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SID: Sid Roth here with Henry Wright, he has fascinating insight, you see he has a passion for seeing people walk in all that God has for them. In fact Henry, you told me your passion isn’t for people to be healed, your passion is for them to not get sick in the first place.

HENRY: That’s right, if we center on the fact that healing is the issue, healing is actually the bonus, healing is God’s grace and mercy towards us as we begin to realign ourselves to Him. God’s perfect will is not to heal you scripturally and theologically, in Deuteronomy chapter seven, beginning in verse eleven it says this, that if you’ll hear what God said and you will understand it and be a doer of the word that He will put none of the evil diseases of Egypt upon us, so God’s perfect will is that we don’t get sick. Could we consider possibly, that we could live a lifetime and not have a disease? Is that possible theologically?

SID: Is it?


SID: All right if someone were to follow and go after those open doors in your book, not even go to your seminar, which is wonderful, I’ve been to it, but just follow these; do you think that will change their destiny health wise?

HENRY: Absolutely, to know the truth, the truth shall make you free. But we are wandering in area even science, even medical science, we are in the dark ages, all we are doing is chasing symptoms, all we are doing is disease management. The ability to consider the root cause for disease is an ever-evaporating reality.

SID: Let’s go back to, first segment we were talking about high blood pressure, and you said it’s basically being fearful of what is going to happen in the future was the major root. How does, what happens physiologically to the body when you start worrying about tomorrow?

HENRY: Well this is what we call spirit, soul, body connection, everybody knows mind-body connection, but what, it has it’s foundation with a spirit of fear, but in the New Testament, in Timothy it says, “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” And what happens in this pathway to produce this disease is a person begins to become one with fear, they become one with it spiritually, they become one with it psychologically, and its thought and their thoughts are one. They begin to project what could go wrong in the future. The body sets in motion an imbalance

SID: So you are saying all that we have to do is think this and it actually has an effect on our body.

HENRY: Absolutely. Unfortunately many people don’t know that their thought aren’t their own and so, and that opens up, Paul said our battle is not with flesh and blood, so this may not be just be a psychological problem, it may not be just a soul problem, I understand it as a spiritual problem. I know the source of people’s thoughts more than they wish I would know and that is a whole new dimension we don’t want to get into here. But let’s just talk about this pathway of one disease because it will help people understand what we are saying. If you have fear of tomorrow and what could go wrong, then there is an imbalance of the sympathetic nervous system

SID: Listen you can’t watch tonight’s news without getting fear of tomorrow with all that’s coming out there.

HENRY: I understand, but what does the Bible say? It says when you see these things happening in the earth don’t let your heart be troubled. So why don’t we just take our peace?

SID: Okay, someone sees that it’s going to be a pandemic death throughout the world from bird flu; over and over again the fear hits them, then what happens to them.

HENRY: Well if you’re a natural man I’d be afraid, but if you’re a spiritual man what is the worst thing that can happen to you? You can die and go to heaven. So why would we, see Paul to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

SID: Okay, but what is going on inside a body when they don’t take their thoughts captive and they see what goes on in the six p.m. news?

HENRY: In the area of high blood pressure there is a mechanism of the cardiovascular system in which the membrane of the cardiovascular system actually stiffens and narrows, and the blood that’s being pumped by the heart cannot get through, and that raises the blood pressure. And so the person goes to a doctor and they don’t feel well and he says to them, “My, your blood pressure is off the charts.” And they say, “Is that serious?” And he says, “Yes, you could die.” You think they had fear coming into his office? Now they have the fear of death, they thought they were worrying about their mother-in-law coming next week.

SID: And at least they get medication that will mess them up even worse sometimes with high blood pressure.

HENRY: Well the medication is a beta-blocker, all that does is circumvent the imbalance of the sympathetic nervous system, but now they are being maintained by a drug. Do they still have the same fear about what can go wrong tomorrow?

SID: Yes.

HENRY: Yes. Have they been sanctified? No. Are they doers of the word? No. They are being maintained by a drug.

SID: Listen, you know what I think is so wonderful? Is in Henry Wright’s updated new book, especially this booklet on cancer, he takes every disease, he points out what the problem is, and what to do about it and how to get rid of the problem and he is not against medicine, without medicine a lot of people would die, without doctors a lot of people would die, so use these things that just puts you in a maintenance mode with your disease until you can get whole. Don’t go away, we’ll be right back after this message.

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