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Sid:  Now, my guest is red hot for the Messiah, Mike Shreve and Mike and I have teamed out to come out with a brand new book and I believe it’s going to reach so many people, Jews and Gentles alike that don’t know Jesus.  It’s for people involved in the New Age; it’s called “Truth Seekers,” subtitle, “Ten Amazing People who Found It.” And the New Agers, I’m amazed Mike at the number of Jewish people that are in the New Age as you’ve been studying the New Age for so many years now, have you found a large number of Jewish people involved?

Mike:  Well, yes and in fact at least two in the book I know of are of Jewish background.  Rafi Cohen and John Alpert were both raised Jewish.

Sid:  And what I find is that leaders in the New Age are Jewish; it’s as if the devil knows when these Jewish people find the authentic we are going to be like modern day Paul the apostles so he throws that cheap counterfeit.  Now you were telling me about some amazing statistical results on surveys you’ve read about the difference between the growth of New Age and the growth and Christianity.

Mike:  That’s all together why every listener needs this book and needs to get several of these books for other people, because our society by leaps and bounds is becoming more New Age in its mindset than it is Christian.  From the year 1990 to year 2000 Christianity according to reputable poles only grew 5%.  At the same time the New Age grew 240%, it was the most…it was the biggest change, the most noticeable and large change in a mindset in our society; more than any other religious world view.

Sid:  You know Mike, most people that focus on what’s going to happen in the last days and what are the things to be looking out for; they focus on Islam, I’m wondering if the sleeping giant is not the New Age. 

Mike:  Oh, I agree 100%.  Islam is very blatant and up front with its divisive point of view, where you have to be a Muslim in order to be saved etc.  But the New Age reaches out and becomes very gentle and loving and kind and all inclusive and that’s much more appealing and much more insidious in the ways it woos them away for the cross where Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life and no man comes to God but by me.”  Now when I was a Yoga teacher at four universities back in 1970 I would quote that statement Jesus made, but then I would say what he really meant by that was his I am consciousness; his awareness of his own divinity is the way and the truth and the life.  And once we come into that awareness where we realize that we are able to say, I am which denotes, eternal existence.  We then come into that same level of consciousness.  We call it Christ consciousness so I suddenly twisted the words of Jesus to make it say something totally opposite of what he meant.

Sid:  And that’s what the New Age does.

Mike:  Yes, it assigns different meanings to familiar phases and familiar ideas.

Sid:  Well, let’s talk about someone in the book, John Alpert and as a young Jewish boy he was similar to me in that he wanted to know what happened after death; tell me about him.

Mike:  Well, John had some love ones die and it just shook him to his foundation.  His family was a very materialistic family, a very wealthy family and then some dear ones in his family perished and he went to the Rabbi and tried to get answers and no one could give him a definite conclusive of what was going to happen to them after death.  And that was just unacceptable to him and so he began exploring in other areas.  He dabbled in Transcendental Meditation, TM which claims to be a mind science but it’s much more than that, it is a religious philosophy.  And then he got involved…

Sid:  By the way, in TM they give you a word, each ones given a specific word that they say over and over again.  What is that?

Mike:  Well, when you chant a mantra you’re repeating this phrase over and over again, quite often it is actually a worship phrase for a Hindu deity; which is a nonexistent being.  It’s a demonic force and when you chant that mantra you actually succeed in conjuring up that supposed deity but it is really a demonic influence in your life.

Sid:  Well, you know what I find fascinating is Hinduism if it came as Hinduism people would kind of say, I don’t want that.  But if it comes in a nice package as TM or some of these other courses that are like a positive thinking type thing but there really New Age things that are slipped into the positive thinking.   I even find, which is so amazing something like in Judaism we Cabbala which is getting hot in Hollywood; that’s a mixture of Judaism and Hinduism yet I don’t think many Jewish people know that Mike.

Mike:  No, they don’t realize truth is being muddied by doctrines and ideas that are absolutely contrary to the Bible. 

Sid:  So let’s go back to John Alpert, tell me about him.

Mike:  Well, John is a very successful television producer and he actually, he dabbled in self realization fellowship and Yogananda and he went through a lot of different groups in Transcendental Meditation.  And finally he hired someone to help take care of his house and his children who happened to be a Christian and she began holding conversations with him and she took him to some meetings that were Jewish oriented.  They were Messianic Jews who were sharing the truth from, sharing their revelation from Jesus from their Judaism background as well and it just convinced him that there is more to Jesus; that He really did fulfill the scriptures and was the Messiah.

Sid:  You know I have been a Jewish believer in Jesus for over thirty years and it blows my mind that most Jewish people don’t even know that Jesus is Jewish.  I mean most Christians take that for granted, but we Jewish people are starting from ground level zero.

Mike:  Well, that’s what he emphasizes in his testimony in the book.  That his maid or this lady that came to work for him convinced him that Jesus was really Jewish and the disciples were Jewish.  And he said that this just blew up in his spirit that wow, Christianity is not a separate religion but it is the fulfillment of Judaism and then it all came to a head when he came to a meeting where Jews for Jesus leader presented Christ in the Passover and he connected the dots.  He suddenly saw how Passover was all a revelation of a much greater deliverance to come, not just being delivered from Egypt, but being delivered from sin and death and from hell eternally.

Sid:  Very briefly tell me about why Reincarnation and Christianity are mutually exclusive.

Mike:  Well, in order to believe in Reincarnation you have to dismiss the whole idea of receiving forgiveness from God, because the whole basis of reincarnation is the idea that you pay off your karmic debt.

Sid:  So, it’s works.

Mike:  Yeah, it’s salvation by works.  Whatever you do in this life you pay for in a future life, there is no room for forgiveness coming from God and no need for Jesus going to the cross; it’s absolutely unnecessary.

Sid:  And when you understand that you become the righteousness of God in Messiah Jesus you can’t get any more righteous than that.  Why would anyone even need to, not that they could come back, because the scriptures say that you live once and then comes the judgment.  But why would someone want to come back to get more righteous when they have the righteousness of God in Jesus in themselves?  They’ve already reached it, it’s such a wonderful gift that God has given us.  Now you have Jewish friends, you have gentle friends, you even have Christians that are dabbling the New Age, like yoga and they don’t even know it; they don’t even understand it…Mike what’s the Spirit of God telling you about what will happen with this book.

Mike:  Oh, God showed me that we would have, well he called it a bumper crop.  I woke up one morning and I heard the audible voice of God telling me that and I wasn’t really sure what a bumper crop meant, so I went to a dictionary and check it out and it’s an exceptionally large harvest, unexpectedly large ingathering.  And I just believe this book will go worldwide in a very quick period of time.  I believe it needs to be translated into many languages because this is the most powerful book I’ve ever seen or if I hadn’t written it I would still say that it is the most powerful book I have ever seen to reach somebody who believes in New Age thought.

Sid:  Well we were talking about how the growth of New Age, I believe that if you don’t understand the New Age you are not going to understand the end times.

Mike:  Absolutely and that’s why every Christian needs this book, because most Christians I meet have no idea how to hold a conversation with somebody who believes in New Age thought  and New Age thought is permeating our campuses, it’s infiltrating even the entertainment industry, even Disney has characters that participate in New Age thought.

 Sid:  There are so many movies; you can’t even watch TV without seeing New Age…


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