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Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Brian Adams. Brian heard one sentence from God. It changed his life and everyone’s he connected with forever. And God has been expanding this Word and expanding it that has made such a dramatic change in his life. What change has it made in your life, Brian?

Brian: In my life personally, Sid, I remember the scripture as when God gave me this revelation: Faith moves God, but forgiveness releases His power. One of the scriptures that always stays in my heart is, “You must first have brought your own self to obedience before you can bring others.” So I knew that before I could teach or preach this revelation that God wanted me to walk it out myself. So when I would get in my private time, my prayer time, and I would just want to spend time alone with God and talk to Him, I began to say, “Holy Spirit, please show me where I have some unforgiveness.” And remarkably enough, He’d begin to bring to my remembrance two or three at a time, and I would begin to release these people. Some of them, Sid, I even had to go back and communicate with them and repent, and say I’m sorry, and get these issues. And as I did, I started noticing I could hear from God better. The power of God would begin to flow through me, just preaching everything. I’d always learned that Christ had died for us and that the healing power of God was available for us. So I started saying, I don’t think God wants me to get sick, get healed, get sick, get healed. He wants me to walk in Divine health. So using the Word and quoting the Scripture, I just began to do this. But now it was a fight and a battle. But once I got this revelation, it’s just almost like you become like Teflon where sickness is repelled and it can’t stick to you because now you’re walking one with the Father in Heaven, because when He looked out on the planet and He saw it was a mess after Adam sinned, He said, how am I gonna fix this? He said, I’m going to release forgiveness, which begins to take care of the problem that was here on the planet.

Sid: But it’s not just sickness.

Brian: No.

Sid: It’s every arena.

Brian: Yes.

Sid: Okay. Tell me about the person that had polio.

Brian: This was just recently. I was preaching down in Texas, and God had me teaching on the message of the power of forgiveness, forgiving from the cross, different aspects of the revelation He showed me. The prayer line, people just came flooding up, because Sid, so many people have this bitterness and unforgiveness in their hearts where they had been done wrong. And as the people came up I noticed this one boy, he had on metal braces on his arms and with the canes. He would drag his legs. He could not even pick them up. When I got to him in the prayer line, I said, “Son, what is it that you want from God?” He said, “Sir, I’ve got cerebral palsy,” and he says, “It’s too much for me to bear. I’m just a teenager.” And he collapsed in my arms weeping and crying. And I said, “Pray this prayer with me.” And he had unforgiveness toward God and he actually was mad at God and mad at his parents, ’cause he said, “You guys brought me into this Earth and this is what life has given me.” Well I said, “You have to forgive them. It will begin your healing.” He said okay. He prayed with me, Sid. Forgave God, forgave his parents and anybody else. And when I prayed for him the power of God came on him and he was released. He went down under the power. He was laying there weeping and crying, prayed for a few more people, came back, we got him up, and he began to walk. Remember, he had to drag his legs. Now he’s lifting his knees, and God’s Holy Spirit was flowing through him, and he ended up walking all by himself. At the end of the service, he brought up an offering saying, “I want to bless God and thank Him for restoring my life.”

Sid: But you know what? Brian is seeing amazing creative miracles. For instance, tell me about the person that had his whole ear removed, inner ear removed.

Brian: Yes. We were having what was called a citywide church meeting. Three or four churches had come together. We began preaching the services, the Word was going forth, the worship was done. We called for the prayer line. A gentleman came up in the prayer line, Sid, and when I saw him, you know, you can tell when someone is excited. I’m like, this guy’s got faith, for whatever it is. He was kind of dumping around and excited. And as I went to him, I said, “What can I do for you, sir?” He says, “God spoke to me, Pastor Brian. He’s gonna heal me today.” “What’s the problem?” He said, “Twelve years ago I got an infection in my ear.” He said, “It became so bad they surgically removed the anvil, the stirrup, the eardrum, took everything, removed it.” They actually took some fat from his side and put it inside there. He had nothing to hear with, and he was totally deaf. He said, “I believe.” And so I said, “Well according to your faith,” and I put my finger in his ear and prayed for him. Nothing happened. I said, “Well at first if you don’t succeed try, try again.” I put my finger in there again, and Sid, nothing happened. I’m beginning to sweat now. The line is getting longer for more people. I prayed one more time. Nothing happened. I said, “I’m going to have to go to these other people.” And I said, “You stand there and worship God. You’ve got the Word, now believe.” As I started to go off a couple of other people got healed, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, Sid, and said, “He has unforgiveness.” I went back to him. I said, “Sir, the Spirit of the Lord just spoke to me and said you have unforgiveness and bitterness in your heart.” Now he immediately, when God’s presence was there to bring to his remembrance, he fell on his knees and began saying, “I hate my old pastor. He hurt me. He belittled me.” And he began to weep. And I said, I took his hands and said, “Come on. Let’s forgive and release him.” And when I did, you just see his countenance change. I said, “Let’s do it again.” I put my finger in his ear and I prayed for him. Sid, instantly God did a recreative miracle and he hears to this day.

Sid: Now what explanation are you going to give me? His whole inner ear was removed and now he can hear normal. God is so wonderful. But Brian mentioned something. He talked about a man that had to forgive God. Why would someone have to forgive God? Because you have judged harshly. You have judged unlimited knowledge. If you had full knowledge, you would not judge against God. And people have to forgive themselves, and people have to forgive others. And when the Holy Spirit reminds you of things of the past, layer after layer, after layer will come off of you. There is such a presence of God on this revelation, as Brian shares. I’m gonna have him teach a little when he comes back. Don’t go away.

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