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Sid:  My guest is Red Hot for the Messiah, you know it says to him who is forgiven much, they love much.  My guest, Nasir Siddiki comes from an Egyptian background, in fact if you go back enough generations his great ancestors were Mohammed’s best friend.  So he doesn’t know Jesus, he develops a sickness, he’s dying in the hospital and Jesus comes in; and the way he started by having a healing from Jesus.  By the way Nasir do you believe when Jesus came into that hospital room there was transference of healing as well as revelation of who he was?

Nasir:  Absolutely yes, had there not been a transference of healing I would have had an experience to get saved but I would have still been sick.

Sid:  You probably would have died too.

Nasir:  Yes, the next morning the doctor’s said, “That he has gone into remission.”  So definitely the answer is yes.

Sid:  Okay, now the miracle of miracles both Nasir and his wife get physically healed.  His wife had MS and she was in horrible shape.  They both should have died, but she was healed through understanding the word.  Nasir was healed through a sovereign act of God.  In your experience it seems to me also Nasir that most people are healed the way that your wife was healed.

Nasir:  Yes, I did a study in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and of the nineteen healing that are recorded 2/3 Jesus either said or implied by your faith you have been healed.  And so my wife’s healing was by her faith in the word that she had built by hearing the word.  My healing was by the gifts of the Spirit.

Sid:  Now the systems tried to come back on both of you, were you prepared or were you oh no, I’m sick, what did you do when that happened?  What did you do when it – who did it come back on first, you or your wife?

Nasir:  The doctors said to me that shingles is a virus that will never leave your body and that erupt at any time you’re under some severe stress.  So they said, “That it could come back.”  Well, I have experienced a whole lot more stress since that time and it has never come back.  They said to my wife that shingles, for me and multiple sclerosis for her could come back anytime also.  Well the key was this, the anointing will heal you but it is the word that will keep you healed.  When a Christian get’s healed the author of that sickness doesn’t move out of town, he’s still there and he’s going to bring that sickness back and he tried to bring shingles back on me.

Sid:  How did he try to bring it back what made you think that he was trying to?

Nasir:  Well, when you have shingles it’s like the skin is burning and it is a very tingly feeling and you start to feel that on the side of your neck or your shoulder or your ear; that was the beginning of the symptoms to bring the shingles back on.  The same with my wife with multiple sclerosis through seizures he tried to bring multiple sclerosis back on her.  Now we have to know the difference between a symptom and a sickness.  And until we know that difference what will happen is we will allow the sickness to come back on not realizing that the sickness was already dealt with 2000 years ago and these are now symptoms that are trying to come on.

Sid:  Okay, we realize, let me see if I have this straight now, your making a distinction between sickness and symptoms.

Nasir:  Correct.

Sid:  That makes sense to me, now once you realize this, all right in your case you started – in both your cases you started having symptoms.  What did you do about it?

Nasir:  We went back to the word of God because the anointing will heal you but only belief in God’s Word will keep you healed.  The word says, by His stripes we have, past tense, we’ve would not open our mouth; we would not start speaking the sickness is back on me again.

Sid:  But wait a second now, in your case are you telling me you didn’t even tell your wife?

Nasir:  No no, I told her that there was some tingling on the side, I did not acknowledge that the shingle is back on me.

Sid:  So you were being honest but being honest is saying yes, the tingling is there.

Nasir:  Correct.

Sid:  But disease is not, both are honest statements.

Nasir:  Correct, that is exactly right.  I acknowledge the symptom but I did not acknowledge the return of the sickness.  And then I dealt with the symptom.

Sid:  What did you do?

Nasir:  Well, the Bible says “What so every you bind, whatsoever you loose.”  We’ve been waiting for God to do something, but the authority on earth has been transferred to us.  Jesus stripped the devil, made a show of him openly, then He said, “All authority in Heaven and earth has been given to me and He gave that authority to us, the church to enforce.”  And so I use that authority, I use the Name that is above every name.

Sid:  Give me an example of something that you could have been literally saying when those symptoms were coming at you.

Nasir:  I commanded the tingling feeling that was attacking my body to go in Jesus Name.  I command every cell, every bone, every tissue to line up with the word of God.  It’s going to be healed, because it was healed 2,000 years ago and it had to line up with the word of God.  It’s wonderful what Jesus did on the cross, but we have to enforce what He did on the cross by what we believe and what we say.

Sid:  If you had done what 99.9% of the people that are believer, good believers would do and that is acknowledge the disease what do you believe would have happened?

Nasir:  That would have opened the door for the disease to come right back on and probably even in a worse state than it was before.

Sid:  How many people lose their healings?  And you know I’ve heard of so many cases and they don’t know this.  Kathryn Kulman had so many people healed; I think that she had more…  I had the privilege of going to her meetings and she had, I don’t know of anyone today that is moving with the word of knowledge in the miracles that she had.  But many people would lose their healing and she never taught on this area, because she obviously didn’t know.  She operated under the anointing and words of knowledge.

Nasir:  Yes, absolutely.  Today’s God’s people perish for lack of knowledge, not for lack of anointing, not for lack of power, but for lack of knowledge.

Sid:  Now you told me that God has given you insight into what’s coming to America, tell me that.

Nasir:  I believe with everything in me that healing is the dinner bell.  That healing is what we must see manifest not only in the church but as we as believer share this with others and people see that our Jesus is alive.  The tomb is empty and what He did yesterday he’s doing today and that is he is healing today.  And so as we release that anointing and people get healed and stay healed, I believe that will bring the end time revival.  I believe with everything in me that God wants Heaven more full than Hell.  And to do that we are going to have to have something that the world wants and the world needs and I believe that’s healing.

Sid:  I’m just wondering if the amount of sickness that is around today is not about ready to have Christians move into their finest hour and rather than expecting non believers to be in a building called the church, the church is not the building the church goes out to the four corners of this earth and prays for the sick and they say don’t give me any credit I just prayed in the Name of Jesus.

Nasir:  Wouldn’t it be awesome if every believer went around getting their coworkers, their relatives, their neighbors healed and then bringing them to church on Sunday to celebrate?

Sid:  … Nasir I have to believe that because you’re not speaking from theory; you’re speaking from first hand revelation of how the word of God operates.  I have to believe that many people when they hear this teaching are getting healed.  And even better than getting healed they are learning how to keep their healing.  And even better than learning how to keep their healing, they are going to be part of that end time army you talked about of praying for the sick.  Can you tell me one person that comes to mind that sat under this teaching and what happened to them?

Nasir:  We’ve had many, we’ve had testimonies of cancers shrinking, we’ve had testimonies of people getting out of wheelchairs, we’ve had testimonies of legs growing out, we’ve got testimonies of hearing aids being put down cause their ears were totally restored, eyes totally restored.  We have just an incredible number of testimonies that have been coming in, but not only are these people getting healed through that CD series, their learning how to stay healed and minister healing to those around them.

Sid:  Now, I don’t hear any doubt and unbelief on any of these things that we’re talking about, how come?

Nasir:  Well, because I have seen it happen in my life, I’ve seen it happen in my wife, the devil tried to put sickness on all three of sons.  They are all serving the Lord Jesus Christ today, the devil tried to put it on my brother, put it on my sister…

Sid:  Woops were out of time.

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