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Sid:  My guest, Joan Hunter comes from such a tough poverty background and God has taught her what he calls the patterns to follow.  And if you follow the pattern that God has outlined in the Old Covenant and the New Covenant you will be blessed so that you can be a blessing in these last days God is going to turn everything around in your life.  And the scripture we ended with yesterday when I was interviewing Joan Hunter is Deuteronomy 8:18; and it says “And you shall remember the Lord Your God for it is He who gives you power to get wealth that He may establish His Covenant which He swore to your Fathers as it is this day.”  Joan Hunter, what is God saying to us in this scripture?

Joan:  So often people read that scripture, God has given me wealth, and it says, “God has given me the power to get wealth.”  He has given you the power, the wisdom, the knowledge, to get wealth, not just in the natural knowledge, but He will give you it in the Spirit knowledge.  Ephesians 1:17-19, that He is going to give you a greater Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the knowledge of Him, that pertains to finances; He is going to give you witty inventions…

Sid:  By the way, speaking of inventions, you were talking about Texas that only went to the ninth grade and he had a dream about some new equipment to invent, tell me about him.

Joan:  He’s an awesome guy, his name is name is Keith Miller, he’s an evangelist here and he’s such a neat guy.  And he was talking about how God had given him a dream, which is “drem” in Texan, and he said, “He sat down and he drew the dream out and it was a piece of machinery.”  So he found some engineers and they said, “This is absolutely the most incredible piece of machinery I have ever seen in my entire life, where did you get your Engineering Degree?”  And he said, “I got it in a drem, a drem.” like I have not heard of that school.  What school?  He goes, drem drem, you know and they finally understood that he got it in a dream.  And he says, I don’t know if he finish ninth grade of education, but he is a very knowledgeable man and he’s an author and everything now.  But God gave him this dream which helped bring millions of dollars into him and his ministry.  And don’t depend on your education; I have another lady friend who after listening to my seminar on finances and the CD on End Time Economics, she got a hold of this revelation.  She said, “God is going to give me, this is so exciting, God is going to give me a witty invention, I’m a hairdresser, I’m going to design a whole new line of hair color,” that’s the natural man.  A couple of days later she is so excited about the dream and the vision and the chemicals and the bio and the chemistry that is going to be involved in the new hair color and dadada.  And all of a sudden God gives her a dream about a machine for an ophthmalogist; I’m like I don’t even know how to spell opthmalogist you know.   She has this piece of machinery; she takes it to a group of opthalmologists and they say, “This is incredible; we need to market it to every single ophthmalogist in the world.”  And “Where did you get it?”  And once again, “I got it in a dream.”  “Well we want to offer you, I know that this is really really low, but we want to offer you, you know it’s really low to begin with, but this is just a beginning we want to offer you $20,000,000 for your idea!”

Sid:  You know I understand why you don’t like to look at the news on television and hear the gloom and doom which is that anyone watching the news is going to come up with gloom and doom; you got to many good things to look at.

Joan:  I agree, we need, you see so many people are lining up with the world instead of the word.  And you listen to the new, “Oh this is so horrible what’s happening.”  You know I sit at the airport for my multiple plane trips, that’s when I listen to the news.  Now I’m aware pretty much what’s going on, but for me to sit there and listen to the news, I get on a plane and I start hitting the side of my head trying to get the junk out number one.  Number two, I put my hand and raise it over my head like a razor and go “In the Name of Jesus I cut those words off that is not affecting my health, that it is not affecting my ministry, that it is not affecting my life, it is not affecting my childrens life and I cut those words off in Jesus Name, they have no power over me or my family or any of these ministries in Jesus Name.”  So many ministries are cutting back and saying, “How are you handling all these people that you are having to let go because of finances?”  I’m like I’m not letting them go because of finances, you know and we’re expanding, we’re building you know.

Sid:  You know the same thing is going on in our ministry too.  I believe this is what I believe with all of my heart Joan; there is a shift going on in ministry now.  And God and those that are not walking holy are going to be demoted if you will and suffer the way the world is.  And those that are walking in holiness God’s going to elevate right now.

