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SID: You know, Hakeem, there’s some people at home who are asking a question, is it ever too late to command your healing?

HAKEEM: It is never too late. Just like the woman with the issue of blood, she pressed her way, she said within herself, “If I just touch hem of his garment, I will be made whole.” So even though it was a 12-year issue, but she pressed her way and she received her breakthrough just by, not touching Jesus’ body, but touching his clothes. And his clothes were saturated with power and virtue.

SID: How important is it to be “healed” conscious?

HAKEEM: It’s very important because oftentimes we take ownership of our sickness. This is my cancer, this is my sickness. But no, we need to change our mentality and say, “I am healed conscious, that I am healed, by his stripes I am healed.” So we have to kind of change our thought process to think that we are, and believe that we are healed. So if you believe that you are healed, you will be healed. So it says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.”

So we have now on faith, then we have now healing. And we have now on faith, then we have now deliverance. So you have to just change your thought process and believe that you’re healed and you will be healed.

SID: And tell me about your assistant, who had cancer. Because there are many people watching us now in the studio audience or at home that are battling with cancer. I mean, I heard statistics the other day that were overpowering, what’s happening to people with cancer. So tell me about your assistant.

HAKEEM: Yeah, she had, actually, stage four cancer and when she got the diagnosis she would call us and just, well, “Can you pray? Can you pray?” And we would just pray. And every day she was calling. And I said, “Lord, we have to do something different. We have to do something radical.” So what we did was we basically went over to her house, and I’m talking about me and my twin brother, Naim. We went over to her house and we wanted to do something different. We laid hands on Arlene and we basically commanded and spoke to cancer and we told the cancer, “Today is your last day.” We said, “Today is your eviction notice.” We said, “Today you got to go. Her body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.”

And so we just basically evicted cancer out of her body and we began to command her body to be made whole. We command her white blood cells to be replenished. We began to just speak life to her. And right after that, maybe about three weeks later she called us and we thought she was going to call us to pray and say, “It’s still here.” What she did was she called us and said that the cancer is gone. There is no trace of it in her blood. I’m telling you right now by the power of the Holy Spirit, those who may be watching you may have some terminal illnesses, you may have cancer, you may have any blood disease, whatever it may be.

I come today to touch and agree with you and I say in Jesus’ name that cancer has to leave and it’s evicted out of your body. I command in Jesus’ name, oppression have to go. I command the spirit of infirmity, it has to go in Jesus’ name. I command oppression, depression, I’m telling disease you have to go in Jesus’ name. Today is your last day and today you will receive your breakthrough and your healing and I decree and declare that you will no longer suffer, but this is the season of freedom and liberty in Jesus’ mighty name.

SID: Real quick, I want you to command every condition that you can remember that you talked about on this show to leave the people right now.

HAKEEM: Yes, those who may have been bound to a wheelchair that’s watching right now, or you may have crutches or a cane. I command in Jesus’ name that you have mobility. I command your body to line up to the original plan and purpose that God has made your body. I say that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. I command your back to line up in Jesus’ name. I speak to your bones and I command your bones to be fixed in Jesus’ name, I command those who have fractured bones, even your jaw, or even in any area of your body. I command in Jesus’ name, the bone to be mended in Jesus’ name.

I even speak to any deaf or dumb spirit. I rebuke you in Jesus’ name and I command your hearing to come back 100% in Jesus’ name. I speak to you, even you bound to a chair, a wheelchair. I say do something you cannot do, like the man that was in the wheelchair. I command you to rise and take up your bed and walk in Jesus’ name. This is your day of breakthrough. This is your day of healing. This is your day, I command. This is the day of freedom in Jesus’ mighty name. No longer you’ll be bound, but I say today, rise and be faithful into what God has said over your life. In Jesus’ mighty name.

SID: And I command you to give praise and worship to the only one worth giving praise and worship to, the Lord. Hallelujah

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