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Sid: Guess what I’m  being interrupted by our sponsor; I love to be interrupted by Almighty God and He tells me there are people that have pains in their back and if they will just move by faith recognizing they have already been healed; the pain will lift completely.  And there’s a strong anointing to be healed of hips and if you drive stop your car and go run around the car.  But I’ll tell you what this is going to be some week if you have been listening I have on the telephone Mickey Robinson. Mickey was one of the sky divers and he went up on a routine dive sky dive and all of a sudden the engine quit and the tree was in the path of the plane and if he hadn’t been pulled out he would been toast and a miracle happened that he even survived.  However he was burned over his body, his brain was injured; his right eye was hanging out.  He was in such pain that pain medication did not help him and he experienced on the way to the hospital repenting to all he was worth and he had an encounter with Jesus.  And Jesus told him what was going to happen, like where he was going to live; who his wife would be; and even what would happen in the United States.  And tell me again because it’s so wonderful; what is being in eternity with Jesus like?

Mickey:  Being united Spirit to Spirit with God is the highest form of ecstatic life it’s the only way I can tell you it’s all understatement.  Any kind of words there all understatements, superlatives understated but it is God’s original intent was that we would have that kind of communion with him.  That’s why Jesus said “I long to have the glory that we had before the world was.”  The glory is our destiny; but while we live on this earth we have a job to do and that is to glorify God in whatever the greatest fashion that we can and in that we’re edified.  We walk in the flesh that’s not the way we’re supposed to live; we’re supposed to live out our life in that.

Sid: But Mickey having experienced eternity, having experienced the glory of God; having as you described the love of God being poured into you how do you handle it on this side of eternity?

Mickey:   Well, let me tell you how I came back when the Lord after this extended vision that encompassed about 7 years was concluded God spoke to me not in an English language or any audible language but a higher form of communication directly into my being.  I knew I was headed back to the earth and He was answering my prayer for the second chance of life and I just left the same way I entered drifting back out of the of the third Heaven through the second Heaven through the earth’s atmosphere; through the roof of the hospital.  And there was a sense of traveling; I could feel my spirit press into my body and as it did I could see out of my left eye which was not blind and out of mouth was this beautiful language that I had never heard about I was worshipping God with a unknown language that I had never ever heard of that before.

Sid: You’ve never heard anyone speaking in tongues, it’s never been discussed?

Mickey:   I never heard it or ever heard of it – it was beautiful and this incredible – I was filled with incredible sense of peace just indescribable.  Here’s a person who has no hope, whose body is destroyed; who has no destiny.  Well the doctors were deciding the next medical move which was to take me to the morgue, God was revealing to me my destiny and I was just so full of joy it’s indiscernible, joy and love and peace.  The glory that I had stood in heaven, the last gasp of atmosphere that I had breathed was the atmosphere of Heaven and that was now living inside me.  I had never heard of the fullness of the Holy Spirit I had no knowledge of it, but let me tell you it is more powerful than the power of death because I was now alive; but I was still blind, I’m still both legs paralyzed and so full of love and hope and joy. It just shows you that God gives us peace that passes understanding.

Sid: Now what did the doctors think they realized that you were alive and they’re planning your burial.

Mickey:   I woke up looking at the faces of about a half a dozen doctors and nurses who were terrified.

Sid: I’m sure.

Mickey:   And I probably looked like the cat that ate the canary. I had what was ever left of my face I probably had this blissful grin on it and I had this ability to perceive the heart of every one of these people. I felt bad that they felt that. I thought “Why did they feel bad every things perfect.  And they’re thinking if this guy doesn’t die he comes back talking in this unknown language I’m going to get the heck out of here.” They were just scared to death but I actually had this compassion for people because they felt bad; everything was perfect I’m still as wrecked as I was.

Sid: Now when the doctors’ realized that you were alive did they just expect you to die any way again.

Mickey:   They were still waiting for me to die.

Sid: But your body is as wrecked as ever you explain but what’s going on in the inside of you.

Mickey: Absolute ecstatic love; just love that I’ve never even heard of before and confidence for a full life when there’s absolutely no way.  

Sid:  Alright if a doctor was going to describe your physical condition at that time what would the description had been?

Mickey:  Absolutely terminal.

Sid: But tell me what was wrong with you.

