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SID: Sid Roth here with Pastor Henry Wright, I am so excited because I have a passion to understand how we can have physical healing actually effect our body to change so we can feel good, and you know I take vitamins, that’s not what I’m talking about, I’m saying there is a principle in God’s word that He has healed all of our diseases and I will not be satisfied until I see this played out in life. We were, in the last segment we were talking about someone that had high blood pressure, and how worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow, which is actually a sin because you are doing the opposite of what God says, don’t worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow, so you are involved in sin, so your blood pressure goes up, you take your medication, and then Henry, you read this book, what’s going to happen to the body and you follow the instructions.

HENRY: Well if we can show a person that their high blood pressure is because they are worrying about the future, and it’s a fear issue, and get them to repent to God, recognize it, take responsibility with the Father, say I’m sorry, I didn’t see this, I didn’t know this, I repent to You Father, I know You have not given me a spirit of fear, I repent to You for worrying that You cannot take care of me in the future. Then in that moment as they begin to line up with God, as a work of the Holy Spirit, the power of that fear is broken and it becomes a diminishing reality, they have their mind renewed because they have the word of God now to meditate on, not just that thought that comes to them that something is going to go wrong in the future, there are hundreds of people in the world no longer have high blood pressure when they just become a doer of the word and take no thought for tomorrow. In that time the mind-body connection is broken, the cell membrane semi-rigidity is broken, the blood vessel’s open up to proper diameter, the blood flows and high blood pressure is finished and the good news is this: no medication is required any longer. This is what God wants for us, to be able to walk in health, not be maintained in a disease, or managed in a disease He wants us to be changed spiritually.

SID: You know Henry, at dinner last night we were talking about environmental illness, E.I., which seems to be almost epidemic, especially among a lot of Jewish people, and your comment was, “That’s easy, what’s the root cause?”

HENRY: Oh easy, compromised immune system coming with a broken heart. All a broken heart is, is this: a person was damaged by somebody who was supposed to love them and didn’t. And when you are not loved by somebody who was supposed to love you, fear comes because there is no fear in love. Now that compromises the immune system, we are internationally recognized in healing and prevention of simple and complex allergies as you know, and allergies are so easy to get rid of.

SID: Now I’d like, the best thing for us to do right now is tell me a few people, real people and what was wrong with them and what happened?

HENRY: Well first of all we have Karen who is a gold medalist. We bumped into her in Dallas, Texas, actually Houston when she was nine, having epileptic seizures, she had grand mal seizures. She couldn’t continue her training as a young girl to be a gold medalist because you can’t go out and skate and have a seizure. Her parents brought her to a conference that I was doing in Houston, and actually I had had some success in the removal of epilepsy from people. This is a great story because I was busy in that conference and my wife Donna was there and I said, “You go deal with it, all you have to do is cast out a deaf and dumb spirit like Jesus and the disciples did.”

SID: That’s all you have to do.

HENRY: That’s all you have to do in the Name of Jesus, and my wife looked at me and said, “Me?” And I said, “Aw you can do it, He’ll work with you.” And she went over and spoke to that deaf and dumb, that was an evil spirit Sid, causing the seizure manifestation. she cast it out in the name of Yeshua. And that young girl never had another seizure and now she is a gold medalist in America in figure skating.

SID: That must excite you when you turn on your TV and see her skating. Tell me someone else.

HENRY: The other situation was Randy, and he was advanced MS, when he came to us he had to have a walker; he had lost most of his mobility. And in one of our programs, “For My Life,” he understood that he had self-hatred, he had not been loved by his father, he didn’t experience the love of a father, and he had come down under it. When he received the love of God his Father, and that was removed from his life, the doctor’s reports are incredible. The very same week when his doctors interviewed him, they took him off his medication, he is healed today. The sclerosis of the immune system eating the myelin sheath in the nerves has been healed, and he has full mobility and goes where he wants to.

SID: Quickly tell me about this man that died with his doctor right next to him in your presence.

HENRY: That was Casper. In Casper’s case, he was a well-known rock musician in America; he played John Lennon in Beatlemania on Broadway, he was led to the Lord by Phil Cagey, and, but he had atra-fibulation, he had allergies, he had asthma. His doctor brought him to me for prayer, I didn’t get that far, he dropped dead with his doctor standing there in my church.

SID: Now that is not someone that has a passion for healing, something you look forward to.

HENRY: I’ll tell you something; it’s not good when people drop dead in your church.

SID: No.

HENRY: You can bring them in dead already, but not when they are alive, okay? In this particular case, he had no more pulse, his doctor was there, and I cast the spirit of death out of him in the Name of Jesus, or Yeshua, and he came back to life. And when he got up off the floor, he not only was alive, he had no more asthma, he had no more allergies, he had no more atra-fibulation, and this has been over five years and he is well today.

SID: Now do people get healed, I know they get healed in your church, I know they get healed from your seminar, what about just reading these books?

HENRY: Around the world, and this book is an international best-seller, and people have this book all over the world and the letters and e-mails that we are getting from around the world of people who have been healed just reading the truth their hearts open and they go, “I didn’t know that.”

SID: How many diseases have you researched?

HENRY: We have, being in health research, we are now researching in our research department over seven hundred diseases ongoing, and Sid, with God’s help, we intend on defeating every single one. You know why?

SID: Why?

HENRY: Because when you take a disease and you say incurable, you are exalting Satan. There is no such thing as incurable because that means God is limited. God is all-powerful and He is able to save and heal and deliver one hundred percent and as a believer, a human being, as a pastor I must hold out for God being God at this level one hundred percent of the time.

SID: God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. Do you realize if you are not walking in power, you are not walking in love, you are not walking in a sound mind, you may be walking in a spirit of fear, that’s the way of checking yourself? And the minute that you are out of love you are in fear, so you know what you do? Resist that thought and jump back into the love realm, of course you can’t jump into the love realm mentally, you can’t do it through the occult or the new age, you can only do it if the King of Love lives inside of you; and you don’t have to say, “Oh love come here,” you see if Jesus is your Messiah and Lord, you say, “Thank you Lord, your love is inside of me, your peace is inside of me.” I’m so grateful for intimacy with God; I want you to have intimacy with God. There is nothing this world has to offer and when you have intimacy with God this is what God’s word says, “All things are yours.” Don’t you want to walk in peace no matter what’s shaking? Yet once more God says I am going to shake this earth and those that are not on a foundation will not stand, get on that foundation, go for the gold, you may not be a swimmer, but go for the real gold.

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