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Hank Kunneman

Sid:  My guest Pastor Hank Kunneman, he’s Senior Pastor of Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Nebraska.  God blessed him with a prophetic gift as a young person; so precise he actually provokes me to jealousy.  And he just doing exactly what the Bible says to do.  It says that the Gentile is to provoke the Jew to jealousy.  I’m Jewish and I am provoked to jealousy. On yesterday’s broadcast although we were talking about, although he gets specific words for just any one in the audience, he gets many specific words about prominent people.  Tell me again about the word you got about the burning bush and Al Gore.

Hank:  Yeah, and it was actually in May in 1999 and I actually went to get the microphone and went out into vision and I literally saw a hand an evil hand being raised up out of the earth.  In its hand was Al Gore and it had claws and it was trying to raise it up out of the land.  And at that moment I remember saying “Lord is this the one whole shall be elected for President?”  But I remember seeing the evil hand and it was lifting up Gore and I know that this was not popular because many people feel like they got the election stolen in the year 2000.  But I saw an evil hand lifting up Al Gore, it’s not an attack against him but this is what I saw.  I began to see the hand of God coming with  tremendous speed out of the heavens.  And He was moving towards this evil hand that had Al Gore in it, this was in 1999 way before the 2000 election.  All of a sudden I saw God’s hand strike literally the evil hand and go around it 3 times, once, twice and three times and then I saw literally the hand that evil hand let go of Gore and Gore dropped.  And I saw God reach down and lift up this burning bush and placed him over the White House.  And it was shortly after that that that the Lord began to deal with me when all of this was happening.  Just before the election the Lord began to show me that the election was going to go even as high as the Supreme Court.  And I remember telling the congregation here at The Lord of Hosts and even around the nation I said “I don’t know what it is about this election but there is something about the Supreme Court, I had a dream and God said 5 to 4.  Of course that was the outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision 5 to 4 regarding the 2000 election and their involvement.  It was shortly after that and I was praying in my church here and the Lord spoke these words to me and He said “George Bush, Sr., George Bush Jr.” And it’s not them it’s not them as a person and any candidate see things that maybe God agrees with and things that God doesn’t.  But He said “Hank I want you to understand the Father and the Son.  I’m doing this to give a prophetic sign to America that Malachi 4 will be fulfilled in the land of America.  It’s called restoration.  The hearts of the Fathers to the sons; the sons to the fathers.  And He said “I’m raising up the son even as the son even as the father was raised up to bring restoration to America.”  It was shortly after that Sid it was in… I want to say shortly after the election I began to prophesy I think it was right after the inauguration of the 2000 election.  That soon after the President was seated there would come an attack against the economy and that there would also come an attack and evil ploy from the enemy that would bring America into turmoil with the land of the land of the east.  I then began to talk about; in fact it was August of 2001, I began to talk about that there would come not only a great turmoil in the land of the east.  But that there would come a great fear that would strike the nation of America.  What I did not realize that a month later that obviously that we had the horrific September 11th the atrocity that happened in our nation.  I also remember prophesying that in would have been in June 2003 we prophesied that Saddam Hussein would be caught by the end of the year.

Sid:  So tell me if Saddam Hussein had not been caught before the end of the year what would have happened to Hank Kunneman, and what would have gone on inside of you?

Hank:  I think that that’s a great question because prophets, true prophets, and again there’s always 400 to 1 as how I say it.  There is 400 prophets of the land and they were prophesying one thing; but then there was a prophet called Elijah who brought the word of the Lord and when he spoke he got results.  There was I think 400 prophets of Ahab and I believe in the book of Kings or Samuel.  Where he was on the payroll of these 400 prophets and there was this one called Micah and he prophesied the true word of the Lord and in fact Ahab didn’t like him.  And what I say is the true prophets of the Lord that are being used in that fashion they are greatly outnumbered from those of the land.  Now here’s my point, I think that any time that a prophet prophecies something like that it should come to past.  Some prophesies are conditional.  However, I believe we use that as a “Well, it didn’t come to pass it was conditional.”   I believe that God is taking His prophets in a whole different realm; true ones in places where they never have been before.  They are going to have to risk.

Sid: I have to believe that there are a lot of hidden prophets.

Hank:  I agree. 

Sid:  And as far as I’m concerned most prophets that I see on television today are mixture.  Why do I say that because I have a prophetic insight into their life?  No, I don’t but if their prophecies aren’t coming to pass, and they are specific.  Like Saddam Hussein will be captured before the end of the year, that’s specific there is no wiggle room there.  You either miss it or you hit it.  I don’t see God in the Old Covenant allow His prophets to miss it; so why under a better Covenant do we have such mixture?

Hank:  Right, and I agree with you there and I remember how I honestly felt Sid.  There’s times, and I could put myself obviously in the prophets shoes. There are times where I have prophesied things out of mouth and my head went “What are you saying.”  In fact in the 2000 election…

Sid:  You had a mind bypass.

