a young man probably about fourteen fifteen years old something like that who had never walked on his own before, he had had crutches, he had a lame leg and he had been born that way as well.  And they brought him up on the platform and after prayer again he laid his crutches down and just began walking back and forth as though he had been doing that his entire life so that was the two most awesome miracles that I think I’ve ever seen in my life.

Sid:  Mel, I want to hear what you saw with your eyes, what did this little girl what did her eyes look like to you before?

Mel:  Her eyes and you see this in third world countries every now and then, her eye socket was just filled with there was no eyeballs, she was born with them.  It looked like a white glistening type of fat, kind of like chicken fat, lumpy and no eyeball figure whatsoever.

Sid:  Now, when you prayed for her were you believing or did you have a revelation from God that she’d get her sight back?

Mel:  Well, when Jesus appeared to me in September 28, 1984 on Friday evening, He just told me to pray with your whole heart and of course I wrote the entire book about that, and I could talk about that for hours, but I just did what Jesus told me to do.

Sid:  But why is it that most Christians don’t understand how to pray with their whole heart?

Mel:  I think that you just have to spend a lot of time in God’s word, that God’s word is not like a book, it is not like reading a newspaper you read it one time and you’ve got it; it’s amazing how many times I’ve read the Bible, I have lost count when I got up to 300 times and just said I’m not counting anymore and it’s amazing how new the Word of God is.  It’s alive, His word is alive if you can’t just read it and you get it.

Sid:  I’ll tell you, since Jesus taught you how to pray with your whole heart, I mean I have in my hands another outrageous miracle, listen to this; “On Sunday morning March 2nd, 1986 when a lady with ileostomy bag on her side was prayed for, not only was she instantly healed, but the bag vanished without a trace, how do you explain that Mel?

Mel:  Yeah, that’s just God, that’s God.

Sid:  How, but I mean that is outrageous!

Mel:  Absolutely!

Sid:  Now, you use to have to go to other countries to actually, you called it a training ground, to learn how to walk in the miraculous, but people don’t see that in America, but you say it’s really changing, explain.

Mel:  Absolutely, well I think a lot of it has to do with the days that we’re living in, you know God said in the last days He’d pour out His Spirit there’d be signs.  And wonders and the word sign in the Greek as well as in the Hebrew that the full meaning is supernatural miracles in the senses realm proving that Jesus Christ is Lord.  And the word wonders is supernatural miracles in the imagination realm proving that Jesus Christ is Lord and we’re there and I believe that the United States, it’s time.  We’ve seen a lot of it overseas, but I’m beginning to see it in the United States as simple as it was in third world countries ten years ago.

Sid:   Mel, if someone were to read your book in 1984 where Jesus came to you in a vision …praying with your whole heart and do what you instruct could they do what you do?

Mel:  Absolutely, I could talk for hours about medical people, doctors, nurses, ….doing it we had a heart surgeon from Kansas, which is quite a ways away from us probably a eight hour drive and he bought the book and he said I’m going to do it and he brought the x-rays to our church of a gentleman that he examined.  And the man he said, “You need open heart surgery and this is the reason why and he told the man this is what I do for profession, I could do you surgery and it’s going to cost you, I forget how much money it was back then maybe $45,000 something like that or I can pray for you and God will heal you, and he said, that’s free and guy said well I’ll take the free one.”  So he came, he drove purposely to be in our church on a Sunday morning and he testified, he showed x-ray before and after he prayed and the man had needed surgery because he was healed by the power of God.  So that’s just one case, a nurse that works in a nursing home she said that she wrote back to us and called and told us she read the material and all it is and one of the things that you’ll find with any book that I write, that I don’t write one verse and write whole chapter or whole book on that verse, you’ll find my books that I validate everything with a lot of scripture, every page will be full of scriptures validating every point that’s brought out.  They could get the same thing if they would just read the Bible; the Bible is like a huge puzzle, many, many puzzles so you have a puzzle for healing, so there’s a lot of pieces you got to pull out from Genesis to Revelation.  Then you’ll have a beautiful picture for healing, that for prosperity there is just hundreds and hundreds and thousands of verses for financial prosperity and so in my book there’s hundred’s of verses for praying with your whole heart and I’ve diligently gone through the scriptures.

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