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SID: Hello SidRoth your investigative reporter here with PeggyJoyce Ruth. PeggyJoyce, 30 years agoyou look at her now you wouldn’t think that;30 years ago she was a basket caseeven to the point where she had to have shock therapy.They were talking about permanent institutionalization,but she had something better than medicines.She found an ancient Jewish writing called the 91st Psalm.She found it… She literally was given itbefore she even knew what the words were.I mean you can’t get much more supernatural than that.Does this Psalm help you out with physical disease?

PEGGY: Yes it does.In two different placesit says that you do not have to be afraid of pestilence.Now I always thought pestilence was something that hit crops,but it has to do with people;its fatal epidemics that hit people.And it says you do not have to be afraid of the pestilence;it will not approach you.And oh my,I grabbed a hold of thatbecause I was so afraid of disease.I was afraid of cancer, I was afraid of heart disease,and I was just afraid of all these things.And I started confessing that out loudand I realized it works.It is supernatural.

SID: Give me one example.

PEGGY: I have a good friend named Renee, Renee Hood,and she was diagnosed with advanced stages of lupus;and this was about five years ago. 

SID: That’s a tough disease.I know people with it.

PEGGY: Yes it is, and especially in the advanced stages.And they told her that she wouldn’t live to seeanother Christmas;and that was in October.They told her to get her affairs in order.And had been teaching Psalm 91she grabbed a hold of it, she said “Oh no.The word tells me I don’t have to be afraid of diseases.It will not be able to put me under.”And so she said I’m not going to give into that.Her kidneys started failing, her liver started failing.She was in horrible painand I would call and talk to her;and she would say “No,I’m not turning loose.I am not turning loose of my promise.”And it got a lot worse before it got better,but she would not turn loose.She confessed this out loudand all of a sudden it started turning around;and when it did her liver started functioning.And they said this is miraculous.Her kidneys started operatingand the kidney specialist put in his report”this is a miracle.”

SID: How long ago was this?

PEGGY: Ok this was five years ago.She’s seen five Christmasessince they told her she would not see another Christmas.And the guy that took the blood and did all the testscame back and three different times.He said it is miraculous.We can find no lupus working in your body. And of course, that’s what she was confessing:that there’ll be no lupus in my body.

SID: Between you and me, what do you think about angels?Are they real?

PEGGY: Oh they are realand what’s exciting is the fact that Psalm 91talks about the protection that we have from angels.See every protection that you can find in the wordis there in Psalm 91.And we had a really exciting story that happened with that;and of course it means a lot to mebecause my little grandson was involved;and he was 5 at the time.And he’s real hefty.He’s just like a little rock.You can hardly pick him upand he had a friend that was a couple of years older;but the friend was real slender;doesn’t weigh nearly as much as Cullen.And his little friend is named James.And they were swimming in my brother’s swimming pool;and the adults called them in;and they were down at the deep end;and they had just gotten out of the water.And he saw a little raft floating byand so he was going to impress his friend.And so Cullen just stepped out on the raftand said “Watch this James.”And when he did,of course the raft went out from under him and he fell back.And must have grazed his head on the side of the poolbecause James said in the deep end;all of a sudden he’s just floating down.His little arms and legs are outand he’s just floating to the bottom.So James dived in to get himand he was thinking “Oh no.There’s no way I’m going to be able to get him outbecause he’s so heavy.”And so he got under him and he remembered…See we’ve been teaching this now to children;because we believe that children need to know thiseven more than adultsbecause they’re not going to be with us all the time.

SID: Well they’re picking up the fear from their parentsand they’re picking it up from that thing called television.

PEGGY: Exactly, exactly.And so they especially need to know these promises;and so he had been taught that.And he remembered where it saysin your day of trouble call upon me and I will answer,I’ll rescue you.And so he dived; he got under Cullenand he said “I just started calling out in my heartto God that I need help.”And he said “All of a suddenhe thought one of the adults had seen themand had come out because one of the adults had dived inand put their arms under his armpits;and he said all of a suddenhe and Cullen just shot up out of the water.And you know if you’ve ever tried, in the deep end of a poolto pick somebody up and lift them up on the bank,you can’t do that if you don’t have something to stand on.You can’t lift up dead weight.

SID: Of course.

PEGGY: And so Cullen was still just addled; and so anyway,whoever it was that had put their hands under his armpitsjust dashed him out of the water;and he said all of a sudden in the next motion,he had Cullen up on the bank in the deep end of the pool.And so he looked around and he said he remembered thinkingwhoa! They’re strong!He remembered thinking that.

SID: But was there anyone else in the pool?

PEGGY: That’s what I was…No, all the kids had gone inside but he thought…

SID: So who was lifting him up?

PEGGY: That’s what I was going to say.He got Cullen up on the bank and then he turned aroundto see who it was that had lifted them up.There was no one there.No one even knew that this had happened;and so they gave him a little plaquethat said that he had saved his little friend.And he said “No,I didn’t save my little friend.There was an angel that saved my little friend.”And so we’ve been so excited about thatbecause he said it felt…he said he just couldn’t imagine which one of the adultscould swim that well and was that strong.He thought to himself boy they’re strongto be able to get us out of the waterand get us onto the bank.

SID: Now when parents teach children about the 91st Psalm,you were telling me what effect it’s having on some children.

PEGGY: Oh it is, it’s just amazing.Our daughter adopted a girl, Jolena and so she’s married nowand has two little children; and at four years oldshe started teaching Avery that he had authority.See even our authority is covered in Psalm 91.It says you’ll not be afraidyou can trample on the enemy and he’ll not injure you.And so they started teaching Avery at four years oldthat he had authority.And boy I tell you what -when he falls down and skins his knee,they hear him in there saying “In Jesus’ name,I’m healed”or “In Jesus’ name, no”and he quotes parts of Psalm 91.

SID: You know I wish I had had a background like that.I didn’t know from borscht about itcoming from a Jewish background,but I’m going to tell you something;some of you other adultsyou need to start studying the 91st Psalm.We’ll be right backand if you think these were miracleswait ‘til you hear what happened next.


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