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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah.  But there are so many people that are genuinely born again, genuinely filled with God’s Spirit, have read the Bible for years, but their just plain not free in one or more areas of their life.  And as a result of this they can never really hear God’s voice.  They can never really fulfill their destiny and they flat don’t know what to do about it.  That’s why I’m so excited to have Peter Horrobin on and I’m speaking to him at his home and office in Lancaster, England.  And he is the director of Ellel Ministries and they are dedicated.  He’s been called by God, handpicked by God to set people free.  And most people don’t even know the areas that they have to be set free in, but they just know that they’re not as free as the Bible says there suppose to be.  And by the time you go through this a wonderful series on freedom, which was ministered in a live audience after twenty years of being handpicked by God to teach in this area of freedom.  This is the finest seminar, you’ll go through this, you’ll get free and then you’ll want a use this for Bible studies.  I mean there’s areas that Peter Horrobin that you deal with I don’t hear people dealing with.  For instance most people don’t know the term, let alone they have this, called ungodly soul ties.  What is this?

Peter:  I better unpack a little bit, haven’t I?  We are as a human being, the spirit, with soul and were body and we have relationships and those relationships affect each part of our being.  Now when we have intimate relationships we become joined in those relationships and there are godly relationships and there are ungodly relationships.  Relationships are precious and the relationships through which we trust people become a blessing to us.  But not every relationship that we have is necessarily a godly relationship and when we look at the Ten Commandments for example, it is very clear it says that you should not commit adultery.  Now many people look at that and say oh this is God being unfair, He’s stopping us from having fun.  But they don’t realize that this not God being unfair, this is the mercy and the grace of God warning us about the dangers that there are in ungodly sexual relationships.  For when two people have sex together, they don’t just become joined together in body, they become joined together in soul and spirit as well.

Sid:  So let me ask you this, if someone has a number of demonic issues and someone else has unbiblical sex outside of marriage with that person, I believe as I’ve studied the scriptures those demons now have access to their partner. 

Peter:  Absolutely, that is absolutely right because there’s like, it’s like there’s a channel is opened up for them to be able to move across and many many times we have prayed with people who have had ungodly sexual relationships and they  have become  joined to the person they’ve had sex with.  See this is what God intended marriage to be, that you become joined.  It’s not just a bodily joining; you become joined in spirit and soul as well.

Sid:  Peter, I’ve heard Christians that are married one partner bumps into someone they had sexual relationships years ago and even though they are believers, even though they know better they leave their spouse, they leave their children.  I mean it’s almost so hard to believe, but you understand what the pull is.

Peter:  Well, I totally understand it because I’ve seen the fruit of it.  I’ll give you a very simple illustration.  A woman and her husband, they were unable to conceive a child and they had been married six years longing for a child; and when we began to unpack their personal story the lady admitted that she had had sexual relationships with a man before her husband.  Just one man, but when she broke off that relationship this man said to her if you are not going to marry me you will never have any children by anybody else.  Now she believed those words and that was a curse.  And because she was joined to that person sexually there was a soul tie in existence between her and this man.  She believed that and she received a spirit which affected her ability to conceive.  The good news is that we asked Jesus to undo that ungodly soul tie that she had.  She was completely open with repentance; she humbled herself, brought it to the Lord and she was delivered and she was then healed and she was then able to conceive a child.  The consequences of ungodly sexual sin are long term.  And it is only Jesus that can set us free from those things.

Sid:  What does someone have to do to be free from an ungodly soul tie?

Peter:  Well, there are many different type of soul ties.  We’re talking here specifically about the sexual area.

Sid:  Tell me about some of the other areas.

Peter:  Well the other areas have to do with emotional bonding, it can be domination and control, there are people that we become afraid of, but we are afraid to break away from that relationship; and you have domination and then you have people who rejection you and got a deep curse of rejection in your heart and you don’t want a relationship with this person, but because of the rejection you almost feel tied to this person.   And there are many different ways that this can happen and God wants us to be free to be the people he wants us to be.  Without the limitations of all these other relationships that can be really like a curse upon us and as we pray we pray with people and we ask the Holy Spirit to show the different areas.  Yes we talk about the different areas where there has been sexual sin.  One of the tragedies today is that there is so much wrong freedom in the world in terms of sexuality and the church has taken on board that.  And instead of we being salt and light into the world there’s so much darkness has come into the body as a result of ungodly relationships.  And so it’s quite unusual today to be counseling somebody who is about to get married and find that they haven’t had any previous sexual relationships.  Things have changed terribly in the last twenty, thirty, forty years.

Sid:  But you know what, I blame a number of the pastors that don’t stand up there and call sin sin.  And as a result their looking more like…and they feel like we won’t to relate to the world and as a result their young people are being lost rather than won.

Peter:  Yeah. Yeah if you read the first three or four chapters of Proverbs and the warnings that are in there about ungodly relationships and ungodly ties and they become like chords of death upon you; that’s what the Word of God says.  And we need to be speaking the truth and whenever I teach on this whole area, people come to me afterwards and say, why didn’t someone tell me when I was young what the consequence is of ungodly sexual sin as sexual relationship is?  Because it’s serious, but I don’t want people to come into condemnation hearing this because what I’m bringing to you is a message of freedom and it is only however as we bring things into the light that we can be set free from the consequences.

Sid:  It’s like the devil gets you coming and going.  The devil gets you before you are a believer and then because of the shame issue you never get free after you come to the Lord.

Peter:  That’s right and this is why James says in James chapter five when He says, “Confess your sin one to another, not so that you be forgiven, but so you be healed.”  And this is a very very important verse because the word confess; it means much more than tell God what you have done wrong.  And this is one of the deceptions which satan loves people to have.  To think that in confessing sin, in telling God what they’ve been up to.  They forget that God is omniscient, He knows all things.  He’s not waiting for information about what we’ve been doing.  The word confess means to come to a place of agreeing with what God thinks about our sin.  And when we deal with that and we come humbly and it says one to another and that is to deal with our pride.  When we deal with our pride He will raise us up and the healing flows is enormous.  I’ll never forget being at a large meeting when I taught on this whole area of sexual relationships and the consequences of ungodly sexual sin.  And afterwards, probably two-thirds of the people came to the front confessing things that they never before brought to the light.  But after that there was an amazing move of God.  After that I then began to pray for physical healing and the physical healing that took place in that meeting was astonishing.  Probably more than I have ever seen before.

Sid:  I have to believe that these keys that you talk about in your Freedom Series, once people deal with all of these keys they get free and its almost as if sickness has no place to hang on to them anymore.

Peter:  That’s right.

Sid:  Peter, in one sentence what is your goal in your heart of hearts for people?

Peter:  Well, you put it into one simple sentence.  It is for restoration of God’s order in a person’s life.  Because when we become ordered in the ways of God we are then able to move in the presence and the power of God.  Let me say that again, when we become ordered in the ways of God we can then move in the presence and the power of God.  And it is so so precious to see God restoring peoples’ lives, bringing them to a place of wholeness again.  Bringing them to a place where instead of suffering the consequences of the past and living under the circumstances the season riding above the circumstances and begin to enter into their destiny.  One of the people we prayed for over a long period of time they came out of physiatric care, today she is one of our teachers and she teaches out of the experience.  She teaches, she had no hope, she was on a life time disability physiatric pension here in the UK because the …

Sid:  Ooops I’m sorry we are out of time.

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