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SID: So Diane, what was it like in that thick, thick, thick glory? What did you see? What did you feel?

DIANE: Well, it was absolutely amazing and of course I was so overwhelmed by God’s presence, on the side of my room, when the glory had come in and it moved over to the middle of my room, I was sitting in the bed. This whole side of the room, you could not see anything. I mean, absolutely nothing at all. And so I’m sitting there and it’s just like right there beside me and I’m thinking, okay, I want to check this out because that’s what our mind says. So I stuck my hand over in it, just totally disappeared. So I pulled it out real quick and I’m holding it so close to my face because again, your mind is trying to figure it out because our carnal mind does not understand the supernatural. So I kept doing it and I kept doing it. I probably did it six, maybe seven times, because it was just so–

SID: Like those kids in Azusa Street that played hide-and-seek in the glory. You were a kid.

DIANE: I was. I was, and I was just so overtaken. I said, “Father, why are you showing me this?” And he said, “Diane,” he said, “as long as you pray and read my word and worship,” he said, “as you do that when I send you out,” he said, “people will not see you. But,” he said, “they’ll see me.” And he said, “No flesh will glory in my presence.” And I was–

SID: That’s a very key concept.

DIANE: Yes, yes. And that’s what I just kept … You know, I’ve always given him the glory, and that’s been something that you just have to do. And so what happened is the next week when I stood up in the pulpit to preach after the service, a couple of people came over to me at different times and told me, “While you were standing there, all of a sudden the top part of your body disappeared, and all there was was a gold cloud.” And another person said they saw a white cloud. You know, it’s so holy because we don’t see that so often and it’s hard to fathom that. And I’m thinking, “Wow, God, they saw you. They heard you. They couldn’t see me anymore.” Just like what happened and what you spoke to me. And so we can’t ever forget. There’s a process that we have to go through and it’s called dying to self. And that’s what most people don’t like to hear.

SID: No one likes that. No one.

DIANE: It’s true.

SID: But you know what? Look at what the reward is. When people see you, they don’t even see you anymore. They see Jesus. Now there were six simple steps that you talk about, for instance, so we can operate in this glory. Tell me about the step of worship.

DIANE: Okay, so in worship, it’s, the Bible says to worship him in spirit and in truth. So we worship him through our obedience to the word of God.

SID: You know, I’ve never heard that. I thought worship was you sing the song. That’s not what she said. Say it again.

DIANE: It’s as we’re obedient to the word of God.

SID: That’s considered worship to him.

DIANE: Yes, we’re worshiping him in spirit and in truth because his words are life and they’re spirit. So as we receive the word ingrafted in us, we become living epistles.

SID: I want you right now to release the glory quickly.

DIANE: Yes. In the name of Jesus, Father, I thank you for the power that’s in the blood of Jesus and Father, I release your glory all over to each and every one right now. Father, as their heart is yielded to you, Father, as their spirit is yielded, Lord, I thank you for the tangible manifestation of your glory, for healings, Father, for miracles, for even words of knowledge and wisdom that will come in your glory. Father, thank you for your glory right now that is going out right now, touching people everywhere and even in the audience. In the name of Jesus, I pray these things. Amen.

SID: You know this glory is tangible. This glory, those of you that are, you know, whether you feel it or not, what would you say to someone that doesn’t feel the glory?

DIANE: I just tell them, don’t focus on that and just have faith in God that they’re in the presence of his glory, but I do believe at one point in time they are going to tangibly see and feel because it’s part of our inheritance.

SID: You will tangibly see and feel the glory. It’s your inheritance.

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