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SID: Jane, you teach something that I wish more people understood. If you have an unsaved friend, an unsaved family member, you have a new way to pray for them. Explain that.

JANE: Well, if God is going to pour out His spirit on all flesh, then I think that we can start praying and asking God to give that individual a dream. Because a dream bypasses all of the walls of defense that people would put up even to just coming and trying to evangelize them. But when God Himself starts to speak to them in dreams, it’s amazing. Job chapter 33 actually says God may speak one way or in another, but many times man doesn’t perceive it. Then at night in a vision while a man sleeps upon his bed, then He begins to remove pride from man so that He begins to speak into his heart. I have actually been able to sit next to somebody and interpret their dream. See, sometimes I can tell people that I’m a pastor or that I’m a prophet, but if I just tell people, you know, I interpret dreams, then that atheist will say, Oh, well, really? I had this dream. And they’ll tell me a dream, and God will open up their heart and use the prophetic word as a key through that dream.

SID: Speaking of dreams, what do you tell someone that says, I don’t dream or I don’t understand my dreams or I don’t remember my dreams, any of the above? I have an idea that the devil really tries to sabotage this wonderful vehicle God has given us.

JANE: He does. You know, because I think if you really even look at scripture you know that people even receive impartation at night when they sleep in dreams. So it’s such an important thing. And so scientists actually say that everybody dreams, it is just a matter of do we remember our dreams. And so I like to train people how to capture their dreams if they’re not remembering them, how to take the dream and interpret it if it’s actually something that’s symbolic, and how to take the message that God is bringing to us through the dream and actually apply it to our lives or to our circumstance, or how to pray even for our nation, and how to bring that forth so that we’re not just being hearers but actually doers of what God is speaking to us.

SID: Now, you’ve put together such a simplistic plan for understanding the symbols. Give us a little bit of this understanding of symbols, because a dream, you might think it is a literal thing but it really is a symbolic thing of something else.

JANE: That’s right. And I think that what we have to understand, first of all, is that there’s no just book of symbols that we can go run and look it up and say, Well, if you dream this it means this, because God will speak to individuals through their own personal language of symbolism.

SID: Right. It’s different for each person.

JANE: Exactly. If I love dogs and you don’t like dogs, that symbol is going to mean something different to different people.

SID: Right.

JANE: And so there’s a personal language that the Holy Spirit will teach us, but I believe that there’s very basic simple, step‑by‑step ways of understanding what the symbols mean. And we’ve got to remember, we have the mind of Christ, we have the Holy Spirit inside of us, and God’s not giving us something that’s too hard to do. It is actually quite easy when we open ourselves up and ask the Holy Spirit to lead us in that process.

SID: Give me one symbol to get an idea.

JANE: Okay. How about the symbol of a house. Jesus, you know, you see something happening inside your house. Jesus said that a house actually is not really about the house, it is about the man’s life. Okay. A man that built his house on the sand versus a man that built his house on a rock. So when I have a dream, I look at where it’s taking place. If it’s taking place in a house I know what’s happening in the house is something that’s happening inside my life. If I can give you a quick example.

SID: Sure.

JANE: We were remodeling our kitchen a few years ago, and I wanted to take the wallpaper out of my kitchen and just paint it yellow. But the problem was somebody that had put the wallpaper up originally put it there to last until Jesus returned because I could not get it off the wall. And so I went back and forth, and the paint store finally said, well, prime over the wallpaper and just paint. So I did exactly that. That night I had a beautiful yellow kitchen. Well, that night I had a dream. Because my previous wallpaper had fruit along the border and vines coming down the walls, and I was so done with the vines.

SID: Okay.

JANE: I just wanted a yellow kitchen. And so that night when I dreamed though, I was sitting in my beautiful new yellow kitchen when all of a sudden the vines started growing out from under the paint. And I said, oh, my God, what’s happening. Oh, my goodness. And the voice of the Lord said to me in the dream, He said, this is what happens when you just cover up the things that are too difficult for you to deal with, they grow back. Can you see how God used the symbol of the vine to represent, the scripture talks about the root of bitterness or the things that spring up and trouble you and defile many. And things perhaps in my life that maybe I just kind of pushed to the side, covered it up, pushed to the side when God said, listen, I need to go back and deal with those issues in your heart, otherwise they’re going to spring up and they’re going to trouble you and probably defile many. So God had me look at what was happening there and knew that it was something that God needed to deal with my heart about.

SID: Okay. The presence of God is so strong.

JANE: Yes, it is.

SID: Will you pray to stir up these gifts that we start dreaming?

JANE: Yes.

SID: And just as a special favor, would you also pray that we have a lot of literal dreams?

JANE: I’ll see what I can do about that one. Okay. Well, Father, we thank You, Lord, that Your people are so hungry and so desirous to hear Your voice, Lord, whether it is in prophecy, in dreams or in visions where You speak to us in pictures. And, Lord, I pray right now, God, that you would begin to bring us to an awareness of what we’re dreaming. Help us remember our dreams. Help us record our dreams. Help us to receive the impartation and the revelation that comes to us in dreams. Activate our spirit man so that we can hear You clearly, Lord, and so that we understand that when You speak literally how we’re supposed to apply those messages and how we are to be doers of what You’re speaking. Lord, if it’s something symbolic, then I pray, Lord, that through the mind of Christ, through the Holy Spirit inside of us, Lord, that You will bring clarity to each and every single and that, Lord, You will blend the symbols together into a very clear message that will touch our hearts, but, more than that, Lord, that will change the world. I thank You, Father, that you’re raising up world changers, and if You said to the early church we needed the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the mantle of revelation with dreams, visions and prophecy, then, Lord, how much more do we need it today? And so, Lord, we cry out for that. Lord, we cry out for the revival that comes when we hear Your voice. We cry out for the harvest of souls, Lord, as You pour out Your spirit on all flesh. And I thank you, Lord, for raising up those, Lord, that don’t just hear You for themselves but also hear You so that many, many can be led to Christ. In Jesus’ name.

SID: And I had a vision as Jane was praying. There is someone that has joint problems anywhere in your body, I mean it started at the head, anything you need. There’s even someone that every joint is hurting them. If you will just kind of shake and say, Jesus, thank you, all of the joint problems, fingers, elbow, every joint that you need, you’re free in Yeshua’s name.

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