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SID: What’s going on? I don’t know about you but health insurance premiums, they’re going up all the time, there’s all these dread diseases, it seems like everyone knows someone with cancer, if you go into a church, the majority of people are sick, they say nationwide less than five percent of people in Christian churches are healed. Something is wrong somewhere with the picture. I’ve got the Book, the Book is very clear, the book says that God has forgiven all of our sins the Book says that God has healed all of our diseases, but there is a misconnect and my guest, Henry Wright has a great a passion, if not more, to find out what is this misconnect, and how can we get the connect going so that we can get what we are entitled to according to the written word of the promises of the Living God, because God isn’t a man that He should lie and even in the Jewish scriptures He is the God that heals all of our diseases. So, Henry, you come from a family that understood healing, your mother had, was supposed to die, what happened to her?

HENRY: She had fiber-sarcoma cancer, fast growing and fatal, and in a church service when everybody was forgiving everyone else for bitterness God took the cancer out of her instantly, she was paralyzed on a stretcher. I assume when she was repenting to God for some bitterness issue that she met the conditions of the covenant.

SID: And because you knew healing was for real, now you are a pastor, you read the Book, you lay hands on the sick, you anoint them with oil, you take communion, you do everything you know to do, and what results were you getting?

HENRY: Initially pretty good, and then nothing, very little. And I went to God and I asked Him, “How come? I see in the word that You forgive us of all of our iniquities, You heal us of all of our diseases, why not?” And God took me to Second Timothy, chapter two, and He showed me in verses 24, 25, and 26 that the enemy, our enemy, our invisible enemy, Satan, his kingdom, can have a legal right to our lives even as believers, and by the way that legal right is the same in the unbeliever’s life as it is the believers. And it was shocking to me to read in those verses by the Apostle Paul that Satan could have a legal right to our lives and hold us captive at his will. And then I found there that he said, “The servant of the Lord must not strive, must be gentle unto all men, patient, able to teach, in meekness instructing those that are in opposition to themselves, that God per adventure give repentance to the acknowledging of the truth that they may recover themselves from the snare of the devil.” And I said could it be that there is something in a person’s life that is preventing God from honoring covenant.

SID: Yes, but if someone’s got a dread disease they are not going to rob a bank, they are not going to get involved in adultery, they are not going to murder someone, so what is the misconnect?

HENRY: Well I think we have made everything evil, big. I think there are things like, called little foxes, like bitterness and fear. Self-bitterness is a form of self-murder. Bitterness against other according to scriptures is a form of murder. We don’t think this way, we always think of sin as, or evil things, as robbing banks and adultery and so on. Could it be that we misunderstand and have maybe humanized what is really a spiritual defect?

SID: You know you said something before the show started, you were talking about one of the causes of one of the biggies, fear, is lack of love, why is that?

HENRY: Well, First John, 4:18 says there is no fear in love, says perfect love casts out fear, fear has torment and he that fears is not made perfect in love. If you don’t feel loved, fear is at your door. I mean, you look around, when you were growing up as a child, maybe your father didn’t love you the way he should have maybe your pastor.

SID: Wait, let’s talk about me for a minute, coming from a Jewish background it’s like the macho, we men don’t cry, we are kind of aloof, but the mother, it’s okay for the mother to do it, so I can’t remember my father, now I’m sure he did when I was real small, but I can’t remember my father taking his arm, putting it around me and saying, “I love you.”

HENRY: Well that’s a big issue. In conferences that I do around the world, regardless of culture, regardless of size of audience, regardless of denomination or religion, 95 percent of the people in an audience will raise their hand when I ask this question, “How many of you growing up as children do not remember hearing your father say, “I love you”? yet in the Bible, and the three things that the Father’s voice is recorded in the New Testament, only three times, God the Father’s voice is audibly recorded, two of the three times concerning Jesus He says, “This is My beloved Son in whom I am well-pleased.” I think probably part of the fear issues we deal with is we are not sure God the Father loves us. Maybe Yeshua is our friend

SID: Is it possible to intellectually believe God loves us but in the place that it really counts, not?

HENRY: Well relationship is not intellectual, relationship is in the heart and oh we know what is right or wrong, we know we are supposed to forgive our neighbor, we know that we are supposed to love, but it does not mean that we have the ability to because we have not had role models, we have not experienced it and many of the diseases I deal with are coming out of separation at these levels, separation from God, separation of a person from themselves, and separation from others.

SID: You have been able to identify specific roots or doors, or, if you really want to get technical, sin areas that are not the quote “biggies” they are very specific for specific diseases, give me one disease and tell me a specific door.

HENRY: Well the one that is most famous is high blood pressure which is an easily understood disease, in fact high blood pressure should not be classified a disease at all. That will come as a surprise to you.

SID: That is, I’ve never heard a doctor say, “Oh you have high blood pressure, that is not a disease.”

HENRY: Well, the bulk of high blood pressure is, should be classified as syndrome, because there is nothing wrong with the cardiovascular system at all, but something in our thought process, you can say our spirituality and our thought process, in which we are not at peace about an issue. In fact high blood pressure is the biological manifestation of not being a doer of the word, and when you go back to the Torah, and you look in Deuteronomy chapter 28 it says, “And it shall come to pass.” You want to hear a prophetic statement?

SID: Yes.

HENRY: And it shall come to pass. Is that prophetic?

SID: That is.

HENRY: All right. The next word in

SID: True prophetic.

HENRY: That’s true prophetic, and it shall come to pass, as prophetic as you can come. But then the next word is “if”. So that means the prophetic has a condition, and it shall come to pass, if you hear what God has said, and you will be a doer of the word, then all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you. Then over in verse fifteen, here comes another prophetic statement, and it shall come to pass is that prophetic?

SID: Yes.

HENRY: Next word, “if” there is your condition, and it shall come to pass if you will hear what God said but you will not be a doer of the word then all these courses shall come upon you and overtake you. So here we have ourselves caught between two realities, blessings and curses. Now what does that have to do with high blood pressure?

SID: Good question, I was about ready to ask.

HENRY: Very simple, very simple. In the writings in the New Testament it says this, “Take no thought for tomorrow for tomorrow may never come.” I ask believers, “Do you think that is a philosophical suggestion or a commandment?”

SID: Command.

HENRY: Well it doesn’t say, “Thus sayeth the Lord.”

SID: It’s a command.

HENRY: It is, isn’t it? So what happens to people and they begin to worry and project into the future things that might go wrong, it could be finance, it could be health, it could be a number of things. When we begin to take thought for tomorrow, you see, what it says in the scriptures.

SID: I tell you what, hold that thought. Did you know there is a specific door for every disease and Henry has found doors, I mean most unbelievable in his booklet, “New Insights Into Cancer.” I mean this is really cutting edge stuff, and then your book, “A More Excellent Way, Be In Health.” You have things in here, you take every disease and you state, not by theory, but by working with them, what that open door is, how to get rid of it and how literally your body physiologically will start changing when you are feeding it the right food. Don’t go away, we’ll be right back.

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