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Sid:  Those that know me know that my passion is for people to know the Messiah.  My method has always been the law of evangelism by going to the Jew first.  I’ve actually found that it’s opened up a bigger door of evangelizing Gentiles than going to the Gentile first; now that doesn’t make sense in the natural, but it makes a whole lot of sense in the supernatural.  And I have my new friend Michael Galiga on the telephone. For those that missed the interview that I did with Michael upon completion of graduate school, Michael was trained in the corporate world by some of the best executives in the world.  He structured transactions and consulted for over twenty-five years at the highest levels of the corporate arena, both domestically internationally.  His clients include Citicorp, Sigma, Country of Abu Dhabi, J.P. Morgan, many others and I could go on and on, but he’s a man that understands the times and the seasons that we’re living in.  He’s a businessman that has been arrested, if you will, by God and he wouldn’t have it any other way.  And I was talking to Michael and I found out, although we’re new friends, we really didn’t know each other previously; God down loaded in him the understanding of the One New Man that he down loaded in me.  And I shouldn’t find that amazing Michael, but I do find it amazing and I find many others God is downloading.  Do you know what I believe?  I believe that God is downloading this message in so many people right now because it’s so important for the Body of Believers to understand.

Michael:  Yeah, it is Sid and I look at it kind alike, okay you probably watched the video footage on TV where there pulling the reactor rods out of a nuclear reactor.  When they pull them out, while it’s still functional that allows the reactor to run and create enormous energy otherwise those rods soak up the atomic particles and it doesn’t generate electricity, it doesn’t generate heat or steam.  And every person that gets this One New Man idea that’s like pulling one more rod out the nuclear reactor; each one of us that understands this and grasps our Jewish roots etc. is pulling one more rod it creates enormous energy for each person that understands. 

Sid:  Well, you know I found this out in stages, it’s almost I lived the life of the One New Man, for instances many many years ago as a Jewish evangelist I bumped into what I called the Law of Evangelism.  What I found is when God wanted to reach the world He started with Abraham, the Father of the Jewish people; and when Jesus wanted to reach the world He said, “I go only to the lost sheep of Israel,” not as an end in itself, but He so loved the whole world, that was His method.  And when Paul wanted to reach and whole world, in Roman’s 1:16 “He said I am not ashamed of the gospel, it’s the power of God unto salvation, to everyone who believes, to the Jew first.  If God the Father, if Jesus the Son and if Paul the Apostle went to the Jew first as a strategy to reach the whole world, then why shouldn’t we do it?  And so I was at the Jewish Community Center one day and I was reading through a book of Lost Tribes and I found a place called, Kaifeng, China, and in China there was the silk trade routes and Jewish people were involved in this and many of them immigrated to this little town in China and so I decided I want to go there.  And I did and a Feast of Tabernacles Celebration on a Buddhist shrine and God opened up the whole city to me by way of television and I saw that it’s almost like a supernatural multiplication to reach gentiles when you go to the Jew first and I’ve proven this throughout many years of Jewish ministry.

Michael:  Well, it’s an absolutely true concept and I think that people here, and I can’t speak because I don’t travel the world like you do Sid, I’ve traveled some, but when we go to the Jew first it is miraculous.

