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SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Ricky and Dot Roberts. A major, major, I mean major miracle, one of the most amazing ones you’ll ever see investigation of. Ricky Roberts was evaluated three points above a moron. No hope. They said that special education could not help him in a Christian school that wanted him out. But his mother, Dot, did not give up, because she believed in a higher power than the doctors. When the doctors say there is no hope, there is One that says “All things are possible to those who believe.” Dot, you weren’t even supposed to have a baby. What happened?

DOT: No I wasn’t Sid. We had given up all hope, we were married 10 years, going on 11, and the Lord spoke to me one night and said “Pray for a boy.” And I prayed for a boy. And I told my husband we were to have a child and he said “No we’re not.” And I said “Yeah, we’re going to have faith to hang this thing religion up.” So nine months later we had a boy. But he came very sickly. And the doctors said we’d never raise him. And we said “Yes, we’ll raise him.”

SID: Now you literally had to set your alarm, how often?

DOT: Every thirty minutes.

SID: Every thirty minutes, either you or your husband had to get up. Why?

DOT: Well, we sat up, but we set an alarm to make sure we didn’t go to sleep, you know. We’d take turns to check him to see what was going on with him. Because one minute he would be ok, and the next minute we’d be on the way to the emergency room with him.

SID: But Dot, question. What in the world caused you to hang on? Why didn’t you give up like most people do?

DOT: Sid, it would have to be God. Because now in the ministry, when we’re praying for so many people who have children and something’s wrong, we say “Hold on.” And some of the parents stick, and I’m thankful for them, but some grow weary and they back up. And you can’t ever back up. You’ve got to hold on.

SID: Alright, but you had, and God knew you needed something. So one of the things He gave you was a prophetic word about Ricky. Tell me about that.

DOT: Now that didn’t come until he was 14 years old.

SID: Tell me about it.

DOT: Well first I would like, if you don’t mind, I’ll tell you that we had come to the world’s leading doctor to have him analyzed, and the doctor said that I had no hope, that he would never be able to learn. He would have to go through life three points higher than a moron. And I said “Not as long as Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father.”

SID: That doctor should have known better than to mess with you.

DOT: Well, my husband and I, we gave our son back to the Lord, and we have Him back our life. And we began a life of fasting and praying. And so, we were determined, if that Bible was true, our son was going to be healed. We didn’t know what we were going to have to go through, or what it was going to cost us, but we were not going to let Satan do that to our son.

SID: So take me to that prophecy that he received.

DOT: Well like I said, I’ve been fasting and praying, and praying all night some nights, and crying. I’d been crying for three solid years. And I was in my room praying, and the wheel in a wheel came in my room and showed me a man coming into our city.

SID: Ok, the wheel in a wheel is something described in the book of Ezekiel.

RICKY: Chapter 1 and chapter 10.

DOT: And He gave me a vision of a man coming into Jacksonville which was a prophet. And Sid, even though I was in a Pentecostal church I’d never had prophecy and it liked to scare me to death. But we fleeced God and asked God if this man was of Him, to let him pray for all three of us at one time. Because my husband was a Pentecostal a lot longer than I was and he said false prophets will arise and deceive many people. So we fleeced God and we said God, if this is of you, let him call all three of us at one time. And so, we went to the meeting and the prophet called him up and said “You have a learning disability. Can I pray for you?” Then he called my husband…

SID: Now wait a second. Were you all seated together as a family?

DOT: No, no. We were separated.

SID: In three different places in the congregation?

DOT: Yeah, and we went early so they wouldn’t know we were together.

SID: So he calls on Ricky, and what does he say?

DOT: “You’ve got a learning disability. Can I pray for you?” He looks to his right and sees my husband with a certain shirt, said “Sir, come up here. This is your son. And woman to my left over there with a certain color blouse on, this is your son and this is your family. And you’re scared to death and you’re trying to get out of here.” And I wondered if I could’ve got out of that place. But anyway, we went up and he prophesied and told us that God would heal my son, and God would educate him. And he would be in the world but he would never be of it.

SID: Now Ricky, when this was going on, you were still in that same condition, but could you grasp what he was saying? Could you hold onto that at that time?

RICKY: Yes, yes. Because the spirit, my spirit, was normal. My mind, my brain was not normal. But my spirit was normal. And my spirit was able to grasp that and hold onto that promise, almost like a drowning man would hold onto a twig or a piece of wood in the midst of a gigantic river. That’s all we held on to.

SID: And a few years later, you had a visitation from God in your room. Tell me about that.

RICKY: Well, the power of God just overwhelmed me and for 24 hours straight, God spoke to me audibly. And there was so much of the glory and the presence of God, you could cut it with a knife. And that was the first time, and then I had it again. But God just spoke to me hours on end. And what was amazing, Sid, this happened before God healed my learning disability, my retardation.

SID: But what was He telling you?

RICKY: Of my purpose in the kingdom. Of a great end-time harvest. That God did not put this learning disability upon me, but God permitted Satan so that God could get the glory.

SID: Now, out of curiosity, did He give you any clues as to when this great end-time harvest would occur?

RICKY: Yes, the Lord told me that right before – of course, “right before” with God could be 20 years, 30 years – but God said He would allow me to be publicly known right before the great end-time harvest.

SID: Could this be now?

RICKY: Possibly. I believe we’re in the forerunners of it and we’re right on the verge of it.

DOT: Sid, I need to state something here to confirm that. When the wheel in the wheel came into my room, He had a large sickle, and He did the harvest, and showed how the barns would be filled up; showing me that great harvest is coming.

SID: Ok. We’re going to find out how – in a second, in an instant – Ricky Roberts went from three points above a moron, to today, who you see with five doctorates. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back. 

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