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Sid:   My guest is as bold as a lion; his name is Mel Bond and Mel you had an experience back in 1973 where you had…it was actually your first vision of Jesus.  And you understood the demonic and God activated your senses, but you’ve had a lot of experiences where you understood the demonic.  And your book is just loaded with overcoming victory in that realm because most problems and you would say all problems that are afflicting people have a demon behind it and most people don’t even realize it.  Tell me about the time that you started to have chest pains, I guess a lot of people will relate to that.

Mel:  The first time it ever happened, it was in 1972, let the think that would be September 22nd and it was probably about 7:00 in the morning 6:30 and I was setting eating breakfast and boy I could just see it today.  And while I’m sitting there eating breakfast all of a sudden I had this horrible pain in my chest in my heart and it was just like the pain was so intense and it was going down, I can’t remember which arm because that was 1972, but it was so intense that it was like my body alerted my mind and said, you’re not going to live but just a few more moments because this pain is so severe you’re going to die of a heart attack.  It was just the most severe pain I’ve ever had and I’ve had broken arms and all sorts of things.  And so when I begin to think of that I thought well, I didn’t have much knowledge of the Word in those days and so I said okay if I am going to die then I’m going to die praising God.  And I began to raise my hands and immediately that was gone.  Well, if you remember then about a year later in October 1973 that I had that encounter with Jesus and he took me down this cave and I’d seen that one hideous demon that is about seven foot tall with long fingers and long fingernails.  Well several years, now that demon had been after me with heart problems.  I didn’t know that, I didn’t know that for many many years that I had the chest pains.  They never were as hard as they were that morning, but several years I would have the chest pains and sometimes it would be three months before I’d have them sometimes it would be six months sometimes a year but they’d be pretty hard and so it was right around 1990 during the night session that I was awakened because I had the most severe chest pain I’ve ever in my chest – in my heart.  It was like more compounded then back in 1972.  And as soon as I woke up I’d seen that demon that was in that corridor with those long fingers and long fingernails and he had his right index finger into my chest with the fingernail gripped around my heart, severe pain.  And I’d seen him in living color and within micro seconds again the Lord spoke to me and said you don’t have heart problems it’s that demon deal with the demon and you’ll be free.  So I rebuked that demon in Jesus name, I just said in Jesus name I command you to leave.  That I have authority over you in Jesus name and when I did that he had sort of a hideous laugh, but he was leaving he started pulling his fingers slowly out of my chest and within maybe it took him I bet thirty seconds to fully pull his finger totally out of my chest and as he was pulling his finger out more of the pain started leaving.  And when it was totally out all of the pain and then he disappeared after his finger was fully removed from my chest.  Then he disappeared in that bedroom and the pain totally dissipated after about thirty minutes, twenty to thirty minutes and to this day I have never had those kinds of pains ever again.  I would be willing to say it was maybe six months later there was just a small fraction of a hint of that pain coming in my chest.  But it brought back to remembrance of that night in Jesus and I knew that demon was trying to get back in and to kill me and so I would rebuke it.  And that has happened maybe three or four times.

Sid:  Now just out of curiosity let’s take you back there where it was trying to sneak back again and you rebuked that demon and what would you do if you rebuke the demon and yet you still felt those symptoms what would you do?

Mel:  Well, what I would do is focus my whole heart on the Word of God.  Sid have been times that the devil has attacked me so strongly with things to come against me, it’s just like I knew that it was the devil trying to come against me in different areas and we all have, you know the devil comes against all of us.  Now even Jesus in Matthew 4 that the Bible says Jesus was tempted and so that means He was tempted, but he didn’t give in to it He rebuked it and He took authority with the Word of God.  So all of us have the enemy comes against us.  But there’s been times in my life that the forces of darkness was so strong to try to come against me that I would just sit and read out of my New Testament, especially the Epistles is where I get my greatest strength and that’s where we get our greatest strength today.  And I would just read the Epistles sometimes I would need to do that as much as eight hours a day doing nothing, but just reading the word, going to the bathroom drinking water and maybe eating a little something and do that for two days.

Sid:  But tell me about the time that it looked like you couldn’t have any children, your wife miss-carried four babies.  The doctors told you you had one chance out of a hundred thousand for your wife to have a normal delivery, which doesn’t sound too good.  Give me the bottom line on what happened there.

Mel:  Okay, well Dawn and I we were married June 20th 1970 we wanted to have children just like anyone else and we had four babies the first three babies she miscarried them the fourth one she went full term and it was born deformed and so it didn’t live very long and then it died and the doctor had told us before that you can’t have children, don’t even try.  And then especially after that, they said, don’t have any.  And so Dawn and I we were in the ministry at that time as well as you know we’d been schooled in the Word of God so we continued to pray and just trust God; we are going to believe God we are going to trust God and so we kept doing that.  And during the night session I was awakened and I looked and there was a demon that looked like he was probably maybe four or five foot tall and he was over the top of my wife, over her body especially down in her belly region, the lower parts of her body.  And within seconds I seen this spirit that was white and kind of resembled this is not a good illustration but sort of like a Casper the friendly ghost because of the fact that I couldn’t…he was so bright that I couldn’t really see his fingers or facial features it was just like limbs and a hand without separated fingers that sort of thing.  Anyway, he came rushing out of the eastern sky, it was like I could see to infinity through the walls and I’d seen him rushing very quickly; he came into our bedroom and he began to wrestle with this other demon spirit and they begin to fight and they fought for just a few seconds and he chased.  I can still remember it, we lived at 139 Tulip Tree in St. Charles, Missouri and he chased him off into infinity out towards the southwestern sky into infinity and then faster than you could blink an eye he came immediately back.  Then I seen him on his knees and he stuck his hands inside the lower parts of my wife’s body and he did this a few times and then he just disappeared; and from that day forward my wife had no more problems of carrying babies.  She would bleed a lot during pregnancy, but she never bled anymore and we’ve got three perfect daughters and our oldest daughter is thirty eight years of age, and we got one thirty and we got another twenty eight years of age.  And so our problems are in the spirit world that if we’ll get serious with God God will get as serious with us as we get with Him.  And we can have victory in every area we’ve done this, our youngest daughter that you have the documentation Sid, I sent you the medical documents that she was blind and I cast those demon spirits out and now she has perfect eye sight.  And you have the documents of before and after; she’s twenty eight years of age now and…

Sid:  You know, one of the statements that you make in your book is so overwhelming, you say the spirit realm must become more real than the natural realm.  What do you mean by that?

Mel:  Well, God who is a spirit made all physical things and the demonic world was here before we ever were and I think that’s something that cripples Christian people is not being aware that the spirit world is more real.  It’s the eternal world, flesh and blood will, you know pass away, but the spirit world is throughout eternity.

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