Sid:  And something that you mentioned in your notes and there were so many things that you mentioned in your notes Michael that’s why I wanted to kind a team up with you this week and talk about the concept of the One New Man.  You talked about a phrase that’s found in scripture, the fullness of the gentiles, for instance: Luke 21: 24 says “Jerusalem will be trodden down by the gentiles until the fullness of the gentiles come in.  And so we could look at 1967 and say Jerusalem for the first time in modern history is in Jewish possession, so therefore we’re at the fullness of the gentiles.  But then I like to pair it with the other scripture in Roman’s 11:25, in which Paul says partial blindness has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in.  In other words, when we see a move of God’s Spirit Michael that’s a sign that were at the fullness of the gentiles; so we know that the first sign is in Jerusalem in Jewish possession and the fullness of the gentiles I think is going to go full blazes if you will once you start seeing the spiritual scales come off of the eyes of Jewish people.  And God has shown to me all of last year that He is removing the spiritual scales; I went to Brooklyn, New York, Brighton Beach, home of 100,000 Soviet Jews in a ten block radius; 400 Soviet Jews showed up to my outreach meeting; unsaved and the majority of them received the Lord.  And then I said, “Well, it works with Soviet Jews in America, will it work with American Jews that were born in America for many generations?”  And so I went to a little city outside of Los Angeles, California called Oxnard, California and I did the same thing, I ran an ad in the Jewish press, lecture on the Supernatural, on the Paranormal; 400 American Jews showed up and now we didn’t have 400 make professions of faith, we had about 30 make professions of faith, but you know this is kind of unprecedented stuff.  And then I thought what will the same thing work in Israel?  And I went to Israel and I had a meeting of over 100 holocaust survivors; these are Jewish people in their ‘80s; they’re hardened against God because of all that they’ve gone through and I saw miracles there.  I saw the majority of Jewish make professions of faith; these holocaust survivors.  So I have to believe based on what the Holy Spirit has shown me that we’re at the fullness of the gentile age.  What is God showing you about that?

Michael:  Well, he’s showing me that we are at the fullness of the gentile age and I think that 1967 you know is absolutely a line in the sand that we’ve crossed through and Jerusalem is in Jewish hands for the first time in thousands of year.  And one of the most important dates other than 1948 of course, but it’s extremely revealing Sid, because I’m a businessman, I work in the business world all day long, I never went to seminary, I’m not a preacher, I’m not a prophet, but I’m a businessman.  Though as a businessman, it’s even more, I can’t speak for you but it’s extremely interesting to me because it’s kind of the fourth dimension that I think controls this dimension; it’s where God is and that that wall kind of comes down and reaches into our world, at our desk and at our car and in our home and He touches us.  And I believe the fullness of the gentiles has come; it’s shocking to think that it’s happened in my life time, but I’m so glad it has and I’m so glad that I’m here for such a time as this and it’s such an exciting time. 

Sid:  Well, to whom much is given, much is required and I believe that God entrusted his best for this wrap up generation.  In Ephesians the second chapter is where we get this one new man concept from; so Ephesians 2 verse 14 says “For He Himself is our peace “ or the Hebrew word, I know the New Testament was written in Greek, but the Hebrew word for peace is Shalom which means completeness.  And the Messiah is our completeness, we’re complete in Him whole has made both; He’s talking about Jew and Gentile One and has broken down the middle wall of separation.  And then the fifteen verse, “So as to create in Himself one new man from the two thus making and there’s that world peace, shalom, thus making completeness; He’s complete and when the middle wall of separation comes down between Jew and Gentile it makes us complete.  How did this concept even birth within you?  Mine was very gradual, step by step; I got saved by a Jewish believer and I got I got immediately involved in something I’d never heard anything of because there were only one or two congregations in the world at the time; Messianic Judaism and then I started moving in the supernatural.  And then it was just so clear that the key to supernatural is the Jew and Gentile being one in Jesus.

Michael:  Well, it didn’t come gradual to me Sid, it came in an instant; it was in about a thirty second period where I read about this for the first time, it might have been in some of your materials, because I follow you closely; but I just don’t remember where I read it the first time.  It was about two years ago and I read it and it was like a lightning bolt into my heart.  And I said, “That that’s it; that’s the incredible ingredient that’s happening, that’s what I have been feeling I just didn’t know what it was.”  And so it happened very quickly and I went from a standing start to say a hundred miles an hour in less than a minute.

Sid: …it was written as Mordecai said to Esther “For such a time as this.”  And just one scripture in Ephesians 2, I want to conclude with it says “In whom you also are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit,” in other words a complete dwelling place for God, the full presence of God.  We’ll get into it more but it’s really spelled out in my book.

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