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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Katie Souza. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Hard to believe as I talk to Katie that she was into drugs, had her own meth lab, high speed car chases with guns. She was a collector for drug debt. She went to prison, but you got into a relationship with the Lord. He supernaturally got you out of prison. He’s such a good guy.




SID: But tell me a bit about a few years later after you got out of prison supernaturally, you went to a church called Bethel Church. Why did you go there?


KATIE: Well my mom had been really sick for like 25 years. She got bit by a limes tick and it releases spiral bacteria into her body, and then she got severe rheumatoid, and it started to eat the bones and the cartilage in her body. She lost her knees and they put artificial ones in. She lost her left hip and they put an artificial one in, and then they had to take it out because the disease ate the plastic parts of the man-made hip. Crazy.


SID: So you had heard that there a lot of miracles going on at that church. You didn’t know anything about it. You go to this church called Bethel Church. Where is it located?


KATIE: It’s in Reading, California. And I didn’t even know anything about Bethel. God just commanded me to go there. He said, “When you go I’m gonna give you the Mathew 10 anointing that drives out demons and heals the sick.” So I get on a plane, which is like three planes later I’m there. It’s a big deal for an ex-con like me to take a trip, and I go. And when I’m there I find out it’s world famous for signs and wonders. And like the second night in one of the services two women put their hands on me and the liquid power of God filled me up and I received that anointing.


SID: What did you feel when this happened? What was actually going on with you?


KATIE: It’s like I felt like thick liquid was filling me up, and my arm got heavy. I was actually kind of walking around like this. And so I knew, ‘cause I had a tangible experience in my physical body, it’s like, wow, I don’t have to use my faith. I know something really big happened.


SID: Okay. So she knows something big happened. She knows because God has told her that now she can pray for the sick and they’re going to get better. And the most important person for her to pray for is her mom. So she goes there. Great woman of power. You put your hands on your mom. What happens?


KATIE: Well I have all the promises, as God said, something great was gonna happen. I got this anointing now. And when I put my hands on her I felt this heat generating that I had never felt before. So I’m getting excited and I’m thinking, yeah, she’s gonna jump up and be healed. And I pray and pray, and nothing happens. The next day nothing happens. Third day, the same thing. But then my father who had just come back from the emergency room, they had scheduled him for two major surgeries on his prostate, and when he came back I laid hands on him and he was instantly healed. Two weeks later he goes to the doctor and they cancel the surgeries.


SID: Okay, so I don’t get it. You feel all these feelings, the heat. You’re praying for your mom. You know you receive this. Nothing happens with her. Your father is instantly healed, instantly has a miracle. Well what was the blockage with your mom?


KATIE: So I’m asking God that question, like what’s going on? And He said, “I want you to read that scripture in Matthew 10 about the anointing he just got and look at the order in which Jesus talks about the anointing.” So I looked and it said, “Jesus gave them the anointing, one drive out demons and two, heal the sick.” And when I saw that the Lord said, “Sometimes you got to first drive out demonic powers that are making people sick before you can then heal the sick.” So I’m like, all right. I’m going to do that. And so I started praying every demon off of Mom on the face of the planet, and nothing happens. So I’m like, okay God, what’s going on now? And He said, “Well you’re fighting. You’re doing the right thing. But now it’s about order and you’re fighting the enemy in the wrong order.” You see, the kingdom of darkness operates like an army and it has ranks. And the Lord told me, “You can’t fight your way from the bottom of the ranks up. You got to learn how to start from the top and go down.” And when He said that He took me to that Ephesians scripture in 6:12, and in the amplified it says the order, it shows the order in which the demonic kingdom operates. It says that, “We rest on the flesh and blood, but against the despites of the powers and the master spirits.” And the Lord says, “That’s the order.” So what’s a despite, because that’s the first thing in the order. It’s a tyrant king. And no king is a king unless he has a kingdom underneath him. And so who’s in his kingdom? The next two on the list, the powers and the master spirits. I mean, the word “powers” in Webster’s means “orders of angels”. So there’s the ranks. And when I saw that I go, okay, God spoke and He said this. He said, “If you’ll learn how to fight and defeat the king then the powers and master spirits underneath him in his kingdoms will just submit to you.” I’m like, okay then. Where’s that in the Bible? And He said, “In David and Goliath.” So I went to the story, Sid, and I saw proof of what God was saying. It said that the Israelites and the Philistines were lined up in battle and ready to fight, but they were fighting because they had a champion, a top dog doing the fighting for them. And everyday Goliath would come up and he’d say this, “Choose a man from amongst yourselves and he can come down to me and defeat me then we,” meaning me and my army, “will submit to you.” And that’s what happened. David goes. He cuts Goliath’s head off right in the front of the Philistine army, which symbolizes the removal of his headship of his covering. And the very next verse says, “And when the Philistines saw their champion was dead they fled.” They didn’t rise up and fight, Sid. When they their champion of their headship of the covering was dead they fled without a fight. And that’s the way the demonic kingdom works. If we learn how to go to the top and remove these kings from the position of power then the powers and master spirits underneath them will just have to submit to us. It’s way easier that way.


SID: And you know what I’m excited about, Katie, is she has supernatural, she knows how to ascend into Heaven to get revelation and she brings it back to Earth, and she has discovered what she calls the king killer anointing. Get the head, cut it off and all the little bitty demons underneath the head, they have to flee as if in fear. Don’t go away. Be right back after this word.

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