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Sid:  And my guest Dr. Renny McLean has got the most significant key for you to understand.  I can’t wait for him to mentor you.  But Renny, I want to start you out and then we will go to that revelation and prophetic word you received from heaven about our currency.  But before we go to that, I would like to know to things, #1 how you recommend people worship at home?  And then #2 you’re at a different level than a lot of people, how you worship at home?  But for the people that are just starting in that realm, what would you recommend they do at home?

Renny:  The first thing I say to people is number one, worship is also a discipline.  There’s a certain time of the day where I will just cut off from people, I don’t even take phone calls, you know my wife knows I don’t talk and I’m literally, as people would say in a zone, I just worship.  That’s part of my discipline.  And then there’s times when throughout the day I just burst into a new song.  You know I would say the first thing to encourage people; it is a discipline no matter what you are going through you give God first place in all things.  You make sure you give your worship; you make sure you sow to the heavens in your worship.  That’s #1.  Number 2 have a set time but yet be spontaneous, you know.  David said it like this, when the Spirit of the Lord moves upon me I will dance. And then there’s times you know that you’re going to feel that spontaneity to just step in the river of God and just start to worshiping God.  You know, that’s spontaneous worship.  But then there’s times when you have to start it and then heaven will join in.  And then heaven starts it and you pick it up and start doing it. 

Sid:  You know what’s coming to my mind as you’re sharing this right now Renny?  Is in Matthew 25, it talks about the virgins, the wise had their own oil and the foolish wanted to get the oil from the wise, in effect if you worship, you’re filled with oil but if someone just before the rapture comes and knocks on our door and says give me some of your oil it doesn’t work that way does it?  Each has to worship God for themselves.

Renny:  Yes, we got to get into the presence of God on our own worship not somebodyelses.  Worship is personal, but yet corporate and I mean you can experience the same glorious God, Hallelujah!

Sid:  Now what about soaking, how does that fit into your worship?

Renny:  Oh, waiting before the Lord, I mean that’s something I say to people about the Lord, that just waiting before the Lord, when you wait before the Lord your spirit is still before Him.  And when your spirit is still, you’re really exercising a spiritual discipline because you are not running ahead.  You know, you’re just taking your time.  And sometimes Sid, that’s what God actually wants us to do.  He wants us to stop, pause, think and rejoice and literally be still and know.  So to know is in the stillness.

Sid:  So when you’re saying being still, this is something I do, tell me if this is what you mean.  I listen to very anointed soaking, what I call soaking music and I am just as still as I can be before the Lord.  Is that what you are saying?

Renny:  That’s one way, you can do it, you can do that.

Sid:  What’s another way?

Renny:  Okay, let me say to you another way, what’s still to someone else may not still you because you know it is like what you said, everybody is in…that’s why we are all different.  For example with me, I love music and then there’s times the last thing I need to hear is music because sometimes no music that you know literally has the sound of what you’re hearing.  And you know it doesn’t make you still before God.  And so that’s why there’s that time, that’s why there’s the worship without music where you can be still and just know.  And there’s times when music is really an aid and it’s really an aid of worship, it’s never to take the place of your worship because God prefers your voice over the sound of the instruments.  And so you know yeah, both of them are right you can do them both you know there’s nothing wrong with that.

Sid:  You said that it’s a discipline, how much time, I hate to put it on this basis but I’m very pragmatic Renny, how much time should someone take to worship.

Renny:  Can I tell you the truth?  I’m going to surprise you when I say this, I don’t even so much think it’s a time, I really don’t, but the reason why I say that is because I don’t think it takes you that long to get there.

Sid:  But you are instantly in the…I would assume that when you just open your mouth and start you are instantly in the glory. But most, it will take awhile to get into the glory.

Renny:  Because it is a progression of your faith and it’s a progression of your revelation because worship.  Let me say this to you, worship provokes God to reveal Himself and so that’s why worshipping He reveals.  And as He reveals worshipping becomes easier and the flow becomes completely different.  So you know I would recommend that to people Brother Sid that people just begin to do that and after awhile what’s hard becomes easy.  What’s high be made low.  I recommend that to people.

