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SID: Now, angels play a big part in everything that you do. Tell me about Shelly.

JASON: So the week after that Friday, John was in the hospital on Monday, that Friday I got a call from a lady who said, “Were there two angels in John’s room on Monday night?” And I said, “Yeah, there were. I saw them.” And she goes, “I saw those two angels in his room also, and they were the same angels that were in my room when I was 16 years old, dying in a hospital. They showed up and I was completely healed.”

SID: Now you talk about every miracle in the Bible, and you trace them. All have human components. Explain that.

JASON: Yeah. Every miracle, whether that be Jesus or it be other people, the disciples, or it be the four friends that carry the man to Jesus and drop him through a roof. There’s always people that position themselves, who would line themselves up with they acted and played their part and played their role with what God’s word said about being that conduit that he could work in our lives. He loves to partner with us. And so I want to be the type of a person that says, man, God, I want to partner with you and I want to see breakthrough in my life and in the people’s lives all around me.

We all want a miracle, but it always starts with a crisis. And how we respond when that… To be honest, we’re always only one call away from a crisis. I mean, life could be turned upside down in a minute. And what do we do? And what I’m coming along and encouraging him is, no, don’t let fear, don’t let worry, don’t let anxiety take over, but position yourself. That’s where we stand on God’s promises. We speak of life and we hold on to what God’s promise, no matter what we see, we work. I always say to people, what’s your go to? What is the go to in your life when your life turns upside down?

SID: And you also talk about believe and obey. That simple?

JASON: Very simple, believe and obey. I’ve heard people say, “Well, I must not have enough faith for Jesus to do a miracle in my life.” And the Bible says we either have it or we don’t, the size of a mustard seed. And we’re given that faith. I tell people all the time, if you’ve lost your faith, go back to the point of salvation and get it restored. But belief is something we can build. I always say this: Faith is like knowing there’s a gym. Belief is actually going and working out.

SID: Big difference.

JASON: Big difference.

SID: Give me an example of what you’ve just been teaching. You were at Costco’s.

JASON: Yeah, I was at Costco one day and I’d walked in. I was probably hanging out at the Oreo cookie aisle, kind of just enjoying those a little bit. No I’m kidding.

SID: That’s where you like to…

JASON: But I walked in and I met a lady from our church and she said, “Man, I’ve been having massive headache. I’ve been having just massive migraines.” And I said, “Oh, I’ll pray for you.” The Christian line: I’ll pray for you. And walked on and went about my business. About three aisles down God said to me, “You’re not going to pray for her.” I go, “Well, I think I plan on it.” He goes, “No, you need to get back and do it right now. Don’t leave here without praying.” And so I did it. I went down and I prayed for her and she was automatically set free.

And so you wonder how many opportunities we miss because we don’t take that moment right away. Belief and obey.

SID: You talk about there’s things in life we have to ignore. And you even talked about Jarius’ daughter.

JASON: Yes. Oh yeah. Because I mean when Jesus came on the scene, the family was saying, no, she’s dead. Why didn’t you come? And Jesus ignored it. He didn’t answer him. And I think in our lives we have to ignore things like doctor’s reports, or when doctors say there’s nothing else we can do. That’s when Jesus gets to step in and incredible things happen. There’s things that we have… Even some friends we need to ignore. If you have friends in your life like Job you need to ignore him.

SID: It’s not so easy to ignore a doctor’s report..

JASON: That’s right.

SID: … who says you have cancer and you have four months to live. So what would you do if such a horrible report came to you?

JASON: Man, I’d take it to God. I’d just say, God, this is what I’m hearing. What do you say? What’s your truth about it? Speak to me. The hard part of that… Here’s the hard part, is holding onto that, holding onto what God says, but when God speaks, you can hold onto it. I’ve even heard believers say that, “I’ve tried everything that there is to try. Now I guess I can pray.” Prayers are last resort. And I say no, pray first. What are you desperate for? Are you desperate for God to show up or are you spending more time on WebMD trying to figure it out? I mean, what are you desperate for? And that’s an important question. Desperation. Like the lady with the issue of blood. She was desperate in scripture where she would be willing to travel and meet Jesus and be so glad just to touch his garment. Many of us would’ve given up. She was desperate.

SID: Okay. What happens when you see so many miracles, but then the people you pray for die? There’s a lot of people in that situation. Next.

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