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RODNEY:  To get the water to flow again. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! That’s what revival’s all about. That’s what the move of God’s all about. His Word is like a hammer that breaks the rock into pieces. His Word is like a fire that comes and burns. And then the water begins to flow. We’ve got people just sitting in the pew. Single mom. A single mom and her kids have led 45,000 people to the Lord. I mean I can go on and one with stories and testimonies. Just… you’d be sitting in church and next to somebody and that person’s… We’ve seen more miracles take place on the streets than what you see on television with some miracle ministries. That’s why they call me up, can we come by the church? I say not really. Our children are seeing more miracles than what you got on your television thing. Come on, seriously. Since when is this limited to one or two or three? God never did. He poured out His Spirit. His spirit is poured out freely! His spirit is poured out lavishly! The biggest insult you can give me is come to our church to ask me to pray for the sick. I tell ‘em go see the landscaper. His name is Jesus. He’s a Spanish guy. He’s chopping the palm tree. Go see Jesus. He’s in the parking lot. He’ll pray for you. He led two and a half thousand people to the Lord in one year. He’s just working as the landscaper. (silence) It’s like people want to have a proprietary ownership of the anointing. It’s not. It’s His anointing. It’s His power. And all we do is light the fire.      So you know don’t blame me for all of what’s going on. I just go around lighting fires. People catch fire. Listen, do you know the story of Sampson when he took 300 foxes and he set fire to their tails? Do you now about that? How many of you know that he caught 300 foxes and tied them together and put fire on their tails? How many of you know that these foxes were not show-bred foxes? Like perfect foxes. Not a hair out of place. How many of you know that? I mean come on. Do you think that Sampson went into a fox breeding program where they bred pure bred foxes so that he could choose perfect foxes…




RODNEY:  …cause you got to have a perfect fox to put fire on their tail to set ‘em loose? NO! He just went out in the bush and caught a fox. Let’s say he caught the first fox and he looked at the fox and the fox had no teeth. He didn’t say oh, we can’t use this fox. Look, he has no teeth but does he have a tail? Yes! He has a tail. Put fire! A fox with no teeth is still going to run when the fire gets on your tail!

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