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Sid:  I am so excited to be interviewing Dr. LaDonna Taylor because LaDonna has a gift from God.  When she plays the violin people with fear and discouragement, even suicidal, it just disappears.  And as a matter of fact, people report they can feel the pain from they various arthritic conditions of pain of any kind.  It’s literally sucked out of them and many report feeling the presence of angels.  LaDonna yesterday we found out a bit about your heritage, when you were twelve, miracles started happening but in the year 2000 there was a change rather than miracles just happening, some of the things that you saw as a young child started happening in your ministry, there was an explosion of the miraculous.  What made the difference, I’m curious?

LaDonna:  Well, the Lord had been dealing with me about full time ministry for just a few months.  If you had ever told me I would enter full time ministry at any point in my life, I would have thought that it was ridiculous.  But the Lord had been dealing with me about it and in the first church service, there must have been fifty or sixty people came forward at the end of the service to have hands laid on.  I just told my life story, I didn’t know what else to do, and the Lord healed every single one of them.

Sid:  Again, as I read the New Testament that is normal, I don’t know what God has shown you, but you know what God has shown me?  That we are about ready to enter into normalcy in Christianity.  Well what do you discern?

LaDonna:  I am so convinced that it’s just another day in the Kingdom for us to lay hands on people out in the stores, as we go shopping, in the restaurants, it’s the normal thing.  I have, so many ministers say to me, “Oh, I wish I could see the miracles that I see when I’m overseas, when I’m in Africa or India.”  When I’m here I don’t understand why people say that, I see them all the time, the very same thing wherever I’m at; when I’m in Australia, if I’m in Ireland, if I’m in England or if I’m in the United States.

Sid:  Now, you proclaim that miracles are going to happen.  How important is that to proclaim it before you play the violin?

LaDonna:  God loves for you to believe that He can do anything,

Sid:  But wait a second, if you proclaim it, and nothing happens aren’t you in big trouble?

LaDonna:  I can’t do miracles, God does them and He loves it when you proclaim that.

Sid:  You know I talk before many groups of unsaved Jewish people and God had me do the same thing. I have to tell you when I first started doing it I was very concerned because these people wouldn’t just walk up off and gossip about me, it could be a whole lot worse than that.  But I found out that every time I proclaimed it, it happened.

LaDonna:  Every time.

Sid:  How about you, every time?

LaDonna:  The very same thing, every time.  And I have in my heart, well my calling you know, I have my violin and I have the notes there and when I play I don’t understand how He gets mixed up in the notes, but I really know how to put that violin under my chin and connect with God.

Sid:  Well, as you are playing the violin, I ask many musicians this, but I’m really curious about you.  As you play the violin, do you sometimes find yourself in another realm?

LaDonna:  Absolutely, I do find myself in another realm; it’s a connection to Him.  If I worship Him and truly step into that other realm with that violin under my chin then God will come close and bless the people.

Sid:  Now, you have literally over a dozen times heard music from heaven, it’s hard to explain in English, what something so supernatural was like but do your best; tell me what it was like.

LaDonna:  Alright, for a musician I could say this, there are, there are many many many more notes in the chords than any music we’ve ever heard on earth.  In the choir there’s many many many more notes and vocal sounds than anything we’ve ever heard on earth.

Sid:  You know just as you’re talking about the music from heaven I’m starting to tremble, this is an awful thing to say, but I was thinking to myself, I’m glad this isn’t the TV show, I’m glad this is the radio so no one could see what’s going on with me right now.  But it’s almost you’re bringing heaven in as you’re talking about what you heard.

LaDonna:  Every time I’ve heard it, it’s like you your somewhere else.  I remember every time looking around like; where’s that coming from?  Where’s that coming from in my mind, but my spirit was such a beautiful heavenly sound that like you said, really can’t be explained.

Sid: Now very briefly, how in the world did you get the city of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra to back up your music?  How’d you do that, how’d you pull that off?

LaDonna:  What a big miracle, the Lord spoils me so many times.  I was praying, I felt like I needed some new sound tracks, I had been in ministry a couple of years and I was praying, “Lord if you can just send me a great guitarist, if you could just send me a great pianist, I need some new music.”  I received a phone call from someone I didn’t know in Nashville who was the President of a music company that eventually signed me to their label.  They had all this music that they had done with Prague and they wanted me to play the violin along with the Prague Symphony.

Sid:  Let me ask you this question, I had the privilege of meeting Kathryn Kulman and being on her television show, a guest and going to her meetings. And she had certain songs that she knew the Holy Spirit liked.  And she would repeat these songs, do you find that also true with you?

LaDonna:  I absolutely fine that true.  Many times, well like Kathryn Kulman, I have my songs that I know that are going to usher in the presence.

Sid:  Alright for instance we are going to play; we just have a few minutes, “Here I Am to Worship” with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.  What happens when you play that song, “Here I am to Worship.”  Most of us are familiar with that song.

LaDonna:  When you move into worship with Him, it’s as though you look eyes with Him.  It’s as though you reach out to touch Him, He always comes close; that’s what happens.  Because when He comes close He’s full of healing, and He’s full of everything that you need.

Sid Roth:  Well, get ready here is LaDonna Taylor with “Here I Am to Worship”

LaDonna:  “Here I Am to Worship” excerpt.

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