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On It’s Supernatural: An eight year old artist with a supernatural gift of prophetic art since the age of 2, Jordan has created heaven-sent paintings. See how God used one of Jordan’s paintings to bring healing to her mother, curing her of a deadly disease. Nothing is impossible in the invisible realm of the supernatural.


Do angels exist? Are healing miracles real? Is there life after death? Can people get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent 25 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of It’s Supernatural.


SID: Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. My guests, Jordan and Michelle Cook. Michelle, when did you first realize that Jordan had a gift from God in painting? She not only has a gift in painting, but she prophecies in the painting. When did you see this talent in her?


MICHELLE: The first time I ever noticed she liked to paint, we were out in the garden, and she was dipping her finger in the hose water and putting her hand across the concrete to make  pictures. She kept doing this at home where she would have her reader books, and she would take a basting brush out of the kitchen and she’d dip it in color and dip it in other pages on the book that matched that color. So I bought her a set of paints to use for the first time. We put her in the high chair, and she started painting herself. We didn’t give her a brush…


SID: How old was she?


MICHELLE: She was 2. What she painted was a handprint. You can show it.


SID: Jordan, would you hold this up?


MICHELLE: Each finger had it’s own color, and in the center is a heart, in the very center. It’s a blood spot like the crucifixion story.


SID: Jordan, why did you use all those different colors?


JORDAN: Well, because God’s all the colors. That was my first canvas.


SID: And why did you put the red heart in His hand?


JORDAN: Well, He was crucified, why don’t we do it for Him?


SID: But what I don’t understand is, you didn’t understand that when you were 2 years old, did you?


JORDAN: No, I really didn’t.


SID: So how do you account for that?


MICHELLE: Well, I couldn’t. At first I thought it might be a mistake, but she pointed at it, and she was saying “God loves everyone.”


SID: A few years ago, a sickness erupted in you from a faulty shot as a child. Tell me about this.


MICHELLE: I didn’t know I’d been treated with a bad vaccination until I was older and something went wrong. I’d gotten some wisdom teeth pulled, and got very, very sick. My jaw started aching, I had a terrible fever and they couldn’t find out the cause of it. After about a year and a half of tests, they identified that it was from a tainted virus, and they really didn’t have a cure for it because there was no money in studying it.


SID: What was the chance of you not surviving?


MICHELLE: Of the people who received that batch, there was only two percent who survived, and of the people who did survive, they were mentally compromised. They told me I was already a walking miracle, it’s just that they couldn’t tell me how long that would stay with me. Probably I would get worse until I died, but they couldn’t tell me when that would be.


SID: Your body was actually breaking down.


MICHELLE: Very much so, yeah. It was a series of six or seven surgeries in a row.


SID: Jordan, you’re concerned about your mother, so tell me about this painting called  “Worship”.


JORDAN: Well, it’s her worshipping God, of course, for being healed.


SID: Did you pray for her to be healed?


JORDAN: Very, very, very often!


MICHELLE: Yeah, every day.


JORDAN: Like five times a day or so, or more than that.


SID: You know what I have found? I’ve spent my lifetime investigating how God heals people, and I have found that there’s no formula for God, because God’s so big and so loving and so diverse. But, there is one constant, and that is the most healings occur when people aren’t even praying to be healed, when they’re doing what this picture signifies, worshipping God. When you were 8 years old, it was your birthday, and what happened?


JORDAN: Yeah! Just last year, actually. Anyway, what happened is, I was reading a little book,

just sitting in bed, and I saw a figure writing on a notepad on my little bed stand. And I heard Jesus say “Ask.” I just knew it was Him.


SID: Was that the first time you’ve seen Jesus?




SID: Pretty exciting! I have never seen Him. Can I touch you? Ha ha! And so, He said “Ask”?


JORDAN: “Ask.”


SID: And what did you do?


JORDAN: Well, I was just guessing that He was asking me what I wanted for my birthday. I asked for my mom to be healed. He said “Done” and disappeared.


SID: And a few days later, Michelle, you had a doctor’s appointment. Tell me about that.


MICHELLE: Oh, she did not want me to go to that.


SID: Why?


JORDAN: Because she was already healed! She was just wasting her money.


SID: Oh, sorry for asking. Ha ha!


MICHELLE: She kept saying “Mom, you’re wasting your money. You’re wasting your time.” I explained to her that I thought it would be very good to have it confirmed, and that it would show people something concrete.


SID: Well, in this case – I love you – but in this case, I agree with your mom. Get it confirmed.


MICHELLE: Absolutely. So, I went anyway, because I didn’t feel any different, and I expected  to.


SID: For sure. Jesus came and gave her a birthday present, your healing.


MICHELLE: Yeah. I expected to feel something. I didn’t have any pain, that’s true, and that was really good, but I was tired, and I didn’t feel like I expected. When I got healed, I thought I would be full of energy and feeling great. I drove to the doctor who had diagnosed me and been working with me. Every six weeks I’d go in for treatment. The first time I noticed something wasn’t  normal, he kept asking me to wait and wait. After about fifteen minutes, I asked him if there was a problem, and he said the machine wasn’t working.


SID: Good problem.


MICHELLE: They asked me to come back in a week, so I did. The second time I came in and they tested me, the machine wasn’t working, supposedly.


JORDAN: Again.


MICHELLE: In reality, it was working just fine, they just couldn’t detect any virus in my system at all.


SID: What’d the doctor say about this?


MICHELLE: He sat back like this, like he was defeated, and he said “I don’t say this often,

but this is a miracle. It has to be. I can’t even find a trace of it ever being in your body.” And he kind of scrunched up his nose and said “I’m going to lunch”, and he left.


SID: Jordan, tell me again what Jesus said to you.


JORDAN: Well, He said “Ask.” I just guessed He was asking me what I wanted for my birthday.

I told Him I wanted my mom healed, and, “Done.” He disappeared. That’s it.


SID: This is one of my favorite of your paintings, Jordan, and the reason it’s one of my favorites is because when I look at it, it quickens within me to worship God. You wrote a little prayer on the back. Would you mind reading that prayer to us right now?


JORDAN: Sure. “In Jesus’ name, I pray for people all around the world to know You, God.

Heal them like You healed my mom. Take away the bad things and replace them with good things. Come and fix their hearts. Amen.”


SID: Jordan, I asked you to ask Jesus what you should do on this television show, and this morning He told you. What did He tell you to do?


JORDAN: He said to pray for people to be healed.


SID: Ok, get ready, because Jesus is about ready to say “Done.” We’ll be right back.

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