Joan:  I totally agree with you and God is watching over His children and it is so incredible, there is a scripture that I absolutely love and it’s in the New Living Translation.  And it is Ephesians 2:7 “So God can always point to us as an example of His incredible wealth, favor and kindness in all He has done for us through Christ Jesus.”  Hallelujah, I want to be an example of His incredible wealth, of His favor and kindness in all He has done for me through Christ Jesus.

Sid:  Well Joan, this is a question that many people ponder.  Here in America the land of opportunity, we see a lot of people that prosper, but what about a third world country; someone that can’t put two dimes together, how does studying the pattern and the principals in the Bible finance affect them?  Do you have any firsthand experience?

Joan:  I have an incredible firsthand experience.  Actually I have one and Moms got one, but last, like a year and half ago two years ago sometime in the past I went to Haiti right after the earthquake.  And we went down there; curse the spirit of trauma and command it to go and millions of sicknesses had been prevented because of the trauma going.  Millions of people got saved and so I preached, I was teaching to pastors, about a thousand pastors down there.  And I said, “The word of God works in Haiti like it does in America, its Ephesians 2:7, Deuteronomy 8:18 those are some scriptures; Philippians 4:19, My God does supply all of my needs according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus.”  “Those apply here in Haiti just like they do in America, don’t be looking at rich American Christians, look at rich Haiti Christians that God wants to raise up.”  And I did my teaching and you know we weren’t going to receive any offerings and all those kind of stuff and you know all of a sudden we were singing praise and worship getting ready to go have lunch and the people started; God moved on them, they started bringing money up to the platform.  They would empty their pockets out, everything they had left.

Sid:  You mean they caught the scripture; you didn’t even have to say anything?

Joan:  They would empty their pockets of everything, and it would be an equivalent of two cents for us, and they emptied it and we had hats for shade on and we just used hats for offering buckets.  And seven hundred eight hundred people were flooding to the front, it was I mean I was up there weeping and weeping because it was like, God they got it, they got it.  And the prayer is that you who are listening will get that God wants to take care of you, He cares about your every need.  And as they are walking back to their seat their cell phones were going off with jobs and money is pouring in.  The church that we go under the Pastor when we go to Haiti, his church just raised in three months a extra 25,000 US dollars over and above tithes and offerings for their new expanded building, in Haiti the church of a thousand people.

Sid:  Tell me briefly a story of a third world country that your parents were involved with.

Joan:  That is Ukraine.  They went over to Ukraine years and years and years ago, probably about twenty-five, thirty years ago and it was so improvised at the time.  They said “Everybody could take two suitcases, one personal and one of clothes to take over there and to leave.”  And so everybody got over there and Mom preached prosperity God’s way and not the spirit of greed but the Spirit of giving.  And so they were talking about that and people were getting it and they had given in the offering you know and that type of thing.  And they came home and then they went back a year later, told everybody to take a second suitcase of clothes that you could leave over there.  And they get over there and people are driving up in Mercedes, Cadillac’s; they were like “Are we at the right place?”

Sid:  This is Ukraine where you had to stand in lines to five ten blocks long to get one can of beans, that’s how poverty stricken they were.

Joan:  Right, and it was unbelievable and then we get in and the people there they’ve got, you know they got woman sometimes they’ll have a suit and they’ll have a matching purse and then they’re going to have matching shoes and they are going to have a matching hat, not to mention the gloves.  They were looking really really fine and Mom was like going, “What happened?”  They go, “We got the message, we caught the vision you were talking about last year.”  And those people and the people that brought all the extra clothes took them home, gave them to goodwill or another organization.

Sid:  If these principals can operate in third world country, they can operate no matter what happens to the economy in the United States… just average people can move into this realm, you have the faith, you have actually tested God’s word, you have seen that it works and your faith is contagious.  And there are a lot of people listening to us right now that need a contagious faith that God wants you to prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.

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