Sid:  What happens to people as they worship, as their faith grows, as they get…they’ll get to a point and I know this where the glory of God will flood there living room or where ever there praying.  When that occurs what should they do?  Or should they do nothing?  What’s happening to them?  What will happen to them?

Renny:  There’s time…oh Sid, let me tell you what I just heard in the Spirit there’s times where when people just do that they are going to have a visitation.  A visitation in nine times out of ten is likely, it’s just a visitation.  You worship Him and you begin to see Him and that’s one of the things that I teach on.  Is that the worship is the realm of the seeing realm.  Because the glory realm is a seeing realm, you’ll see visions; you’ll see the Lord; you’ll see angels; you’ll see heaven; you’ll also see things to come; because that’s the glory of God.

Sid:  Speaking of seeing things to come; tell me what happened in Portland, recently?

Renny:  I was in Portland, Oregon and we had two very very very powerful sessions and I don’t say it lightly because today everything is powerful but this was really unique, it was very powerful.  Because I wouldn’t say I prepared it, because most of the time you prepare a sermon but I don’t believe you prepare a revelation because you flow in the stream of it.  And the first night, we really, God did surgery on our minds; He expanded our minds he got stuff out of our heads that would prepare us for our tomorrow.  And so the second night came and the second night the Lord said to me speak on prophecy from a kingdom prospective.  Now most, in most cases Brother Sid prophecy is spoken outside of the kingdom concept and so the mentality that the church has is that it will get worse and not better.  Well the truth of it is it’s going to get worse for a certain group of people, but for a certain group of people it is going to get a whole lot better.

Sid:  What do you know what people are writing me now?  Their telling me that as they are soaking as they are worshiping God; they’re getting down loads of inventions.  I mean it’s, I think there’s a wealth transfer going on on planet earth right now.

Renny:  There is a wealth transfer, let me tell you this first Sid.  There is a wealth transference going on and I’ll tell you the reason it is going on; because we are at the time frame where I believe that what we’ve seen in measure, God is going begin to release the fullness of.  And when I was there in Portland the second night, the glory of Lord came on me and the Lord said to me Renny, I want you speak on the end times from the Kingdom perspective.  Not from just a prophetic perspective.  Now almost the nature of most people who speak prophecy from a prophetic perspective is that there’s no Kingdom in what their saying.  Now let me tell you something, the Kingdom of God isn’t going anywhere.  The Kingdom of God is here to stay in fact; if you listen to the pattern of the Our Father prayer, heaven is on a collision course with earth.  It says My kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  And so yes, there is great things to come, there are some things to come forth that the earth has never seen before.  That’s because of what God said, but one of the major things the Lord said, what came out of my mouth when I was up there was this.  The Lord said to us that one of the signs of how close we are to things of what is about to break loose is that there is going to be a major currency war.  It is going to be the battle of the currencies.  Now I remember because I had, you know before we immigrated to Dallas, Texas where God lives, ha ha, you know we lived in London, England and we remembered years…

Sid: Wait a second now, Georgia has a lot of God too, but go ahead. Haha you Texans I don’t know.

Renny:  But, I tell you Sid, what happens is what’s strange, do you know Sid that I remember in the ‘80s in London they were talking about England coming into the EU and there was a changing of our currency and that was from the ‘80s and you know when the ‘90s hit but a lot of Europe now is now in the Euro and so Europe is literally become a whole state to itself now.  If you have a British passport now you’re not just a member of Britain now you are literally a member of the European Union.  You can travel anywhere in Europe literally without a passport.  So that tells you what we’ve been reading it’s happening before our very eyes. 

Sid:  So, what’s going to happen to the US dollar was that part of the word you had?

Renny:  The US dollar is going to crumble and I’m not just saying it to scare the world.  The US dollar is going to crumble, it is going to change, it is going to change.  It is going to change and I mean that there is so much of it we went into but the major currency the major war is going to be over currency.  Now when you follow that trend of thought clearly in the Spirit, whoever controls the currency what else do you control?

Sid:  You control everything. Ha ha.

Renny:  Exactly, exactly, exactly now the Lord just shared that with me, now I don’t have a date on it, but I know that it is not too long from now.  It can be like what we were talking about before the show Sid, it can be three weeks from now, or it can be three years from now.  But I’m telling you…


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