Hank:  Sure, and in the 2000 election when they announced Gore was the President I had been all over the country saying that this man Bush would be raised up.  I shared the vision and of course I wanted to put the covers over my head and hide. But I think because God’s taking His prophets where they’ve never been before. We have to give prophets who have had proven characters, proven marriages,  proven family, proven doctrine; I think that we have to give a little bit of room.  I’m not saying it as a cop out but what I am saying is you know the prophetic ministry is the only ministry that I feel has carried such an incredible attack from many whether it be from the Body of Christ or whether it be from the secular realm.  Because they are speaking “Form the Lord.”  But the New Testament has more to say about false teachers than it has to say about false prophets.  And what we have to be careful of is that we have to put the prophet’s office under the Old Testament stoning and conditions, and we don’t do that for any of the fivefold offices.   Also as I’ve looked at the stoning of a prophet and what I’ve come to understand and I’ve submitted it to those who really understand doctrine.  They weren’t stoned necessarily on what they said only if it was to turn the people away from God if there was character issues.  But you know Samuel missed it listen why didn’t they stone Samuel he missed it at the house of Jesse.  When he thought that the different ones that were being brought out before him were the Lord’s anointed.  But you didn’t stone him at that. So I think that we have to realize is that we’ve never gone this way before.  I think that we have a lot more media and things that we have to deal with than the prophets of old, and I don’t say that as a cop out.  And I also believe that when he went to the house of Philip he had four virgin daughters that did prophecy.  And it’s interesting that they were listed as virgins and they prophesied.  Here is what I’ve seen with much of the prophetic is that we have vessels that are carrying quote the pure word of the Lord that aren’t keeping themselves pure. Their characters are out of whack, their marriages are out of whack; their lifestyles are out of whack.

Sid:  Why are there so many people in ministry today that are being divorced and remarried?  Well it’s 1 out of 2 people but it’s almost like in your face today.   Why is this going on?

Hank:  Well, I believe that there’s obviously a lack of character and integrity among many of God’s vessels. I believe that before we can rule over the house of God we have to rule over our own house well.  I also believe that even in the house of Genesis when there was the Wells of Abraham that was filled with dirt and they had to re-dig the wells again. The Bible says that out of our spirits will flow rivers of living water.  And I think that we have filled so much of our lives with wells of living water.  And I think that sometimes we have filled our lives with so much of the world and we cannot get the pure flow of heaven.  And the more purer you are in your private life and because that’s who you really are.  Who you are in your marriage, who you are in your as a dad, who you are as a pastor. I believe that God can release a pure word that is not tainted.  And there is a real wake-up call.  In fact the Lord told me that in the year 2005 that there would begin to be a shaking among ministries around the world.  That God was going to…

Sid:  Let it happen fast.

Hank:  Well, He said these words that “Before the end of 2004 He’s looking for the Body of Christ to bow their knee.”  What they would not repent of in 2004 it will be exposed in 2005.  In fact that was one of the words that I had when President Bush was elected in 2000 and also here in 2004. That righteousness is seated in the nation; all things are exposed.  And that’s what the Lord said to me when President Bush was in power in the first election.  “Righteousness is in the nation and all things will be exposed.”

Sid:  Let me ask you a question.  People that come to mind of ministry people exposed.  Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart; did God give you any insight there?

Hank:  Actually that was interesting that you asked that.  Yes, in fact I was a young Christian again.  I believe that was in ’86, ’87 I had been in prayer and I saw what looked like a Judges gavel come down and literally hit the desk.  And I saw one of their faces appear before me and I really appreciated their ministry, I loved their ministry and I was torn when I saw their ministry.  It was Brother Swaggart and I felt that he did a tremendous job of holding back evil.  But what I also believe is that if God is raising up a prophet or someone like Swaggart for example where multitudes were being touched by his ministry; we have got to uphold his ministry.  We have have got to uphold those people in a place of prayer.  Because when you’re on the front lines, and I believe this about the prophets office is that out of all the gifts and out of the offices in the Body of Christ the one that Satan fears. I mean he doesn’t mind the arms growing out and the limbs growing out and people getting out of wheelchairs; yeah he minds.  But my point is he fears a prophet or a  prophetic vessel that’s getting pure words from heaven that are telling you national events, international events that are setting people free that are setting people free; that are changing the course of nations.  Any time we see a vessel like that the Body of Christ we have been sometimes too quick to criticize.

Sid:  You know I see many ministries that are in the forefront and coming against the sin of homosexuality are the ones that get hit so hard.  It must be a very strong spirit

Hank:  Well, let me tell you what I’ve seen; I’ve seen pure prophets stand up against it. But I’ve seen sometimes I watch for people and I listen because sometimes the very things that they will pronounce judgment, or cry out judgment on, are the very things that they secretly are dealing with in their own life.

Sid: Oh, we’re out of time.

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