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Sid:  My guest, Mel Bond had an encounter with Jesus in 1984, Jesus taught him how to pray so that he would get the same results that Jesus got.  And I am so excited about what Jesus taught him, but then what God’s doing through his life and then what God is doing through people that read his book and listen to his CD.  For instance Mel tell me about the engineer, and engineer’s notorious for being so logical it’s hard to even lead an engineer to the Lord.  Tell me about this engineer.

Mel:  Okay, there’s a man that’s born again recently well it was in 2005, he was born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, he’s and engineer work’s for Bowing in St. Louis.  He writes up the manuals for their jets, a very intellectual man, his name is Steve Deutschmann he lives in Lake St. Louis, Missouri.  Basically I taught him how to pray with his whole heart; took him to a crusade with me and I just taught him personally how to do this.  The first person that brought up and there’s crowds of people that were brought up; the very first one, he said, “He kind of just thought oh no, why couldn’t I have had somebody much simpler than this?”  They brought Desmond Red Day full blooded Indian, him and his wife brought their little boy up and he was born pigeon toed, never ran in his life, couldn’t because he would trip over his feet.  Steve prayed for him and I didn’t get to see it because of the fact that there were so many people that we were praying for and he was praying for a crowd and I was praying for a crowd, but I’ve known Desmond Red Day for many years because I’m La Poda Indian also and so I go up there all the time.  And the little boy, his foot was born pigeon toed and Steve said, “When he prayed for him with his whole heart those feet just straightened out and they’ve been straight ever since.  Then they set him down and he took off running the first time in his life; still healed by the power of God.”

Sid:  You know something that you teach on and you fully do it in your book, but I just want everyone listening to understand this that the gifts of the Holy Spirit can be manifested.  I’ve always thought it as God wills, but you see it a little different, explain.

Mel:  Well, if you look in my book releasing God’s anointing I go into with much greater depth, but right here in 1st Corinthians Chapter 12:11 the Bible says that the Spirit dividing to the, it talks about all the gifts of the Spirit and then it says the Holy Spirit, capitol S referring to the Spirit dividing to everyman severally as He will.  If you study this out that he is not in reference to the Holy Spirit, he is in reference to man and that collates also with so many scriptures.  How can we do the works of Jesus and greater unless we have all the gifts of the Spirit?  I can give validation to that will at least 5 to 700 other verses just in the New Testament.

Sid:  So therefore are you saying in your life that you can move in the gifts of the Spirit as you will, is that what you are saying to me?  And you’re saying everyone can?

Mel:  Absolutely.

Sid:  Okay, I would like you to move in the gifts of the Spirit and minister to the people that are listening to us right now.

Mel:  Okay, let me do that.  Okay, I see a lady and her eyes are glassed over because she’s totally blind, been glassed over for several years and so in Jesus Name I take authority over blindness, I command you to leave, you can’t stay.  And now in Jesus Name I command those eyes to be recreated by God’s power and now I see those beautiful brown eyes, there formulating right now in Jesus Name.  There’s warmth that’s taking place because you are surrendering to the miracle working power of God in Jesus Name.  Now I see another person they have had their legs so broken from accident, it’s so crippled up that they haven’t been able to walk without a crutch.  And so right now in Jesus Name I take authority over the forces of darkness that has come against this leg I command all the brokenness to leave in Jesus name.  All, right now in Jesus Name I take authority over that spirit of doubt and unbelief, leave this person in Jesus Name leave a spirit of depression leave this person.  And I open up their understanding that they believe they be influenced by the Spirit of the Living God and in Jesus Name I command that leg to surrender to God’s power.  Now, if you relax you’ll understand the word relax, yield and surrender are coequal terms in the Greek and in the Hebrew and so sometimes in our modern day vernacular we understanding relaxing better than we do yield but, if you relax you are surrendering.  You’re yielding to God’s power, so just relax in that leg, there it is the bones are straightening out right now in Jesus name there’re just moving.  Now get up and walk and you’ll see that it’s going to be more difficult to walk at first but the more that you’re going to notice a creation of God’s power because actions activate God’s power.  If you believe God’s word you’ve got to act on it so keep on.  Now take off running in Jesus Name, in the Name of Jesus.

Sid:  Mel, I feel like there is such an outpouring of the healing anointing that whether you have a Word of Knowledge for someone or not the faith level is so high right now they could receive a healing for anything.  Would you pray for people to be healed of whatever condition they have? 

Mel:  In Jesus Name I just take authority over the multitudes of problems, sicknesses and diseases and I command you to leave of these people in Jesus.  Just like Jesus sent His Word and people were healed from far distances.  The word of God is the Power of God and so I command in Jesus Name all sickness, all disease even people with financial difficulties I break those demonic spirits of lack, poverty leave them and in Jesus name I command all of these people that their lives, their bodies, in their minds and their finances, I command them all to surrender to the miracle working power of God right now in Jesus Name.  And if people will receive it they can have it, because Jesus said if you believe you receive, then you’ll have.  Now start acting, start doing something, do something that you couldn’t do before and you’ll notice that actions activate the miracle working power of God. 

Sid:  Is God showing you anything else right now?

Mel:  Yes, yes, yes!  God is showing me that Sid, and I’m not saying, I told you privately and I’m telling you now openly that God wants to us your TV program as the number one catalyst of TV ministries in the world to let people know that God is a miracle worker, he’s a miracle worker and that’s going to take place.  That there’s is going to be multitudes of people that’s going to  come on your show that you’ll be able to see the miracles that will take place right on the camera.  And you also, Brother Sid Roth you are going to move with the miracle working power of God beyond your imagination, Amen.

Sid:  Oh, I’m just sitting in the glory right now, you know something that amazes me also is you operate in such keen discernment that you can see demons that are making people sick.  Tell me about one.

Mel:  Oh, okay I was just in England just about three weeks ago and I was preaching right in the middle of the service there was a lady that she was probably about forty years of age, thirty-five – forty right now and her husband looked like he was about fifty-five maybe sixty.  And so immediately I looked and I’d seen inside of her body and I’d seen her ovaries and it was just like it was intestines, but it was like spirits that wrapped around those ovaries and they were inflamed and so the Spirit of God told me that this couple is going to have a baby.  So my mind would fight against that people this age they’ve all ready had their children; and so I prayed and I command all pain to leave, I commanded recreation and she felt relief and her husband was a medical doctor seating right next to her.  And he said, “Sir I don’t mean to be rude, but I need to tell you some things, number one I’m a medical doctor I’ve seen her x-rays exactly what you said is wrong with her and she’s been in pain for I forget how many years, and she said she is free so there is verification right there.  And 1st Corinthians Chapter 6:17 the Bible says, “That he or she is joined of the Lord is one Spirit if we learn to be one with the Lord.”  If Jesus was standing here He could see in every single person’s body, He could see in their mind and so if we’re joined unto the Lord we can do the same thing.  We just learn how to get into His presence and see with His ability. 

Sid…I believe that God wants a lot of people moving like you Mel not just you, what do you think?

Mel:  Absolutely, I’ve taught people that were novelist, just novelist and now they’re in full time ministry.

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