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Sid: I have on the telephone Patti Perior and I’m speaking to her at her home in Porter Ranch, California and she was mentored and her spiritual father was Tommy Hicks. And Tommy Hicks is a man that God used to ignite an entire nation Argentina with the Holy Spirit wonderful miracles occurred. The thing that intrigued me so much is Patty told me that she had a prophecy for Tommy Hicks got his number called him up and gave him the prophesy and it obviously was so right on that he said “I want to meet this person.” So he invited her over to his house and her brother came with her and she saw a midst of God’s glory around his face to the point that she couldn’t even make out his features.  And she said to her brother “Did you see that?”  And her brother said “Yes I had that same experience.” And Patti was crying out “God there must be something more and God I need Your love, I need greater intimacy with You, God there must be more!” And she received a baptism of love that…Tommy prayed for her and said that she was one of the first people that had received that beside himself.  And I have to tell you Patti I want that desperately listen we have listeners right now that want that baptism of love desperately.  Describe what that is exactly again in your words.

Patti: It is an overwhelming endearment.  It is the presence of love as He manifests Himself in different ways this is such a manifestation of feeling that it goes so deep in you like a river of life, a river of love that is just overwhelming.  It takes you into that deep deep intimacy with Him and gives you such love for Him and for the Body of Christ.  Such love for the world you understand you understand why Jesus laid His life down on that cross for the world because of the consuming love of God in Him.

Sid: I can sense the best way to describe it is that Jesus said “You shall have rivers of living water flowing continuously from your innermost being.” And those that are open to the Holy Spirit and that’s sensing that river on this entire interview especially is pouring out right now.  Okay Patti.

Patti: Well I just…I would like to pray for those who desire to receive this baptism of His love. I feel the Holy Spirit has been drawing and wooing the Bride of Christ the true believers to Himself because He wants to give us more more of Himself.  He wants us to have more He wants us to desire Him more so that He can fill us with His fullness. And though you have all of the gifts and you have not the love of God they amount to nothing. God wants us to have lasting fruit, fruit that remains as it says in John 15:16.  So I’d like to just pray for you right now.  I just pray for you right now that you’d open your heart just whatever you’re doing just set it aside. Some maybe driving in your cars well God wants you just fully open your heart so I’m going to pray for you right now.  Father God Lord God there are things that have gotten in our way that have cluttered up the river. And Lord I pray that those things will be removed; if there be anything of bitterness, resentfulness in our hearts and lives that causes youth pains that cause displeasure to You Lord we ask You to remove it right now in the name of Jesus. Because we want Your river of life we want that river of love to flow into us to just overflow to so fill every dimension of our being that we can be.  Lord in order to be as You are Lord you told us to be as You are we are as You are. Without that fullness we cannot operate in this life in the Spirit without that fullness of Your love in the name of Jesus. I pray for every person listening to this program that the Holy Spirit of the Living God will come in them from the top of the head down into the souls of their feet to fill their innermost being with that love of God that surpasses understanding that is beyond anything this world could ever give. Pour out that Holy Spirit that river of love, that river of life I thank You dear Jesus anoint them especially this day with that Holy Spirit the Spirit of love in life in Jesus name we pray Amen.

Sid: Amen amen receive receive in Yeshua’s name receive in Jesus name thank You Father, thank You Lord.  Patti there’s such a strong anointing I would like you to continue praying for people to be physically healed right now for miracles to break loose.

Patti: Father God we thank You that You are a God that restores and makes them new and makes life and makes perfect. The Lord is showing me there is somebody that has a condition in the center of their head that has to do with the pituitary gland. Lord God I pray right now the Holy Spirit will touch this one and release them.  I pray the Holy Spirit the Spirit of life that will bring the healing power the healing virtue to this one and that head will be released in the name of Jesus I praise You I thank You dear God.  There is somebody listening that has a spirit of suicide.  In the name of Jesus I come against the spirit of suicide and I curse that spirit in Jesus name and I command that to go in the name of Jesus and by the blood of Jesus I command that spirit of suicide (Praying in the Spirit) and for the Holy Spirit to come upon that person and give them peace and give them the encouragement and give them the hope that You want them to have to raise them up strong to give them peace in their innermost being dear Jesus. I thank You that You are the Prince of Peace establishing Yourself Lord God I pray for all of those listening for those spirits of suicide I believe will thank You Lord. There are going in Jesus name Lord for arthritis I pray the Holy Spirit will heal people with arthritis that are listening.  Those limbs that are stiff and are in pain they will be freed right now in the name of Jesus. Thank You Lord I just pray You’ll move upon these listeners dear God and Lord I pray for that one with this heart condition and I shared how Jesus Christ has healed my heart. I pray Lord God that Your Spirit will come upon those that have heart condition and that You will totally heal in Your precious name Lord Jesus Your precious name thank You Lord.

Sid: While Patti was praying for arthritis I very specifically heard legs being healed, legs being healed and backs being healed in Jesus name. Spines being totally healed thank You Father I really believe that there are people you’re feeling the pain just leave. And Father God I thank You that those that listening that have not made You Lord they might have said a prayer with Billy but to be born again but they have not made You Lord. And this is eternal life that you might know Him not just say a prayer with Billy, not just intellectually believe but have an experience with God.  If you tell God you’re sorry for your sins and believe the blood of Jesus washed away your sins and do this out loud just say “Dear God I’m a sinner please forgive me with Your help and turn from my sins I believe the blood of Jesus has washed away my sins. And now that I am clean I ask Jesus to live inside of me. I make you Lord over every area of my life Amen.”

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