Mickey:   Infection throughout my body, had microorganisms living in my blood; was bleeding 10 pints of blood; actually they found out later that I was taking in no nutrition at all, the insides from an ulcer and the gastric juices had digested the lower third of my esophagus and my whole stomach was closed.  You burn 40,000 calories a day with the types of burns I had and all I was getting was what I was getting through the IV.

Sid: Now what about your eye and your walking?

Mickey:  Oh my eye was blind, both legs had nerves in the front were dead, my feet were curled up like bird claws, absolutely lifelessness in my legs I didn’t have strength to even move a muscle.

Sid:  Okay you just back from an encounter with Jesus; you recognize what eternity is and what Heaven is all about; you’re ecstatic on the inside your dying on the outside; when did it dawn on you came back but you came back in the shape as you went?

Mickey:   I was overwhelmed with this love and all I couldn’t help but to love everything. As time went by they put a rubber tube, they x-rayed me and found out that my stomach…they thought I lost the will to live when they would give me food it would go so far and regurgitate but never entered my stomach because my stomach was closed.  Well, they put a rubber tube called a gastrostomy tube about a ½ inch in diameter surgically right into my stomach and they fed me like blenderized liquid protein and vitamins and put the medicine in there. I gradually you know I was at death’s door for months.  The moon launch of the Apollo launch that went around the moon; I remember watching it and I was still very sick when the first word’s of a human being on the earth were “In the beginning God.”  And it was so beautiful because I liked the space program as well as sky diving and flying.

Sid: Yeah, but your still just human and your back to that body and pain and your back to all of those horrible things in your body didn’t you lose hope; hey I’m going to tell I’m going back to that third heaven I liked that atmosphere.

Mickey:  The unexplainable thing not only did I have more hope than I ever had in my life the ridiculously thing I just couldn’t wait to get out of the hospital and live a full life when there was absolutely everything says “You have no chance to even live.”  And then after I survival I was in survival they said “I would never walk, I’ll never leave a nursing home” you know and then God began to heal me.  And when they saw I wasn’t going to die they began to treat me like I was going to live and that was within you know about the next month.  And then I actually had an experience where a man came in the hospital and he; it was an unusual time when no family was there and the vigil was almost constant.  He came up to me and they had to evacuate the intensive care department because someone broke out with a staph infection. That staph infection could have killed me or anybody else in that intensive care.  So they set up some kind of a make shift one on the first floor and some guy was cruising and I don’t know if he was a pastor or just a Christian but he had a Bible; he came up to my bed and he introduce himself I don’t recall his name.  He said “Is it okay if I pray with you?”  And no one had ever said that before and so he prayed, I don’t remember; I wish I remember but I don’t remember what he prayed.  And then he said, “Is it okay if I read to you from the Bible? When he read the Bible I don’t know where he was but something began to shake in my stomach.  Now I don’t have the strength to move a muscle and as he read the Bible I began to vibrate and shake so much the protective bars, the chrome bars on the bed where clanging against the frame and I was flapping up and down like a piece of bacon on the griddle.  And if I didn’t say anything I felt like my head was going to come off and I said “I’ve got to be some kind of a priest of something, I’ve been term born again.”  I’ve never heard the term.

Sid: But your background is Catholic you said “Some kind of a priest.”

Mickey:  It’s when the Spirit of God communicated to my spirit and like an artesian well or like a volcano came out if I didn’t say something I felt like my head was going to pop off.  It’s the first prophesy I ever gave, I was prophesying over my own life.  I believe that it activated my healing and my destiny; it’s important that we speak out what the word of God is.

Sid: In your two CD’s that we’re offering “Show Me Your Glory.”  You teach things that you learned in the Third Heaven. What effect does it have when your speaking this message or when people listen to this CD?  What affect does it have on them?

Mickey:   We’ve had the presence of God come fall so strong that people could not move for up to 30 minutes.  We’ve have other people just gain greater faith or confidence that our praying our singing are just not edifying and are not just encouraging but they actually go in before the throne of God and go before the altar of God, and God sends it back down to earth in the form of power.

Sid: And how does it change their worship, how does it change their prayer life?

Mickey:  More intensity, more confidence, more passion and more feeling of partnership with God in the spirit realm of the Kingdom.

Sid: See Mishpochah we are praying from this side; he saw what goes on the other side…

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