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SID :  Hello, Sid Roth here with Marc Lawson and Marc told me something during our break, we had a visitor, we had a whole slew of visitors, what did you tell me Marc?

MARC:¬† When you were just praying for that person and said you felt something about the head I saw an angel in my spirit, not in the natural, but I saw this angel and I felt like that angel is going to that house of that person with the problem in their head, and whoever that is, I don’t know who it is, but the Lord wants to heal that. It may be brain cancer, or some kind of disease, or it could have something to do with your hearing. I am not really sure, you saw it.

SID : What I absolutely believe is what I heard, I heard head, that means from neck up, that means anything that is wrong with you, hearing, eyesight, headaches, migraines, allergies, colds, anything, anything that is going on from the neck up it is yours in Jesus Name, and that was a healing angel that was released. Marc, tell me about the time that you and your team went to Goodwill.

MARC : Actually, this was just my day off, I was going there with my wife to, she wanted to shop stuff for our grandkids, we have seven grandkids, and she wanted to get some stuff at this particularly, really nice Goodwill that has a lot of nice merchandise. And it was pretty empty, and there was a man that walked in with a neck brace from here all the way down to here and it had these long things that went down his back and he was very stiff and he couldn’t move his neck because like in this position he was waddling almost like a robot. And he walks in, he walks in with this couple, I imagine they were his parents, and I was standing with my wife, I watched him walk by, and I felt like the Holy Spirit said do you want to have some fun. Marc do you want to have some fun, check this out. And I looked and I thought oh boy, okay. Because I know that God is in me and he wants to, he wants to break out of all of us Sid, and heal the lost, and he wants to heal people and bless them and break that depression or remove that. So I kind of thought it, I talked to my wife about it, she said oh by, okay well just do what you do, and I went over to him and there were just a few little Hispanic ladies shopping for stuff next to them, and it was a mess because I walked over to him and I said sir how are you doing, my name is Marc and you don’t know me but I felt like the Lord, do you mind me asking you what is going on with your neck. He said I don’t mind I had an auto accident, I trashed three of my vertebrae, the discs, I have had surgery; I am in great pain right now. I said what degree of pain from zero to ten, ten being the worst, I think he said eight or nine, it was bad. Maybe eleven, it was really bad, he was in a lot of pain and I said would you mind if I pray for you. I said we have seen a number of people healed. And he said its fine, and then his parents kind of came over and they wanted to chime in, and so I said well let me pray and I said “Be healed in Jesus Name.” That’s all I said, and I said I release the power of God on you, and immediately his face got flush, red, and I said do you feel Sir, do you feel anything different than when we started and when we prayed? I said do you feel that pain, is that pain still there and he said no, actually I don’t feel any pain, I feel really, really hot, I am on fire. And I said okay, well can I pray again? And so I said fire of God finish the healing, heal him completely and no pain in Jesus Name. And I said now what do you feel? And he said I’m just hot. And I said well you have got this brace on there; that could be it. He said I have got to take it off so he took the brace off Sid, right in front of me, dropped it to the floor in Goodwill, I said what do you feel. He said I feel incredible heat in his neck, all his head was like beet red and I said so could you do something you couldn’t do before like you were just saying. And he says well I couldn’t do this before, I couldn’t do that before, he started moving his head like that and then he started moving his head around like this and he goes, I couldn’t do that before either. I said so are you healed? Is there any pain? He goes I have no pain and I am healed. And he is moving his head around. I said could you walk? He said not without pain. I said walk, and he just took off running, walking all over the store. Then his mother the minute he walked away she walked up to me and she goes do me next.

SID: Were other people watching?

MARC: Well there was this group of Hispanic ladies who got in line after this lady.

SID: Got in line?

MARC: Got in line, this lady I prayed for said do me next. I said what is your deal? She said lupus. And I said be healed in Jesus Name. She fell down to the floor and then these Hispanic ladies came up and I didn’t know how to speak to them so I said, mucho fraguo, which I think means more fire, and they all were swooning and you could see the fire of God come on them and touch them.

SID: Well you know as you are talking about the fire of God my face is feeling fire.

MARC: Yes, I see it, right now, I feel it.

SID: And I believe if you start praying for the fire of God’s healing to come on people,you start and I will finish.

MARC: Okay. Well I pray if you are watching this broadcast and you need a touch from God and you need to experience of God through His healing, Lord I just release the fire of God to the people of God and to those that don’t even know, maybe you are just watching this wherever you are. You are just watching this sitting at home, the Lord wants to reveal his goodness to you and so I just release the fire of God to you right now to bring healing and light and life and to break depression, there are people fighting depression, they are sitting there addicted to drugs and alcohol and trying to cover the pain and the Lord is healing them right now, he is healing your broken heart, in fact Sid I especially feel there are those that have a broken heart, a wounded spirit, the Bible says a wounded spirit, who can bear, and many times we found this wounded spirit opens the door for all kind of sickness, so in Jesus Name I release healing for the wounded spirit and there are some of you that are going to feel immediate change. In Jesus Name, right now, you are going to feel it.

SID: I am telling you I am feeling the fire of God, Marc do you feel that?

MARC: Me too, me too.

SID: Well I believe you can feel that too, and I believe when you feel the fire of God his presence is there because he is so close, that is why you feel that fire, he is close and there are angels coming from the throne of God right now and they keep telling me that someone’s back has just been healed so just do as Marc has said, do exactly what that man did with the neck brace, just stand up and bend over. And then there is someone whose arm, if you will just bend your arm like this you will see the pain is all gone, there is someone whose neck is healed, are you hearing anything more Marc?

MARC: Yeah, that cancer. There is somebody fighting cancer and you feel like cancer is a death sentence, I want to tell you cancer is not a death sentence because it is not over until the Lord says it is over and cancer is not a death sentence. We have seen so many healed of cancer, we prayed for three people in the last week that have been touched, and we got verification on one of them that they have been healed of cancer, but we are hitting this and the more you hit it and pray for that we have seen more success. Whoever has got some leukemia and you just think you are facing you know, a bone marrow transplant and all that, in Jesus Name let the fire of God come over you and I just pray that they will actually be able to go in and see when you get these test is your T count will be, your T cell count will be perfect in Jesus Name.

SID: And I am going to release more of that fire, is that okay, is that what you want? I am going to join hands with Marc right now and say, “Fire, fire, fire, fire, healing.” Oh someone’s eye is being healed right now, in fact I tell you it is your left eye is being healed and remember any type of migraine, any type of headache, it is gone, in Jesus Name, and there are so many people whose backs are being healed, more fire, more fire, more fire, more, more, more. Marc, pray fire!

MARC: Yeah I really feel like there is also somebody with a spine problem, you have got degenerative discs, and the Lord is like touching those discs right now in Jesus Name, we release healing for degenerative discs, in fact I see somebody in one of those motorized wheelchairs and you have become even dependent on the wheelchair, in fact you thought it is a testimony of God that you could get that and the Lord is healing you, he wants to get you out of that in Jesus Name.

SID: Make Jesus your Lord, I mean come on, it’s fun, it really is.

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