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Theresa Hurlbert

Sid: My guest is Theresa Griffith Hurlbert and now I have her husband Jeff on the line and I’m speaking to them by way of telephone at their home in Northern California.  And Theresa on yesterday’s broadcast we found out that you went through such devastating marriage; just briefly recap what you went through.

Theresa:  Well, it was a quarter of century of verbal, emotional, physiological and other forms of abuse.  And…

Sid: I mean to the point where it was life threatening, her body was closing down, God did a wonderful miracle He healed you; You decided your husband is going to be the Lord. Then it just got so tough you prayed to God for a helpmate and you listed 40 criteria.  Tell me a few of them

Theresa:  He had to be 39; he had to be a gourmet health food cook, one that could act because we’re going to be doing this movie, a sense of humor.

Sid: Now for those that don’t know they’re actually doing a movie on her life, but go ahead.

Theresa: I actually asked the Lord for a hunk…someone that’s glorious, someone with the character of Jesus who was prophetic musician, could speak poetic love talk all day long.  And so and it goes on and on 40 things. The Lord sent me someone with the character of Jesus.  

Sid: Okay, wait a second now, you were invited to go church in Bakersfield, California.  Any thought that you might find your husband there?

Theresa:  Well, I’ll tell you when I moved to California I kept seeing a vision of myself in my suffering like Beetle Bailey beaten by Sarge if people know that comic to the point that he’s on the floor and he doesn’t look like a human being anymore.  That’s what I kept seeing because of my suffering; but on the way down to Bakersfield, California I saw a new vision of dancing like Snoopy with my snout in the air.  My spirit was leaping and I had no idea why.

Sid: Jeff you were youth pastor at this church at Bakersfield, California did you have any thought that something was going to be happening in your life?

Jeff:  Sid you know I did because for a month before Theresa was scheduled to be at the conference we were praying and interceding for speakers that were coming and I kept looking at Theresa thinking to myself wow, she’s totally gifted and she’s a musician and it seems like all these things that I had really asked the Lord for plus she’s just beautiful.  And I thought “Okay Jesus if this is you know maybe something that could work out be sure and speak a little louder this next week when Theresa comes.”  When I saw her she took my breath away you know the whole package the anointing and the way she just radiated the Lord. Of course at that time my hope went a little higher I thought I hope that I get to play drums for her.  And sure enough I did and when I saw her minister I thought to myself, “This is what I want in my life and…”

Sid: How about when she ministered to you how accurate were her word’s of knowledge?

Jeff:  She was right on and it floored me; it was a lot of my personal time with the Lord things that I would speak with Him that nobody knew about that I had been doing a lot of research and study on John the Baptist and John the beloved.  I really had admired those two and many times you know Jesus teach me in the ways of everlasting just like them.  I have such a love relationship with the Lord I felt like I was sharing in a lot of what John the beloved was all about. Sure enough right out of her mouth maybe within the first could of seconds she said “You know what John’s inside of you; John the Baptist and John the beloved and immediately you know my ears are open.

Sid: Now wait a second now, you have 3 dates with her and you decide to pop the question, there is something interesting about that.  Theresa you had a vision of him doing this just before it happened, tell me about that.

Theresa:  I did and you know I mentioned this yesterday or not but the Lord placed me in California on a street called Bridal Pathway to encourage way to encourage me he was coming.  And then when we had a date we were doing some sightseeing and we went to a waterfall within walking distance from my house called “Bridal Veil Falls.”  And as we’re standing there it’s Friday, which is Lake Tahoe Day traffic which is right beside the waterfall and I saw a vision of Jeff proposing and I started laughing.  And he’s looking confused but he knelt down and asked me to marry him and the traffic is just beeping just like a movie and hooping and hollering and laughing and saying “Yes, yes, yes.” (Laughing)  

Sid: So bottom line how long have you been married?

Theresa:  One year Sunday and hotter than ever he takes my breath away and loves me the way Jesus loves me and He’s bringing healing to my path every day.

Sid: Speaking of healing there is a CD called “Lover of My Soul” that we’re making available it comes from Psalms of Solomon tell me about this CD.

Theresa:  Well, it’s a love language between the Bride and the Bridegroom and I choose a friend of mine; he has a soothing voice to be the voice of the Bridegroom, so we’re going back and forth with this love language and people they’re experiencing the love of God like never before.

Sid: Let’s have a selection from that right now.

Theresa: “Lover of my Soul” excerpt. 

Sid: Theresa what is God telling us through this CD?

Theresa:  Well, I believe that this is a time of courtship. This is the actual season of the courtship of the Bridegroom and the bride. He is coming to woo His bride. He has called Jeff and I actually demonstrate that so that people can get a visual of that, and it’s going to make a beautiful movie.

Sid: Jeff give me an example of one of her concerts where someone was physically healed.

Jeff:  I’m thinking of a younger gentleman named Billy in Michigan. Where the Lord actually showed me like… in the time that it took me to blink I had a full vision of what I was supposed to do with this young man.  I was supposed to lift him up out of the chair and put him on stage and turn him facing the people.  The Lord said to reach around put your hands on his kidneys and call forth new kidney’s.  I did exactly that; I gave him a word of knowledge and said “You’ve been delivered of drugs, you are getting a brand new bill of health your blood is filtered.” Sure enough he told me after the concert that he knew he’d been healed.  He had just gotten out of the hospital for kidney failure and was in a coma for three days because of drug overdose.  Just called us maybe a month ago and said “Hey look, I’ve been clean for 9 months and I’ve given my life to the Lord; I’m almost in fulltime ministry.”  He’s donated a building to Teen Challenge.  Praise the Lord…

Sid:  How’s his kidney?

Jeff: Healed.

Sid: What kind of reports are you getting from people that are listening to the CDs or coming to the concerts?

Jeff: I think that what is it about this music?  And we’re getting reports of every situation the pain and all the other stuff with that being relieved. Lots of people getting sleep when they’ve never been able to sleep through the night.  

Sid: I understand children with learning disorders and ADD and things like that are getting healed.

Jeff: Yeah, that’s correct there’s a list that’s growing weekly of schools, even military schools where kids have been kicked out you know from school after school they’re now asking for it by name in the class room setting.

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