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Sid: My guest Dr. Cindy Trimm believes that there are such wounding in peoples souls that it’s stopping us from fulfilling our potential. I guess you’ve wondered why you keep walking around in this big circle and you’re not hearing from God; you’re not walking in supernatural peace; you’re not walking in the gifts of the Spirit. Could it be that there are some soul wounds; this 40 day “Soul Fast Curriculum” it’s actually a kit where Dr. Cindy Trimm is going to coach you every day for 40 days on the DVD’s and 2 books and the study guide… Cindy teach today a bit about my favorite subject the power of love.

Cindy: I love the book of Corinthians how it explains what love is and it explains what the world needs now is really love; and this the greatest expression of God Himself because that’s who God is. God… love is not just an emotion; love is the person of Jesus Christ and that was the gift that God gave each one of us. And He proved His love, love gives, love feeds, love rejoices in truth, love believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. And it starts with how God feels about us as His children; and I think that that’s the greatest subject of all.  

Sid: Cindy give me an example of someone that has sat under your teaching for love and how it’s impacted their life.

Cindy: Yes, my sister sent me an email a couple of days ago and which really touched me and it was of a woman who had an assignment. She went back to college and her professor gave her an assignment and actually the whole class an assignment and said you know “The next week I want you to smile at least 3 people a day and see what kind of response that you get.” One of the most profound and impactful responses that she got happened while she was standing in one of the fast food restaurants. She noticed that people were beginning to move and had unkind and unpleasant look on their face and she turned around and she smelled something very profound and she looked and there were 2 homeless men and one of them obviously had a walking problem and was being helped by the other. And she said that her tendency would have been to move as well but she remembered her assignment and she just smiled at them. And she smiled back, and she had a prompting to do more than smile and ask them what they wanted and she treated them to breakfast and she went a step further. She not only treated them to breakfast but she sat down and touched one of the hands of the gentleman that was struggling and she looked and there was a tear that run down his eye as he thanked her profusely and said that this is a first time in a long time someone had ever touched him with a touch of compassion and kindness. To me we each have within ourselves to be doers of the word and not just hearers only. I believe that it may not be just a physical touch but every time we smile or treat someone with dignity or treat someone with compassion we are actually touching them with the love of God. And the touch is at the level of their soul; we can feel it.

Sid: Could you talk about an issue in your life and how God set you free.

Cindy: Absolutely, when I grew up in a single parent home; my father abandoned us. I think I was about 2 years old when I tell this story; I didn’t know how deeply it impacted me because I was always… I don’t know I had high aspirations and pushed beyond my circumstances and situations. When I got saved it was a challenge for me to embrace the love of God as He was bestowing it upon me as He was my heavenly Father because at a subconscious level I had transferred the issues of abandonment to how I related to God as my heavenly Father. I could embrace Him as my creator, I could embrace Him as my deliverer, my healer, but not as the heavenly Father that supplied all of my needs according to His riches in glory. God had to gently help me to trust Him as my heavenly Father who supplies all of my needs and that was a healing process that God gave me and I didn’t even know that that was something that I needed healing in until God revealed it to me. And so you know going back with the 40 Day Fast it’s going to be a time of revelation to you. Things that are suppressed the way that we conduct our spiritual life; the way that we view God sometimes has a lot to do with how our natural parents treated us, or in my case did not treat us.

Sid: Cindy, you talk about the need to belong; will you teach on that.

Cindy: Yes we are born with the need to bond; the need to belong. It’s a part of who we are and that is one of the phenomenon’s of gangs because if they can’t find it legitimately within their homes or within their society they’re going to go outside and attach themselves to other individuals. And I believe that what God is doing now is extending to us an opportunity to really understand what it means to belong to the family of God. And what it really means to be loved by God; even a baby if it’s not loved and held; if it’s not bonding with its mother it can fail to thrive. And so that bonding it’s giving to us by God and those of us that didn’t get it in our first family we can get it in our new family which is the family of God.

Sid: Your teaching is really practical step by step. What is the feedback you’re getting from the people that are sitting under these “Forty Day Fast?”

Cindy: We’re getting a lot of positive feedback because the book is written from a Biblical perspective. It’s all Bible, it’s all word and it’s giving people an opportunity to see the Bible as more than just an ancient book, or a book that only has relevance to get us to heaven. People now are viewing the Bible as a practical book; a practical God breathed Bible that has principles that they can apply to their everyday life. It is a book that has wisdom; and wisdom is the science of skillful living. And people now are finding that their love for reading the word of God and being able to garner the practical applications that is necessary for them not only to find a way to get to heaven but to have heaven here on earth. And that’s what I love about this book and how God empowered me to write it. The Bible is just practical.

Sid: Cindy, why is it that people seem to keep returning to the same soulish entanglement over and over and over they just can’t change the pattern.

Cindy: The word of God has made a difference in my life. I have seen how God has actually changed a very destiny of my family; where there was so much pain in our lives from abandonment and living in shame based environment; growing up as one of their only families that were a single family. Most people in my neighborhood had both parents; we were one of the only ones that were single parent. And there was a lot of shame associated with that. Now I can hold my head up high knowing that I don’t have to live as a spiritual orphan; that God has accepted me in His family but not only accepted me but He can accept everyone that is listening that can maybe suffering from a spirit of an orphan. God has accepted you into the bigger family and that’s the family of God.

Sid: Well I sense by the Spirit of God that you can pray for people that feel unloved; feel like an orphan. And actually have lived like an orphan; would you pray for them.

Cindy: Our Father and God I thank you that you are our Heavenly Father and just from my own life I know the struggle that it was and to be able to fully embrace the fact that I am a part of a bigger family and that You’re family. And that You are my heavenly father; and as I pray for those that maybe listening that maybe suffer from abandonment or betrayal or suffer from the pain of being adopted of being abandoned by both parents and had to live with people that never birthed them and suffered from the abuse of people that didn’t know their true worth and dignity. I pray that you would heal their hearts and that you would heal every individual that is listening today. Let Your love be felt and embrace them; and let them sense oh God that they have something to live for.   Break the spirit of an orphan off of them; release them from the shame and the pain and heal the holes in their soul’s and the feeling of emptiness and loneness in Jesus Name, Amen.

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